“We use the calendar to map out our [recognition] plan and share it with our entire hotel, so that everyone knows who we're celebrating each month.” – Ashley Z.

Calendar Best Practices

Everyday across Hilton, Team Members are being recognized and celebrated for their commitment to “fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” Below are some of our favorite stories. (Past winners are highlighted in bold.) We’ll be adding to this page throughout the year. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • "On 13 of March, we celebrated Mothers Day with all of our Team Members who are mothers. We enjoyed a day on our best beach of Tela, we have a lot fun, and we celebrated and enjoyed so many activities in the pool. At last we cut a cake."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Our once a year TS affair with our Team Members from Memphis, Mclean, & AP regional offices joining us for this round. We appreciate the team by giving them a chance to vent their 'frustrations' thru all the thriving activities with bumping people off in human bubble soccer, shooting people down by paintball, and throwing the axes onto the score board! Everyone is rewarded with laughter from all the hilarious moments!"

    —Donna Zhang, Singapore Corporate Office

  • "We chat with our team. Something as simple as stopping by to talk to Team Members will make them feel recognized. We also write thank-you notes, buy small tokens of appreciation, or buy them lunch. I also tell my team when I hear them complimented."

    —Britney Webb, Hampton Inn by Hilton Greenwood

  • "On the 10 of March, we celebrated all Team Members that were on our Employee of the Month wall. Thanks to all of them, we make a successful Hilton team."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We use Achievers where everyone can recognize a teammate and write special notes and mentions. This way we can keep track of who excels the most and how often."

    —Gustavo Gelbart, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton West Edmonton

  • "As a fairly new Team Member with the company, my current role allows me to bring the Recognition Calendar to life. I am constantly referring to it to help plan the best Team Member events, outings, and social functions that connect my team to each other, the guests, and our community! We love the Random Acts of Kindness/Hospitality ideas, but it is also a reminder to commit to planning as well. Our departments love the monthly recognitions they receive from each department showing them love and appreciation - because it is truly genuine and we couldn't operate without any of them! On World Bartender day in February, our F&B Teams had their very own customized shirts and personalized drinks that they promoted to guests. On National Stress Awareness Day, we hosted the most relaxing event ever by having a couple of massage therapists come in and pamper our Team Members with 15-minute massage sessions. On International Women's Day, we connected with a news anchor to come in to share a really awesome women empowerment message with a special lunch. These are just some of the things that we've done. I am personally grateful that Hilton cares about the importance of team building, making connections, and recognition for all Team Members. We accept the challenge and will continue to recognize all accomplishments big and small because it just feels good!"

    —Malondra Jefferson, Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown Chicago Magnificent Mile

  • "Hospitality is all about people serving people. Hilton AHC has come up with #weare1#spreadthelove#. HR is celebrating all the Team Members for the little things they do with unique ways of saying 'Thank You.' Whether its a pillow fight day, chocolate day, or summer coolers, HR spreads the love on the shop floor complex."

    —Smita Mukherjee, Hilton Al Habtoor City

  • "We love recognizing our Team Members. A couple of examples are awarding starborn on S O P of the month and introducing some Team Members into training programmes."

    —James Bassey, Transcorp Hilton Hotel

  • "We believe strongly in family! I strongly believe I am blessed with an outstanding team comprised of strong individuals who truly care about our guests. We have consistently been #1 in our region for TripAdvisor for eight years in a row. In addition, we have continually exceeded our SALT scores going above and beyond in our brand scores. This month we will be surprising our staff with a big lunch to show our gratitude to our entire team. During our luncheon, we will pick our employee of the quarter, not only giving them a certificate but giving them a gift card reward as well."

    —Andrew Marason, Hampton Inn Pembroke Pines

  • "We use the calendar especially to celebrate each department each month. For Front Desk Month, each department created or bought wonderful gifts to show their appreciation. From donuts and brownies, to gift cards to Panera, to 10-ft. cell phone charges for each person. We celebrate each department in this way every month. Once we had a cookie decorating party, bagels from Panera, lunches at Beaches, breakfast at the hotel, and so many more fun ideas."

    —Leilani Kamala, Homewood Suites by Hilton Vancouver/Portland

  • "We celebrate our Team Members through motivation, recognition, and sharing moments and stories."

    —Mustafa Mukhtar, Jeddah Hilton

  • "May 8 was Receptionist Day. We recognized our manager and assistant manager with a basket full of goodies. Shiv Patel is our manager he is always going above and beyond for his Team Members. He works very hard to make it a fun place to work. Jenna Brinkman is our assistant manager she is so family oriented. She also works hard to make the hotel run smoothly. She is always wanting to lend a helping hand no matter what she has going on. We absolutely have the best bosses."

    —Pamela Berry, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Pauls Valley

  • "En mi hotel tenemos un calendario mensual de reconocimientos, hacemos reconocimientos en publico a todos los Miembros de Equipo que son nombrados en TripAdvisor, en SALT o en los guest comments de alguna carta o email. les damos un bono en $$ y reconocimiento publico en nuestra reunion mensual enfrente de todos. Hacemos los premios de calidad en 4 diferentes categorias: El de mejor presentacion e imagen, el de mejor reconocimiento de clientes, el mejor compañero y colaborador, el empleado Blue Energy que vive los valores de Hilton. Hay un ganador por cada categoria y se les da un premio en $$, un diploma y reconocimiento publico. Tambien en dos areas esta el empleado estrella de recepcion y la camarera estrella, tambien se premiam mensualmente."

    —Eugenia Ruiz, Hilton Cartagena

  • "Thirty Team Members at Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley had one shared thought: There's no better way to commemorate a 100th Anniversary than to give back to nature and plant a tree. And, that's exactly what we did on May 3. We recognized that our company is a living representation of our community, so we gathered as many Team Members as we could and planted a commemorative tree in our backyard."

    —Cheryl Velaquez, Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley

  • "Our Engineering Team Members are the rock starts of the hotel, always prepared with a good attitude for any request or emergency in the installations at the Hotel. We appreciate their really hard work! That's why the Sales team prepared lots of surprises for them in their week!"

    —Alejandra V Arteaga, Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Airport

  • "Operation Banquet Week was a great celebration for the Team Members from that department. It started with a movie evening, complete with of candy, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and a lot of appreciation for our team. On Tuesday, it was celebrated with donuts and an afternoon of tea for each one of them. Continuing on Thursday we had an afternoon of mini hamburgers and fries with lots of decorations enhanced by Human Resources. The week ended on Friday with an afternoon of cocktails, coffee, and a delicious chocolate cake. Congratulations to each Team Member! Without them and their service we would not be a spectacular Hilton."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "On April 28, we celebrated the hotel's first anniversary. All Team Members enjoyed a buffet lunch with the leaders' serving. Also, HR organized a fun competition of hotel product knowledge. The successful event also officially started a series of activities for our Hilton 100 years celebration."

    —Erin Gong, Hilton Garden Inn Qidong

  • "We recognize our Team Members' birthdays by buying them lunch. And we mention any positive reviews from guests."

    —Donovan Funk, Hilton Kota Kinabalu

  • "Thirty Team Members at Embassy Suites Napa Valley gathered to plant a beautiful hibiscus tree. This was their way to commemorate Hilton's 100th anniversary. The tree planting event is a part of their month-long celebration."

    —Cheryl Velasquez, Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley

  • "For Food & Beverage Recognition Week, we started celebrating with a delicious lunch. Each department head helped with decorations, giving words of encouragement, smiling a lot, and serving food. For lunch, we enjoyed delicious pork rinds and carnitas, with all their accompaniments. This was all the Guatemalan style food. We also ate ice cream and played the game 'hot potato.' Our General Manager and Executive Chef appreciated the hard work they do and congratulated them for their delicious dishes."

    —Sandra Del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Our colleague Joco had a wedding day on 28th of April. Our team made him a little present with a quote and everybody's names on a tree. In the quote it says: Because that kind of love is the reason why we are born, and it motivates us to be alive. It is the yearn why we are fighting and the calmness when we are falling asleep. Happy wedding day from the Hilton's colleagues."

    —Natalija Ilkovska, Doubletree by Hilton Skopje

  • "I try to send out High-Fives to my team when they have gone above and beyond. One of my teammates lives in NYC and she took it upon herself to visit 15 properties in NYC to discuss the HGI Shop or the HAM Pantry refresh. Another Team Member was a co-chair for the Bring Your Child to Work Day here in Memphis. She worked hard on this project and it showed. The event was a HUGE success!"

    —Brenda Lookadoo, Hilton Corporate

  • "We already started our month of celebration for 100 years of Hilton. 100 Years of Hospitality. Each department head on May 1 welcomed Team Members with a delicious coffee and a little cupcake. They all took a picture with our giant number 100. The Maintenance team and Human Resources worked together to create that great number that represents years of experience and human warmth. We are just starting our celebration, more joyful moments to come."

    —Sandra Del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We have many 10-year Team Members at our historic Hilton property. We are recognizing their efforts as well providing a historic and commemorative dining plate with Richmond's historic sites. We also a link for all anniversaries (1, 5, 10, etc...) to purchase a gift to their liking."

    —John Cario, Hilton Richmond Downtown

  • "We are recognizing our team by celebrating every single Team Member's birthday with a monthly birthday cake to share among those who are working and celebrating their birthdays with us. We also strive to be among the top hotels to sign up the most Hilton Honors guests in order to fund our staff parties to boost morale. Our recently established Brighthearted team is doing great things in order to make our hotel a more enjoyable experience both for guests and Team Members."

    —Rachel Scarr, Hilton Garden Winnipeg South

  • "We have monthly Team Member lunches and track SALT scores. We also recognizze to Team Members with most work orders completed."

    —Melissa Gamboa, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel El Paso Downtown

  • "For the month of April, we recognized the F & B department by making smoothies and served them in a We are Hilton We are Hospitality cup. The Team Members were excited as they drank their smoothies with their favorite choice of fruits."

    —Maria Graham, Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

  • "We celebrated our team by learning to make pizza and enjoying being together. "

    —Erin Gong, Hilton Garden In Qidong

  • "I use the Recognition Calendar to help set other Team Members up to succeed for the daily, weekly, & monthly events. Acknowledging special days is the best way to show that you care."

    —April Luiz, DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith

  • "It has been the norm for our team In Room Dining to celebrate someone's success. This is our way of sharing happiness and warmest congratulations for one of our Team Member. Just this month, our colleague Ravi is moving to a different outlet. It is sad to say he is no longer with us, but we are happy to see him growing to different outlet as he embarks on his passion to do so. Ravi was one of our stars in In Room Dining. He always shows his value of team work and always never says no to something. To thank him, we bought a watch as our gift and had a personalize note from Team Members."

    —Danny Galope, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah

  • "We Celebrated Arbor by planting an Owari Satsuma Tree on our property. Trey Hebert did the planting and Chasity McDermott teamed with Buffie Crochet to make it happen. #ArborDay #WeAreHilton #RecognitionCalendar #WeAreHospitality #Earth"

    —Chasity McDermott, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Jennings

  • "We printed our recognition calendar, and each Manager picked a month they are responsible for. Within that month they have $100 to spend for two events (each). This allows us to follow what is on the calendar and select our favorites or take the liberty to do what they would like to do for that department. We have done several things, but the favorite so far was a very special breakfast with a bag full of goodies for each Laundry Team Member. For the Front Desk, we used one of the suggestions to use the Team Member's name, and for each letter putting a word that describes them. They were really excited to read them and to feel we took the time to describe them. They still have it hanging in the back office!"

    —Mary Lambert, DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North

  • "It is a tradition here in Hilton Nay Pyi Taw to get departments to recognize each other. Since last month Front Office was recognized, they took the lead in recognizing our Laundry & Linen Team. The Theme for the day was "Clothesline of Appreciation." The event coincided with our April Town Hall Gathering, and we got all Team Members to write a message of appreciation to our Laundry & Linen Team. The end result was a beautiful long line of colorful appreciation messages. To add to the spirit of creativity, we also put their names and pictures on laundry products for the other Team Members to recognize and remember the Laundry & Linen Team better."

    —Pujitama Tanamas, Hilton

  • "For Administrative Assistant Day we are organizing a scavenger hunt for our amazing assistant. She assists several managers, and each manager is bringing in a small gift. She will follow the scavenger hunt map picking up gifts along the way. After the hunt, we will be treating her to fish tacos. We love our assistant!"

    —Mary Greisen, DoubleTree by Hilton Orange County Airport

  • "To celebrate Easter week, we prepared nice chocolates eggs personalized with the pictures of each Team Member and extended them our best wishes."

    —Jessy Rojas, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "In 2019 we started recognizing the Housekeeping team for their cleanliness scores from SALT. I actually go through each survey and use the cleanliness score and which Housekeeper cleaned the rooms, and tally the scores at the end of the of the month. Not many will do it that way because it does take time to go in and see who cleaned what room each day. But I fell Housekeeping deserves recognition for their hard work. The housekeepers love the challenge and love checking to see how they are doing each day."

    —Rhonda Evans, Hotel Skyler Tapestry by Hilton

  • "As a new hotel, it was hard to learn and meet everyone. We made a board with all of our baby pictures and a little bit about ourselves. Each Team Member had to guess who was who, and the person who had the most correct, won the prize. For each new Team Member that onboards, we put up their baby picture and introduce them with a little bit about them."

    —Julie Leonard, Hampton Inn & Suites Rocky Hill - Hartford South

  • "We continue to celebrate Hilton's 100 years. We visited each Team Member to give them a bag of marshmallows with a nice message, and we encourage them to participate in the contests that Hilton has for us during this centenary."

    —Sandra Del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Hilton Chennai celebrated Front Desk Recognition Week and made a fun video of their activities: The week started with an inauguration as the group gathered with balloons, a cake, and other treats. During the week there were games, an enrollment challenge, and a roleplay challenge. The Front Desk team was surprised with the gift of 45 minutes of reflexology to help them thrive and enjoy the week. The celebration continued with a fun-filled "soapy fotbal" game in a plastic arena where the floor was covered with soapy water. The week ended with the "Rangoon" Burmese Food Festival for the entire team."

    —Ashkar Ahamed, Hilton Chennai

  • "We had our Q1 Team Member Appreciation Lunch on April 12th, and it was catered by Just Smother It Food Truck. Each Team Member could order two tacos or a burrito and then eat it outside in our courtyard to enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather. As part of the lunch we announced our Q1 Front of the House and Heart of the House winners. Ariana Valderrama, Front Desk Agent, won for Front of the House and Thelma Perez Flores, who just went from Steward to Cook, won for Heart of the House. What made this lunch even more special was that we recognized Shirley Thompson-Mitchell for her 20 years of loyal and dedicated service. She started off as a PBX operator, transferred to the Front Desk and has been in Sales for the better part of her 20 years. She is the best resource for the hotel and a great ambassador."

    —Andrew Cooper, DoubleTree Hotel San Diego Hotel Circle

  • "Janelle, our Human Resources Manager, has made a huge impact on our team since joining our Hampton family last fall. Most recently, Janelle posted signs in the Team Member areas to see if there was any interest in a ping-pong tournament. After just a short week of sign-ups, 40 percent of our team was on board. This event brought out the spirit of our team as they cheered one another on. Janelle's approach to engaging Team Members runs parallel to our goal in serving our guests."

    —Christina Roth, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Kansas City Country Club Plaza

  • "To recognize Team Members' birthdays, we give a card signed by Department Managers and a choice of a Gertrude Hawk chocolate bar. For work anniversaries we give card signed by Department Managers and scratch off lottery ticket(s) - 1 ticket for each year."

    —Tammy Gow, DoubleTree by Hilton Binghamton

  • "Through the Hilton Recognition Calendar we have created our own Brighthearted Calendar. This calendar includes birthdays of our Team Members, Social Activities that help us to promote the importance of [email protected], and Sustainability and Community Activities that are also recognized in Hilton Recognition Calendar. We used this calendar to plan and organize our upcoming events and activities during our Brighthearted Committee Meeting. Moreover, every month we are sending the Brighthearted Calendar to all our Team Members in order for them to be aware of what will be happening in the month."

    —Alleinne Joy Porras, Hilton Garden Inn Mall of The Emirates

  • "It is never too late to recognize the team that has performed well. As the Resort Manager of the hotel, I took all of the Engineering team for a great lunch in a special restaurant to make them feel good and to respect the work that they do every day. Thank you, team, and keep up the good work!"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychellles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "I use the calendar on a daily basis. I look at the day by day captions to gather ideas for the upcoming "appreciation" days. I eagerly await the next appreciation days because it is important to make sure the team knows that we greatly appreciate them and that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Administrative day on 4/24 will be utilized by taking our sales admin out to lunch."

    —Janet Miller, Embassy Suites by Hilton Columbus Airport

  • "When we have F&B week, we prepare stickers with names of F&B Team Members, then give these stickers to other departments. Each department, each Team Member takes the name of his F&B colleague and becomes an angel for a week: an anonymous angel who tries to care and surprise his colleague by small gifts, letters, etc. After week is ended, the F&B Team Members were told who their angels were, and they can thank them for a positive week."

    —Elvira Elchueva, Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk

  • "For Front Desk Recognition Week, our managers served a lunch, they were all serving with big smile. The food for Front Desk were very delicious. Each member of Front Desk was thanked for their support from other Team Members. We all listened to their words, it was a special moment."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "In the month of April we started #thankyouthursday for our Housekeeping Department. We want everyone to feel recognized for the role they play in our award-winning team! They get a certificate of recognition and a gift card for Dunkin' Donuts. This week's Team Member was Tammy."

    —Stephanie Yonkers, Embassy Suites by Hilton Saratoga Springs

  • "On the International Day of Women, our accounting companions joined us to celebrate each woman with a delicious cupcake and coffee. We also had a fun activity: They would ask the mirror 'who is the most beautiful woman' and select a phrase from behind the mirror. There were many phrases such as you are a brave woman, you are the most beautiful, and many more. The women were also celebrated with cupcakes and coffee.It was a fun and special day."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We started with cutting the cake. The Genaral Manager had good wishes and thanks for all the hotel Team Members. We created a message wall for the Laundry team and wrote wonderful messages for them."

    —Dipak Pandaya, Doubletree by Hilton Business Bay

  • "At the beginning of the year, I created a recognition board with a different theme for each month and displayed it in our server alley in the Food and Beverage department. I put each Team Member's name on the board and gave them a sticker each time they went above and beyond to help a guest or a Team Member, whenever they would do extra tasks without being asked, if they offered to cover a shift for another Team Member, or if they were mentioned in a positive way by name on any one of the review sites online, for example, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. Also I had them fill out a list of their favorite things like favorite candy, favorite soda, favorite fast food restaurant, favorite sports team, etc., so that the winner could have a personalized gift bag full of their favorite things. So far it's been a big hit. Everybody likes the friendly competition and I think it motivates them to be more engaging with each other as well as with the guests."

    —Sandra Burton, Embassy Suites Temecula Wine Country

  • "What a lovely day with our Front Desk clerks! We went on a picnic to a peaceful and green part of city. Teams relaxed with folk dances, having barbeqeu, and playing football and voleyball as a team. On the same day, the Front Desk teams paid a visit Zoo of Konya to get the sress out by loving animals."

    —Cagla Yavuz, Hilton Garden Inn Konya

  • "In March, the Team Member of the month was nominated and a lunch was held on Thursday the 28th. The employee of the month received a crown, a gift card for a supermarket, and more gifts."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Our team has been recognized for their great work with 100 year merchandise. They were given a bag and a lunch box. We also reached out to our Management corporate office and got sustainable reusable straws, reef-safe sunscreen, and a locally made bag to carry both products."

    —Taira Cavaco, Hampton Inn & Suites Kapolei

  • "I recognize my team everyday by giving good feedback to other Team Members. Also I would recognize all of their questions and answers them with the best answer and way how to solve their problem."

    —Leah Simmons, Hilton Garden Inn Plymouth

  • "We had a great idea for personally recognizing our Team Members with making short fun videos that can THRIVE the mood and show out-of-box ideas for departmental celebrations. It continues our successful storytelling initiatives that ramps up Team Members appreciation, and we post it on the hotel social media pages."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "This year we start challenging ourselves. We did an activity where we gave Team Members a paper bulb. We asked them to write a goal to achieve before the 100th anniversary of Hilton!"

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We had vocational tourism English lessons from professional tour guide/lecturer Mr. Ibrahim Mayda. Instead of traditional classes, we focused on daily routines and possible problems in a theatric way. For instance, sometimes Mr. Mayda acted as a waiter and waited on guests and served to participants. Sometimes the roles changed and the participants (our staff) tried to take orders from our teacher. This way, our staff was able to practice English with real situations that they would face in the future. Our education was most related to instances in the tourism industry. We had classes in our departments such as in the Front Desk office, Ala Carte restaurant, and hotel rooms for Housekeeping staff. "

    —Cagla Yavuz, Hilton Garden Inn Konya

  • "I love sharing praise about our Team Members' success on our team Facebook page! It's great because everyone from all departments can see their colleagues' success! Its also great when I see that they recognise this when they see their teammates in the hallway or as they work together on shift! Great team!"

    —Rachel Cayetano, West Hotel Sydney, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Every month we recognize the Team Member with the most mentions in SALT. In February Jeffrey of Restaurant obtained this recognition. He received a gift card for the supermarket. In January it was Gaby Ruano."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Millions of people across the globe united to take action against climate change by switching off their lights during Earth Hour between 20:30-21:30. We called our Team Members and their families, including our guests, to raise this awareness at our city in Hampton by Hilton Gaziantep. We saved 200 kilowatt-hours of energy by this event and presented a little breeze to the environment."

    —Filiz Ünal, Hampton by Hilton Gaziantep

  • "We will soon be converting to a DoubleTree by Hilton, so I purchased a "cookie trophy" and will give it to the Sales Manager who books the most percentage of their monthly booking goals, along with a day off with pay. That's right! I found a trophy with a cookie on top!"

    —Renee Uhlman, Hilton Washington DC North/Gaithersburg

  • "Last week every department took the time to make the Front Desk feel special with gift baskets, lotto scratch offs, treats, and snacks among other prizes. We have been doing this type of recognition for many years, and the team always looks forward to their department being recognized."

    —Laura Amaral, Embassy Suites by Hilton Deerfield Beach

  • "Front Desk Week started with a lot of love for our receptionists, starting Monday with a pack of nutella and their favorite cookies. On Tuesday there was a fruit snack for each of them, and we continued with Thursday when we delivered a delicious dessert of Oreo cookies. On Friday we had a celebration for the Reception Team Members, celebrating the entire week we finished with Pizza Day and a gift from the hotel: a ballpoint pen personalized for each from them. We thank all the Team Members who are part of the Front Desk team. Every day we appreciate their efforts and the enthusiasm they have to welcome our guests."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hampton Inn Saskatoon South recognized their Team Members by giving them time to celebrate our four-year anniversary! They also made smiley cookies during International Day of happiness."

    —Nini Ramos, Hampton Inn by Hilton Saskatoon South

  • "Our team places displaced guests in long-term housing, among other tasks. Today we received a request for a family of six who had lost everything in a fire. We all pitched in to help with the case and were able to find a hotel, Home2 Suites Greenville Airport, who went over and beyond to help this family of six. I want everyone at Hilton to know what I've always known: Our team works together to assist each other and for our clients. We have many different personalities and have not met in real life, but we all connect and come together when one or the other needs help like in the situation I mentioned above. The city was sold out due to a city wide event but we all came together so one person wouldn't have to call all the area hotels. We called hotel after hotel until we were able to find one outstanding hotel. I just wanted everyone to know how proud I am and how loved I feel being a part of the VIP Housing Desk."

    —Mia Bailey, VIP Housing Desk

  • "We have a monthly calendar of events that includes thrive exercises, recognition events, department of the month, snack attacks, trainings of the month, lunch specials, and giving back to the community. Our Team Members look forward to the events on the 1st of each month!"

    —Laura Amaral, Embassy Suites by Hilton Deerfield Beach

  • "March is the recognition month for Front Office. The Front Office team at Conrad Pune had an amazing time throughout the month! Various activities like Cheers-from-Peers (Team Members wrote appreciation notes for each other); slide show of past memories; various sub-department days like Conrad Services day, Executive Lounge day, Front Desk day, etc., were organized where Team Members conducted fun activities for the team. Ladies of the department were felicitated during International Women's Day; a Flash Mob was hosted for guests and Team Members on account of hotel's third anniversary celebration; and we held a team outing in different batches to an Adventurous resort. We also had a pot lunch, cross-exposure to various departments as part of Inspired Learning session, etc., throughout March. Since we care for our community, the team donated Hilton Honors incentives and bought school bags for the underprivileged children. The kids were encouraged and a message was passed on to them highlighting the importance of education. Also, Holi, the festival of colors, was celebrated with guests and Team Members. Thandai, a cold beverage made with milk and rich dry fruits was served to guests and Holi was played with dry organic colors with the team to make this festive occasion cheerful! The Front Office team was indeed elated and happy to be recognized differently on this special occasion."

    —Ajinkya Modi, Conrad Pune

  • "We celebrated Front Office Month with a Twister Game and surprise gifts. We had very funny moments. All hotel Team Members had an enjoyable time."

    —Asli Aydogdu Tercan, Hilton Garden Inn Sanliurfa

  • "Our awesome General Manager Marisol Colón treated our Managers and Supervisors to a very special Thrive Outing! Everyone hopped together on a bus and we took off to our destination: The lovely Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan. Everyone spent the day lounging poolside, laughing, dancing, playing games, eating delicious treats, having raffles, enjoying our beautiful weather, and relaxing! It was truly a day to relax from stress and connect with body, mind, and spirit. This is just a small token of appreciation for everything that our managers and supervisors do every day for our hotel, guests and Team Members. There are not enough words to truly thank them, and we are so happy they enjoyed their Thrive Outing to the max!"

    —Cynthia Rodriguez, Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan Hotel and Casino

  • "March is Front Desk Month! We gave each Front Desk superstar a card with a poem written by our Sales Coordinator, Jackie. Attached to that was a lottery ticket: We hit the Lotto when you joined our team."

    —Patti Hittman, DoubleTree by Hilton Milwaukee Downtown

  • "The Brighthearted Committee has a bi-weekly meeting and creates a Celebration Calendar for each Department of the Month. Everyone shares creative ideas to mark each month by kind gestures or activities. We usually treat the team to breakfast or lunch at the hotel's main restaurant and choose a day for an outdoor activity (paintball, bowling, etc.). We then celebrate them all together with the GM during the Monthly TMs meeting. Other than this, some TMs choose to surprise them by random acts of kindness during their shifts, such aschocolate, flowers, or cake."

    —Lina Rachdi, Hilton Garden Inn Tanger City Center

  • "March is a exciting month for me because it's Front Office Month! The Front Office team organised a week of celebration and activities, such as a Break Out Game, Bowling Nite, Karaoke Nite, Movie Nite, and a Front Office luncheon with other departments in the hotel. During the entire week, all Front Office Team Members were recognised for their hardwork, dedication, and commitment to living the HILTON Values. Team Members were recognised with vouchers and gifts for various categories, such as Mr Front Office, Miss Front Office, Best Groomed Team, Most Mentioned TM in SALT, Best Bowler, etc."

    —AJ Ash, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

  • "March is Front Office Month. We kicked off FO Week by preparing smiling face cookies for our Team Members along with the Energy Station to fill up their Blue Energy. We would like to create a happy working environment where all Front Office Team Member can be Hilton smiling angels and show their passion. We have a bulletin board with our Front Office team photos showing our appreciation for everyone's effect to make this a creative, funny team!"

    —Jamie Yang, Hilton Taipei Sinban

  • "On March 22, World Water Day, we participated in Hilton's campaign Why Waste Water‚ suspending for 24 hours our sprinkler system in the hotel in order to preserve water. We are saving up to 250 gallons of water! Javier Padín from our Engineering team helped us complete this initiative. We also shared helpful tips on Facebook and bulletins on the conscious use of such a valuable resource at our property and at home! Initiatives like this reminds our Team Members why Hilton is a great place to work and yet another reason for celebrating 100 Years of the Hilton Effect!"

    —Alicia Ballesteros, Embassy Suites by Hilton Dorado del Mar Beach Resort

  • "Each month that has a department of the month will receive a week-long treatment to further express our appreciation for their efforts and dedication."

    —Michelle chapman, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Smithfield

  • "Throughout the month we encourage Team Members to thank each other by filling out a thank you slip with a nice message. The Team Members will put the slip in the recognition box, and each month we'll do a drawing for the person most recognized, the person who handed out the most recognition, and a random drawing. This really encourages the team to celebrate the big and little things it takes to work together as a team!"

    —Nicole Matsuoka, Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

  • "We had many reasons for celebrate in March! Thanks to all my Front Desk team for such a great job and commitment. We started celebrating our superwomen with a nice card with photos, best wishes from teammates, and chocolates. Then we prepared recognition of our enrollments goals with delicious M&Ms. We also used the recognition tools to give them certificates for their mentions in Salt by our Hilton Honors members, and we prepared an ice cream day for them with thank you notes."

    —Jessy Rojas Garcia, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "We appreciate all the hard work our Front Desk Department does daily, so we gave them lots of candies with funny notes! We also decided to put a coffee station in their department with cookies and snacks and of course a nice decoration! We prepared lots of surprises for them, including a location bingo game where the GSAs have to ask where our guests are visiting us from and put it on a global map. The GSA with the most countries/cities wins a prize at the end of the week! We had donuts and scratch-offs for them as well as a spinning wheel with prizes like a free food item from the made-market, free appetizer, coffee and ice cream coupons, and more. "

    —Alejandra V Arteaga, DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Airport

  • "El día de hoy hicimos un reconocimiento especial a 2 de nuestros miembros del equipo por haber alcanzado un logro tan importante para sus vidas. Felicitaciones a Camila luna y Walter Guzmán por su graduación como profesionales en Contaduría Publica y Economía respectivamente. Es un orgullo para nuestra propiedad que nuestros colaboradores cumplan sus sueños y cuenten con nosotros para seguir creciendo."

    —Yeison Camacho Arias, Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport

  • "Taking pictures, cookies, giving a certificate of recognition, including them in our monthly newsletter so people in the hotel know them, and putting stickers on their pictures which are on the wall of the office. We also say thank you with a personal note and tiny presents."

    —Jen Yan Helene Keung, Hilton Antwerp Old Town

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula Hotel, together with Team Members and guests, celebrated World Water Day with the goal of addressing the problems related to the supply of drinking water. We increased their knowledge about the importance of conservation and protection of water resources and the supply of drinking water."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are recognizing our team and celebrating Front Office Appreciation week with a luncheon, snacks, and beverages for our Front Desk team. We also reward our top Team Member who has the most Hilton Honors enrollments each month with a gift card! Our team loves to recognize Team Member birthdays with balloons and a special treat. We also created a cheers for peers board so our Team Members can share their appreciation for each other!"

    —Jennifer Eichelberger, Hilton Garden Inn Lancaster

  • "Working at the Revenue department can be very stressful as we have a lot of targets to reach. To keep them motivated, I often have little surprises for them, such as leaving a thank you card for all their hardwork with their favourite Starburst sweets."

    —Joalena Sembrano, DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "Thank you for putting the calendar together and sharing ideas! We were inspired this year to make Front Desk Month the best one yet!"

    —Bianca Nickerson, Hilton Niagara Falls/Fallsview Hotel & Suites

  • "The hotel as a whole has a Star of the Month program, which has fantastic results! Team Members and managers are able to recognize outstanding Team Members with a simple form that is turned in to HR. A committee selects each month's winners, who are recognized not only in their own department, but across the entire hotel! Their pictures are in our break room for the month and emailed out. They are given $100 and a pin to proudly wear at work.

    Front Desk has a mini version of this program, called the Brag Board. Team Members are able to brag about each other, and it is displayed in the back office. At the end of the month, I randomly select a few winner who are congratulated through an email and given a gift card to a place of their choosing! It has been one of our favorite programs and has such heartfelt responses."

    —Victoria Powers, Amway Grand Plaza, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Each month we hold a meeting to review points of great interest for the department and the hotel in general. We do this with a meal or a small coffee. "

    —Cesar Huerta, Hotel 1970 Posadas Guadalajara, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "We are really taking advantage of the Recognition Calendar for Front Desk Month. Our Front Desk team works so hard to ensure we provide great customer service to our guest and have such great team work. We have received gift cards to the mall we are located in, had a lunch with Hawaiian Food, will be receiving the 100th year Tupperware, and are wearing the Front Desk Superstar pins."

    —Taira Chang, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton at Kapolei

  • "I threw a luncheon for my Front Office Team, to celebrate Front Desk Appreciation Month. This gave my team an opportunity to see and hear directly from me how appreciative I am of their hard work and dedication. Each Team Member was presented with a thank you bag of goodies. Each Manager also stopped in to give thanks and recognition to the Front Desk team. It gave us a little bonding time as well. "

    —LaTrell Blok, Hilton Garden Inn Martinsburg

  • "February was Food and Beverage Month, and we celebrated with a moonlight picnic. With a small celebratory buffet and our bartender Magic Mike spinning the wheels, we shared the accolades of the past month of all Team Members who received recognition from guests on SALT as well as internally with peer to peer nominations. It was a great way to connect Food and Beverage month, team recognition, and thrive all in one. Small prizes and sweets were distributed and a phenomenal time was had by all!"

    —Steven Gugelmeier, Hilton Barbados Resort

  • "We are using the fabulous Hilton Recognition tips and choosing something fun and engaging each month. We have had really good feedback from the team so far. For this month we celebrated International Day of Happiness at the hotel and gave out Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the entire team. The Revenue team also made personalised T-shirts for a bit of fun. We also had positive feedback from the guests who were curious as to why we were wearing the T-shirts. In the Revenue department we also recognise Team Member's birthdays with a card and a small gift. We recognise guest feedback, group, or M&E conversion with HIGH FIVES and messages."

    —Rachel Casey, Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Brindleyplace

  • "We recognized our Front Desk team for all their hard work in making our guests happy. We organized a Check-in Skill Competition, and the champion got a pen with hotel logo . We gave our Front Desk survival packs of sweets, snacks, and other essentials to get them through the day or night."

    —Erin Gong, Hilton Garden Inn Qidong

  • "I have planned to host 12 small events over the course of 2019 for the team with various start times to involve every member of the hotel team at one point or another. Several of our Team Members work somewhat unique schedules. The following is my plan for time of events: early morning on a weekday, Wednesday before 11 a.m., weekday after 4 p.m., weekend a.m., weekend p.m., weekday night audit, weekend night audit 1, weekend night audit 2, Friday day shift, Sunday or Monday morning, lunch or dinner weekday, and lunch or dinner weekend. So far I have completed: a fruit buffet morning of a weekday, homemade beef stew and prizes weekend p.m. and tomorrow @ 6:45 a.m. will be weekday night audit/am weekday team - spring mixer with faux mimosas, donuts, and flowers with prizes On March 30, we will have an outing to a local restaurant for a weekend night outing. This is a good way for me to encourage the team at the level and during their varied schedules."

    —Tonya Lewis, Hampton Inn by Hilton Detroit/Madison Heights/South Troy Area

  • "Last month during F&B Appreciation Month, a Trivia Challenge was put in place to test the knowledge of our Team Members on three questions per topic: Hilton, Conrad, & Forbes components. One of our lucky servers successfully answered all of the questions correctly and won a one-night stay at the Drake (our sister property) for two people, with breakfast included. This trivia challenge gave all Team Members the opportunity to eagerly learn our culture components and work together. Our server was very appreciative and well deserving of this award!"

    —Nicole Mellecker, Conrad Chicago

  • "This past weekend, our hotel experienced quite the active weekend with the upbeat holiday. Located in the heart of the city, our Team Members were ready for the high business volumes. We wanted to make the occasion special and be able to take a moment to show our appreciation for our Front Office & Concierge for department appreciation month. Green sugar cookies were distributed & signs posted in our Heart of House and on our Merlin board to create awareness throughout the hotel. It was an unexpected gift that makes these moments so powerful!"

    —Nicole Mellecker, Conrad Chicago

  • "We recognize our Team Members all the time but especially for Front Desk Appreciation Week. On Day One we had located at the entrance of the hotel a table set up with our Front Desk Team Photos saying Meet Our Front Desk Team and letting our guests know that it is Front Desk Appreciation Week. We also gave each Front Desk Team Member with a cup filled with treats and a tag that reads "Just a Token of appreciation for all you do to Enhance The Lives of Your Team." Our Front Desk team has so much to be proud of as they reached the Hilton Honors Enrollment goal. Congratulations to the team for meeting the goal. We celebrated by having a good ole Crawfish boil where we all gathered around a table on a beautiful day. We allow our Front Desk to choose how they want to spend their winnings. We love the Recognition Calendar!"

    —Chasity McDermott, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Jennings

  • "Hilron PrincessSan Pedro Sula, with the support of Human Resources, organized a soccer tournament for father's day. We held a celebration for all parents who are part of our team, and we invited their children and relatives so that they could all enjoy quality time and a delicious feast of food."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "So far I have sent each member of my team a personalized email, thanking them and making them aware of how appreciated they are. Today I completed the Front Desk Recognition board (which will be updated accordingly). I found adjectives for each letter in each Team Member's name to describe them."

    —Annika McFarlane, DoubleTree by Hilton Columbia

  • "I recognize my team by smiles. I keep track of their namesand interests. I also note their day to day life changes such as anniversaries, and I mention it to them."

    —Emmanuel Lukwago, Hilton Garden Inn Kampala Kira Road

  • "During March we have celebrated our Front Office Team with a lovely relaxing Pilates class, and we have a cocktail masterclass with our Bars Manager booked for the 31st. Our Front Office Manager has also made lovely personalised water bottles for the team from the Recognition website templates."

    —Rachael McKellan, DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Westerwood Spa & Golf Resort

  • "Our General Manager had our restaurant prepare a nice platter of bakery goods for all Team Member to share. A social media post was done, adding a picture of woman in all departments of our hotel."

    —Claudine Dumouchel, Embassy Suites by Hilton Montreal Airport

  • "Its been a great year and month for us. We just have completed February, which is our month to celebrate, and I am excited to share what we activities we did. We opened F&B week with welcome drinks along with cookies and muffins. We had Olympic games,and some teams participated from other departments such as IT, Finance, and some outlets. We made sure certificates of recognitions were provided to the entire F&B team. We also make sure that gifts are thereas well. We thrived on the last day by performing Zumba on our Yoga deck. It was such fun and a fulfilling day. We are also looking forward for the team gathering outside of the property!"

    —Mira Macud, Conrad Dubai

  • "We celebrated our high SALT scores for the month of February by cooking pancakes and breakfast for our Team Members on National Pancakes day."

    —Sana Hussain, Embassy Suites by Hilton Chevy Chase Pavilion

  • "March is Front Office recognition month, and we have been busy celebrating already! So far, we have put the spotlight on two our of our Front Office Team Members, allowing the hotel to find out more fun things about them. We also celebrated National Oreo Day last week with the team — everyone was very pleased about!"

    —Emily Williams, Hilton Birmingham Metropole

  • "Its Front office recognition month in March! The best way to recognise our Team Members is to give them a gift that means something to them! I have asked everyone to fill in a "get to know you form," and I have extracted the information from each form to come up with a goodie bag for each individual with their favourite chocolate bar, drink, and a Love2shop voucher of £5.00 value. They can spend it on what matters to them such as cinema tickets, book shop, restaurant. This was a very much personalised gift bag to say thank you for their personalised welcome and customer care all year round!"

    —Jean-Brice Dornier, Hilton Cardiff

  • "Throughout the coming days, the South by Southwest festivities are occurring in Austin, Texas. At the Hilton Austin, we have guests from all over the world staying at the hotel. As Team Members, we hustle and bustle to make sure prevention and safety is our main priority for such events. We lean on each other's strengths when tasks can get difficult. No Team Member should feel left out, because we are a Blue Energy Family. As a Security and Safety Team Member, it's moments like these we go above and beyond the call of duty. For example: In-room dining tables and trays were left outside in guest hallways, we removed them from guest prevent mishaps and injuries. Security Awareness is top priority to stop carelessness."

    —Emelda Martinez , Hilton Austin

  • "Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi launched the 4DX on February 3. As soon as it was launched we put it in action. The Housekeeping team joined hand in hand in making our scoreboard, and the team decided to have a Super Mario theme. We started the huddles on a weekly basis, and everyone was eager to share their commitments. We had the best score during the review where the GM and the 4DX champions joined our huddle. It is a process that is new to our Housekeeping team, but we are trying our best to achieve it. After a month, we saw our Mario's growth, we can say we are on the right track. So we decided to treat the team to a dinner at the park where we had a delicious food, fun, laughter, and music (one of Housekeeping team knows to play guitar). Before we start the dinner, we thanked the team for the effort they made. A simple dinner to recognize their hard work means a lot for them, letting them know that what they did was greatly appreciated."

    —Amnilyn Baroy, Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi

  • "On International Women Day the ladies celebrated in High 5 Bar. Barman Marcin prepared cocktail Pina Colada and gave as a lesson. Marcin taught us how to prepared the full version of Pina Colada. Also, we had colorful drinks, flowers, and sparkly heart chains. We were treated like queens. It was a fabulous day."

    —Anna Huk, Hilton Gdansk

  • "On Feb 27th we recognized our Team Member of the month for front of the house and heart of the house."

    —Melissa Rodriguez, Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South

  • "Since I work from home I don't really get to see any of my teammates physically. However, my DC Raymond Garcia Does hold group meetings when the phones are not super busy, and we are always constantly getting group emails. Through those emails and meetings we are able to acknowledge and congratulate the people that are working the hardest and the best, and we are also able to get tips and tricks to find out what they're doing different so that we can try to have a better success."

    —Tracy Hunt, Work from Home

  • "Upsells are a big thing for our hotel and how we try to motivate our team. We have implemented a way to really appreciate the GSAs. Any GSA that exceeds 5000 in revenue will receive a dinner with all the managera and the GM. Also, they will be put up in the rolling screen throughout the hotel. We love to recognize success, especially from within."

    —Alex Trompke, DoubleTree by Hilton New Orleans

  • "For this year's celebration of International Women's Day, it was all about raising the awareness of gender equality and celebrating women's achievements. We invited all our amazing female Team Membera for a special afternoon tea at our Relaxation Lounge. The room was decorated with a very lady-like ambiance, and every decoration represent the significance of the women. The pastry team made a macaroons with a shoe topper that represents how far a women can go. We welcomed them with a crown to represent power and victory. As we also promote women in leadership in our property, we believe that all our female Team Members are successful with their careers. They have the power to speak up their mind and be a good leader.

    Our female HOD and supervisors shared their wonderful stories of success, and they shares their wisdom to all the females who are just starting their career and also to inspire them to follow their passion and to support each other to be more successful and productive."

    —Janel Andrada, Alrayyan Hotel Doha Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Happy International Women's Day! I'm truly honored to recognize the many women in our Hilton family!"

    — Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We motivate our Team Members, appreciate their efforts, and issue them certificates of excellence. We give them Hilton Honors Enrollments incentives, and we try to boost their high level of confidence and energy."

    —Sandip Suke, DoubleTree by Hilton Agra

  • "Every Team Member birthday at our hotel is specifically recognized. Our team listing of birthdays is posted in the sales office which we frequently update with new hires. We source our birthday cakes from a local favorite bakery, which our team can pick and choose from the cake listing (which we provide to their department heads two weeks prior to their birthday). Our team loves celebrating their birthdays at the daily huddle meeting with the cake of their choice, card, and birthday song! Its a great way to recognize their hard efforts! This year, we got to celebrate our Revenue Manager's 60th birthday!"

    —Vittoria Trinchi, Homewood Suites by Hilton Waterloo/St.Jacobs

  • "We celebrated 100 days until Hilton 100 years of Hospitality by making a wish while marking our hand print."

    —Melissa Rodriguez, Hilton Garden Inn Central Park

  • "We started recognizing our Front Desk team on March 1st by pasting commendation memes around the office to remind them that they are awesome. On March 6th our manager bought different flavors of Oreo cookies to help celebrate National Oreo cookie day. We will continue to recognize the Front Desk team throughout March with lunch meetings to gather together."

    —Taira Cavaco, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Kapolei

  • "This year I created a board on which everyone can write a little note and pin it up so the Front Desk to be able to see all the recognition. The board says "A little birdie told me..." I picked up sticky notes in the shape of little birds. I have also created survival kits for the Team Members. These include nail clippers, hand sanitizer, tissue, lotion, etc., that would help a Team Member work through their shift. We will also be buying them lunch and making sure that each Team Member knows they are valued and that we appreciate all of their hard work. There will be some smaller games and activities through the week as well."

    —Peggy Niles, Hampton Inn Potsdam

  • "We had our annual Kick Off Party in February celebrating 20 years of Hilton Frankfurt & 100 years of Hilton. It was a big event with around 120 Team Members, which was organized by the Blue Energy Team. We had the English Theatre cast performing, lots of recognition: for our Team Member of the year, long service anniversaries, and our kitchen team for organizing the buffet. A quiz about 100 years of Hilton was probably the funniest part of the evening. Also we had 150 top prizes for our tombola with a lot of hotel vouchers, a flat screen TV, and coffee machines. The night ended with the DJ on the dance floor."

    —Jessica Ziaja, Hilton Frankfurt City Centre

  • "Sweet F&B week at Hilton Gdansk! There were donuts and sweets and chocolate. It was delicious!"

    —Agnieszka Aniolowska, Hilton Gdansk

  • "We recognized our Marketing Communications Team Members after the hard work during February which is the second highest occupancy of the year. I surprised the team with a Hilton tote bag, believing this will help encourage the team to go plastic free, continuing to support Travel with Purpose and reduce the plastic usage. One of the team just came back from her vacation and found the surprise tote bag sitting in her drawer. That created a big smile."

    —Thanagon Poungbubpchart, Hilton Pattaya

  • "I love recognizing my team by praising them and letting others know their achievements. When we have bad moments or horrible days, we uplift each other by being there for one another. Also, no task is big or small, and we can all help each other at the end of the day. Team work makes the dream work!"

    —Jessica Limprasert, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

  • "We celebrated international Oreo Day on March 6th with our Team Members. We handed out Oreo ice cream bars during lunch time for them. We surprised them with this distribution in their offices. Happy Team Members = happy guests."

    —Jessica Ziaja , Hilton Frankfurt City Centre

  • "The month of February was Food and Beverage recognition month. We are a small property and only have two kitchen workers. We gave them both a gift bag with a scented lotion, hand sanitizer, and a gift certificate for lunch at a local restraint along with a card thanking them for all they hard work they do."

    —Tabitha McKey, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Port Aransas

  • "To get our enrollment up, we offer the GSA with the most enrollments a $25 gift card to Walmart."

    —Danielle Stroud, Home2 Suites by Hilton Pigeon Forge

  • "On March 4th, the Blue Energy team celebrated Front Desk month by making our Front Desk Team Members "movie stars." They assembled popcorn, a Pepsi, and a pickle to deliver to each member of our Front Desk. These are our first faces who meet and greet our guests before their stays with us. Thank you to all of you for bringing on the Hilton Happiness!"

    —Tracie Andrews, Hilton Palacio del Rio

  • "My Food & Beverage Team earned a beautiful Hilton to-go cup! Their favorite thing is coffee, and what better way to enjoy it then a personalized cup with their name on it!"

    —Rachel Fisher, Hilton Short Hills

  • "Every month we have a lunch to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, SALT mentions, and positive guest feedback about a specific Team Member. This helps us all to celebrate the positives, in this often problems-focused industry."

    —Jessica Szilagyi, Home2 Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City/Layton

  • "In a recent Facebook post, Chris mentioned he wanted to hear about what makes our culture special and it got me thinking. What makes our culture special is "US." With proper authorization from the participants, I have been showcasing our Team Members to the world, and it is getting a lot of attention! Everyday as we countdown to the big day, I have been submitting my 100 Days - 100 Stories on Social Media. The Team Members are loving the recognition and I hear via comments how people from the other side of the world are looking forward to read my daily story. Family members are getting in on the action and sharing their proud mother/father stories as well. We know we have amazing Team Members, why not let the world know it, too! I am thrilled to take part of our 100 years anniversary celebration with the rest of our Hilton brothers and sisters!"

    —Mery Huarachi, Embassy Suites by Hilton Crystal City National Airport

  • "The time has come to celebrate the Food and Beverage department and our favorite Chefs. With the support of Human Resources, we had a whole week full of many gifts, congratulations, and recognition for our favorite Chefs, very grateful for the great work they perform daily for our guests and customers. We started with Monday when we gave a knife to each of the members of the department, a tool of great help for them. On Tuesday, we gave them a small break from their work with a refreshing drink and a snack. Wednesday was donuts day, where they enjoyed a delicious dessert. They enjoyed some chocolates on Thursday that were full of love, along with messages of gratitude from each boss. We ended on Friday with a great celebration. A new idea was implemented and carried out all the departments. I wore a shirt decorated by the Team Members of various departments with positive messages and greetings for our chefs. Each boss gave them as prize for recognition and served our chefs a great food banquet."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "First I send calendar invites to managers to put it in their heads. The week before the department month kicks off, I send an email asking how Human Resources can assist with their celebration: blow up balloons, make note cards, arrange for snacks to be delivered, whatever they need."

    —Johana Perez, Hilton Rosemont

  • "I have created a Super Star card, and every time a F&B Team Member shows up on SALT, they receive a complimentary lunch/dinner from our restaurant. I have even given one to our concierge when he went out of his way to help a guest receive breakfast after hours in which it impacted our restaurant SALT scores. I believe that including other departments demonstrates a team atmosphere."

    —Natasha Lopez, Hilton Santa Barbara Beach Front Resort

  • "We have an internal platform for Team Member recognition. When a Team Member goes above and beyond to our guests, we recognize each other and thank each one for the contribution they have made to team or guest. We do incentive programs such as points or even just going out and having a get together once in awhile. It is really amazing how well we work with such amazing friendly people, and that is why I love our hotel "

    —Amethyst Abesamis, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Edmonton West

  • "We printed a banner with all the Front Desk agents photos to recognize Front Desk Month! Fat Tuesday is on March 5 this year and it's also National Oreo Day! We are having a Oreo-filled King cake delivered to the hotel for the team to enjoy. We made flyers with all the Front Desk Names describing them: Mary= m-marvelous, a-awesome, r-regal, y-yes!"

    —Mary Cook, Embassy Suites Downtown Orlando

  • "On Friday of Food & Beverage Week, we invited the team to eat and celebrate their week of recognition with big thanks. Each Team Member told how they feel grateful with their boss, and the Department heads spoke because they are grateful with their Team Members. We ended with a photo of everyone smiling. During that week we congratulated the Team Member of the month. He received a gift card for a supermarket and a crown, it was fun!"

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "During February, our Culinary Team celebrated the Culinary Festival. We organize activities, lunch, and giveaways. Our Activities were Hotdog Speed Eating Challenge, Quiz with #Kahoot, Blackbox Challenge Culinary and Pastry Edition, and a new activity that we include was a Cricket Tournament. Each winner received exiting prizes like cinema tickets, books from our Executive Chef, and a 100 AED Lulu vouchers. We also had personalised power banks as a presents for everyone."

    —Sherry Subida, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "I recognize Team Members when every they get a comment card or SALT review with their name by posting it for all to see. I also always submit them for contests within Hilton. One of our GSAs was a We Are Hilton Spotlight in 2017! I also do an individual contest within the hotel for recognition."

    —Rhonda Evans, Hotel Skyler, Tapestry Brand by Hilton

  • "All Team Members were happy on Valentine's Day, they shared a hug and a smile. Love and friendship are not only for this day, but for every day. We had a sweet detail for each Team Member. And a delicious dessert was presented to all Team Members for lunch. The Valentine's Day was full of surprises for everyone and delicious food."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We celebrated our Food & Beverage department by having a lot of surprises for them! Housekeeping and Human Resources Department worked together to thank the F&B department for their hard work, by decorating the department and holding an ice cream party. We had personalized chef hats, thank your cards with candy, a pizza party, and more!"

    —Alejandra Arteaga, Doubletree by Hilton Orlando Airport

  • "I have organized a little game for my team called 'Do you Map?' Indeed, since our category of rooms are very different according to the floor numbers, I decided to challenge the team. They had two weeks to get prepared, and the only info was to get ready with the Room Mix document. After one week I disclosed the questions which concerned 1: the category as shown on OnQ, 2: the approximate square meters of the room, 3: the view, 4: the closest elevator to the room, and 5: bonus question - connecting or non-connecting room. They had to pick five room numbers from a box and answer the questions. There were gifts for the winners!"

    —Sabrina Bavaro, Maison Astor Paris, Curio by Hilton

  • "To recognize our F&B Team we arranged a lots of different activities and classic games in February, including sack racing, egg and spoon race, hanging apple eating contest, and creative cutlery decoration. During the activities we had so many funny moments. The first three contestants won a handmade porcelain cup set."

    —Asli Aydogdu Tercan, Hilton Garden Inn Sanliurfa

  • "For the most recent holiday, Valentine's Day, we held our first annual Sweet Bar. Each pod came together and selected a sweet treat to bring for the department. We also played games with hourly winners of a special prize. It not only spread love in the workplace but also helped everyone to enjoy the holiday and make the time go by."

    —Crystal Smith Boone, Corporate

  • "At every meeting we have a coffee break."

    —Patricio Leon, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa Emporda

  • "We just celebrated F&B month with a taco bar in a private meeting space.This allowed them to join on their day off or while on shift. I had a goodie bag for all the Team Members including what the F&B team really enjoys: a Hilton tote bag filled with candy, chips, soft drinks, and a Hilton water bottle!."

    —Natasha Lopez, Santa Barbara Beach Front Resort

  • "We did Travel with Purpose water bottles for Engineering Week. I also got my whole Engineering team "100 years of Hospitality" hats."

    —Kevin Gray, Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center

  • "On day one of the countdown for 100 Years of Hospitality, Security Officer Christopher Simmons surprised his Team Members with a mini history display honoring Conrad Hilton and his innovation of the Hilton brand. Christopher presented a variety pictures that showed the true meaning of the Hilton brand while showing passion and proudness of being a part of Hilton and Hilton Austin. A Team Member with the Heart of Hilton, Security Officer Emelda Martinez, assisted in helping build this display. Let the countdown begin! "

    —Christopher Simmons, Hilton Austin

  • "We recognize our team in many different ways: Love to Shop vouchers, monetary awards, certificates, and team gatherings, to name a few."

    —Khalid Sioud, Doubletree by Hilton Woking

  • "I use the calendar to recognize Team Member birthdays."

    —Brenda Hickman, Na

  • "At our hotel, we do the below:

    1. Every time a guest mentions any of my Team Member name in a SALT survey, we give them a $10 Tim Horton card
    2. For enrollment, we give, $2 per enrollment as incentive, and quarterly winner gets a $150 gift card
    3. Track Arrival score for FD Team Member and $100 given to the highest score monthly
    4. Track Room Cleanliness score for each Team Member and give $100 to the winner"

    —Sandeep Ghosh, Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites

  • "We have been celebrating our team throughout February. We surprised them on February 17th for National Random Act of Kindness Day! We packed a little bag of candy and passed it around to our Housekeepers, Engineers, GSA's, Kitchen, and Restaurant teams! In order to make sure that our team is always having fun, we have Karaoke Wednesday twice a month, and even some guests join us! There's always new talent to be revealed! And on February 7th we celebrated National Periodic Table Day! Anyone could stop by the Front Desk to add an element and get some candy."

    —Samanta Corrales, Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax

  • "This past Monday, February 25th, the Blue Energy Team delivered cold palettas to our amazing F&B Team Members in all four outlets including those in the Coffee Cupboard, Room Service, Purchasing, Dishwashers, Cooks, Wait team, and Bartenders. We walked through the back and front of the house in a type of parade, pushing a cart filled with the sweet treats. Our HR Manager carried her portable speaker and supplied some peppy tunes! The result was miles of smiles and lots of happiness from the recipients and most definitely the BE Team!"

    —Tracie Andrews, Hilton Palacio del Rio

  • "Our small team likes to celebrate any birthdays or accomplishments by trying out different world cuisines as a team! For one Team Member's birthday, we tried authentic Sichuanese hot pot, where you boil different ingredients in a spicy broth in a heated pot at your table. Next time we want to try Korean barbecue or Vietnamese cuisine! I feel like this lets us indulge in our love of travel and experiencing new cultures, even when we need to work hard at the office here at home."

    —Lara Olson, N/A

  • "We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every month in our housekeeping department. We have music, cake, balloons, small gifts, and hand written notes for those who are celebrating that particular month. The Team loves this type of celebration, and they feel really important. We are famous for our best celebrations of Housekeeping Week, when the entire hotel team goes out of their way to celebrate our hard work. We hosted whole-week spa treatment for ladies and gentlemen, fashion shows (we designed dresses for ladies), and talent shows (where Team Members performed). Backstage experience, after parties, and more are planned for this year."

    —Marija Mladenovic, DoubleTree by Hilton Crystal City

  • "As Night Manager, I oversee the hotel operations from 10 pm-8 am. I recognize my team in our weekly/daily pre-shift. I thank them for joining the pre-shift and for working as a team/helping each other's department. We do thinking games that relate to the product and service we provide. Once in a while we have prizes for our winners or I'll share some snacks with the entire team. I have a great team on the overnight shift. My passion is to keep this positive momentum going. I also pre-shift the morning crew at 7:15 am. We do have a lively pre-shift: I recognize our WIG, upsells, and fantastic SALT comments and letters. We do games related to Hospitality/service. I recognize each department as outstanding, it helps kick start the positive morale."

    —Susie Villasenor Navarro, Hilton Waikoloa Village

  • "To recognize our team and kick off F&B Appreciation Week, we first surprised them with Wings and Cookies! On Monday, we raffled off eight two-night stays to local hotels in the area to each department and shift within F&B. For Wednesday, we held an Olympics outside where the team competed for Amazon Gift Cards. We played games such as Apple Build, an Egg Relay, and M&M Toss! Friday, in honor of F&B appreciation and the countdown to Hilton's 100th Anniversary, we gifted the team with bags filled with 100 grand bars, chocolate coins, and a lottery ticket! To close the week, we provided the team with a create your own sundae bar."

    —Amanda Elliott, Hilton West Palm Beach

  • "Stumped for a small gift idea for Food & Beverage Appreciation Day, we found a small card online to go along with chips and a soda. The card stated: You are all that and a bag of CHIPS we appreciate all you DEW!" Isn't that so cute? Our Food and Beverage team really liked this."

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We love the Recognition Calendar! It helps us strategize special focuses to have each month. Most recently, with February being Food & Beverage month, we decided to create a Food & Beverage week similar to Housekeeping week. We have chair massages, trivia, gelato, and more planned for each day of the week! Our Food & Beverage team takes such great care of us, it's time we returned the favor!"

    —Karina Woodka, The Curtis Hotel

  • "During January Engineering appreciation, we decorated the engineering shop, bought each of the engineers a Travel with Purpose water bottle, and had healthy snacks each day in the shop. The Front Desk also got the engineers a cake to kick off the week."

    —Kevin Gray, Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center

  • "This year, things have been going amazing. We've tripled our enrollment rate. January, my all star enroller was given two tickets to an OKC Thunder game. I put up notes around our back office congratulating our team on their superb enrollment rate!"

    —Keneesha Yates, Homewood Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City-West

  • "For our First Annual F&B Appreciation week, we are encouraging all of our F&B Team Members to recognize each other throughout our F&B outlets by Passing the Big Golden Spoon of Excellence to a different F&B member each day. The recipient gets to hang on to the Big Golden Spoon for 24 hours, receives a candy treat jar, a gift card, and a photo opp. for our brag boards. It is a lot of fun and our Team Members and guests love the production and well as the deserved recognition. Our Hotel loves their F&B Team of Excellence!"

    —Karie Ursery, Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Augustine Beach

  • "My team supervisors and managers here in Hilton Doha are sending virtual HIGH FIVES. It helps us Team Members to be encouraged and do more exceptional work with efficiency."

    —Matthew Carl Santella, Hilton Doha

  • "Our team wrote out reasons we appreciate each of our Food and Beverage Team Members. We surprised them with the poster. The 2nd surprise was some hand soap thanking them for their commitment."

    —Alyssa Arnold, Home2 Suites by Hilton Milwaukee Brookfield

  • "Our Front Desk team won the sign up load up Hilton Honors challenge three months in a row! Since we won a $250 Amex gift card per month which is $750 total, we were able to celebrate with buying all of our Front Desk team members new Under Armour long sleeve zip ups to wear on the job, and they got Amazon gift cards as well. Last month (January) we placed 11th in overall service amongst all Hampton Inns. We are planning to celebrate this accomplishment with a pizza party at our next meeting!"

    —Sam Ferro, Hampton Inn by Hilton Ithaca

  • "We celebrated F&B Week fully! Our F&B team had the chance to enjoy a private lunch just for them! They loved eating delicious risotto, seafood, and a dessert station! We also had a raffle where they had the chance to win a prize! They expressed they felt special and appreciated with a menu dedicated just for them!"

    —Alicia Ballesteros, Embassy Suites by Hilton Dorado del Mar Beach Resort

  • "We recognized our F&B team by preparing a meal for them. The catch was that they could not help in the kitchen. The Engineering team brought their grill in and the General Manager brought the food. The Sales Director and General Manager set the entire meal up so that all the F&B team had to do was fill their plates and have a good time!"

    —Amber Hodor, Hilton Garden Inn Macon/Mercer University

  • "This month we celebrated our amazing SALT scores for overall service and overall cleanliness! We had a team luncheon with a Carnival theme to remind everyone it's ok to have some fun every once in awhile! We had a chicken/beef slider add your own topping bar. Also, there was a Mac-n-cheese bar, corn dogs, churro nuggets, and a tossed salad. We had two different games: ping pong toss and toilet paper toss. We gave Duck Bucks for our Suite Shop as prizes. However many rolls you knocked over= $1 and so forth. Our entire team got together in the lobby and just laughed. At first, people were apprehensive to play, but once our Rooms Inspector broke the glass, the lobby was full of laughter and Team Members cheering each other on! It was truly a beautiful sight to see! We get so busy with the arrivals, departures, and watching our SALT scores like a hawk, we sometimes forget the little things. That day was one of my favorite days being a Front Office Manager. I was so proud of my team!"

    —Jessie Brandes, Homewood Suites by Hilton Raleigh-Cary

  • "For February's Food & Beverage Month, we gave each member of our F & B Team a Valentine card with an F & B poem. After they read their card, we collected all of them and put them in a basket. We picked one winner and that person received a basket containing snacks, popcorn, and movie tickets. Congrats to one of our cooks, Eric, for winning this fun little basket! Happy F & B Month - we appreciate all that you do for us and our guests!"

    —Patti Hittman, DoubleTree by Hilton Milwaukee Downtown

  • "We found best way to recognize our Team Members is to surprise them during huddle. Sometimes we recognize individuals and sometimes the whole department by getting scores from SALT. "

    —Mohammad Qureshi, Homewood Suites by Hilton Alexandria/Pentagon South

  • "The calendar helps me to remember everyone's birthday, so I can make it special by decorating their area. It also gives me the opportunity to tell the Team Members whose department we are celebrating to keep up the good work. It is good information!"

    —Nadine Eisen, DoubleTree by Hilton Jacksonville Airport

  • "January was Maintenance & Engineering month. The Engineering department is the backbone of the hotel and they provide all the support to the other departments whether front of the house or back of the house for the smooth running of the hotel. At times they are overwhelmed by the maintenance requests and their regular schedules, especially in a hotel undergoing renovation in phases, but they still smile and try to set the priorities to avoid guest complaints. Just to show that all the departments are aware of their hard work and that we really appreciate their effort, we organized recognition and a fun party for them in our ballroom. We had a some fun games just to have a few relaxed moments out of their busy schedule along with the snacks. But it did not end there. Our M&E team had the desire to complete the water treatment plant project in an orphanage which started in 2018. We supported them by donating some money, and Team Members also participated to finish this during M&E Recognition. This gave us a meaningful opportunity not only to recognize their hard work but also to give a helping hand to the community and spread the light and warmth of hospitality. Donating and providing support to the community was also a Thrive activity for the Team Members for their spirit. We are very proud to have this M&E team with us who are not only here for work but also for Thriving and for contributing positive impacts to the community. Big Thanks to our M&E team!"

    —Kay Zin Soe, Hilton Mandalay

  • "For Food and Beverage Week, we had sweets for the sweetness team."

    —Anna Huk, Hilton Gdańsk

  • "As February is Food and Beverage recognition month, over a busy weekend we made sure every single member of the F&B team got a cupcake! Every team was recognised for all their hard work!"

    —Emily Williams, Hilton Birmingham Metropole

  • "We took the opportunity to recognize the members of the F & B team that were named by our guests in SALT surveys, contributing to the overall score increase. The winners received a regal bonus and a symbolic medal from the Brighthearted committee."

    —Yeison Camacho Arias, Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Aeropuerto

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, celebro el dia viernes 15 de febrero los cumpleañeros del mes de enero y febrero 2019, felicitamos a todos los cumpleañeros. Y esperamos hayan disfrutado de un delicioso pastel y banquete de comida."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Each department took a day last week to celebrate our Breakfast heroes. Housekeeping brought donuts and made handwritten notes signed by everyone in the department. Our Sales managers made candy jars and themed thank you notes, our Front Desk team bought bagels and included gift cards to go out to breakfast on their day off. The GM surprised everyone with new uniform shirts."

    —Tara Brossa, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Boone

  • "For Random Act of Kindness Day, we gave a little surprise to our guests and Team Members just to brighten their day."

    —Celeste Lopez, Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax

  • "The department of Human Resources organized the early delivery to the Team Members of the month of January 2019 and December 2018, so we congratulate each one of the Team Members of different departments who were selected as Team Members of the month. Thank you very much for all the effort and hard work that they do at their work day."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "En conmemoracion a la semana de reconocimiento de departamento de alimentos y bebidas convocamos a los Miembros de equipo para tomar una foto y entregar un detalle agradeciendoles su aporte en la operacion del hotel."

    —Karen Rivero, Hilton Cartagena

  • "Yesterday we had an event more important that everything. We have chosen our Employee of the Year 2018. We arranaged lunch in our Mercato restaurant for all Employees of the Month 2018. The winner is Małgorzata Wenta, she is the Breakfast Chef. The prize for winner is a three-night stay in Athens, Greece; two tickets to the cinema, pocket money 1000 z≈Ç, blue star, blue flower, and Moet champagne. It was an amazing day with wonderful people."

    —Ania Huk, Hilton Gdańsk

  • "I love recognizing the departments, especially Housekeepers during Housekeeping week. We plan a full week of fun and relaxation. We have a massage therapist come and give 15 min chair massage for our Housekeepers."

    —Lenise Lynch, Hampton By Hilton Mount Airy

  • "En nuestro pasillo de miembros de equipo por inciativa de recursos humanos ideamos colocar un wall of fame y una pared de premios para hacer reconocimietos durante todo el año. Los Miembros de equipo estan muy complacidos con la inciativa y disfrutan ver las fotos de los recuerdos de las actividades que realizamos para su beneficio."

    —Karen Rivero, Hilton Cartagena

  • "For the Valentine's Day we've had a lot of fun with a "Selfie Day" - that brought so many smiles, giggles, and hugs between all of us."

    —Antoniya Zaharieva, HRCC Sofia

  • "For F&B recognition week, our Sales department handed out tongs with a thank you note to each of our F&B Team Members. The note said: THANKS A 'TONG' FOR ALL YOU DO!"

    —Sherry Novick, DoubleTree by Hilton Kansas City - Overland Park

  • "The department of Human Resources organized the premature delivery to the Team Members of the month of January 2019 and December 2018, so we congratulate each one of the Team Members of different departments who were selected as Team Members of the month. Thank you very much for all the effort and hard work that you do at your work all day."

    —Berlly Garza , Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Every day I love the way my team rolls! But on Valentines day I had to share the love!"

    —Bethany Young, Hilton Garden Inn Rochester University & Medical City

  • "En el mes de ingenieria en el hotel hilton cartagena cambiamos las fotos del wall of fame con fotos del departamento. Enviamos una agenda de actividades de reconocimiento a realizar con el departamento de ingeneiria en su mes. Iniciamos semana con un desayuno, integracion fuera del hotel, un picnic en el jardin del hotel, una tarde deportiva en las playas del hotel y una actividad de thrive en bicicleta haciendo un recorrido por las calles de la ciudad amurallada. Durante esta semana el departamento de ingenieria fue reconocido por todos los M.E por su arduo trabajo y su excelente disposicion para atender las necesidades de los clientes."

    —Karen Rivero, Hilton Cartagena

  • "We just have reached 90% in overall service score as MTD. Our Chief Engineer sent vase & doughnuts to Front Desk and Housekeeping teams to share the appreciation."

    —Sharon Kim, Homewood Suites by Hilton Columbia/Laurel

  • "For Valentine's Day, we created Valentines for all the Food & Beverage team. Our Sales Coordinator made up a cute poem that we attached to the Valentines. After the Food & Beverage team read them, they turned them in to H.R. for a chance to win a prize. The winner will receive a basket put together by us that will contain movie passes, popcorn, and other fun treats!"

    —Patti Hittman, DoubleTree by Hilton Milwaukee Downtown

  • "I am excited about the Recognition Calendar. It will help me keep track of my goals and Team Member anniversary dates along with birthdays. I love celebrating milestones and different things with the team! Thanks for this great tool."

    —Nicole Poage, HRCC

  • "Every day I walk the halls and help Housekeeping. I always ask how they are and if there is anything that I can do assist them, and I tell them what a good job they are doing. I have had five Team Members for over 10 years. I go up to the Front Desk to assist with check outs or check ins as well as reservations. I also tell them what a great job they are doing. I also do the same thing with the Breakfast team. I have an an open door policy. Once a month we do a day where we can celebrate everyone's birthdays for that month with either pizza or something else. I believe that if my team is not happy and not productive, then neither can I be. My team is what makes the hotel."

    —Paul Gaines, Hampton by Hilton Santa Cruz

  • "We are doing monthly lunch and games in order to motivate our team. The month of February was carnival-style."

    —Alejandra Cordero, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Ft. Lauderdale

  • "I remember their great moments, celebrations, and holidays, and show CVR by sending an email, card, or have a shout out in the morning standup "

    —Samira Lagraich, Hilton Austin

  • "We recognize our Front Desk agents with a extra $25 dollars on their check every time they can help sell out our hotel when it's 30 rooms or less. Everyone likes extra cash on their paycheck. And it's worth it to see them get so excited."

    —D. Story, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Louisville

  • "I have printed off the calendar and highlited a few days each month that I feel would be the best to recognize my Team Members. I use this calendar to make sure that even in our busy schedule, we are never too busy to make sure we appreciate our Team Members and all they do for this hotel."

    —Sarai Saulters, The Lodge at Gulf State Park, a Hilton Hotel

  • "Every month we celebrate the Team Members' birthdays. We have a luncheon once a month, and the Team Members whose birthdays falls in that month decide what they want for the luncheon. We gather around and sing Happy Birthday before everyone eats. We also give out birthday cards that everyone signs."

    —Marqueza Bautista, Hampton by Hilton Seal Beach

  • "Our team loves to recognize others, so for Valentines Day this year, we created valentines to deliver to our local retirement community. In a small bag we placed a tea bag and a small pack of cookies and tied a note that says "Have a TEA-riffic Valentines Day!" To personalize it, everyone took some time to write a meaningful note to each resident! And to recognize our team, we planned a Valentine's Day Multi-Cultural Potluck and got candy hearts to give the team!"

    —Sarah Uetz, Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading

  • "I know that I should write how I recognize my team, but I wanted to share with you how my team touched my heart by recognizing me as a Manager. One of the most important things a leader can do is to lead by example. If you want everyone else to be passionate, committed, dedicated, and motivated, you go first! That's why I'm always supporting and working with my team whenever needed, especially during high occupancy, checking guests in and out, escorting guests to their rooms, assisting with luggage, etc. This is especially important when we were running under-manned. During a period whem the hotel was running a very high occupancy for a long period and I was supporting as usual, I was really surprised that my team called me (when I finally managed to have day off). They invited me and my family to one of the restaurants at the city and had arranged everything and paid for the dinner in appreciation of my effort supporting them during the high occupancy. They didn't accept any excuses and they insisted that I had to accept the invitation. That really meant a lot to me! Another time, I had a surgery few days after my birthday which I didn't celebrate since I was sick. They knocked on my door and surprised me with a big birthday cake to celebrate my birthday! What I want to say is: Being a good leader is's also recognition for the team because you provide them with a healthy environment to be creative, loyal, and to develop themselves and grow. I have shared my stories with you to recognize them and because I wanted them to know how grateful I am and proud to work with all of them."

    —Gehan Youssef, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

  • "Our annual Team Member kick-off party was held on Friday 8th February in our Grand Ballroom with the theme this year being Denim & Diamonds, as well as Hilton 100th year celebration. We went all out this year for our team with a great menu, lots of lucky draw prizes including a fridge, and all the top awards were presented for 2018."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "For Food and Beverage Appreciation month, we showered our team with cookies and donuts and made them a special wall for the entire month! Later this month we plan on serving them lunch since they spend all their time serving other people!"

    —Jacqueline Montgomery, Hilton Garden Inn Indiana at IUP

  • "In January, we celebrated the contributions of our Property Operations Team. Our HR Manager rallied all of the other departments to pick a day that week, and each department chose how to best recognize the team. It ranged from a lunch off property with the GM to cookies shaped like wrenches and hammers. The Property Operations team ate very well that week. And more than that - they felt the love from their colleagues through the personal delivery of the items and personalized thank you notes from the Front Desk Team. The Property Operations team thoroughly enjoyed the attention and their colleagues enjoyed showing appreciation to a department that is most often called upon when things are not working as they should."

    —Paula Rauenbuehler, DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile

  • "We celebrated the five-year work anniversary of Nomthandazo Bhengu from our Reservations Team. Whoop whoop, she received her long-term service certificate from the GM and her five-year pin."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "On Super Bowl Friday we hosted our 8th Annual Chili Cook Off. It kicked off with some spicy varieties for the Team Members to tackle. Everyone's votes were counted and our newest Banquet Captain Jonathan Nagiley was the winner. He was awarded a brand new crock pot, a trophy, and his name engraved onto the chili plaque."

    —Mary Faust, Hilton Columbus at Easton

  • "We are recognising our Food and Beverage Team for Food and Beverage Month. Each Team Member has a photo and personalised thank you letter from the F&B Supervisor and Kitchen Manager displayed in our Heart of House service corridor. Each Team Member also has a coupon for a hot or soft drink from our bar."

    —Suzy Karim, Hilton East Midlands Airport

  • "We have Hershey kisses each day for the month of February to celebrate Valentines Day. Anytime a desk agent's name is mentioned in SALT, TripAdviser, or to a manager in any way positive, we enter their name in a draw. We will select two winners from the names entered. We are trying to encourage everyone to WOW the guest, show them we care, and leave a lasting impression."

    —Jonathan Webster, Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls Falls View

  • "To celebrate our achievements and birthdays, I created a mosaic of photos my showing my gratitude for my team's great service."

    —Giraldo Vallejo Edwin Andres, Hilton Garden Inn Santa Maria

  • "To show our appreciation and to also help the Front Desk team know about things in our area, we take them on different tours: A train ride or Jeep tour, even a trip to the Grand Canyon."

    —Jenna Seeley, Hampton Inn by Hilton Sedona

  • "We are recognizing our Team Members by giving them a surprise for their birthday with balloons, flowers, and a cake. Our team is really surprised and happy for what we do for them!"

    —Alejandro Hernandez, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

  • "Instead of our Normal Monthly Housekeeping meeting, we did a scavenger hunt in the rooms. We made it so much fun for all of our Team Members. We had three teams of seven, and each team received a room. The rooms had 16 misplaced, broken, or extra items. They had to go around the room and find all 16 items. They had a blast and worked together as a team. At the end we did a Bed Making demonstration and everyone left with candy. We took a group photo in our fire place lobby and all Team Members were thanked for their hard work and dedication. It is good to have a meeting in different locations and to make it FUN!"

    —Kaitlyn Loeven, The Founders Inn and Spa Tapestry Collection by Hilton

  • "The 2019 resolution for our Management team is to fully focus on Team Member appreciation/acknowledgement in a consistent manner. Bi-Weekly, the Department Head nominates Team Members with the best performance (hourly position only), and they show their appreciation with one sweet and a handwritten appreciation card. We hold monthly luncheons to select our Team Member of the Month and announce our bi-weekly Team Member with the best performance."

    —Sharon Kim, Homewood Suites by Hilton Columbia/Laurel

  • "We have Send a Card to a Friend Day on our Recognition Calendar. So our AGM Buffie delivered hand written cards to all 21 Team Members. Buffie said that she enjoyed highlighting the good and being able to personally recognize each Team Member on an individual level. She put her heart into it with just the right words to inspire, uplift, and recognize each one of them. These cards were a great positive fuel to make our Team Members, myself included, feel like family. I love the Recognition Calendar."

    —Chasity McDermott, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Jennings

  • "Our Food and Beverage department created a new recognition program over this last month. It is a green card called Co-Worker Kindness. It's something like the Catch Me at My Best program but it runs throughout the year. Whenever we notice a Team Member going above and beyond for a guest or teammate, we fill out a Co-Worker Kindness card! This keeps our department going and boosts everyones spirit!"

    —Kelcey Hathaway, Hilton Garden Inn Seattle/Bothell

  • "We always strive to celebrate the birthdays of all the Team Members every month with a special cake, and with over 550 Team Members, there are always a few celebrating every month. Unfortunately, the managers and the head of departments are often forgotten. To ensure that they too receive a special call on their birthday, I created custom dates for all the HOD birthday celebrants and shared the customized calendar with the entire leadership team. Now we do not miss anyone's special day as every day they receive a outlook reminder of the upcoming birthdays."

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "Our Front Desk team works hard to make our guests' stays are as comfortable and memorable as possible. As anyone in our industry can tell you, we are here 365 days a year, and even when we're away from work our hearts and minds are at our posts. This past holiday season, we tried to make our Front Desk a little bit of home, and in doing so were able to not only brighten the day of our team, we could also pass that joy onto our guests. To recognize our team, we displayed our Yuletide spirit for all to see. We recognized our team not just as a team but as family."

    —Adam Free, Embassy Suites by Hilton Inernational Drive/I-Drive 360

  • "I wanted to share this incredible connecting opportunity I had with my work from home team. With all of us working from home 100% of the time, I wanted to create something that all of us can connect to/visualize together, and I came up with a Vision Board/Map Incentive. I gave everyone a whole month to complete the task, and for doing it they received 100 Points and Smiles (this is an incentive tool we have for our agents). The 100 points was in honor of celebrating Hilton's 100 years of hospitality! The results were truly fulfilling and inspirational."

    —Mercy Retuerto, Hilton Reservations & Customer Care

  • "We created a "selfie challenge" on National Appreciation Day. We allowed Team Members to send in selfies of them appreciating other Team Members and giving them a HIGH FIVE. The person who spread the most appreciation and sent in the most selfies won a weekend getaway."

    —Iesha Myers, Embassy Suites by Hilton Deerfield Beach Resort & Spa

  • "We have printed the Recognition Calendar prominently in the sales office where we have our morning business review, and we talk about the recognition for the day. At that time we figure out a way to incorporate the recognition into the day or the week."

    —John DeRosa, Embassy Suites by Hilton Washington Square

  • "For Engineering Month, we recognized our Team Members by sending out HIGH FIVES, buying them lunch, and baking tool-shaped cookies for them! We also provided them with a key chain hand sanitizer in order for them to stay clean throughout the day while doing their daily maintenance tasks."

    —Ashley Sanchez, Hilton Palm Beach Airport

  • "January 25 is Honduran Woman's Day. With the support of Human Resources, the hotel organized a celebration for each of the women who are part from the Hilton team. As a sample of thanks from every man on our Hilton team, they delivered a rose and a chocolate bag to each of woman, making them feel beloved and valued. Happy Honduran Women's Day!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We organized a party for the Maintenance Team. In the party we arranged a game and a quiz competition. The questions were about our hotel's technical construction. All Team Members have so much fun. At the end of the quiz, the winner had a special chocolate package."

    —Asli Aydogdu Tercan, Hilton Garden Inn Sanliurfa

  • "We always get balloons, a card, and a piece of cake for each Team Member's birthday. This year we are planning on continuing to do that as well as having a cake each month at our team meetings to celebrate their birthdays!"

    —Colton Richardson, Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsburg

  • "Since it was Super Bowl Sunday. I decided to bring my air fryer to work and purchase some frozen pizzas which are cost effective and make a cute luncheon for my team. They were so surprised and happy! I decorated the breakfast area so I could also allow our guests to join in the fun! We try to make each day fun because, in return, my Team Members truly show their Hampton Spirit and our scores reflect that!"

    —Beth Taylor , Hampton Inn by Hilton Kennedy Space Center

  • "Today we create a trophy to recognize our Hilton Honors Enrollment Champion of January. We gave him a box of chocolates also, and congratulated him during the daily briefing."

    —Isabela Siqueira, Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro

  • "We always recognize our Team Members for birthdays, service anniversaries, holidays, etc. My favorite is to notice when someone goes above and beyond for other Team Members, guests, or the property, and they think it is going unnoticed. I like to recognize those moments with a gift card to Starbucks or something similar. I keep a few gift cards on hand just for that. When we have had a long busy week of sellouts, my Housekeeping department is always recognized and rewarded with a lunch of their choice. Housekeeping week is one of my favorites! We do something different for all seven days. I start with a lunch, a pamper bag, gift cards and goodie bag, ice cream and cupcakes, bed making contest and other games, etc. This calendar is going to be great going into 2019 because we love to recognize and celebrate here at Hampton inn and Suites Tulsa Downtown!"

    —Jennier Watts, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Tulsa Downtown

  • "Each quarter, Team Members are given the opportunity to nominate other Team Members who have stepped up for the quarter. For one of the quarters, our Chef set up a barbecue consisting of hot dogs and hamburgers. Afterwards, we had a water balloon contest where you and a fellow Team Member participate by tossing a water balloon back and forth. If you drop it, you lose. The competition then sprouted to a friendly water balloon fight and everyone had a great time. "

    —Daniel Cruz, Embassy Suites Phoenix Downtown North

  • "Maintenance week, with the support of Human Tesources, was a week full of many gifts and many thanks for each of our Team Members in the Maintenance department. It started Monday with the delivery of a meter for each of them along with refreshments and letters of thanks. On Tuesday there was a meter tool delivered with small snacks full of manis and churros. Next day on Wednesday we gave them screwdrivers with cookies and chocolates. On Thursday, the team received an invitation for a planned lunch on Friday along with another tool, and an ice cream day was held. Finally, on Friday a lunch was scheduled with the Restaurant department, and each member of the Maintenance team enjoyed a delicious lunch with a welcome cocktail. The final item was a toolbox for each of them which will be very helpful for them during their work days."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Every month we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We write a card to each Team Member that has a birthday or anniversary with the company that month and have the rest of the Team Members sign it. We get a cake and give the cards out to the Team Members, thank them, and tell them Happy Birthday. We also have "shout out" cards. When someone wants to give kudos or tell them what an awesome job they did in a certain situation, they get a "shout out" so they know they are appreciated. We also have a Team Member appreciation party each year with food and games and fun."

    —Jairah Ramirez, Hilton Garden Inn Elko

  • "We always try to be creative. We also want to keep cost low while showing our team we appreciate them. Just one of the things I did was paint hammers so they could be trophies. They absolutely loved them. These were made for Maintenance appreciation week."

    —Beth Taylor, Hampton Inn by Hilton Kennedy Space Center

  • "We recognized our Maintenance team by surprising them with a candy bag with their favorite sweets and a thank you card in a shape of a tool box."

    —Siverlene Blount, Hilton Garden Inn Albany

  • "For Maintenance week we honored our Maintenance team by surprising them with buckets of treats, including a gift card to a local hardware store! Chris and Ron are always there when we need them, and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do!"

    —Shai Schrunk, Hampton Inn by Hilton Lincoln-South/Heritage Park

  • "To kick start the new year, we celebrated our department of the month: Maintenance! To say a massive thank you for all their hard work and show how much we appreciate them at the Metropole, we hosted a surprise celebratory lunch in Sky 23 with food, drinks, and lots of desserts during their shift! It was a lovely afternoon and we had an amazing view of London just to top it off."

    —Nicole Johnson, Hilton London Metropole

  • "We announced on our daily newsletter at the start of the month that January is Engineering Appreciation Month. We also included weekly reminders on our monthly calendar of events for people to acknowledge our Engineering Team. They received departmental special treats such as different flavors of gourmet popcorn, donuts, and their favorite double double burgers with their favorite milk shake! Our team is the best: caring, committed, and 100% guest orientated!"

    —Lupe Villeda, Hilton Pasadena

  • "We hid 30 paper light bulbs around property. The Engineer with the most lightbulbs won a $25 Lowes gift card!"

    —Michelle Sbai, Homewood Suites by Hilton Keystone Crossing

  • "Our amazing and dependable Maintenance team was recognized this January for their outstanding service to all our guests and our teammates. The Food and Beverage Department made the Maintenance team a Build-a-Burger lunch with all the fixings, followed by the Front Desk Crew surprising them with the cutest chocolate tool-topped cupcakes. Our Maintenance Team was so grateful, but they deserve it and more."

    —Brooke Benkert, Hilton Garden Inn Airport/FGCU

  • "We recognize service anniversaries at our morning huddle with a round of applause. We add a special and personal message from the GM to the the service anniversary certificate from the Recognition Calendar tools - and read it out loud to all. We provide $5 in Duck Bucks taped to a colorful balloon, and a prize chosen from our lobby bureau. We have stocked the three drawers of the bureau with all kinds of gifts such as T-shirts, jewelry, candies, mugs, calendars, gloves, socks, etc. Our team is One of a Kind, and this special recognition highlights each person's contribution to the team."

    —Kim Dennis, Homewood Suites by Hilton Portland

  • "We recognized our Engineering department by surprising them with an office full of their favorite sweets plus best wishes from across all areas in the hotel. The fun didn't stop there, an activity was organized with the Housekeeping team with lots fun games to make our Engineering team thrive during their shift! Finally the TM's food of the day was chosen by our Engineering department!"

    —Valeria Uribe, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "We celebrated National Compliment Day with a challenge for all of our leaders to pay as many compliments to Team Members from other departments and take selfies with them. The one with the most compliment selfies won a weekend getaway. Everyone had fun and was happy to participate."

    —Laura Amaral, Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach Florida

  • "We had three recognition events in the hotel to date: 1. king cake, 2. pizza lunch in the department, and 3. breakfast in the team canteen. These were wonderful moments with all of my Team!"

    —Eric Badin, Hilton Paris Opera

  • "To celebrate Engineering month, we recognized our team with handmade customized candies in bulbs with catchy phrases. Also, we made souvenirs by writing "Thank you" on safety helmets in the Team Members' local languages to express the gratitude for the all the hard work they do behind scenes to keep our hotels maintained. The Engineering Team loved the gesture. They also decorated the heart of house corridors with a model of the Burj Khalifa made with used plastic bottles."

    —Manasi Patkar, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Mina

  • "We print our SALT scores and we have a Wall of Fame. The Team Member with the most name mentions wins a gift card and we buy them lunch. The more they are mentioned, the more the value of the gift cards!"

    —Kelly Bond, Tru by Hilton Murfreesboro

  • "I am recognising Team Members by letting them know how well they are doing and telling them that thriving at Hilton is recognised! I have also handed out some HIGH FIVE certificates to colleagues to recognise their work ethic."

    —Lauren Coulter, Hilton Sydney

  • "Today, our Catering and Events Team wanted to take a moment to recognize our colleagues in Prop Ops, thanking them for all the crazy and wonderful things they do for us -- and our hotel -- every day. During the department's pre-shift afternoon huddle, a group of us stopped by to treat our Engineers to a different kind of toolbox, filled with chocolates shaped like bolts, hammers, screws, etc., and lined with freshly baked cookies. Thanks to the new recognition calendar, we were able to make arrangements and plan the celebration in advance. And Prop Ops couldn't be happier!"

    —Diana Balakirov, Hilton Austin

  • "The team at Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Suncoast Parkway uses the Recognition Calendar as a focal point in our Brighthearted Meetings. In January, we organized a New Year's Gala for our local community and our team so that even those working could share in the New Year's festivities. For February, Food & Beverage Month, we are having a cook-off. The entire team will be cooking up their best meatball recipes, and our F&B team will be the judge. Each year we celebrate our Housekeeping team by providing them with daily VIP treatment and competitions. Who can make beds the quickest and neatest, ice cream sundaes, fresh cooked breakfast (our GM and AGM were the servers), and cool personalized gear Hilton gear from water bottles with each members name to backpacks. It was a great time! We use the calendar to make sure each member of our team knows that they are an integral part."

    —Kabriel Bryant, Hilton Garden Inn Tampa Suncoast Parkway

  • "Last week we spoiled our Engineering team with a Pizza Party in their office/maintenance room, and then on the weekend gave them a braai barbecue. They got to relax and laugh for the day with their fellow teammates! Well done and keep up the great work you guys are doing! We know all of us can be high maintenance with our fixing requests. Thank you for maintaining our hotel!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Each month we recognize a department. For Restaurant Appreciation month, we surprised them with a cake and balloons! Team members enjoyed their delicious cake!"

    —Silvia Avalos, DoubleTree by Hilton LA Westside

  • "For our first Team Member of the Month Luncheon of 2019, our Team Members enjoyed a delicious Hawaiian themed luncheon of huli huli chicken, kalua pork and cabbage, mac salad, and haupia! We also ordered a lilikoi cake for our January birthday celebrants. We recognized ur Team Members of the Month for Back of House and Front of House. We have also taken the time this month to thank and recognize our amazing Maintenance Department for all their hard work as January is Maintenance Appreciation Month! In Housekeeping we celebrated two promotions within the department!"

    —Jennifer Fabian, Hilton Garden Inn Wailua Bay

  • "The hotel has monthly Team Member of the Month winners. The Guest Services department also has aTeam Member of the Month contest. Each month they choose one winner that can win the MVP, Team Member of the Month, or Shinning Star pin along with a certificate signed by the Front Office Director and the Hotel Manager. If the Team Member was extremely out standing, they can win MVP and Team Member of the Month pins all in one month. This process gives the Team Members a chance to shine on a more tangible level. Recognition matters, and this is a great way to recognize our team."

    —Danny Ilaga, Hilton Universal City

  • "We write thank you cards for our Team Members every week during our team meeting. We recently amplified this practice by allowing Team Members to exchange the thank you cards for gift cards. 3 cards = $5 gift card, 5 cards = $10 gift card and 10 cards = $20 gift card! This enhancement was due to a story shared by our HR Manager/Shaun Barnes....thank you Shaun! We also have a goodie cart that goes around every Wednesday, and all Team Members are allowed to take two complimentary snacks from the cart. Our Team Members love the Goodie Cart and everybody wants to work on Wednesdays!"

    —DeAnna Willis, Hilton Richmond Downtown

  • "We use the Recognition Calendar to keep up with special dates, like Housekeeper Appreciation Week. We buy all the Housekeepers new T-Shirts to recognize their hard work, and we treat them to a little something special each day, like lunch or a special coffee. We only have two Maintenance men, so we make sure to include them in this as well! For the Front Desk, we offer a $50 incentive for whoever meets the Hilton nHonors enrollment goal for the month. We also have the most amazing Christmas parties every year, with catered food, gifts galore, gift cards, money, PTO, etc. We play games and compete, and we all have a ton of fun! We also continue to do our huddles and make sure we are all together as a team and we all treat our guests like family!"

    —Celia Worley, Hampton Inn by Hilton Marion

  • "The MAD Committee at Embassy Suites Little Rock uses the calendar to plan special events for Team Members. We gave thanks to our amazing Engineering Team Members and recognized them in honor of Maintenance & Engineering Month. The MAD Committee arranged a luncheon in our Athletic Club and also had an activity that involved creativity. The Engineering team was challenged to create a vehicle that rolled using items only found at the hotel. The winner received a prize along with everyone else in the department as a way of saying "thanks." Team Members gathered together, along with our GM, who thanked the team for all their hard work in maintaining our property and keeping our guests happy."

    —Valerie Basham, Embassy Suites by Hilton Little Rock

  • "We have a special luncheon in our restaurant with some tender loving care and festivities for our monthly Birthdays!"

    —Kathleen O'Connor, Doubletree By Hilton Wilmington - Legal District

  • "Since our Team Members are the heart of our hotel, we make sure that we recognize them in different ways. Every month we have Team Member celebrations where we pick the Team Member of the month. We also celebrate their birthdays then, which makes them feel valued and appreciated. Also, some of our guests write thank you letters to our Team Members, so we appreciate our Team Members during these celebrations by calling out their names on stage and rewarding them. For January, we had Engineering Month. We took our Engineering Team Members for bowling and to have lunch. We will be continuing these events throughout the year."

    —Gizem Gurkan, Hilton Izmir

  • "We as a team took coffees and pastries to our Reservations team and surprised them in their daily briefings."

    —Krushika Mehta, LXR Hotels & Resorts Habtoor Palace

  • "We have a weekly trivia that any Team Member can enter to win a CARE card. CARE cards can be used to enter our CARE rally. We also have a weekly inspirational quote that inspires us at the beginning of our work week. We also welcome new Team Members to make them feel apart of the team right away!"

    —Crystal Granger, DoubleTree by Hilton Portland

  • "For January 2019, we initiated the MAD (Making a Difference) recognition strategy. Our aim is to conduct three activities each month. First, we gave "Thank You" gift cards to our Finance Department along with some morning goodies (croissant and cold coffee). Second, we had an HOD versus Team Member Adventure where everyone played water bucket challenge, sack race, and three-legged race. Before we ended the month, we did the HR Morning Power Walk where we walked around the island and completed three kilometers in total. Simultaneously, we also conducted Engineering Week where Kitchen and HR Teams collaborated to successfully recognize our Chefs and Stewards in the resort. Some of our activities included Afternoon Tea, Carnival Games, and a Closing Dinner after a busy week. We also had a Whale Shark Trip, a City Day Boat Trip, DJ Nights, and Team Celebration, to sum it all."

    —Kirby Aenlle, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

  • "To ensure not a day goes by without recognition around the hotel, we have created a Recognition Board in our Reception back office, and added a line on our checklist to remind us to go and check the Recognition Board and take action! Go Team Hilton York!"

    —Claudio Benvisto, Hilton York

  • "The key to our success in making sure guests return is our team. They are a group of strong and mighty individuals that also have hearts of gold! We strive to keep our team on their toes to be ready to greet and become friends/family with every guest they encounter. To make this possible we have to ensure our team loves their job and loves where they work. To keep it fun, our management team is always recognizing the staff for big moment makers! For instance, we had a large group in house that gave a shout out to the entire staff for their service, so we brought the ice cream truck to the hotel to treat the staff. Another example: We saw a Team Member engaging with some kids during breakfast. We recognized them going the extra mile and gave them a Starbucks gift card. We go over the top with celebrating Team Members' birthdays. Cue the confetti, balloons, and cake! Here at the beach we love to celebrate!"

    —Destinie Collins, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Destin

  • "Our Engineering Team Members love coffee anytime of the day. We surprised them with a coffee station in their shop: A brand new Kuerig machine and a variety selection of coffee were displayed for their arrival on the last day of their celebration week. The team was beyond excited to have this. It truly made their day/week and months to come...and they have plenty of supplies."

    —Mery Huarachi, Embassy Suites by Hilton Crystal City National Airport

  • "Our Engineering team received gift cards and a catered lunch for their special day. Each department stopped by to thank them for always doing a great job!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We took our Front Desk team bowling and had a friendly competition with the new Tru by Hilton's Front Desk team. It was a great way for the two hotels to get to know each other while enjoying a couple games of bowling. We snacked on some great appetizers and had trophy for striker king, top bowler, most spares, and Top Hilton team. Kameron R. from Hampton won striker king, Nathalie H. for the Hampton won top bowler and Holly G. from Tru won most spares. Top Hilton team was Hampton Inn. We had a great evening and look forward to doing it again!"

    —Alicia Heimbuch, Hampton Inn by Hilton North Platte

  • "Our Front Desk team worked really hard to not only meet but exceeded the goal of Hilton Honors enrollments. We all were able to enjoy an all-expense-paid night out. Our team enjoyed dinner at Texas Road House and then team building at PuttPutt Golf. It isn't often the whole Front Desk team is able to participate, so it really was a great time and great fun outside building relationships amongst our team."

    —Chasity McDermott, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Jennings

  • "We gave our Engineers a Pizza party to say Thanks!"

    —Kate Van Zile, DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hollywood Beach

  • "One of the best ways we have been able to recognize our specific teams and departments is through our Weekly Blue Energy Newsletter which is circulated throughout our entire hotel. We cover an array of topics including key metrics like SALT, community projects & initiatives, Team Member events, and Hilton worldwide news. In almost every newsletter we highlight one team or department in particular for which the Recognition Calendar has been fundamental in sourcing topics. For the beginning of the Engineering department's recognition month, we made sure to honor our Engineering Elite for all they do at the bottom of the newsletter. This made the department aware of it being their month which led to them being taken out and celebrated by their department head. To further drive home their impact, we featured an article above that which was in reference to a huge community outreach event that was spearheaded by our Executive Engineer. Our newsletters have proven to be successful in creating hotel-wide recognition for those featured which, in turn, has created a stronger bond between all departments making us a more supportive and unified collective! Ultimately, our newsletters have been our tool to make sure that our teams also feel cared for, valued, and respected."

    —Dee Desai, Hilton Scranton & Conference Center

  • "We showed our appreciation to our Maintenance Manager for Engineering appreciation week. Each Team Member filled out a Thank You or appreciation note for him. We also had donuts one morning with a note posted: We donut know how we would do it without you."

    —Alyssa Arnold, Home2 Suites by Hilton Milwaukee Brookfield

  • "Our CARE Committee plans out recognition events three months in advance for each quarter. While we use the Recognition Calendar as a guide, sometimes things happen that are so wonderful we change things up a bit! Our 2019 SALT scores, specifically for our afternoon and evening team, have really taken off! We usually celebrate our scores at morning Stand Up and during our monthly CARE Rally; however, our afternoon and evening team do not usually attend as those events. Our PM team are often the first impression guests have of our hotel, and clearly they deserve some big kudos for our impressive SALT scores. To thank the PM team, we had a cake, cards, dinner gift certificates, and special prizes! We were so happy to congratulate them, and it was wonderful to be able to give them the attention they deserve for a job well done. Our excitement levels have been really great so far in 2019, and we hope to use the Recognition Calendar as one tool to maintain enthusiasm for our property and guests."

    —Katie Delezenski, DoubleTree by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport at Research Triangle Park

  • "For Maintenance Appreciation Week, we recognized our team for all the hard work they do to keep the hotel operating at its best. Each day of the week our Maintenance guys Trey & Hallie received a something special, including: King Cake with their favorite filling & Mardi Gras beads. Our General Manager Ryan took the two out for lunch at a local Seafood & Steak House restaurant. Our whole team came together and created them a board which we displayed in the lobby of hotel. Personalized gifts and goodies to eat included personalized binders and ink pens."

    —Chasity McDermott, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Jennings

  • "I customized my calendar to be used for Team Member birthdates, anniversaries, and review dates. It very easy to transfer much of this information from the previous year so it only took minutes to make this year's calendar! I love the monthly department recognition, we use this every month as well, so this has benefitted all our team."

    —Tim Elie, DoubleTree by Hilton Rochester

  • "We recognized our Engineering team by thanking them a 'lottery' for all that they do! They loved it! We gave each of them a card that said WOW on the front, and inside it said: Maintenance & Engineering Heroes, Thanks a LOTTERY for all that you do! Each of them received five scratch-off lottery tickets!"

    —Megan Hopton, Hilton Cincinnati Airport

  • "Engineers are magicians. And thanking them is a serious business. Team Conrad Pune conducted a cricket match followed by a pizza feast for all our magicians."

    —Priyanka Shirke, Conrad Pune

  • "We always do something special for the Front Desk team during their month. In 2017 we put out a table with candy apples and snacks for everyone. And in 2018 we gave special coffee cups filled with candy and special wrap for every Team Member from Front Desk. We are thinking of something for March 2019."

    —Yaraska Gamboa, Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort

  • "At our hotel, Team Member of the Year candidates are voted on from 2018 Team Member of the Month Winners. Team Member of the Month winners are chosen from our Stars of the Week program! Congratulations to Cindi Leasure, Front Desk Supervisor, and Josh Freeman, Sous Chef, for winning our 2018 Team Member of the Year programs! They each received a gift basket filled with goodies valued at $1000 and also received a paid day off!"

    —Jacqueline Montgomery, Hilton Garden Inn Indiana at IUP

  • "For our hotel, if a Team Member gets a good comment with their name along with a good score, we get an extra $5.00 in our pay checks. We are doing this new thing: if our scores go up all Team Members will receive a $50.00 VISA gift card. For the holidays, we held a team party for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We received gifts and it was really nice because it makes us feel recognized for all of our hard work. We also did a Yankee swap on Christmas which was very nice."

    —Drew Cardosi, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Manchester-Bedford

  • "Thank you to our amazing Engineering Team who were recognized today in honor of Maintenance & Engineering Month. The HR and Blue Energy Team paired up to throw them a Pizza Party in our Tex's Sports Bar! Directors and Managers gathered together, along with our GM, who thanked the team for all their hard work in maintaining our property, keeping her beautiful for our guests."

    —Tracie Andrews, Hilton Palacio del Rio

  • "We are using our calendar to recognize Team Members for Team Member Appreciation Week and International Housekeeping Week along with using it to have different things such as popcorn for Team Members on national popcorn day!"

    —Brooke Haynes, Hampton Inn Morristown I-81

  • "Every year we throw one big grand party - Team Members' Annual Party! We all wait for this day with great anticipation, and we carefully choose the day when the maximum of the team can attend. This year it was the 14th of January! There were over 20 Raffles for lucky Team Members who won three Samsung 45" Televisions, complimentary stays in sister Hilton properties around the world, movie tickets, and so much more. This year we took the opportunity of Hilton turning 100 kept the theme of #HiltonEffect! There were special awards for the best traditional dress in male and female category. We love celebrating the diverse team from over 50 countries that deliver the True Waldorf Service to each and every guest here at the Magnificent Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah."

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "All year long these Team Members are making sure that the guests and Team Members are safe and happy, they always carry hammer, screw driver, wrench, tester, etc., and are ready all the time: They are our Engineering team. This week it's their time to celebrate, and the Housekeeping team want to appreciate all the effort they always put in their work. So we decided to create something different: we made a ladder and put it a basket full of candies and chocolates. On the side we hade the photos of the Engineering team with a twist: It's clip art of the Team Member particular job with their faces. We delivered the gift during one of their games for Engineering Week, and everyone was so happy! The Housekeeping team was so glad also seeing how they appreciate our simple gift that marks in their hearts that they are appreciated for their hard work."

    —Amnilyn Baroy, Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi

  • "At the beginning of the month, all the departments at our hotel organised a special surprise for our Maintenance team! Our Engineers were treated with a special breakfast and afternoon tea from the Kitchen, drinks and appreciation cards from C&B department, and pizza delivery from our Front Office Team Members, who borrowed a person from their team for an hour per day in order to help and better understand the hard work that makes this huge family working properly every day. They received balloons, cards, and doughnuts from our Living Well fitness centre team and the Executive office. It's not easy to make everything work always properly, but this guys surely make our job easier every day!"

    —Manuela Gabriele, Hilton London Heathrow Airport

  • "We have a pizza party if we can enroll our goal every month. We also do candy and cookies each week to try and boost motivation for target."

    —Ashlee Hirsch, Hampton by Hilton Perry

  • "We held our annual team Awards Night this month with the theme of Glitz and Glam. The Awards Night is always a great night as it is a chance for the team to let their hair down after a busy festive season. This year we had a photographer on hand to take some great photos of the team, which they could take home on the night for a £1 donation.

    We also held a raffle in aid of Make-A-Wish Foundation. We managed to raise £598 for a great charity and send people away on overnight stays around the UK, with one lucky person winning the top prize of a weekend stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Venice North.

    After the meal (which the Managers served), it was time to recognise a few stars in the team. The following awards were handed out on the night: Rising Star, Three Special Recognition Awards, Department Star of the Year (one person from each department), Team Member of the Year, Head of Department of the Year, and Department of the Year. It was a great night, and helped kick start the year the way we mean to go on."

    —Rachael McKellan, DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Westerwood Spa & Golf Resort

  • "We celebrated at our Commercial Focus Meeting with our great team of Beirut Habtoor and Metropolitan hotels with surprise champagne and cake. A big thank you to the team who worked their best to ensure we gain and beat our competitors every day of the week."

    —Ahmed Rasmy, Hilton Corporate

  • "We have used the calendar and personalised each month to show Team Member birthdays. Each month has been printed and displayed on A3 size paper to also give us celebration tips and Hilton facts! It is a great tool, and having it personalised enables us to create more recognition. We have also listed our Front of House monthly meeting dates for all the team to see."

    —Narel Vilisoni, Hilton London Metropole

  • "From time to time it's candy time! We are a small and awesome team in the Lounge @ Hilton Berlin, especially if one of us goes on vacation. It's the "unwritten law" to bring the brilliant hosts some candy. I pay attention to buy local some candy, i.e., from a very old traditional Berliner chocolate manufactory. It is always a lot of fun."

    —Christoph Kade, Hilton Berlin

  • "We have a small, hardworking Engineering team. We decided to give them brand new Husky tool bags. We packed them full of treats and other useful items like notepads and team gloves."

    —Rainin Brown, DoubleTree by Hilton Wilmington-Downtown Legal District

  • "We recognize our Team Members by having a birthday/anniversary party every month. We make certificates, give out candy, have cake and lunch. We also have a store where Team Members who are going the extra mile earn Hampton money and can buy things like beanies, cups, shirts and other Hampton-branded items. Our Team Members love that we do recognition in a fun and simple way."

    —Jodi Lovie, Hampton Inn & Suites by Coeur d'Alene

  • "We recognize our Team Members on a large scale! Each quarter we collect nominations from all Team Members at every level of our hotel to crown a Heart- and Front-of-the-House winner for Team Members of the Quarter. We are now accepting nominations at our hotel for Q4! Nominations are based around our HILTON Values and ask to provide specific feedback and sufficient detail of how your nominee goes above and beyond.

    Prize for both winners are: $200, free Parking in Vine St. Deck for the entire Quarter, and dinner for two in Gallerie Bar & Bistro."

    —Summer Stiffler, Hilton Columbus Downtown

  • "We recognized our Departmental Trainers for their great support and dedication in 2018 by offering them a surprise gift raffle. They are known as the Purple File Community. It is a strategic approach to ensure all Departmental Trainers follow a consistent and quality approach while practicing the OeX Principles to reach optimum results. We aim to embrace the culture of rewarding through different elements of THRIVE. Their spirit and extra ordinary efforts will help us to reach greater success in 2019."

    —Suranga Jayasinghe, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

  • "Our Front Office has created a personalized thank you heart polo shirt for the team with their name embroidered underneath the heart. Team Members love it."

    —Apoorva Chandram, Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum

  • "We will use each month as the theme in our internal social media facebook utilizing the tool that we have in calendar to recognize each department. For instant, January is Engineering month. We will celebrate through Facebook by putting art and update on weekly basis news in regards to Engineering."

    —Nguyen Hung, Hilton Hanoi Opera

  • "This month we recognized our Maintenance and Engineering department by making them a focal point in our Heart of House hallway and buying them pieces of pizza for dinner! Thank you to our Maintenance Team Members for being a "piece of" our team!"

    —Jacqueline Montgomery, Hilton Garden Inn Indiana at IUP

  • "We recognized all of our team by making tree ornaments with everybody's name. The team loved the Christmas tree and took picture selfies with their ornaments."

    —Jas Rai, DoubleTree by Hilton Kamloops

  • "We are celebrating Engineering week this week. We started off by providing appreciation lunch. That was followed with a screwdriver, gift bag with candy, handwritten thank you notes, and a coupon for a Team Member lunch."

    —Jessica Gonzalez, Double Tree by Hilton Raleigh Brownstone University

  • "Each department has taken it in turn to recognize the fantastic work our Facilities team does daily. Over the last week, Housekeeping beautifully decorated a bedroom as a nice surprise, Kitchen prepared a hearty breakfast to kick start their day, the Executive Office supplied some yummy doughnuts, Food & Beverage kindly arranged some nice drinks and cookies, and Front of House made a personalized thank you card along. Also, some of the team spending an hour with Facilities for some cross exposure and to learn how to change fuses! We can't wait to recognize our Food & Beverage team next month!"

    —Amy Flynn, Hilton London Heathrow

  • "This month Team Members are being challenge to see how many members they can add to the Hilton Honors family (goal: three guests per day). A post from the November Hilton Honor's incentive lets all Team Members know how they did. The Team Member with the most enrollments receives a gift card!"

    —Jacenta Appling, Homewood Suites by Hilton Princeton

  • "At our location we all departments together monthly in the hotel lobby for a game called Spin to Win. During this time we also announce who won Hero of the Month. For Spin to Win, we set a hotel goal for our overall satisfaction, and if we achieve this we get to draw five Team Member names at random to spin our wheel of prizes (usually gift card to restaurants and the movies) and enjoy a sweet treat of some sort."

    —Teal Walter, DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Junction

  • "We selected people from our team who have always had the best attitude to create a rewarding experiences in each of our areas. We prepared choreography for a dance that reflects commitment and teamwork, an excellent exercise for the 7 drivers of success."

    —Carol Suarez, DoubleTree by Hilton Bogotá Parque 93

  • "We celebrate every Team Member's birthday with cake. Once a month we cook or buy food to show our appreciation. Every holiday, each Team Member cooks something and we have a get together. Every little thing counts!"

    —Dana Hinson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Marksville

  • "When a Team Member gets their name mentioned in a SALT survey, Guest Assistance compliment, or an on-line review, they earn a $10 gift card."

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "We recognize our Team Members by giving them encouragement when they do something right. We recognize them when they have done something out of the way."

    —Johanna Cabrera, Hampton Inn by Hilton East Regency

  • "We started 2019 recognizing each other. In the Front Office, we are always supporting and creating family atmosphere, so we didn't lose a chance to celebrate Christmas and New Year together even being away from home. In December we created a game with a "Secret Friend" where everyone had to support and recognize their secret friend from the Front Office during this month and prepare a gift. During the last month of the year, we received a lot of good feedbacks about each other, and on the 1st of January we opened our gifts that has been waiting under the Christmas tree from our secret friends. That's a great practice to unite the team and to cheer up for next year!"

    —Anastasiya Savitskaya, AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "On January 14th, we let the entire team know it was Maintenance Appreciation Week. We started off Maintenance/Pizza Week with pizza for the entire team, and we let the maintenance team choose the toppings."

    —Shayne Aiello, Hampton Inn by Hilton Belle Vernon

  • "At our property we have implemented Front Desk Star of the Week and Front Desk Star of the Month! We do different things for each individual winner, such as a gift card to their favorite place to eat, favorite sports team, etc. For the star of the month, we do a big prize for that specific individual. We also have a SALT competition among the Front Desk. Whomever has the most mentions on SALT, we do a special gathering for them at the end of the month."

    —Kay Black, Hilton Shreveport

  • "We have been winning Hilton Enrollments since October & another feature we use here called KIPSU, a text messaging feature. We saved all of our winnings and had an appreciation dinner for our Team Members!"

    —Julianne Lucero, Hampton Inn by Hilton Taos

  • "On Christmas day, we celebrated with the Breakfast team Christmas at Work, with a fizzy drink and tasteful canapés from our chef. A big thank you to the team who worked all of the festive period."

    —Christiana Berg, Hilton Edinburgh Carlton

  • "At Hilton we care for our communities, this is why we recognize all Team Members who participated the most during the year in activities that help our communications. They were publicly recognized at our monthly coffee break and received certificates to stay at the best hotels in town!

    Our hotel had our three-year anniversary in December 2018. We celebrated by recognizing all service anniversaries of our Team Members at our monthly coffee break.

    For Christmas we organize a fun contest. The department who best decorated their area for Christmas won a fantastic prize. All departments participated, and it was a great way to show their creativity and Christmas spirit.

    For our Team Members' birthdays, we treat them with a special gift every year. In 2018 it was a really nice thermos with HGI logo on it. Also we celebrate Team Members' birthdays at every coffee break."

    —Valeria Uribe, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "As we put 2018 behind us and move forward into 2019, our team is using the Recognition Calendar to improve employee morale, improve guest experiences, and improve our relations with our local community. We want to even raise the bar higher in 2019. For example, this past Saturday, we celebrated "National Glazed Doughnut Day." Our CARE committee brought in glazed doughnuts for our daily stand up meeting. As Doubletree says "Its the little things that MEAN everything." On the last Wednesday of month, our CARE committee hosts Team Member of the Month. So on the 30th we will announce this distinguished award as well have a free lunch for all our Team Members, always giving a special thanks to our F&B team for supplying it. This is only a small way we continue to grow together and Stay Hilton Strong!"

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "Every year, we use this calendar to recognize every department. Each month, during the featured department's week, other departments have a day of that week to show their appreciation. A couple of fun examples that we have done in the past: During one Housekeeping Week, we had an ice cream social setup for the team and did a fun gift card raffle! We have also bought lunch for the entire Engineering team, they really enjoyed that! We also recognize each department on social media and during our monthly Team Member luncheons. Our hotel, especially the General Manager and HR, goes above and beyond to show their appreciation to the team. The Recognition Calendar is a great tool to use!"

    —Megan Hopton, Hilton Cincinnati Airport

  • "This month we wanted to recognise and appreciate our fantastic Maintenance and Engineering team for all their hard work throughout the year. Our General Manager was delighted to visit their office and reward them with a certificate that entitled them to a complimentary team breakfast and a team night out for everyone to enjoy."

    —Louisa Stride, Hilton Cardiff

  • "We take pictures of birthday Team Members holding a cupcake or piece of cake. Our assistant Housekeeper has the pictures printed out and decorates the wall. Previous years' photos then go into a photo album."

    —Dianna Jurasovich, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Milwaukee West

  • "We believe in creating memorable moments! Then we don't leave any stone unturned to make it happen. So even before our guests got a glimpse of New Year's celebration for the beginning of 2019, we organised a New Year's Eve party for all our Team Members on 20 December. That's not all - every department had to dress up in a theme. So everyone participated enthusiastically and created a fun environment."

    —Prateek Prabhakar, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon

  • "For National Thank You Day, we sent a personalized thank you to every Team Member at our hotel signed by our GM and EC team! What a great way to kick off the year!"

    —Heather Rowson, Hilton Minneapolis

  • "We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, Housekeeping Week, etc. We post team party pictures in the lunchroom, ordering in KFC for team appreciation lunches."

    —Jenn Kelly, Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge

  • "As part of our Daily Hotel Dashboard, we include our Team Members' birthdays in a nice slide frame as kind of daily recognition, and to allow other to give congrats to their colleagues. We also include thank you comments to show others our guests' appreciation for everyone by name. These two slides are very positive and our team is waiting for them every morning as a kind of daily communication and appreciation."

    —Ayman Aly, Hilton Cairo Heliopolis

  • "We host monthly all-Team Member CARE rally lunches in which we recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and Team Member of the month nominees and winners for Heart of the House and Front of the House. We will also celebrate random days of recognition such as national popcorn day, etc, to help motivate and celebrate our Team Members. In Q4 2018, we also began providing breakfast to our front line hourly Team Members daily!"

    —Anthony Troxel, DoubleTree by Hilton Memphis

  • "To get the new year off to a great start, our Chief Engineer invited his team and their significant others to his own house for a delicious meal of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the fixings. Everyone had a wonderful time together outside of work, and the Chief Engineer went above and beyond to recognize his hard working team. The word is spreading around the hotel of how great this recognition activity was, and it has inspired other Managers to see what they can plan to "top" the Chief Engineer. What a great way to energize the team and increase recognition activities for all departments!"

    —Doug Pender, Hilton Durham near Duke University

  • "I love my job and the people I work with! Specifically, I work at the Front Desk and get to see everybody in the mornings. I'll say hi and we'll chat as friends and also discuss guest experiences(SALT) before we each begin our work day. I feel like this routine really helps each of us know our role for the day and improve every incoming guest's stay. We held a pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween where each department got to decorate a pumpkin and have it for display in the lobby for guests to enjoy and vote on. We did the same for Christmas with gingerbread houses."

    —Maegan Hart, Tru by Hilton Amarillo West

  • "We celebrated the hotel's two-year anniversary on December 19 and were able to combine it with our Christmas party! We decided to do something special this year, so we did a black tie catered dinner by none other than the managers on property! The three of us spent all day cooking a special meal for our team! At our party, we handed out awards for one-year and two-year tenure, as well as a few special awards....and a few Hampton Under Armor shirts that were a huge surprise!"

    —Sarah Stace, Hampton Inn by Hilton Oxford

  • "I recognize my team by remembering their birthdays and wishing them a happy birthday. I also tell my coworkers that they're doing a great job. The team has a box where we write down the name of the coworker who stood out and did an excellent job for the day. Then at the end of the week or month, the person with the most papers is given special recognition from our manager and director. I do my best to find the smallest things that people tend to overlook about themselves, such as saying hi to the guest, the smiles they wear at work, how if it's slow they still do their job just as great as if they were dealing with high capacity, just anything that others would see as "just normal things." I write them down and put them in the box or just let them know that I admire those small details."

    —Rene Southavilay, Embassy Suites Downtown Portland

  • "We use our calendar to acknowledge our entire team's birthdays."

    —Yvonne Odom, Hampton Inn by Hilton Natchitoches

  • "We simply plan to recognize each anniversary and birthday with a greeting card for each Team Member, and post a monthly recognition each month. Also, verbal recognition will be given at meetings."

    —James Harris, Homewood Suites by Hilton Slidell

  • "We work as Team and treat each other as family: Celebrating our chief Engineer's birthday. The entire staff participated in having a surprise birthday at work. We want everyone to feel blessed and happy, guest and team alike."

    —Miriam Arreola, Hilton Garden Inn Palmdale

  • "We had a snow storm in December, and several Team Members volunteered to be stranded at work for three or four nights. In addition to a steak dinner on the house at a nearby restaurant, the GM surprised them a few weeks later with an after-work "staff meeting" that turned out to be a Christmas-themed thank you party, and everyone received gifts and another night of free food and fun."

    —Portsia Smith, Hampton Inn by Hilton Richmond Mechanicsville

  • "For each Department, we celebrate a Star of the Month! Prizes include gift cards, complimentary lunch at our restaurant, free night stays at our sister hotels, and small bundles of cash! Our winners receive their prizes, a certificate, and their picture on the wall!"

    —Nicholas Schmitz, DoubleTree by Hilton Thornton

  • "After reaching number 1 on TripAdvisor as best restaurant in Tucumán, our F&B team was rewarded with an Argentinian BBQ. It was a lovely evening where we all got to interact and enjoy a beautiful and fun meal together. Later on it became a regular team-building activity that we schedule in our recognition calendar. We make sure we get together every couple of months out of the peak seasons to stay brighthearted and take on the next challenges as the best team."

    —Daniel Marino, Hilton Garden Inn Tucumán

  • "Our Front Desk team enjoyed a Hibachi Dinner in celebration of winning the Hilton Highest Rewards Enrollment in October 2018."

    —Chat Dorough, Hampton Inn by Hilton Decatur

  • "Our property created Bayside Bucks! Each time a Team Member in any department is mentioned in a SALT score or in-person interaction, goes above and beyond for a guest, or helps out the team, they are given 1-50 Bayside Bucks (depending on how big the impact was). They can redeem them for plenty of cool rewards, including: a complimentary drink from the gift shop, gift cards, or one month of garage parking, all the way up to an extra paid day off! It's helped our team make goals for themselves and helps our leaders recognize our Team Members when they do something great."

    —Alyssa Carey, Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Downtown/Bayside

  • "I like to recognize each Team Member on their birthday. We have a monthly birthday lunch where I also announce Team Member of the month on the third Wednesday of the month. I provide a birthday card with all Team Member signatures on it. I also like to find out what that persons favorite place to eat is and take them to lunch. We do Catch Me at my Best and we have a HIGH FIVE area in the back office. If they go out of their way or a simply SAY good morning to the guest I like to thank them for that. We are constantly working on great customer service. We hold the expectation high for every Team Member, and when they exceed this I like everyone to know about it."

    —Holly Bowers, DoubleTree Club by Hilton Springdale

  • "We used the $500 we won from Hilton to have a Christmas party for the entire staff, and they each got to bring a plus 1. We had dinner, a white elephant gift exchange, and a secret santa gift exchange. A great time was had by everyone!"

    —Monica Baltazor, Hampton Inn by Hilton Salina

  • "I always start the year off printing the new calendar. We have made some adjustments to ensure that all of our team gets the appreciation they deserve. In January, we shower our engineers with many forms of gratitude. We treat them to a steak dinner and write them thank you notes. We separated the F&B appreciation months to make it a little more personalized for the BOH crew. February is kitchen appreciation for us. We build little soap gifts for our culinary team, we pair this with candy and lots of thank you notes focusing on individual strengths.

    March is all about our Front Desk team. They each get a "Popping in to say Thanks!" gift consisting of popcorn and pop rocks. April is Banquet appreciation for us. We give them Mountain Dew and Mounds bars with a message of "Mounds of thanks for all you Dew!" May is for the restaurant, bar, and executive lounge team. They get a gift of lotion and candy with a letter saying "Thank you for being a helping hand!" July is Sales appreciation, they get live plants to keep on their desks with hilarious plant puns painted on the pots.

    The infamous Housekeeping Appreciation week is hard to compete with in September, but we try our best with gift bags of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. The thank you note reads "We need S'more staff like you!" In November, we recognize supervisors with specialty notepads and pens. In December we appreciate all Team Members with oatmeal cream pies painted like gingerbread men and hot chocolate.

    It's the little things that count and the calendar helps us stay consistent. Besides the individual months, we try to do a little something special for our team around fun holidays. On Valentines Day, we build boxes for each department and encourage everyone to fill out little cards with words of gratitude. We also do department stockings for Christmas. It is fun to deliver these at the end of the month, loaded with notes and treats, and watch everyone's eyes light up. Besides the organized events, we also have a lot of potlucks and food events to celebrate birthdays. Team Member appreciation is the best thing I do in my work."

    —Trisha Hook, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bentonville

  • "We celebrated the New Year by delivering a surprise gift for all our team in co-ordination with our wonderful management and HODs. We respect the hard work of our team, and when we do something small, we see a big smile of joy from their heart. When they received the gift, we saw the tears of happiness and joy of working with Hilton, and now they are proudly saying that "we are HILTON FAMILY." Thank you to our GM, HODs, and Supervisors to make this initiative a reality and make the New Year started with something really special."

    —Ashik Salim, Double Tree by Hilton Ras Al Khiamah

  • "I am always pleased to recognize my Team Members especially when they show our HILTON Values every day! For example, when any of my Team Members do any WOW job which exceeds expectations, I send them a thank you email explaining the great job they do, and I recognize them with a certificate and sometimes a gift as per our policy during the Monthly gathering.

    I send them a HIGH FIVE when appropriate to encourage them doing their best, celebrating their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, getting married, or having new babies, for national and independence days, International Women's Day, Christmas, Easter, Eid Adha, Eid Al Fiter, and Ramadan.

    Team Member of the Month recognition program is always one of our important contests to our TMs. Preparing from time to time an outing for them to be refreshed all the time as part of THRIVE."

    —Ghada Mansour, DoubleTree By Hilton Aqaba

  • "I use the custom date option on the Recognition Calendar to show all the important dates of the year which apply to the entire hotel team. For example, the birthdays of the hotel leaders, the monthly communication meeting schedule, and hotel anniversary celebrations. I share the calendar with the hotel population with email access. This way we are all following the same dates, and the calendar acts as a daily reminder of the upcoming celebrations, both in the hotel and the company."

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "We are using the calendar to keep all departments connected. Keeping track of birthdays and hotel events have not been easier. Keeping everyone active with all events helps keep moral high and lets everyone know they are appreciated. Here at Home 2 Suites in Warminster Hospitality means everything. A smile goes a long way from guest to Team Member. Our Home 2 is a home away from home for everyone."

    —Stephen Bradley, Home2 Suites by Hilton Warminster Horsham

  • "I have a small corporate team of three people (including myself), so I plan to show recognition throughout the year by highlighting the good work they are doing, particularly where I feel it has substantially improved our systems or standards, or is a benefit to others or indirectly to our guests. They are a great team, newly formed last year, and I want them to know that they are appreciated by myself and others, since we work in an area where the difference they make is not always obvious outside of our group. I am thankful to work alongside my small but effective team, and I hope that by making a point of recognising their efforts they will be inspired to excel further!"

    —David Derbyshire, Hilton Corporate

  • "The calendar will be a big help to see what our Front Desk team is doing to be more productive in measuring our goals for enrolling Hilton Honors members. We are giving shout outs and points in Team Member's Hilton Honors accounts to those Team Members who show up in SALT scores. We also recognize them for giving good service noticed by our guests. I am hopeful that when a Team Member sees either their name or other Front Desk teammates' names who are trying to do the necessary things to help the hotel meet our goals, that they will work hard and want their names included. We give incentives such as $1 for enrolling new Hilton Honors members and $.50 for enrolling in the Go Green initiative."

    —Geneva Smith, Embassy Suites by Hilton St Louis St Charles

  • "We installed a "thermometer" sign at the entrance of the office. As we all contribute in our own way to the success of the company and its performance, we will share in real time the monthly revenues of the hotel with the Reception team. How does the thermometer work? In the top section (goal), is the budget of the month to reach. In the inner part, the current income made. A red band shows where we are in percentage. Each month if we reach the goal, we will have gifts for the Reception team. So the more we sell, the more chance they have to win! We count on them to continue their good work and help us achieve the goals."

    —Sarah Pronovost, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Québec/St-Romuald

  • "I have been hosting a monthly Team Member celebration that my team has come to love and look forward to every month. We get together once a month and celebrate the monthly birthdays, work anniversaries, our monthly accomplishments, and our Team Member of the Month. It's a great time to get together for food, prizes, and team building. It has started to bring our team closer together, and in turn, has improved our team's performance."

    —Brooklynn Kelley, Home2 Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City South

  • "This past December 2018 we held a Department Deck The Door competition. The prizes were: First place winner received a catered lunch for their department, second place winner received a gift basket to be shared with their department, and third place winner received Hilton Blue Energy memorabilia. Front Desk won first place with their chimney door design. While Sales stole second place with the Grinch, Housekeeping swept in enough votes to win third place with their Mommy Kissing Santa Claus door. "

    —Getiera Shackleford, Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

  • "I just became a part of the Brighthearted committee, so I will be using the calendar to keep updated on the different things going on within our hotel. This calendar also helps recognize my Team Members' birthdays and anniversaries. Using the calendar will help us be ahead of the game so we are ready to take on anything that comes our way!"

    —Valerie Lawrence, Hilton Garden Inn Arlington/Courthouse Plaza

  • "To encourage mentoring, we have created a performance chart for our Front Office agents, and we chose most improved agents. We have arranged interviews with the Front Office Manager to talk about their future, knowledge, and some tips given them about how they can success in hospitality sector."

    —Savas Karaca, Hilton İstanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center

  • "We are planning to celebrate the Department of the Month through recognising each Team Member of the department and handing them a thank you letter from the GM for the whole team. In the middle of the month, the department shall organise a theme lunch in the cafeteria. For individual accomplishment, we have a Team Member of the Day with cutouts and a note from HR team daily. We also recognise highest SALT and TripAdvisor names in a month by awarding a meal voucher of Rs. 1000 and a monthly stay voucher in the hotel for a night. We shall keep on creating meaningful opportunities for Team Members by arranging department shifts for a day and learn accordingly.

    Fun activities include cricket and football match sessions, Wellness Wednesdays, celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries etc. We are also hosting a success party for Team Members for a fantastic last year!"

    —Rimi Sen, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bangalore

  • "I purchased birthday cards and thank you cards, and plan to send a card to members of my team and also my customers."

    —Anna Price, Hilton Corporate BTS Team

  • "We had great team outings last year, we went to Top Golf, Main Event, Disney, and had so much fun."

    —Andy Sudan, Hilton Corporate

  • "At the Doubletree Anaheim/Orange, we recognize our team by celebrating a department each month. All Departments celebrate the department of the month by doing something nice for the TM, such as gift bags, helping out in their role, treating them to coffee at our Cafe, or lunch. We love to show our appreciation to our team by surprising them with gifts and showing them how much we appreciate them and all there hard work "

    —Alexandra Aguilar, DoubleTree by Hilton Anaheim/Orange

  • "Our Team celebrated at our Christmas Party on Dec 20. This year instead of exchanging gifts, we decided to collect funds and purchase undergarments for men, women, and children to donate to our local homeless shelter for Christmas."

    —Chat Dorough, Hampton by Hilton Decatur

  • "Our Events and Catering Recognition team printed MPS surveys with a 9 or 10 overall satisfaction score. I created a folder of various printable thank you cards, and worked with the Director of Events to review all surveys bi-weekly and recognize Team Members that were positively mentioned. Each Team Member that received a mention in a survey received a thank you card and $5 ‘Bayfront Bucks’ signed with a personal message from the Director of Events. YTD Overall Satisfaction is at 89.8%, up 3.4% YOY. The implemented recognition program has contributed to the increase in favorable MPS surveys. The Events & Catering team wished to continue the recognition program moving forward."

    —Tamera Thompson, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

  • "We love the Hilton Calendar. Each month the Hilton Calendar reminds us of a different department that needs to be recognized that month. We had great fun when we recognized our EGG-ccellent Laundry Team!"

    —Desiree Carbajal, DoubleTree by Hilton Anaheim-Orange

  • "I make sure to highlight each Team Members' birthdays on our calendar to make sure no one gets missed. We let them choose what we have for team lunch that day and what type of dessert they would like to to celebrate their birthday."

    —Missy Thompson, Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge-Waterloo

  • "We will recognize the team each month by doing a highlight wall in the break room and providing the rest of the team a moment to know everyone on each team in every department. We will also get department-related gifts for everyone in the department to be recognized."

    —Robin Groomes, Hampton by Hilton Statesboro

  • "We have a Quarterly Wrist Band competition. When a department Manager sees an associate going above and beyond, they give the Team Member a wrist band. The associate with the most wristbands at the end of the quarter receives a paid day off certificate."

    —Deanne Shawley, Hilton Seattle

  • "As an active member of the Brighthearted committee, I use the Recognition Calendar to help me plan ahead activity ideas for the team. The site contains a ton of material that can be used for any kind of recognition. As the HR of the property, this is my "bible" of recognition. From Birthday eCards to water bottle labels for special events, this tool helps my day-to-day life at work! Thanks Hilton!"

    —Benoit Champagne, Hilton Garden Inn Montreal Centre-ville

  • "We pride ourselves on how we treat our guests. Each day we strive to create an unrivaled experience for travelers in our area. Each quarter, we have a friendly competition for our associates to help motivate them to go the extra mile for their fellow Team Members and guests. Each time an associate is positively mentioned in a SALT survey or shows that they've gone the extra mile for their team, they get a sticker. The most stickers at the end of the quarter means the associate wins a grand prize! We have fun keeping track of who is rocking it at the moment and encouraging each other to be the best we can be! Of course, we all want to come out on top at the end of the quarter, but we are always there for each other and for our guests!"

    —Michael Williams, Embassy Suites by Hilton Akron Canton Airport

  • "I purchased a box of Taylor Swift greeting cards that say You Rock! Great Job! etc. I plan on handing these out as my fellow teammates Elevate the Guest's Stay!"

    —Louise Kolacny, Hampton Inn by Hilton Longmont

  • "I am taking advice from the previous Recognition calendar and I customize the activities that can be done here. I have few example such as: For Emergency Week, I created a crossword about emergencies and the winners received a chocolate bar. I had the idea to do a Christmas Countdown on our Team Members' Facebook page where every day we posted a small question about Hilton and the winner got a prize (sweets,termic bottle, etc.) Usually we celebrate fun days such as Lollipop Day, Waffle Day, etc. giving sweets treats to all our Team Members! We try to engage the Team Members in a funny way while spreading the Brand Culture!"

    —Valentina Marcato, Hilton Lake Como

  • "The festive period is one of the busiest times of the year for all hotels around the world, and we are no different. Christmas and New Year are by far the most challenging times for all departments, and in particular the Engineering teams. From putting up the Christmas tree to ensuring the New Year celebration lighting is on, they are involved in all the preparations. As a result, Santa Clause does not visit them in December but instead he comes to them in January. Each member of the Engineering team picks out a teammate, becoming their secret Santa. On the 3rd of January, they all got together and exchanged all their gifts!"

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "Individual examples of recognition are: Team Member of the month, daily star bonds, social media story posts, and the Hilton global programs - Catch Me at My Best and department weeks. We promoted the department weeks and engaged more Team Members from connected departments. Besides, there are events to recognize the full team: Last year we arranged for a party to recognize all Team Members for achieving Award of Excellence for the previous year. Also, the year ended with TM Annual Party with lots of recognition, such as Team Member of the year, supervisor of the year, long service awards from 10 years to 30 years. This year we plan to develop the recognition calendar to a score, point-based program, in which Team Members can get points and internally get entitled to Hilton Honor tiers and benefits (food vouchers, spa, facility use, etc.). It is sort of a win and learn trend. Our Blue Energy Committee has already decided the way forward."

    —Hassani Mahmoud, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

  • "We pay $10 to each Team Member who has their name mentioned in a GSS Survey and recognize them in the morning huddle."

    —Ursula Myhalsky, Hampton Inn by Hilton Petersburg Southpark Mall

  • "I am super proud of my team! In October we encouraged our team to sign up for English Classes through the Harris County Department of Education. I had four Team Members sign up to take the courses, and they completed them this December. They have all committed to take the next step which is to get their GED! Others have committed to signing up for the English classes, and all are eligible for funding for college! Other teams are supportive in their decisions and have been more than helpful! We are excited to see what opportunities will await us for 2019!"

    —Crystal Jackson, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Pasadena

  • "We have a contest for the most guests signed up to the Hilton Honors program. Our goal is to sign up three people a day. If we make our goal by the end of the week, we have a pizza and ice cream party. Also, if we make over our goal, I give my Front Desk team $5.00 each. We are determined, and our goal is to have 1080 sign ups by the end of year 2019 - and we're going to succeed.

    We have been celebrating every holiday with food parties. This past New Years we bought pulled pork for BBQ sandwiches. For Christmas we had a dirty Santa party where we all got a gift for each other, and finished it off with finger food dishes brought in by each Team Member. We topped it all with a fun game of Family Feud, it was a blast!"

    —Petals Strouse, Hampton Inn by Hilton Wetumpka

  • "Home2 Suites by Hilton Oxford set aside a goal of what we would like to do. We have celebrated with a Halloween dinner, a Thanksgiving dinner, and a Christmas dinner for our team. We love showing that we appreciate each other for the hard work that we do. Our GM also went out and bought candles for each Team Member for Christmas. Showing your Team Members you appreciate them makes their job and your job so much easier. "

    —Tiajuana Williams, Home2 Suites by Hilton Oxford

  • "We have a department vote every week for Team Member of the Week. We also have nominees for Team Member & team leader of the week that get voted on by the heads of departments."

    —Georgina Gerges, DoubleTree by Hilton Tower London

  • "I will share the Recognition Calendar with my Team Members and use it as a training tool to assist Team Members from other departments. Each month, I will celebrate the Hilton activities and the 100th Hilton Celebration. I stand by the Hilton brand with honor."

    —Christopher Simmons, Hilton Austin

  • "Every month, we combine with the monthly birthday party, held by every department alternately. For instance, the FO team will design a special recognition to the Engineering team, and next month the Finance team will recognize the Concierge team. So all teams has different themes and kinds of recognition and feel very creative."

    —Lawson Liu, Hilton Wenchang

  • "We held a SULU (Sign Up load Up) Hat-Trick Winner Celebration with our Team Members. We believed that Team Members are the real Heroes of Hilton."

    —Imran Khan, DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Airport West

  • "We have a monthly luncheon with all Team Members to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and Team Member of the month. We play games for prizes and make sure there is cake. We also take the team of the month out for lunch, and award gift cards for birthdays/anniversaries."

    —Maggie Ingraham, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton West Sacramento

  • "We set a production goal to beat. It's based on the percentage of bookings each Sales Member sets for the previous month. Since our hotel was under renovations for most of 2018, we encouraged our team to invite as many clients to lunch and tour the property. We were able to get 25 clients to come. Each Sales Member making their goal received a day off with pay!"

    —Susan Glenn, DoubleTree by Hilton Augusta

  • "We have created a "Recognize Me" program to promote positive behaviors across the company: Managers/Supervisors have business cards with the words "Always on Stage" written on them. When they catch a Team Member doing something right, they write the Team Member's name and what they observed on the card and give it to the Team Member. The Team Member puts the card into a raffle drum in the HR office. Once a month, names are pulled and the Team Members win prizes. This program has helped to encourage everyone to focus on positive behaviors that help create a great environment for Team Members and Guests."

    —Theresa Kinkelaar, Hilton Norfolk The Main

  • "The Hilton Westchester Housekeeping Department is recognizing Team Members who are mentioned via SALT feedback with 9's and 10's for their individual rooms with Queen of Clean and King of Clean appreciation awards. We also give small birthday gifts and anniversary thank you cards to all our Team Members. Truth is, we can never thank our Team Members enough. Hard work and loyalty are at their best in the Hilton Westchester's Housekeeping Department."

    —Rosalie Embry, Hilton Westchester

  • "As a newly converted DoubleTree by Hilton, our team has worked extra hard to learn the Hilton Purpose. Although the transition has been challenging, the team is amazing and has come a long way! On November 2, 2018, we celebrated our one-year anniversary. We surprised the team with a team appreciation lunch and DoubleTree T-shirts for all! We also recognized our longest-standing Team Members who have worked at this hotel for over 30 years. Their hard work is definitely recognized, and we provided each of them with certificates and gifts to show we CARE!"

    —Milani Patel, Doubletree by Hilton Toronto Airport

  • "Each month a department recognizes another department. In December, our Guest Services department recognized the Conference Services department by offering free valet every Wednesday in December. It is a great way to show personal service, and everyone gets to show and receive The LOVE."

    —Jennifer Gance, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula organized a family holiday for all the children of the Team Members, which is one of our traditions. The children very excited asa surprise Santa Claus gave each of them a gift. Likewise there were many surprises of games, food, and prizesn and they enjoyed bursting a piñata."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "At DoubleTree by Hilton Edinburgh Airport, we recognise our team in many different ways. Most recently we created the Clever Cookies Board in our canteen. What better way to recognise and celebrate our Team Member of the month! This is for those Team Members who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them on a daily basis, and through our CARE Committee and team Facebook page we vote for whom we believe deserves the prestigious title for the month, This recognition board is located in our team canteen and is creating more awareness of our Team Member benefits!"

    —Jade Ayris, DoubleTree by Hilton Edinburgh Airport

  • "At the Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South, we recognize years of service. For each annual anniversary, I present each Team Member with an anniversary pin for them to wear. It says Hampton Inn and the number of years they've been there. Everyone keeps theirs in a special place. Some keep them on their visors of their car, some keep their on their lanyard, and some keep them on their purse."

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "As the first Hilton property in Morocco, we were the first to embrace Hilton culture and make it our motto for work. A year later, our sister hotel opened next door: a full service Hilton Tanger City Center. Team Members who invested time and planning in their development were encouraged and recognized by a promotion to this new property, to pursue their career path, and more is to come with all the exciting openings planned for Morocco. And that deserved a celebration! Lead by the Brighthearted Committee, we wished Good Luck to our Team Members in their new adventure around a tasty cake."

    —Lina Rachdi, Hilton Garden Inn Tanger City Center

  • "As a CARE president, I created a Facebook page for CARE activities as well as an Instagram one, which are separate from the hotel's marketing social media official pages. In these pages, I recognize special Team Members every week, and make a spotlight on them with a text in Arabic and in English about the extra mile they are doing to satisfy guests and create a Rewarding Experience for them. The nice part is that they feel so proud that they are being featured, they mention and tag their friends and families to these pages, and they have started to be more interactive by thinking of creative activities and sending them to me to post them. They also share the posts on their own personal pages, as so do their families and friends. Now every day we are doing a live streaming from the hotel highlighting Team Members in operation from the back of house and front of house. Not only are we recognizing our team inside the hotel but outside as well, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction."

    —Siba Ayoub, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba

  • "El Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, seguimos motivando a los miembros de equipo con el Empleado de casa Mes, este mes de Noviembre celebramos a los Empleado del mes de Octubre, el cual se les hizo una celebración y entrega de un diploma reconociendo su valioso trabajo y esfuerzo día a día, dentro de la premiacion incluye lo que es Lps.500 y un día libre para cada uno de ellos. Felicidades a cada uno de los miembros que fue seleccionado como empleado del mes de Octubre y así mismo alentamos a todos los miembros de equipo de cada departamento. "

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We celebrate our Team Members of each department a little extra when it's their specific department's month, and we personalize treats for each department. For example, during Maintenance Appreciation Week, we had little hammer cookies made and presented our Chief Engineer with a personalized hammer. We also had a pizza party to celebrate our Engineers! For Housekeeping Appreciation Week, we played games, got manis and pedis, and had a luncheon."

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "The smooth operation of the hotel cannot be separated from the efforts and hard work of supervisors and managers, Mr. Paul Wu, General Manager went to each department and gave a big surprise of special flowers to departmental managers and supervisors to thank them for their long efforts to make the hotel the success it is today. Every drop of sweat melts into dreams and hopes, leading us to a better future! On Thanksgiving Day, all Team Members expressed their thanks to supervisors in weChat and turn up the volume with Thank you!"

    —Shirley Li, Hilton Shenyang

  • "El día 23 se realizó un agasajo para los Supervisores de HK, Jessica y Eber, donde compartimos con todo el personal de HK, les entregué sus regalos y sus respectivos reconocimientos por su excelente labor. Son personas claves en el manejo de nuestra área, porque son mis brazos y sin ellos y sin mi Gran Equipo no estaríamos con un puntaje de 94.4% en el Salt. Sigamos así Gran Equipo!"

    —Alcira Perez, Double Tree by Hilton Paracas

  • "DoubleTree by Hilton Wuhu created a Gratitude Wall in the Team Member Restaurant. Team Members can use stickers to record the person or thing they are grateful every day on the Gratitude Wall. Finding things to be grateful for or expressing gratitude in a journal can have a significant, positive impact on well-being."

    —Lily Liu, DoubleTree by Hilton Wuhu

  • "On thanksgiving day, Hilton Shenyang organized the food festival in the Team Member canteen. The food festival is sea food hot pot, which brought the warmth to all Team Members in the cold winter. And the GM along with a management Team Member served the Team Members. The pot with the words Thanks expresses their thankfulness to the Team Members."

    —Shirley Li, Hilton Shenyang

  • "Our Team Members come from different provinces so it's difficult to cater to all tastes. This month we planned an activity named Kitchen Star to recognize outstanding kitchen Team Members who cook delicious food for all Team Members every day. We set up a kitchen star board on the wall, and everyone can see it and know who made the day's food. Every department has a stamp to vote for the food maker. We count the votes once a month and the person with the most votes will be the kitchen star of the month and get a reward."

    —Summer Shen, Hilton Garden Inn Shanghai Hongqiao

  • "Our Front Desk team makes sure the SALT scores are posted daily, Hilton Honor Enrollments are updated daily, guest comments are posted daily, and more! We give a Wal-Mart gift card to those Team Members who are mentioned in guest surveys (positive comments) and have a friendly competition with the Team Members for who has the most Hilton Honors enrollments each month. We also recognize birthdays each month by signing birthday cards and giving the Team Members a cupcake."

    —Cecilia Jordan, Hampton Inn East Peoria

  • "We are recognizing our Team by nominating the best performer of the month for the Monthly Best Employee award and felicitating them in our departmental briefings. We also ask them to share their experiences and working skills with our entire team so we can follow them in our day to day activities."

    —Shadab Shahnawaz, Hilton Suites Makkah

  • "Housekeeping Department: In addition to honoring our 9's and 10's monthly SALT winners, we are currently working on recognizing Team Members who have done a great job consistently with Queen of Clean and King of Clean buttons or similar appreciation awards. We also give small birthday gifts and anniversary thank you cards to all our team. Truth is, we can never thank our team enough. Hard work and loyalty are their best in the Hilton Westchester Housekeeping Department."

    —Rosalie Embry , Hilton Westchester

  • "I have been buying alot of Starburst candy and handing them out with cool notes that says stuff like: You're bursting with star quality! It is a small gesture but the team loves it and it certainly makes a huge impact."

    —Perry Singh, Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon

  • "At Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri, it was Halloween! This year we had an amazing set up: The team restaurant has been decorated with coffins, spider webs, vampires, carved pumpkins, a big grave, and devil horns. The food was amazing. Is there a better way to recognize the hard word of our team?"

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavlieri

  • "We have each department assigned to recognize another department throughout the year using your department recognition calendar. The Banquet department recognized the Housekeeping department by creating a leaf with each housekeepers name on it and Extra Gum personalized for each of the 48 Team Members. And the Kitchen recognized the Front Desk. A little tricky as they cover all shifts and had to have something available for everyone: cookies from our bakery department and snacks that stayed fresh for several days of enjoyment. WOW!"

    —Jennifer Gance, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "PM team honored: Alicia, FOM and Amy - Director of Housekeeping wanted to show their appreciation for all of the hardwork the PM team does for our guests. So A'MISHA RISTORANTE & BAKERY was created. We made the team chicken and waffles and raffled off the waffle maker. Candi, GSA, is now the proud owner of our Waffle maker!"

    —Alicia Robinson, Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Airport

  • "We have an annual fund raiser where Team Members donate money for charity to the manager they would most want to see in Halloween costume - on November 1st! This year I was the winner and wore a Turkey costume - and I was able to present Christie Rodriguez in the restaurant with her Team Member of the month award. Our Team Members and guests all had fun with the event! And we raised $250 for our charity."

    —Shelly Campbell, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Dallas

  • "For Finance Month we gave our wonderful Finance team a thank you coffee cup filled with candy and a recognition certificate signed by our GM. We posted their picture on our CARE Board for everyone to see."

    —Estela Rodriguez, Doubletree by Hilton Houston Downtown

  • "To celebrate Managers and Supervisors Month, I organized two different outings - one for Managers and one for Supervisors. This is to recognize their hard work over the year and to say "Thank You" to them. For the Managers, we all went on a boat trip to La Digue Island for the day. We have breakfast together in a nice small hotel and the same for lunch. We also had a nice tour of the island to familiarize ourselves of the new development so that we can better inform our guests about the island. As for the Supervisors, I took them for competition among themselves in Casino. First, we started with a nice hotel tour at Four Seasons hotel and had a nice drink and mingle together. At the casino, we had a welcome drink, special dinner, and lots of fun playing the different games, not for money but for a prize at the end for those who score more blocks."

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "We have started doing monthly Team Member celebrations and providing lunch from local restaurants as well. We celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and honor our Team Member of the month. We also do small celebrations on the day of a Team Member birthday or anniversary. We have been honoring our Team Members that go above and beyond with prizes and gift cards. All of the Team Members love this along with the friendly competition!"

    —Brooklynn Kelley, Home2 Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City South

  • "I recognized the hard work and dedication of the General Manager, Kristina Clarke, by throwing her a surprise luncheon. This was not easy as she was working Front Desk and had a bird's eye view of the meeting room where I was setting up everything. I had a coworker call her into the office so I could slip everyone into the meeting room. Then I yelled "Kristina!" Ok, I scared her pretty good. She came running "Where are you?" she called. "Now!" I screamed again. She briskly walked by the meeting room when she noticed the door was open...that's when we all called out "Surprise!" And it was! We had sandwiches, chips, #1 Boss cake, and flowers. She had a smile the rest of the day!"

    —Theresa Morris, Hampton Inn by Hilton Richmond

  • "This past month we celebrated our amazing team by having a luncheon, but this time we made it more interactive and fun by having each department decorate their own pumpkins for Halloween. We then displayed them in the lobby to have guests vote for their favorite. Each department had so much fun decorating and making their pumpkin stand out. The votes came in and Housekeeping won! As the winners, they received a free pizza lunch!"

    —Kate Pudney, Hilton Columbia Center

  • "Recently our Front Desk worked really hard signing up new Hilton Honors members, and our Welcome Hilton Honors score on SALT got higher. All of our Front Desk team is going to celebrate our win at Stone Mountain snow tubing. We will share pictures after the celebration. We like when our team is happy: It gives them motivation to perform the best."

    —Adriana Perez, Hampton Inn by Hilton Atlanta-Town Center/Kennesaw

  • "We are recognizing our Team Members who have been mentioned on SALT or TripAdvisor by rewarding them with a $20.00 Visa gift card plus posting their picture and the comment on our CARE board for all to see. We also put all of the names of all Team Members who were mentioned for the month in a raffle for a chance to win a $75.00 Visa gift card. We have seen an increase for the year on our SALT scores and our Team Members love the extra cash!"

    —Estela Rodriguez, Doubletree by Hilton Houston Downtown

  • "Last month, we reached 60% overall experience on SALT for the first time ever. SALT is very important for us and for Hilton, so we motivate our Team Members to make it right and take good care of the guests by doing everything they can to make them happy, solving any problems with wow. So to celebrate the milestone, we gave every Team Member a Doubletree T-shirt for them to keep. We wear it whenever we have any activities outside the hotel"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "Team Member Recognition is intrinsic within Hilton. Here at Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates, we share this Recognition Culture with a Brighthearted touch: Every month different Team Members are nominated by their Department Leaders to be our Values Champion Winner. During the month of October, Vanessa Empig, one of our Housekeeping Room Attendants, was voted as the Values Champion. Vanessa was surprised to receive this award and also very happy to be our first Team Member to wear our new Pineapple Pin. We recently started the Pineapple Pin program at our Hotel to recognize each individual Team Member for demonstrating their commitment to deliver the Brighthearted experience to our Guests, thanking them for being part of our Team and for being a shining star."

    —Lee Ingram, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates

  • "We had a very busy summer, and the team worked really hard and tirelessly to exceed guest expectations. As a token of appreciation, we took our entire team out by London Emirates Cable, then to play mini golf, and finally for a dinner and drinks."

    —Gazali Uvais , Hampton by Hilton London Docklands

  • "The Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula celebrated a week of recognition for the Restaurant department. Each of the departments along with the Team Members celebrated each day with the members of the Restaurant team. They started with lunch from Maintenance department, and the Reception department welcomed them with a case for the restaurant women and a kit of personal materials for the men. The week continued with Marketing and Sales who held a celebration with Bingo which all enjoyed along with a delicious feast. The week ended with Human Resources and Accounting giving them some donuts and a kit with key rings. Happy Restaurant Week!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This is the story of the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Mary Esther-Fort Walton Beach's super team. The property opened to success on February 27, 2017. Their team has been and continues to be instrumental to the YoY overall success of the property. For regular Team Members, they implemented a year-long running Team Member of the Month program. Each month, Team Members that meet select criteria qualify for this award which includes their engraved names on a perpetual recognition plaque, a paper certificate, and a $50 cash bonus. Every month they hold a special huddle were they celebrate birthdays. They also hold a quarterly Team Member recognition luncheon where they once again celebrate their Team Members' exceptional efforts.

    Their small but strong management team shines bright as true professional leaders. Their leadership and empathetic care focuses not only on the success of both team and business, but on creating unique experiences for everyone who walks through their doors. This month, they were rewarded with a special two on one dinner with the GM at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, in addition to a monetary incentive for their efforts.

    Mid-October 2018, their area was severely impacted by Hurricane Michael. Fortunately their location was spared from the damage and devastation. The team pulled together to assist relief efforts towards Mariana and Panama City. Whether it was tending to a full capacity hotel (packed with displaced evacuees), obtaining needed items and donations for those affected, and even physically joining chainsaw crews in the ongoing aid, the team's involvement epitomized the heart of Hospitality and the true essence of Hamptonality. There is no greater recognition than the smiles of those they were able to positively impact through this ordeal."

    —Akhil Bhakta, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Mary Esther- Fort Walton Beach

  • "On October 11, we celebrated Autumn with a gorgeous Food Festival at the team restaurant. We all had a great time."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Rome Cavalieri

  • "El dia Viernes 19 de Octubre, junto al apoyo de la Gerencia y Recursos Humanos, se organizo un desayuno sorpresa, para los jovenes que realizaron su practica profesional en el Hotel Hilton, como una forma de agradecerles por su ayuda. Uno de los programas que mantiene Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, es poder brindarle la oportunidad a jovenes, que andan en busca de experiencia y de realizar su practica profesional en el ambito de estudio de Turismo."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "For our Earth Week project in March, Team Members planted different types of plants. The objective was caring for the plants, even in their offices. In October, we had a competition to see which plant was best cared for. We had three winners and congratulate all the Team Members who took care of their plants and gave them a lot of love."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula.

  • "We have incentives for enrolling in Hilton Honors and signing up guests to do the go green program. Also we gave bonuses for extra service and teamwork among colleagues."

    —Geneva Smith, Embassy Suites by Hilton St Louis St Charles

  • "Oktoberfest is becoming a very popular event in Italy, and we too wanted to organise a smashing celebration for our team at the team restaurant. We did it on October 4!"

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Rome Cavalieri

  • "Every month, we host a Team Member appreciation event to celebrate the featured department with a game that showcases that department. We are looking forward to recognizing our Transportation Department this month."

    —Jessica White, Hilton Greenville

  • "Every month we have our own Guest-Services-only Team Member of the Month/MVP winners (Bell Team and Concierge). The Team Member receives a certificate signed by their immediate supervisor, the Front Office Director, and the Hotel Manager. Along with the certificate, they receive an MVP pin or Team Member of the Month pin. If they are outstanding, they receive both pins. They are also highlighted in an H360 post. By having an in-department Team Member of the Month recognition, we are able to recognize our Team Members more consistently and tangibly. It is definitely appreciated by our hourly Team Members."

    —Danny Ilaga, Hilton Universal City

  • "We recognize out team every day when they get mentioned on SALT surveys by allowing them to pick a gift card ($10) of their choice. During the monthly Team Member luncheons, we celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, good SALT surveys, and the Team Member of the month with the entire team. The Team Member of the month winner gets a certificate of appreciation, a $50 gift card, and the admiration of the team. For the month of October we will have an Team Member luncheon filled with games like musical chairs and eraser chase centered around a Halloween therme. We will also have a costume contest where there will be three winners for the categories of Scariest, Most Original, and Best Costume. This is always hysterical and fun for all. Although the themes change, the fun does not stop."

    —Todd Patterson, Hampton Inn by Hilton Dumfries/Quantico

  • "As part of the onboarding process, a Favorites sheet is filled out to gather what a new Team Member likes. Then at Team Member Birthday Celebrations, we surprise and delight them on their special day, give them a bag of treats that they like, and have cake. We also have a card signed for them."

    —Daniel Poray, Hilton DC National Mall

  • "We had a Catch Me at My Best competition at the hotel. The Team Member with the most catches won £150.00 worth of vouchers of his choice. The department with most catches received £250.00 for taking the team out. We announced an event with the rest of the hotel team and awarded the individual and team winners."

    —Arshad Khan, DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "On September 12, we had an incredible Candy Bar set up to welcome our Housekeeping team at the end of their morning shift and at the beginning of the night shift. Also, the appeal of our home-made ice cream is very powerful and seductive. Do you really need to know why we have organized an ice cream party to celebrate our Housekeeping Week?"

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Rome Cavalieri

  • "We do our best to celebrate achievements such as the improvement of Honors Appreciation scores by 15% and having a busy but successful month of September! The cherry on the top was our Independence day celebration!"

    —Indhira Perez, Hilton San Luis Potosi

  • "We celebrated Housekeeping Week on the first day with a special dinner. Whoever wanted to participate had to represent their culture with clothes and food (basically a potluck dinner with some fun). A few of us did represent our culture clothes, and most everyone in the Housekeeping department represented their food. It was so much fun! We got to know about each other more, and we grew more closer. We also played some fun games. The Housekeepers liked it so much so they asked me to do it on last day of Housekeeping Week as well."

    —Monika Patel, Homewood Suites by Hilton Carmel

  • "We have created an Team Member of the month program for our Team Members. I also like keeping up with work anniversaries and birthdays. The Recognition Matters calendars helps keep it altogether and easy to keep up with. We honored our Catch Me at My Best top winners with gift cards."

    —Brooklynn Kelley, Home2 Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City South

  • "As Safety & Security Team Members, we provide safety and security for our guests and Team Members. We go above and beyond when needed. We make sure safety is a key factor to prevent any accidents and incidents. We use our customer service skills with tremendous communication, which is very important. At times, our task schedule may be full, but it's all about how you handle situations in the Hilton Way. We stand together as one. As Hilton Team Members, our department is one of many, but we strive in the Hilton Vision, Mission and Values every day."

    —Christopher Simmons, Hilton Austin

  • "El dia de ayer 25 de Septiembre en el Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, despedimos el mes de la independencia de nuestro pais (Honduras). Ll estilo de zumba realizamos actividades con el baile tipico de Honduras (Punta) y de igual forma realizamos los ejercicos diarios. Un momento de mucha comunión con los miembros de equipo de diferentes departamento, hemos realizado un grupo de ejercicio para poder mantener una vida mas saludable y asi mismo un momento de relajación al terminar el dia laboral."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • " As managers, my team and I decided that we wanted to make sure we continually recognize our Team Members specifically for exceptional service and making memorable moments. We have a program in place called Star of the Week, Team Member of the Month, and Team Member of the Year. Each week in our management meeting, Team Members are nominated for something exceptional that they have done during that week. If they win, they are given 10 "Brighthearted Bucks" that can be used for snacks from the Pantry. They are then put in the running for the Team Member of the Month. At the end of the month, we determine a winner, and that person receives a certificate to a regional hotel that they can use for a nice night out or a weekend off, a local restaurant gift certificate, and they are also given $100 in their paycheck. Their name is put on the wall in our back hallway where all Team Members can see what a great job they have done. All of the Team Members of the Month are eligible for Team Member of the Year where they can win a gift basket full of surprises and are given a paid day off for their hard work. We hope that this helps our Team Members understand that without them and without the Hilton Garden Inn Brighthearted culture, we would just have a pretty building to show to our guests."

    —Jacqueline Montgomery, Hilton Garden Inn Indiana at IUP

  • "We recognised the hard work of our Housekeeping team at the swimming-pool and the restaurant. We had a great week! The Housekeeping Team enjoyed a funny aqua-gym activity and a healthy breakfast in the Palmeral Restaurant. They all looked like mermaids! We recognize their effort and thank them for their hard work and dedication!"

    —Bartolome Suasi, Doubletree by Hilton Reserva del Higueron Resort & Spa

  • "At the Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, the birthday party of the month for September was full of physical activities. The theme was the Hilton Olympics. We organized three teams who had to pass through six different activities to be obtain the major prize. We congratulated the winning team and all the September birthdays. This was an event which all the Team Members enjoyed, and they could have fun and laugh as if they were children again. We also enjoyed a delicious asado — Honduran style."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Everyday I send a SALT, MPS, and TripAdvisor activity update to our team via email. In this email, I include the Daily Recognition Calendar entry and shout outs to anyone who was specifically mentioned in SALT, MPS, or TripAdvisor. Today we gave a big thanks to two of our Team Members who were mentioned in a Meeting Planner Survey. Latishia and Fernando made the wedding day of a bride & Groom very special. We got 10's, 10's, 10's across the board! Now Team Members from all departments are aware and are thanking Latishia & Fernando up and down the halls!"

    —Christopher Pool, DoubleTree by Hilton Houston Hobby Airport

  • "For International Housekeeping Week, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, with the support of Human Resources, organized a triumphal entrance in the Housekeeping department. These members of the housekeeping team felt cared for throughout the hotel. A lunch was organized in which they enjoyed some lovely pizzas. We are also preparing the week that comes every day with a present for them and finishing with a surprise trip for all of them, and enjoying the beach of Honduras as well.

    Last week we had the privilege to host Jose L. Campero, Chief of the Operations Banquet at Hilton in Washington DC, who gave a letter acknowledging to the team of Housekeeping for the way they made him feel when he was staying at our hotel. "

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hilton Durban held a Dash for Catches 2018 on Wednesday, 29 August. The Blue Energy Committee set up a 'Vote' box station in our Team Restaurant, along with Catch Me At Best Cards on all the tables for Team Members to write out a catch for a fellow Team Member whilst enjoying our EatWell Wednesday's menu. With only two days left, we thought we would give the team a nice dash to end off our 2018 Catch Me at My Best! We received over 60 catches in a matter of three hours during lunch service and gave each Team Member writing out a catch and putting in the vote box a WonderBar chocolate. We managed to tally up all the catches on the Tally website before the 31st August.

    At Hilton Durban we continue the spirit of Catch Me throughout the year for all Team Members that are mentioned by name on any of these following sites: SALT, TripAdvisor, Email, Social Media Channels, or Guest Assistance. They are then rewarded R10 per mention, which is then tallied up at the end of each month for them to collect."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We are planning to have a breakfast set up every morning for the team before they head to their various work station, and fruit baskets in the afternoon at the department entrance. We will issue thank you cards to individuals and have the entire hotel recognizing their work by participating in department-related challenges. These will be held every day in the afternoon. "

    —Anthony Mwaura, Hilton Nairobi

  • "I believe recognition has a huge motivation effect for the Team Members. Even though we are a newly opened property, we always try to show the unique differences of working at Hilton family to our colleagues. We only applied Catch Me at My Best on the last month after the opening 1st of August. However, it been a great program. The general information board at the back entrance was changed to be the Catch Me at My Best board. We printed e-catches coming from one Team Member to another and than put them the board. We also had stickers for Front of House like for Bell team, Concierge, and Front Desk. For instance, we placed 'Queen of Check-ins' sticker next to Front Desk Agent and Heroes of Bell team next to the bellboy. We also ensured that every Team Member on the front office department has a catch on board in order to be equal to everyone. It continued in a great way. Everyone was checking their catches and having conversations during handover or their free time. They would stand next to the board which gave us a perfect chance to strengthen the bond between Team Members when they feel very satisfied recognizing by others."

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Maslak

  • "One of Hilton Durban's most prestigious and anticipated activity each year is our Mr & Ms Hilton Durban pageant. This year the Blue Energy committee put on a great two-hour event for all Team Members to enjoy in our Grand Ballroom. We had 15 ladies and 15 men that participated, which were made up of Team Members from all various departments. And we had five judges. The contestants first walked the runway with their own chosen casual wear and then with a quick change came out in their Smart Casual wear. After these 2 categories we announced our Top 5 Ladies and Top 5 Men. Whilst our Top 5 finalists were changing into their Formal wear we had 2 Team Members perform on stage a duet (amazing talent, and will surely enter them into the Grammy Award competition next year :)). Our Top 5 finalists then walked the runway in their formal wear and then were asked a question by a judge.. After each finalist came out on stage individually and answered their question they went backstage waiting anxiously for Markus our GM to announce our new Mr & Ms Hilton Durban 2018!. Well done to our newly crowned Mr Hilton Durban, Sifiso our Front Office Supervisor, and Nomande, our newly crowned Ms Hilton Durban our Housekeeping Order taker.. They won themselves R1,000 cash each and dinner for 4 at our Vasco's Restaurant.. CONGRATULATIONS!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We had a huge, high profile group at the hotel and everything went smoothly and perfectly for our customers. Our Team Members worked really hard and as a team. To thank everyone for their hard work and dedication, the management team and HR organized some afternoon drinks. Our GM was unable to attend the event, but she left a note: Team Surfers, my heartfelt thanks for you truly going above and beyond this week. It was a whole hotel effort, and you should be incredibly proud of what we've pulled off. I spoke with the Senior organizer from the Department of Foreign affairs last night, and she said "You can pick any venue but you don't get a team like ours." She has never worked with a hotel that has such a "whatever you need, we'll make it happen" approach. I'm sorry I'm not there to wind down with you, but in the spirit of Thrive I've taken off early to dig for Dinosaur eggs for my son's birthday. Enjoy a drink, team, hopefully my tent will be pitched by the time you receive this message and I'll be having one too! We are Hilton, We are Hospitality. Furthermore; We are Surfers, We are Superstars! Cheers!"

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "At Hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, with the support of General Management and Human Resources, a trip was organized for all the supervisors of each department. The objective was to recognize their effort that they make every day in our facilities, since they are support for our department heads. They enjoyed a weekend at a hotel on our famous beach in Tela, Honduras."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton PrincessSan Pedro Sula

  • "I put up a card for each Front Desk Agent with their name on it and encouraged other Team Members to write kind words of recognition and encouragement on each card!"

    —Cheyenne Gies, Hilton Garden Inn Knoxville/ University

  • "We recently celebrated HR Month at The Hilton Westchester. Heidi and Debbie was so happy to receive their gifts from the Housekeeping department. It's always great to recognize other departments for all their hard work!"

    —Rosalie Embry, Hilton Westchester

  • "To Celebrate Woman's Month at Hilton Durban, we decided to spoil all our lady Team Members with a breakfast in our hotel's outer terrace restaurant on Wednesday 22nd August. They were spoiled with live music, gift bags, prizes, and motivational speakers. As well, there was a talk from our National Department on Health regarding the issues of breast and cervical Cancer and HIV, and being safe and taking ownership of our lives! Lots of fun and very informative, leaving all of us feeling empowered and confidence."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "In honor of HR appreciation month, the Sales and Events team has a special bistro luncheon set-up to honor and appreciate our Director of HR Judy Cahill and HR Coordinator Jodie Eaddy. This will include flowers, favorite lunch items, and a special sweet dessert. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication they provide to us and to all the departments. They are always the ones to recognize and the first to thank everyone else."

    —Joanna Fairs, The Saratoga Hilton

  • "We are celebrating HR month, and HR Team always celebrates all the other departments. So who is bringing the celebration for the HR department? Wait! Everybody needs to recognize the HR Team, so we put a stop signal in front of the HR Office in the middle of the hallway. When Team Members come inside, they leave messages of recognition and thankfulness to our HR superstars. There were also fruits, candies, Tshirts - small gifts for a great day. And the best way to call attention to people is when you put balloons in their office. Everybody who goes inside the HR office asks whose birthday is today? But when we say it is for the HR Month Celebration, everybody says thanks for everything. Hugs, kisses, and a lot of love to HR Department."

    —Ivvone Castillo, Conrad Cartagena

  • "In July, we celebrated the Team Member of the month of July, who was given recognition for their commitment and effort that they make every day in their work. He was also given an acknowledgment of L 500.00 and a free day of his choice. Congratulations to our 10 Team Members of the month in each department, we hope you can continue making your effort in everything you do."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "At the conclusion of Catch Me, we will have a Team Party complete with Pina Coladas (virgin) and Balloons."

    —Craig English, Hampton Inn Tulsa/Broken Arrow

  • "We have a special way of keeping in touch. Our property has a mobile app we have created a private chat group on. The App is called GroupMe. It has really created a true Team atmosphere and keeps everyone up to date and pushes us all to work harder to make the Team proud. We are constantly sending messages of praise that the entire Team is able to see in real time."

    —Corey Hillard, Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa Northwest/Oldsmar FL

  • "Hilton Durban's August Blue Energy Committee Thrive Body activity was a self-defense class in aid of our National Woman's Day and one of South Africa's most important Public Holidays. We decided to let all our female Team Members take this class. It is very important in our country that they Team Members feel safe when catching public transport at night when going home or walking home after their shifts. After the one-hour lesson, all the ladies felt reassured of the different techniques that can be used if an imposter confronted them."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Every month, we have one department recognise another department. Lots of reasons lead us to do it: for fun, to say thanks, or to consolidate and enhance team building. For example, in January our Finance Department hit our Engineering Department. They provided a special morning tea for the whole Engineering team and put chocolates with thank-you notes around the department. Also, the Engineering team ordered their own food for lunch then the Finance team bought it for them. It is a big day for them, they had some special things to do and gained lots of fun and a valuable relationship between each other."

    —Lin Li, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Hola a todos, nosotros marcamos la diferencia tambien con nuestro team, les llenamos de dulce los días y los llevamos a bolos."

    —Jessica Cetina, Embassy Suites by Hilton Bogota

  • "Each week we have a different theme: Funniest Catch, Above and Beyond, Most Front of the House, Most Back of the House, Messiest Catch, Most Catches, The Catcher, Mystery Catch, Foodiest Catch, Cleanest Catch, Manager Catch, etc. Everyone who receives a catch gets candy. Peanut M&M's because we are nuts about you, Babe Ruth Bars - You hit a home run with your exceptional guest servic,e and Crunch Bars - because we can always count on you in a crunch. Each weekly winner receives an additional $20.00 Bill."

    —Sherrie Thigpen, Hilton Greenville

  • "We encourage our Team Members to [email protected] in different ways. We held a Minute to Win It competition for our team. Our HR and Blue Energy Group went around the hotel to promote the competition in each department as it was a competition between departments. Some of the exercise challenges consisted of holding Yoga and Pilates poses, holding a plank, or jumping rope for the longest time. All departments got very competitive, and we had two winners at the end of the week: Food & Beverage and Finance. These two departments are going to battle it out at our next Team Celebration in front of the entire hotel!

    Since the Thrive topic for August is about exercise, we also encouraged our Team Members to exercise throughout the month of August. We provided them with free gym access at the hotel. Team Members can now go to the gym whenever they want, for free! "

    —Lin Li, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Over the last week our Team Members have worked on cleaning up a local park with an ancient Roman ruin inside. We cut grass, pruned trees, repaired park benches, cleared debris, and painted the fences. To thank all participants for the great work, we invited all of them to join the opening party with the local authorities."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Rome Cavalieri

  • "We recently started our Front Office game board: Race to the Finish! This is a version of the childhood game Sorry! and includes rules such as for every 9 or 10 received on SALT, the check-in agent moves a space. Honors enrollments also move Team Members across the game board. Each manager represents a home room team, and the agents have an opportunity to win individual prizes as well as working together as a home room team since there is one big prize for the winning team overall."

    —Chloe Paoli, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

  • "To kick things off for Team Member appreciation week our Team Members were greeted on Monday morning with a cup of aromatic coffee made by our General Manager and Operations Manager. Team Members were given their coffee in one of our keep cups to reduce waste with giving out takeaway cups. The team loved the idea and felt very special! During Team Member appreciation week, our D Team served the entire hotel a three-course lunch in our Team Restaurant which was dressed up with table clothes, lit candles, and fully set the tables for a fine dining service. Our Team Members were greeted and seated and served a by our General Manager and D Team with music in the background. It was a great success! During the week, the heads of each department handed out appreciation cards and passed it on to their Team Members. All Team Members who received an appreciation or thank you card then had to pass on another message to another Team Member. And so on! This was a great initiative that got the whole team involved in showing their appreciation for one another. To finish off Team Member appreciation week, our General Manager, Fiona, took the team out to a local bar and restaurant on a Friday afternoon to celebrate with drinks and food for the evening. There was a great turnout, and everyone came along had time to have a chat with other Team Members from departments who they wouldn't normally go out with."

    —Lin Li, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Hilton Durban's Sales & Marketing Department celebrated their July Appreciation month by going to dinner at the famous Threatre of Gateway Shopping Centre and ending the evening by playing a round of Ten Pin Bowling! Great team build and certainly a stress reliever. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, and we cannot thank you enough for what you do every day. Not always said but very often acknowledged."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "The 16th of July is our Annual Catch Me Day! We have just been around to catch a number of Team Members and hand out prizes. Also, we're trying to recognizing our team."

    —Lin Li, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Our administrative assistant Molli Weiner is the leader for CMAMB 2018. She does an amazing job at recognizing the whole hotel and having all of us cooperate in CMAMB! She made a raffle box for entries to win a family pass to The Gentle Bar - The Gentle Barn rescues animals from severe abuse and neglect who are too old, sick, lame, or scared to be adopted into homes! I think it is such an amazing thing what The Gentle Barn does and the fact that one of us at the hotel will have an opportunity to visit, is amazing. Thank you Molli for recognizing all of our hard work!"

    —Angie Melchiade, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City

  • "Hilton Durban celebrated a long service-work anniversary on Sunday the 5th August 2018. Lungi Dlamini celebrated 10 years in our F&B Department (Vasco's Waitress), and we spoiled her with a slice of cake, a certificate, and a 10-year Hilton pin."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "In August, Housekeeping recognized BD, and the Housekeeping department prepared very seriously for the activities! Both the game and gift were meaningful. The Housekeeping Department prepared many hand-made crowns for BD, but to wear them, they had to go through a series of games. Men must flat-panel support and answer questions, and women's games were not easy. You had to sit on a yoga ball in pairs, with your feet off the ground, and keep your balance. And in the meanwhile, all participants answered hotel product knowledge. This month's recognition activities ended in laughter and delicious fruit."

    —Shirley Li, Hilton Shenyang

  • "The week of Sales & Marketing arrived at the Hilton Princess Hotel San Pedro Sula, with many awards from the various departments. Many events were organized for the Sales & Marketing department: breakfasts made by the Housekeepers with a beautiful presentation with an acrostic with the meaning of each of the letters of Sales & Marketing, and the Reception team gave out personalized cups. The Accounting department presented some wines for each of them with some small chocolates. Human Resources together with Security made a poster with messages for each of the Sales & Marketing team as well as a gift of business card holders and candles."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess Hotel San Pedro Sula

  • "On the heavy check-out/check-in days, snacks are provided at the end of the shift to thank the Housekeepers for their hard works. We read out the SALT reports, particularly when the cleanliness of the room/suite achievement is a 9 or 10. Every Housekeeper who serviced the rooms will be recognized in the morning briefing. Management compliments the Housekeepers personally for a job well done after rooms inspection."

    —Laurie Chun, Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel

  • "July's Blue Energy Committee Thrive Body activity was a private Pilates lesson. Our closest Virgin Active gym partnered with us, and their Pilates instructor invited some of our Team Members for an hour Pilates class in one of their studio rooms. So recapping from January - July we have done a Body Thrive activity every month for our Team Members: January - Mini running club, February - Private swimming lesson, March - Private tennis lesson, April - Mini soccer tournament, May - Mini touch-rugby tournament, June - Private Yoga lesson with was during our TMAW 2018, and July - Private Pilates lesson. Scheduled for the next five months is: August - Self-Defense class at the hotel for all our ladies in celebration of our Woman's Day on the 9th August, September - Zumba Class, October - Hip Hop Dance Class, November - Stepping Class, and December - Spinning Class."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Our team has worked so so hard over summer, smashing targets and putting on a huge charity event. As we are in the middle of a heatwave, we suggested some of the team take an hour off and enjoy the pond here at Cadbury, along with a lovely DoubleTree Cookie."

    —Daniel Howse, Double Tree by Hilton Cadbury House

  • "We have two very special ladies that make up our Sales team, Emily and Donna. It is so nice to recognize them when so much of their hard work goes on behind closed doors while creating relationships with clients. We are so lucky to have them so we are treating them with some universal favorites: chocolate and coffee!"

    —Melanie Thompson, Hilton Garden Inn Lincoln Downtown/Haymarket

  • "Hilton Durban's Team Member Forum Quarter 2 was all about recognition! We honored our 2 x Comrades Marathon runners by giving each of them a voucher of R1,000 to buy their next running shoes. We celebrated a 10-year work anniversary, and we gave a special Thanks to the Blue Energy Committee at Hilton Durban for a fantastic Team Member Appreciation Week at the end June 2018!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Sounds simple...I have been doing nothing, which is bad. I had to do a self check and get my self together to better serve my team. We brought back the huddle. I'm also giving out suite shop bucks and gift cards when Team Members are caught doing something great, and every week we do something for the entire team to include all shifts. This has been amazing and very eye opening."

    —Percilla West, Hampton Inn by Hilton Roanoke Rapids

  • "We are recognizing my Team by adding all birthdays & anniversaries to the calendar. We post it in each department, as well as our Team Member cafeteria each month. It allows the Team to celebrate one another & provide one-on-one recognition. We also send out a birthday/anniversary card signed by all of the Management Team and mail it to the Team Member's home."

    —Trenise Hill, DoubleTree bt Hilton Cleveland East Beachwood

  • "The general manager of our hotel had a birthday which we celebrated Caribbean style. We invited all members of the team to celebrate one more year of our general manager. Many congratulations!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "May was the recognition month of Finance and June was for Security. We organized a special recognition night on the 5th of Jul. We took this opportunity to recognize them in the presence of all Team Members as normally Finance and Security are heart of house Team Members. So to give them more praise, we gave them a big hampers of goodies to share among themselves along with certificates."

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "We surprised the Sales team with a trip to Starbucks to start the day. They loved it. It was a great morning for a walk up the street and a great way to start the day and a Monday!"

    —Ranette Maurer, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, with the support of the Trainer and General Management, delivered Team Member awards for the month of June. Each one was given a certificate for being an Team Member of the month, together with a cash bonus of $40.00 and the right of a free day at their request. We hope to see new faces of Team Members for the month of July. Congratulations to each of the Team Members who won in the month of June!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Our teams do great things every day. At our huddles we take 10 minutes to make sure we share stories, teams recognizing each other, and managers recognizing teams. We also have a weekly lunch and monthly birthday parties. "

    —Mohamed Abdelrehim, Homewood Suites by Hilton Ithaca

  • "We celebrated our Team Member Appreciation Week, starting each day with a breakfast with the Resort Manager by group. The team had the chance to enjoy a great breakfast and feel likes guests. They also had the chance to meet the Resort Manager to discuss any issues in a relaxed way. During the whole week we organize special lunches in the team restaurant. Also during the week, the HODs went round the hotel giving surprise treats to the team with "We appreciate you" written on them. The highlight of our week was a happy hour/appreciation night. We had several performances like dancing, singing, and drama by the team. The GM and HODs gave updates on revenue, SALT, and DoubleTree CARE activities for the first six months. A special dinner was organized that night followed by some special recognition such as: Best team player department; Highest SALT; names most mentioned on SALT; Hilton Honors champions and other champions in the hotel; first aid training; and promotions, among others. We concluded the evening with a disco, even three guest couples in the hotel joined us."

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "On June 30th, our Engineering team went on a team outing to an Atlanta United Soccer game! There's 10 of them and most love soccer. This was a fun way for them to interact, connect, and have fun outside of work! Atlanta United began in 2017, and being downtown it's no surprise we have a lot of fans at our property!"

    —Shelley Carrigan, Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown

  • "We always try to shape meaningful outdoor experience for our Team Members. This time we were very creative and organised a great Escape Room Questfor our Spa team. The themes of the rooms chosen fot he quest were The Forbidden Temple of Montezuma and Tutankhamon's Tomb. After this epic quest, the team found some well-deserved relief at dinner in a nice restaurant nearby. There was great food and an amazing cake to celebrate the dedication of our great professionals."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "With the support of all the departments Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula celebrated Security Week, and each of the Team Members from different departments expressed the value of security work in our hotel. Thanks to them we can maintain each situation calmly and safely. Each day of the week they were given a small gift, and the Restaurant department and Maintenance organized a breakfast for them. As well, Marketing and Sales made a small gift of a cup with different candies. Likewise, Housekeeping organized an afternoon of ice cream, ending on Friday with an afternoon full of fun and karaoke by the chefs."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "When our Housekeeper Madhav became a United States Citizen, a celebration of congratulations took place in recognition of his achievement."

    —Bryanne Crimi, Doubletree by Hilton Buffalo Amherst

  • "We built many activities around Team Member Appreciation Week. We decided to organise a Summer Fete that involves our Team Members' children. We had about 40 children from ages to 15 coming. We organised a real Welcome Day with a buffet with breakfast, a playground area for the little ones, and a theater set up for the big ones. We invited our Executive team to speak about their roles and what it takes to be in the hospitality business. We organised a tour for the big ones while we had playtime with the little ones in the meeting room. Then we met at lunchtime at the team restaurant and after a great lunch we had a cooking class organised for all children: the secrets how to make the perfect pizza. All children at the end of the day received a certificate of attendance and a gift.

    We organised an Arabic Food Festival for our Team Members to celebrate 2018 Team Member Appreciation Week. And on June 26, we organised a Huge Frascati themed Food Festival. This is how we spoil our team, with the most popular dishes coming from the regional food tradition. The secrets of profiteroles revealed during the Pastry class we organised for our Team Members. On the very last day of our Appreciation Week, we had a Army of Hospitality Professional paintballing in Rome. It was a thrilling experience that all participants are unlikely to ever forget!"

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "El pasado Mayo se realizo un outing a los equipos de Finanzas, Ventas y Revenue, disfrutando de un tour a los Cenotes de Santa Barbara los cuales constan de tres cenotes virgenes donde se pudo disfrutar de un dia de completa relajacion dentros los cenotes de los dioses mayas; de asi como de una deliciosa comida tipica Yuacateca. Los integrantes de estos departamentos pudieron convivir,mostrando cada uno sus aptitudes y habilidades se reforzaron los lasos de compañerismo, trabajo en equipo. Fue un dia incredible. Gracias!"

    —Carin Pool, Hampton Inn by Hilton Merida

  • "Here at the DoubleTree by Hilton Buffalo Amherst we celebrate an Employee of the Month. Each Month all of the department managers recommend and vote on an employee who goes above and beyond typical job expectations. We have the department Manager notify their employee, and then give recognition to the employee at our monthly team-member Luncheon. They also get their picture and name posted on a plaque in the Lobby and $100. "

    —Bryanne Crimi, Doubletree by Hilton Buffalo / Amherst

  • "Hilton Princess Hotel San Pedro Sula, with the support of the trainer, celebrated Team Member Appreciation Week, also celebrating the Carnival Fair of San Pedro Sula in Honduras. We performed zumba carnival in the hotel for the members of team that perform exercise. It was a day full of a lot of joy as the Team Members were excited to start at the time of exercise. There was healthy food and a bar filled with fruits to relax your shake at your own taste. We know the Team Members enjoyed the experience! We also celebrated by holding a training for the members of the kitchen and ama de keys department: how to care for laundry products and products that are used for cleaning within the hotel. The training with activities, games, and a delicious buffet was praised."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hilton Durban TMAW 2018 was a week filled with activities. Monday the Blue Energy Committee kicked off Day 1: Fun Day in the Team Restaurant! We hired a photo booth for TM's, then there was a sock puppet decorating table. (This is an activity we started for our "Lost Sock Memorial Day" Global Week of Service activity, where Team Member brought in their lost socks from home, decorated them, went to our adopted creche and puton a puppet show for them, and then left all the sock puppets for the children.) They then moved on to our Cupcake decorating table! Lots of fun!

    Day 2: Wellness Day in the grand ballroom. We had our Medical Aid partners (Discovery & Stratum) registering all Team Members, then measuring their waist, height, and weight to calculate their Body Mass Index. They then had cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose tests. We had our local Virgin Active gym advertising their specials for our Team Members, Herbal Life table, our in-house Unique Wellness Spa ladies doing shoulder massages, foot massages, and eye testing, and then our Blue Energy Committee ending each Team Member's Wellness Day experience with a TMAW T-shirt.

    Day 3 Yoga & Smoothie Day: We celebrated with our monthly BODY Thrive Activity and also in celebration of World Yoga Day last week. We hosted one of our Province's most famous Yoga instructors to hold a one-hour class with some of our Team Members. The whole team was spoiled with a fruit bar and delicious smoothies during lunch and dinner times in the Team Member Restaurant.

    Day 4: Meet & Greet at Team Member Entrance/Exit. Today the Blue Energy Committee had an early start with our first Meet & Greet shift starting at 6 a.m. till 8 a.m, catching all our Night Team Members leaving to go home as well as the Team Members that start early. Our next shift was 2 p.m. till 3 p.m. This way we were able to see all our Team Members no matter what time of day their shifts start‚ just to say HELLO, welcome to work today! And thank you for all that you do!

    Day 5: Trainees Lunch and Games Day! Friday was Party Day in the Team Restaurant with an amazing lunch prepared and served by all our trainees and interns. On each table there was a game to play: cards, dominos, frustration, Hilton Monopoly, checkers. Music and lights created great vibes, rounding up our Team Member Appreciation Week with great energy and very happy Team Members."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "During Summer, I give teams watermelon to thank them for their work."

    —Curt Yang, Hilton Tianjin Eco-city

  • To celebrate Safety and Security Appreciation month and thank our Security team for all they do, Human Resources at the Hotel del Coronado put together an "emergency kit" to provide them with supplies to get through the busy 4th of July week! HR stocked the kit with energy drinks, candy, nuts, lip balm, mini hand-sanitizers, and travel-sized bottles of sunscreen to ensure they're energized and protected." "

    —Alexandra Horton, Hotel del Coronado

  • "The July 2018 Team Member Forum theme has been under the sea, and we decided to the create the leitmotiv in the buffet and meeting room."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "So far I have chosen to use the templates and passed out lip balm because they are awesome and totally are the BOMB. As the week continues, I hopefully can continue to give them some small type of appreciation, even if its a kiss or hug-chocolate, and ending with a lunch closing out the week. "

    —Jill Moak, Hampton Inn, Brookhaven

  • "Recognizing that our Team Members love animals and dogs in particular, we celebrated Bring your Dog to Work Day by allowing two Team Members to bring their dogs and keep them in Back of House Areas (and away from the kitchen) to make some of our Team Members' day by letting them pat and play with the dogs through the day. Everyone loved the initiative!"

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Yesterday our property celebrated Fathers Day. We watched the game Panama-Belgica and we ate a delicious breakfast. The day was fun. The Team Members who attended the breakfast each received a gift. In addition, they won a backpack at answering world cup questions."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We have exactly 25 Team Members at our property. So I thought of a corny but cute idea to have a polished quarter and Your2 Hands T-shirt for our staff. The idea came to mind after our last inspection. We recognize that accolade with a blue plate lunch from our local restaurant primos cafe."

    —Alvin Blue, Home2 Suites Ridgeland

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, with the support of training coordinator Berlly Garza and head of security Guillermo Reyes trained the members of the Security department to develop a greater knowledge in each member. They touched on the theme of detection of suspicious behaviors and co-centric security circles."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "So I love working with so many of my teammates and internal partners, and had to take advantage of sending them each a Hilton recognition eCatch. Recognition means so much, and simply saying thank you means so much. Thanks for the opportunity to create another fun memory among my Hilton family."

    —Asha Coleman, Hilton Corporate Office

  • "We celebrate the bright hearts of our Team Members. They shone in January, February, March, and April. We gave them a gift card to go to the supermarket and shirts that recognize them as extraordinary employees. They are an example to follow, each of them offers a big smile or a happy hello. It's great to recognize your brighter service."

    —Sandra del Cid, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "In aid of World Environmental Day, Hilton Durban's Blue Energy Committee hosted a Waste/Recycle Fashion show in our Team Restaurant at peak lunch time! Departments were able to choose their model and a team of three designers to participate using only waste/recycled materials. We had six models from Housekeeping, Front Office, Food & Beverage, Trainees, Finance, Business Development, and Stewarding. Our judges were one of our committee members and our former Ms. Hilton Durban. They were judged on their dresses and personality and knowledge of why we were doing this event! The judges decided on the Top three models, Housekeeping (laundry bags and old linen dress), Front Office (newspapers, old paint used), and Business Development (black bin bags and some old foil). Overall our Runner-Up was Housekeeping and the Winner was our Front Office team! Well done!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "What a fun themed Team Celebration last Thursday! Lots of Team Members attending proved to be knowledgeable about Hilton and its history...thanks Hilton for giving us another excuse to celebrate by turning 99 years old!"

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "We have monthly Catch Me at My Best prizes. There will be different prizes for each month."

    —Cristina Robles, DoubleTree by Hilton Santa Ana Orange County

  • "On IT Appreciation Day we spoiled our IT Manager Theo Mazeka with a surprise in-room dining trolley with a healthy continental breakfast with a few extra pastries. We printed out some sayings that we always hear around his "Theo, it's broken," or from him... "Turn it off and then on again." Thank you, Theo, for all your support and making things work for us!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "The Conrad Service in Conrad Seoul is the best team for recognizing each other's daily efforts. Our aim is to provide one-stop service, so we handle all calls regarding room/restaurant reservation, housekeeping, room service, parking, Hilton Honors points, etc. We use two tools for recognition, the Queen of Service Recovery of the Month and Secret Thank You Notes. Queen of Service Recovery goes to the Team Member who writes the largest number of service recoveries in a month. Our team prepares a letter written by all Team Members with a voucher of KRW 5,000 value. This has encouraged the team to live HILTON Values, especially to have Ownership at what we do. Secret Thank You Notes are used to recognize and praise each other directly. We have prepared an envelope for each Team Member with photo and profile (such as what they like to do, what their goal is, etc.) on the board. There are blank small notes next to the board, so Team Members can write a direct thank-you note anytime to anyone with any topic. Writing short notes is an easy thing to do, but it's such a pleasant surprise for receiver. These actions have helped to enhance our Teamwork and positively affected to GTMS result regarding Thrive. In my work group, we celebrate our individual and collective successes. We cheer ourselves up each and every day with consistent recognition."

    —Haeri Kim, Conrad Seoul

  • "Friday 1st June was National Donut Day, and we recognized our team for being awesome with a donut-eating competition. Our Team Members competed to be the fastest donut eating person in the building to win a box of Crispy Cream donuts delivered to them. The donut had to be eaten from a fishing line, to make it a little bit more fun. The winner ate the donut in 30 seconds."

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Hilton Durban wishes Hilton a Happy 99th Birthday with a Team Member Party! Hilton Durban Team Member's celebrated on the 31st May in the Team Member Restaurant with some great food, great cake, and great Spirit. We're looking forward to the countdown to 100 years in 2019!!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We recognize our team every month by having a Gathering Day every second Friday! All Team Members are welcome to a team lunch and celebration. At this gathering we provide sweet and savory snacks and often have a theme recognizing any special monthly dates like Valentine's Day or Family Day, etc. At that gathering we also give gifts and cards to any Team Member celebrating a birthday or anniversary in the month or any personal victories of their own or their family or saying good bye to any Team Members who sadly are departing as they follow wherever life takes them. We have celebrated life and recognized sadness, we have celebrated births and personal goals accomplished! We recognize that our culture is strongly based on a work-life balance and the importance of celebrating good times and sympathizing with sad ones just like any family would. We also give every staff member a framed certificate at the end of the year recognizing them for what they are best known for - always going above and beyond, always smiling, always making the team laugh, best at OPOG, etc! Bottom line is our team is amazing and we do our best to tell them every day!"

    —Christina Seguin, Home2 Suites by Hilton

  • "We recognized our one-man Security team by creating a basket with his favorite beverage (coffee) and a personalized coffee tumbler that he can use while on duty keeping everyone safe!"

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "Each month, we host an Team Member luncheon that carries a theme for either the season, a current event, or a celebration. Team Members are recognized for years of service with a certificate and a pin if their anniversary falls on a five-year increment.Team Member of the Month and Manager of the Quarter are also recognized as well as those who were nominated for that time period. We also announce our Hospitality of the Month, winner decorating them with the coveted pineapple pin, and we call up all previous winners to congratulate their dedication and service. A birthday cake is also served recognizing those Team Members who celebrate a birthday in that particular month. Our Team Members love this celebration. It is sometimes changed up with some games and raffles and is always looked forward to by everyone."

    —Diane Strangmann, Hilton Chicago/Northbrook

  • "2017 was a truly an amazing and unforgettable year: Our Hotel won several internal awards and achieved its SALT and Revenue targets. As part of the [email protected], our Cluster General Manager Soha El Torgoman and our Human Resources Director, Walid Gaber came up with an astounding idea to celebrate such success and show true appreciation towards the team. All Ramses Hilton and Hilton World Trade Center Department Heads were invited to an exciting, fun, and activity-packed Thrive to Success two-day outing to appreciate true team spirit and create a joint unforgettable adventure to the magical Al Fayoum |Tunis Village in a little hidden charming oasis by a wonderful lake. To ensure spirit and mind stay nourished after a few breathing exercises under the blue sky, the team headed to an adrenaline-rushed adventurous Jeep Safari in the desert. Yoga, meditation, and a creative pottery session were held, the team readily got their hands dirty and put their creativity and imagination into practice. The team's body, mind, and spirit were further challenged with some team building and mind-blowing games, such as Chess, Dominoes, and many more. There was a delicious but healthy dinner feast served under the sunset in the charming open-air restaurant, oriental live music, the team was also asked to wear the traditional Egyptian Folk Dress called Galabeya. Happy continuous laughing, dancing, and singing filled the air. This is what body, mind, and spirit truly mean."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "On May 28 we organised a a very special Sunday Brunch with the introduction of RecuperAle artisanal beer made with excess bread from our hotel and bottled with the help of inmates on work release at the Vale La Pena brewery in Rome - reducing food waste and helping to get people back on track! Additionally every Team Member will receive a pack of two bottles of beer as birthday present."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "Our team helped build and open our dual branded hotels in November 2017. Everyone has gone above & beyond their "job description" to finally get our doors open. We celebrated every one of our milestones and successes by providing a delicious hearty breakfast, top of the line, quality lunch, and some good old house made BBQ from the heart for our team. We even had prizes for trivia questions, musical chairs, and a dance party in our hardhats! Not only did these events help keep us going while the hotels were being built, it also helped build our camaraderie."

    —Hazel Nieves, Hilton Garden Inn & Home2 Suites Tempe ASU Research Park

  • "To show our thanks and appreciation for all the hard work they do and for the great achievement they received for being: The Best Improved Conversion in 2017 vs 2016 compared to all hotels in Turkey, Middle East and Africa! Well done the Hilton Durban Groups, Conference & Events Team! We had a lovely high tea in the Executive Office with GM to celebrate!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Semana de finanzas: Nuestro hotel hilton princess, celebro la samena de finazas/contabilidad, el cual fueron consentidos por nuestros miembros de equipo de cada departamento. Empezando el dia lunes por recursos humanos junto a seguridad, entregaron una granita de cafe, de igual forma el martes el departamento de restaurante y mantenimiento les tenian un desayuno de sorpresa en el restaurante del hotel hilton princess, san pedro sula. continuando el dia miercoles ama de llaves realizo un desayuno hecho por ellas para cada uno del perosnal de contabilidad, y por la tarde recepcion les tuvo un delicioso tarde de donas. Finalizando el dia jueves con un evento por parte de mercadeo y ventas realizandoles una fiesta lleno de kareoke, y muchos snacks, dando por ultimo al departamento de alimento y bebidas el dia viernes les realizaron una tarde cocteles. Nuestro equipo de departamento fueron mas que consentidos y valorados por su trabajo"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We celebrated Finance Appreciation Week with events, food, and fun: welcome letter for the appreciation week with chocolate, office festive decorations, and Netherlands Finance Team social drink at Hilton Schiphol. There were approximately 30 participants from 7+ Dutch Hilton hotels. We also had fresh popcorn prepared in the office as well as refreshments, and twice we had pre-made smoothies in cocktail glasses. The team was also celebrated with fresh Starbucks coffee with a memory cup, a celebratory cake, a thank you speech from the Commercial department, breakfast prepared by F&B department, and the Rooms department shared a Chocolate Money Filled Treasure Box. And by coincidence, the hotel Team Member themed party was on the last day (Future of Hilton in 55 years)."

    —Christoffer Everon, Hilton Rotterdam

  • "As we know that family is the most important thing for our Team Members, we organised a "Bring your Mini Me" morning where, linking the event to [email protected] week, all Team Members that have toddlers could bring their little loved ones to work for some fun activities and to share with them where mommy and daddy work. Our Team Members were really appreciative."

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "Friday May 25, 2018 will be remembered as Sabin's last day. Sabin Costea started at Cavalieri the first part of his Elevator program (Ops and Finance), and now will have his second placement in Dublin at Conrad. It has been wonderful working with Sabin and we all hope we can get the chance to work with him again in the future."

    —Giada Lamantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "We recognized all the ladies that working on Mother's day with flowers! Whether a mom, sister, aunt, or friend, we wanted to show our appreciation to them that morning. We also had carnations for our guests!"

    —Sarah Uetz, Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading

  • "Hilton Durban's Team Member of the Year 2017 Prize Trip: Following on from our Kick Off Party in January 2018, we announced our Team Member of the Year - Nikita Kallee (Reservations Supervisor), and her prize of a two-night stay Hilton Windhoek in Namibia."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "May is National Tourism Month and, we were honored to nominate Cesar Posadas, a banquet server for twenty years plus, for the Space Coast Hospitality Award. Cesar was invited to a luncheon with other nominees. After serving at our hotel for over twenty years, he is loved and respected by everyone. He is an integral part of our team and he contributes to the success of our hotel and our events."

    —Bobbi Watts, Hilton

  • "Our recognition strategy is simple but quite effective: We have our HR Director, Fausto Ciarcia, literally popping in and seeing the Team Member. After chatting a bit, more managers come and the celebration starts!"

    —Giada LaMantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "After the close of the month I gave a High Five to recognize the work of the team as well as thank you notes for each one. By giving them T-Shirts of the Colombian Team Soccer, I tell them to be ready for the World Cup Soccer."

    —Islena Pulido, Hilton Garden Inn Santa Marta

  • "Flavia is Rome Cavalieri's April upselling champ, posing in her new prize: a personalised super-soft bathrobe."

    —Giada LaMantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "Hilton Charlotte Center City conducted a Thrive Exercise class for the team. The property has a Team Member that is a certified instructor. She did a few different routines with the team. It was a great success, the property plans to do another class very soon!""

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "When it's pizza time at our team restaurant, there's always great excitement! You can tell by yourself if the pizza by Carmela, our Team restaurant Chef, has made the team happy or not. Carmela pizza dough recipe is a family secret. Carmela's pizza secret ingredient must be the passion she has that really boosts our workday."

    —Giada LaMantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "I am on the Culinary team, and we recognized the Front Desk by providing them with the ultimate snack station full of sweets, savory, and favorite items. We also provided a card signed by all the culinary team. They were able to enjoy it over several days and covering all the shifts of the front desk."

    —Ray Martin, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "We have introduced several incentives. We have Embassy Bucks that look like money. We hand these out when Team Members do an exceptional job and go above and beyond to WOW the guest. They can spend this money in many different ways depending on how many have been collected, such as lunch, gift card, free PTO day, etc. We also give $5 per positive SALT or TripAdvisor mention. And we give $1 for every Hilton Honors enrollment. We have Team Member luncheons once a month to review recognitions in front of the entire team."

    —Hunter Newsom, Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Market Center

  • "Recursos Humanos,con el apoyo de la gerencia, organizaron un vijae como celebracion al dia de las madres, del hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula. Cada madre , disfruto de un bello dia en las hermosas playas de Honduras y piscina con mucha relajacion y lleno de actividades. asi mismo gracias al excelente servicio del Hotel, se pudo gozar un almuerzo delicioso con una vista al mar. Felicitaciones a todas las madres del Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "May 10, 2018, was Mothers Day in Mexico. During our morning meeting in Decatur, Alabama, I gave all my Team Members from Mexico three roses and told them Feliz dia de la madre!"

    —Lindsay Waddell, DoubleTree by Hilton Decatur River Front

  • "Each department signed up to recognize another department. The HR team delivered green apples and bananas to the Finance department along with a recognition certificate that stated "We just wanted to take a moment and tell you THANK YOU for all you do each and every day. You take care of the GREEN so we don't have to! Here's a little GREEN to keep you healthy and happy." We also plan to deliver milk and graham crackers one week, and we have gift bags for the last week with candy, crackers, cookies, and a pen."

    —Jennifer Gance, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "Thanks to the Recognition Website was saw this idea from another Hilton property. To show our appreciation of our Banquet team, we organized a three-course plated dinner for them. The meeting room was dimly lit with floating candles, great music, and good company. It was amazing to see them Banquet team enjoying a meal while their fellow Team Members served them food. Thank you to all the departments that made this a success!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We are recognizing are amazing Team with a handmade appreciation board. We are a Curio, so we had to be unique, of course. Our team has been so amazing delivering the best of Portland, going above and beyond for our guest. We had a young boy named Porter, and it was his birthday. We gave him the Porter chocolate cake and a card. He loved it! They posted pictures on social media to thank us! We also had Scout the golden retriever stay with us. We are a pet friendly hotel, we put a pet amenity in his room before arrival: a dog bed, dog bowl, and a bow tie that looks so adorable! They also posted a amazing review on social media. We post all of our amazing SALT scores with any name mentioned to recognize accomplishments. We are a brand new hotel, so we are looking forward to what is to come!"

    —Rachel Rand, The Porter Portland, A Curio by Hilton

  • "I recognize my team by giving thank you cards with gift cards attached. I also shout them out in the morning team huddle for the outstanding things they have done. I also let my team know daily that I appreciate everything that they do as well as thank them for coming to work each day. I've also stared a board contest with Laundry and Front Desk. Each holiday we have a competition on which bulletin board looks the best. This has really built our team moral. Everyone gets excited about decorating the boards."

    —Tammie Featherstone, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Atlanta Airport West

  • "Hilton Durban's Blue Energy Team's April Thrive Body activity was a Soccer Tournament between 16 of our departments: Executive Office, G,C&E/Reservations, Vasco's Restaurant, Vasco's Kitchen, Big Easy Restaurant, Big Easy Kitchen, C&B, Concierge, Business Lounge, Front Office, Finance, Purchasing, Housekeeping, Engineering, HR/Training and Room Service/Minibar. We had Round One knock outs, Quarter-Finals, Semi's and then the Final. The Final was played by our Concierge Team vs Housekeeping Team. Well done to Housekeeping for winning the tournament! Our GM, who played for the Executive Office aka Management United side, managed to get hold of our Hilton Durban Soccer Team's kit and really dressed up for the part. We don't think our Ballroom has ever seen a soccer tournament in it, and the Team Members really enjoyed it, even the cheerleaders! Luckily the ball was a nice soft pillow!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "What better way to relax after a day of hard work, Human Resources organized Zumba classes for Team Members from all departments. A fun way to exercise and relax after work hours, full of laughter and lots of enthusiasm. Team Members enjoy their exercise time, and we encourage each of them."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are celebrating a huge succes:Our Benchmark for Arrival Experience is 68.5 and my team's current score is 75.0%! We are constantly making sure that our guests' voices are heard, and we continuously execute each guest request with a sense of urgency. Each Team Member is knowledgeable of our focus and commitment to service. Each of us constantly monitors tracking our commitment to service progress using our Widely Improvement Goals board located in our office. As each Team Member walks by, it reminds us of what our goals are and helps each of us stay focused."

    —Dexter Cameron, DoubleTree by Hilton Atlanta-Buckhead

  • "The Management Team put together a little surprise tea and treats to celebrate Secretaries Day! Everyone said thank you and gave Julie words of appreciation, a giant Lindt chocolate, and a bunch of flowers."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We feel really proud of all Team Members, because our common effort has driven our hotel to better Service Scores and to be recognized by our guests for our exceptional service skills. So we've decided to hand out High Fives at the end of every quarter to recognize those Team Members that captivated our guests' hearts during their stay."

    —Andreina Sansegundo, Hilton Colon Guayaquil

  • "On April 24, the Hilton Durban team got together for our Quarter 1 Team Forum. Where we discussed our latest GTMS action points that we have done so far to ensure the team is aware of what we doing, some new arrivals starting in our Management Team, Financial and SALT target achievements and Blue Energy activities done and upcoming events. We were also able to recognize one of Team Members since the same day but 10 years ago he started working at Hilton Durban! On May 2, we celebrated our second long term service work anniversary. Mubeen Hassan celebrated five years in our Purchasing Department, and the Blue Energy Team spoiled him with a slice of cake, a certificate and a five-year Hilton badge in our GM office."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "In March 2018 we launched a new initiative, called "We wanna spend a day with you," where the GM and the HR Manager are diving into one department per month for a day or half a day. This is the time for the Team Members to share & discuss their ideas, questions, and concerns, and for us to get to know them more in person and understand what motivates and inspires them. We combine this with recognising the respective department for their great contribution throughout the whole year. First department we spent a day with in March was Engineering and Security, and then in April we spent a day with our Front Office Team. In addition to the valuable time spent with the Team, we treat them with small surprises, starting the day with a lavish breakfast and/or finishing it with a personalized cake and champagne."

    —Anna Apostolova, Hilton Sofia

  • "Semana de Banquete de Operaciones! Hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, celebro la semana de Banquete en el mes de Abril, el cual se les organizo todos los dias de Lunes a Viernes un obsequio acada uno de ellos, empezando el dia lunes con una celebracion de chocolate cupcakes, y asi mismo en el transcurso de la semana un dia lleno de Ice Cream , las de housekeeping, les organizo un desayuno muy especial para cada uno de ellos, con el objetivo, de demsotrar su valioso trabajo y el cariño que se les tiene a cada uno de ellos."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We wanted Finance Week to be very fun. Because they are supermen/women, our theme of the week was superheroes. Our team of Housekeepers visited them disguised as Batman and his villains; it was fun and exciting to see them in disguise. The Accounting team had a lot of fun with the visits, and they took pictures on a stage like Gotham City. On the third day of the week for Finance, they were visited by our Sales team who gave them cupcakes, sweets and delicious drinks with fun superhero cloaks. It was an afternoon full of sweetness and fun. They also had fun with a die game. During the week the Finance team ate a lot and broke a piñata with lots of goodies. They laughed and even ran a little with this activity. On fourth day, the Reception and Reservations team presented them with donuts and cupcakes with a nice motivation card to brighten their day. They closed the week with a fun outing to the amusement park, they could feel many emotions in the games. They even got soaked in one of the games. No doubt their mind, spirit and body relaxed and had fun."

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Secretary's Day! El 26 de abril de cada año se celebra el dia de la secretaria, y este año no es sera una excepcion, para poder demostrarle el cariño, a Johania Elizabeth Vasquez, el cual valoramos su trabajo dia a dia dentro del hotel hilton princess, san pedro sula, su dedicación y entusiasmo hacen más grato cada día de trabajo. Gracias por ser tan especial con cada uno de nosotos. Gracias por ser tan eficiente y tal leal. ¡Feliz Día de la Secretaria!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Since I work virtually, it is hard to get that human touch and have conversations by the water cooler. I normally host weekly and monthly contests to motivate my team and to drive performance. The past few months, I hosted movie day for my top performers. I encourage my team to turn on their cameras so we can congratulate each other and share best practices. Then we watch a movie together to create team spirit and to have fun. "

    —Keisha Cravens, Hilton Corporate

  • "We celebrated Administrative Professionals Week for our team with an amazing first day. The team received much foods: They ate popcorn, much candies, and ice creams, and the Restaurante prepared one super cocktail for them. We played some games too! They are super heroes and had a lot of fun."

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We have launched HR Monthly Award from 2018 February to care and recognize our HR Team Members. Soonyoung Lee was honored for offering lots of delicious food for our TMs to THRIVE for February. Jacky Choi was honored for supporting TMs engagement for March! Furthermore, we watched a baseball game on because both had the same wish. We will continue to recognize our team possibly every month!"

    —Yoonseong Choi, Hilton Busan

  • "I recognized my team this month by giving each one of them a We are Hilton cup filled with a sweet treat and a nice message that went along with the treat about how we appreciate everything they do."

    —Neco Belin, Hilton Short Hills

  • "We had a day to recognize our AYB team, they are making good their job and the surveys are improved. Their effort really worked!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "During F&B appreciation month, the team thrived by attending a trampolining session at Planet Bounce, Nottingham. The team bonded over games of dodgeball and an airbag competition before going on to a restaurant for dinner. The team also wrote personal thank you cards to greet each other in the mornings when starting their shifts, had a pizza/ takeaway night with music and relaxation, and an afternoon tea, where other teams stepped in to serve."

    —Suzy Karim, Hilton East Midlands Airport

  • "We celebrated our Laundry-Linen team with a root beer float party! We appreciate the hard work and sweat our Laundry-Linen team have put into this hotel, and are full of gratitude for everything they do. It does not go unnoticed."

    —Ashleigh Weston, Hampton Inn by Hilton Ukiah

  • "I picked a different project for each day of Front Desk Appreciation Week: Day 1: We hit the LOTTO with you on our team! - Bags with lottery tickets & 100 Grand Bars. Day 2: Just POPping by to say you're fabulous - Pittsburgh Popcorn (specialty popcorn). Day 3: Candy Bar - Have we told you REESE-ntly how much we appreciate you? (Reese's cups); It's a JOY to have you on our team! (Almond Joy; You're worth 100 GRAND (100 Grand); TAKE 5 and treat yourself to something sweet (Take 5); You deserve a BREAK (KitKats); You're a LIFESAVER (Lifesavers). Day 4: EXTRA Gum Bags - Thanks for going the EXTRA mile - The only difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little bit EXTRA. Day 5: We would be MUFFIN without you! - Banana Nut & Blueberry Muffins. Day 6: You're a LIFESAVER - individual bags of Lifesaver gummies."

    —Shawna Robertson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton - Pittsburgh Downtown

  • "Celebrating a department that often gets overlooked and unappreciated was such an exciting month for us. We kicked off the month by having the housekeeping manager jump in and take care of laundry for an entire day! Getting into the chute and unloading those machines really makes you appreciate the physical demands of that position. Also we had associates from other departments pop in randomly and help the Laundry ladies out. Our most exciting day was when we brought in a cake and threw a small party for the Laundry team! Our housekeeping team is small, and we recognized all Team Members that step up the plate and assist in Laundry as well. Of course we prepared some goodie bags for the ladies too. They were filled with linen-scented candles and linen-scented wax along with a wax warmer. We also included some bath salts and lotion because these ladies deserve some relaxation! The Front Office all went together and wrote thank you notes to the ladies and gave some a chocolate bar! To top the month off, we are hosting a towel origami competition hotel-wide to see which towel animal will be our next mascot in the rooms to welcome our Hilton Honors members that echeck in!"

    —Bethany Young, Hilton Garden Inn Rochester University/Medical Center

  • "During Front Office appreciation month, the team really brought Thrive to life by creating their own Thrive board and living the Values. They had treats such as bottles of water and chocolate bars with departmental branding and personalised messages. They had a Team Activity at the Escape Rooms in Loughborough, where they had to work together to escape the room in time. This was followed by Anca and Carlos cooking up a really tasty treat for the Team Meeting."

    —Suzy Karim, Hilton East Midlands Airport

  • "We celebrated Front Desk week for our team with an amazing week, the team received a nice kit for their days in Hampton, and we made some games too, they were so happy! The most important is when you feel that you are a part of the team, that your opinions count, and that they care about you. That is our team: values people. Happy front desk week!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Celebrating our Hilton EMEA Leadership and Excellence Awards 2017 last week was really amazing. I like being on a team that recognizes accomplishments! Thanks to our Hotel Manager Alexander Musch arranging this and for taking all of us out. Spending time together outside of the office helps us to bond as a team. It was a nice opportunity to get to know more each other. The environment made it feel like more than just another team. Thank you for recognizing our efforts and the whole team. So blessed to work with such a fantastic team! "

    —Irene Sebastian, Hilton Dubai The Walk

  • "We started a new fun thing. We purchase fake (of course) gold coins, and whenever we receive a great comment from a guest or we see an associate doing something great, we give them gold coins. They collect the gold coins to save for prizes, goodies, and snacks. They love to be able to pick out what they want rather than us just giving them something."

    —Sue Ziarko, Hilton Suites Chicago/Oakbrook

  • "We want our Team Members to enjoy their journey with us from start to finish and start recognizing from day one:

    This is just a snapshot of what we do, and we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas. Our aim is to create a wondrous place in people's lives, every day."

    —Cecilia Odengran, The Trafalgar St James, A Curio by Hilton

  • "Our women have the power! We celebrated their day with a delicious lunch, they deserve the best, they are the heart of the service."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Each month we take our "fun cart" to the departments we are recognizing! The fun cart contains all kinds of snacks and beverages. We allow them to take any items they want to show them our appreciation and thank them for everything they do. If a department is celebrating a success such as best SALT score category, we will surprise visit that department with the fun cart during pre-shift as well. Just last week during a busy spring break, we stopped by the pool with our cart to say thank you for everyone working so hard outside in the heat taking care of thousands of guests each day."

    —Rachel Kapelner, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

  • "The F&B Management team along with the assistance of the Blue Energy Team has decided to start a re-energizing activity for the Dinner team before they start their daily dinner shift. Starting about an hour before dinner service opens on the terrace of Vasco's Restaurant, each Team Member gave a Commitment that they will keep to until Sunday this week: Constance - Service within 3 minutes. Stanley - Usage of guests names. Onka - Floor assistance to cover up for waiters delays. Lungi - Checking on guests and follow ups. Sindy - creating energy and vibe. Melissa - Creating of vibe on the floor. Xolie - Welcome drinks for all Hilton Honors guests. They had some power sessions with the team to increase level of attention and energy on the floor. The team promised to play their part and assist in the SALT scores for dinner. They started with a fun quiz and treasure hunt, and they are amped for many more challenges and growth. Of course we had a couple of prizes for them! This is a great initiative which really gets the team in good spirits before a busy dinner service "

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We created a new way to include and recognize. Andrés is one of our new Team Members at Front Desk, and he has shown us a new way to work. Smiling is a simple way of showing that we care about something. It is not as hard as it appears. Andrés showed us that smiling, and facing things in a positive way, can positively impact our Team Members and our customers. Stress is part of life, but sometimes we can do something in order to avoid the negative effects.

    For that reason, Hilton Garden Inn Mérida developed a campaign to promote a positive attitude at work. We named it #HGIAndreizate I Smile. We are rewarding those Team Members that show a special way to respond to the work, who are are taking a positive way to respond. We celebrated the first award, and of course, Andrés was the winner, with a certificate and a gift pin. We are hoping to celebrate more Team Members with positive attitude. We are constantly working in new, and special ways to recognize our team."

    —Rogelio Jimenez, Hilton Garden Inn Mérida

  • "Reconhecimento da Recepção: Tivemos a semana de reconhecimento da Recepção. Para comemorar, fizemos um tour pelo Leme, os outros departamentos do nosso hotel assinaram cartões parabenizando nossa equipe da recepção. No dia seguinte ao tour supreendemos a equipe com um bolo. Valorizar os nossos membros de equipe também faz parte do nosso trabalho! Parabéns a todos da recepção, não só pela semana, mas pelo trabalho incrível todos os outros dias do ano!

    "We had the reception recognition week. To celebrate, we toured Leme, the other departments of our hotel signed cards congratulating our reception team. We surprised the team after the tour with a cake. Valuing our Team Members is also part of our work! Congratulations to all of the Reception, not only for the week but for the incredible work every other day of the year!"

    —Thais Marchesini, Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

  • "For Laundry-Linen Month, we held a trivia competition and awarded the winners with fully stocked baskets!"

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "It's nice to recognize great guest service, but it's also important to recognize birthdays and service anniversaries. Each month they are posted on the CARE Scoreboard and then shared on the Team Member's Facebook page so that all members are aware. Birthday cards are mailed to each associate during the month. In addition, HR utilizes the Hilton Recognition site to send personal eCards for birthdays and service anniversaries."

    —Brenda Deacon, DoubleTree by Hilton London Ontario

  • "For Front Desk month we were promoting wellness and the consumption of sugar-free, caffeine-free beverages. We offered the team a sparkling alternative to their usual daily sodas and juices!"

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "Who is the top seller of our Grand Spa Department? The competition was tough, and at the end Mariya Levitska achieved the first position. We have announced her achievement together with La Prairie Marketing Manager. Mariya won a two-day cross exposure to La Prairie Boutique in Paris."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "At Hilton Madrid Airport, we love events and recognizing our Team Members. That's why we organized a giveaway for all Team Members. The prize was a double Ticket to watch Atletico de Madrid play in his brand new Football stadium, the Wanda Metropolitan, in the presidential box. The lucky winner was Alfonso Sánchez (Maintenance Agent). Alfonso took with him Juan Carlos Gómez (Technical Service Manager). Both are big fans of Atletico de Madrid."

    —Francisco Salva, Hilton Madrid Airport

  • "Appreciation of my team or an individual Team Member happens when I am conducting a briefing with the entire team. I put my hands on Team Member's shoulder and tell others how he/she did the work more specifically and with professional ethics. And I also send eCards and give Bright Blue cards (part of Blue Energy)."

    —Sree Sundar, Hilton Chennai

  • "Each time a Team Member's name is mentioned on any social networking or SALT, they received $25.00 and their name is posted on our Crescent STAR board and our Hilton CARE Board."

    —Tanika Brown, Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Airport

  • "Recognition for guest service is done by way of recognition points. Any time a Team Member is mentioned by name in a SALT Survey, guest comment card, or on TripAdvisor, they receive points which they can redeem for gift cards. HR takes it one step further (to make the recognition more meaningful) and lets the Team Member choose where their gift card comes from. A bellman, who is recognized often and gets one at the start of his shift, says that it is a great way to start the shift - knowing that you made someone's stay special because so often the recognition prompts the Team Member to remember the guest and tell a story of what happened."

    —Brenda Deacon, DoubleTree by Hilton London Ontario

  • "We have a star points plan: When a Team Member is mentioned on TripAdvisor/SALT he gets 10 star points, if a Team Member is elected hero of the month he gets 50 star points. If we notice that a Team Member goes the extra mile, we will give him some points. Every HOD is empowered to give starpoints. For example, last weekend the Housekeeping team was short of Team Members, so the Front Office and Food & Beverage teams helped them out and the Head Housekeeper gave them points. Every month the top three best enrollers get 30, 20 and 10 points. Team Members can then redeem their points for many different things, from a bottle of prosecco to a two-night stay in a european hotel, a £100 gift voucher, two days of extra paid holidays... this is a real success and I recommend this to all properties."

    —Romy Bracq, DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "Over the Easter weekend, Ian Dawkins, our Food & Beverage Manager, and myself donned Bunny ears and hopped to all our Team Members delivering Easter treats. In addition, for our Front Office Team, after their monthly departmental meeting we gave them We Love Front Office tops. Q1 has seen their best Hilton Honors enrollments since the challenge began, and they are now also beating last year's Overall Pre Arrival and Arrival scores!"

    —Petra Austin, Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

  • "For the previous month, Front Office recognised their Nights team and all the hard work they put in to our property and the business. We did this by organising a hamper for them to enjoy. This consisted of their favourite chocolates, biscuits, and Red Bull to get them through the shifts! It was a small gesture that made our Nights team feel appreciated! We also had different HoD's give a few positive words that first come to mind for each member of Front Desk - these were then put onto certificates and presented to each Team Member! A little recognition and appreciation goes a long way!"

    —Leanne Griffin, Hilton St Anne's Manor

  • "Our General Manager Eddie Wang recognize Team Members who are praised by guests in SALT Comments or OTA website comments in daily management briefing. He issues Hospitality certificates to Team Members in front of all management along with 100 DoubleTree Club credits, which can be exchanged a gift in Human Resourses Department."

    —April Wang, DoubleTree by Hilton Wuhu

  • "Around mid March we realized our goal for upsells was a bit lofty, so we launched a contest for the last 12 days of March to drive revenue: The top three GSA's for revenue produced would be entered into a raffle for a two-night stay at the Hilton Portland. Tatiana, our GSA, was one of the three top and won the free two-night stay!"

    —Bryan Carlisle, DoubleTree Seattle Airport

  • "Happy Easter! El Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, realizo la celebracion del dia de pascuas, cuya actividad se baso en la busqueda de los huevos de pascua, una actividad donde cada uno de los miembros de equipo disfruto un tiempo entre compañerismoy ganaron muchos premios. Entre tantas risas, dusfrutaron de una tarde de una pequeña relajacion con mucha comida y juegos."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Every week we recognise our team with High Five Front Office Certificates regarding their achievements with the enrollments, SALT Scores, and name mentions by a guest on SALT. But for the Front Office Week we thought to do something special and different. On Front Office Activity Day we started with afternoon tea for the team (they never had one before in our hotel). It was very good experience to understand how the guest feels when they have afternoon tea at our Property. As soon as we finished, we organised two taxis to go to Reading, to the Be at One Bar. There we had an hour session to make our favourite cocktails ourselves. It was a really good experience and so much fun, as every cocktail had a sense of each Team Members personality: strong, sweat, spicy, colourful. It was a fantastic day out with each other. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other outside of a stressful work place, with no interruptions."

    —Natalia Moreno, Hilton Reading

  • "At Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Palestine, we fly high! Not only is Hampton by Hilton, our team is by Hilton! We celebrate our team by recognizing them back of the house with our legendary hexagon cardstock custom printed with all Team Members names."

    —Alex Patel, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Palestine

  • "This month we will recognize our Laundry Department with a Departmental Lunch. We will also get them all together and have a Folding Contest. We put a bunch of towels/linens in a bag and time how long it takes them to fold everything- not only does time count but the perfect fold counts as well- fastest gets a wonderful prize. We also give them Certificates of Appreciation for all their hard work and dedication."

    —Corrie Sanchez, Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach

  • "Our hotel's Blue Energy Committee has committed to recognizing every department and team in the hotel by coordinating a surprise and delight moment for each department throughout the year. The committee creates a "With Love" poster that expresses everyone's gratitude and appreciation for the hard work everyone puts in everyday, and we provide a special treat for the entire team, such as a catered lunch or special dessert from a famous local bakery."

    —Cameron Marsicek, Millennium Hilton New York Downtown

  • "To celebrate Easter Holidays, we held a charity bake off in support of The Sebastian Action Trust. To recognise all Team Members for their hard work and involvement, Easter Eggs were bought for all!"

    —Sarah Oakley, Hilton Bracknell

  • "We know how hard each department works to ensure the best experience our guests can have. At the end of each month, we celebrate our "Star of the Month," our "WOW" Moments, and guest comments and feedback. We supply lunch and fun games. Each person who has celebrated a birthday gets a birthday card signed by the entire team, and they get a birthday cake as well. It has become an event that the entire team looks forward to and will be a tradition that is celebrated here."

    —Catlin Ptak, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton East Greenbush

  • "Every Month the Blue Energy Committee uses the Hilton Recognition Calendar to know which Department we are appreciating that month. Here is what we did for the Maintenance team in January: We invited our Maintenance team to a Burger & Soda lunch at our Vasco's Restaurant in the hotel. They were spoiled with burgers of their choice plus extra toppings, some soda and delicious desserts. Our GM and HR Manager joined them and presented each of them with a certificate of appreciation for all that they do to keep our hotel in working order and being our Superstars of the Month.

    "For our Food & Beverage team in February: For a department that is creative, energetic, and full of fun, we decided to host a few challenges. The purpose of the challenges was all related to day-to-day operations and the Hilton Culture, promoting our Vision, Mission and Values, and bringing together our team's abilities and strengths and creating fun and excitement moments. Week One we had the Best Burger Challenge. Week Two was a talent show. For Week Three there was an Obstacle Challenge.

    "We spoiled our Front Office team in March: We took them on our local Rickshaw Open Deck Bus City Tour, which enhanced their experience of the city for when guests query what to do in the while they are in the city. This was followed by a barbecue/braai at the Blue Lagoon on the beachfront."<.p>

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "When we hire new Team Members, I have them fill out a list of My Favorite Things: beverage, chip, chocolate bar, candy, book, movie, magazine, etc. I then purchase items from their list and make treat bags. We also have a Team Member of the Month that receives a $50.00 Visa gift card."

    —Sherry, Homewood Suite by Hilton Sudbury

  • "Recognizing our team is very important. Our GM Ashraf Nabi takes advantage of special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Eid, or Diwali. On a day before the Easter Bank Holidays here in the UK, he went around delivering Easter Eggs to the entire team. We also work with our local Children's Hospice, where we collected Easter eggs from our own team and delivered 170 Easter eggs to the children. We also got a chance to deliver them personally, and spent some time with them."

    —Shazieh Ahmed, Hilton Hotel Reading

  • "This month to celebrate diversity awareness month, two of our Team Members from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka came together to prepare tasty breakfast treats at the Team Member cafeteria. The menu consisted of traditional Sri Lankan breakfast items such as coconut bread (Pol Rotti) coconut pancakes, chicken kottu Roti (a spicy mix of Sri Lankan bread with shredded chicken and vegetables), and the all-time favorite Sri Lankan Fish buns. Team Members also had the opportunity to learn about the country and to find out more from where their teammates came from. This was a great day to appreciate the diversity at Hilton. It was the talk of the day as all the Team Members kept making it a point to speak to our two Sri Lankan colleagues to thank them for the food as well as to find out more about the country. Such Thrive activities are perfect ways to engage and interact with the Team Members. We hope to continue with the culinary journey every month by celebrating the diverse cultures we have at our hotel."

    —Ayeasha Paiva, Hilton Nay Pyi Taw

  • "At Hilton Durban we have a THRIVE Body Calendar for the year. In January, we did running, and February was swimming, specifically for Team Members that have never had the chance to learn how to swim. We partnered with our local Virgin Active Gym and their indoor heated swimming pool, plus two swimming coaches, to take some of our Team Members for a one-hour lesson. What an experience to see someone so fearful at the beginning and by the end being able to swim over five meters by themselves! Our March 2018 Thrive Body activity was tennis. Great initiative by our GM and Blue Energy Committee, and we will certainly love to continue this activity in the future!

    "Our Calendar is up on the Blue Energy Notice Board so all TM's know what activity will be coming up over the year! Everyone is looking forward to rest of the year's activities!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Unlike many parts of the country, February to April is peak season in Scottsdale, Arizona. With every room needing to be in peak condition and spotless, the hardest working team on the property, Housekeeping, comes into their own. It would be easy to just get them a pizza lunch or something like that, but that type of thing can be ordered in five minutes, which doesn't show Hamptonality to its fullest. This year, we had a special lunch every two weeks, and a Housekeeper got to choose what we had. Fried chicken, Chinese, Mexican, freshly made lasagna, and Mongolian were among the choices. The meal selections chosen ended up healthier, more popular, better received, and ultimately made the lunch experience more personal. The most improved Housekeeper was selected each time, which incentivized the team a little bit more, while the person who made the selection was heralded by everyone and made to feel special to start off the meal off. Now that the slower season is hitting, we are going to continue the idea of having the team choose their lunch - it just lifts everyone."

    —Damian Humphreys, Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix/ Scottsdale on Shea Blvd

  • "This week all supervisors of Food & Beverage department were very busy and under big pressure feeding 1100 guests staying at the hotel eating all their meals in (it is the Jewish holiday of Passover and our guests rarely go out of the hotel to eat). So when the week ends, they are all invited to my house for a barbeque dinner with good meat and wine to celebrate the end of a very successful week with a very nice income and very few failures. Each one of the will also get a small gift of a bottle of wine."

    —Lior Kahana, Hilton Tel Aviv

  • "Our team nominates individuals with exceptional service that go above and beyond for Team Member of the Month. We have a monthly team meeting that includes a luncheon where we announce the winner. That Team Member receives a $25.00 gift card with a certificate. In addition, we have the Team Member of the Month plaque that is located in the lobby that honors each winner who also receives a Team Member of the Month key chain with their name on it for the month they were nominated. Front Desk Team Members have additional incentives for the Hilton Honors Enrollments. Each month the GSA with the most enrollments receives a $25.00 gift card for their hard work. I offer additional incentives during enrollment promotions to give the GSAs an added incentive. With these added incentives in place, we have been exceeding our target rate by 2.6%!"

    —Julie Jensen, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Craig

  • "We wanted to let our Laundry department know that we appreciate them. Human Resources recognized them the first week in April with Hilton Recognition wrappers with a selection of candy and granola. Other departments will recognize them the next few weeks."

    —Helen Nance, Hilton Omaha

  • "We are taking our two Laundry attendants to lunch to thank them for all they do!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn Williamsport Downtown

  • "I recognize Team Members who are mentioned by guests on SALT or by clients because great service delivery using High Fives. Anibal is a Food & Beverage supervisor, and he recently receive a mention on SALT."

    —Manuel Ramirez, Hilton Garden Inn Tucuman

  • "After a recent change in upper management, morale has been down. As the AGM/DOS, they now look to me for leadership, and I am going to make an extended effort beginning 2nd quarter 2018 to work with ownership to build morale back up with fun enrollment incentives, Team Member of the month programs, huddles, and everything else that embodies who we are as a Hilton property. My team deserves it, our guests deserve it, and it just brings the fun spirit of Hampton to show this side of our day on a regular basis. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 looks like for us here in Alliance, Ohio!"

    —Amy Benson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton - Alliance

  • "We send a small group of associates every month to an I Am Macon seminar. It is a class to learn more about the town we live in (Macon), and we even get to take a tour! After they complete the class, they are considered a Macon Ambassador and even get a pin to display on their uniform."

    —Amber Hodor, Hilton Garden Inn Macon/Mercer University

  • "Ayanda Kunene, wine steward at Big Easy Winebar & Grill Durban, recently participated in the harvesting of Meerendal 2018 wines, working on their famous grape variety, Pinotage. In 2015, Ayanda started working as a waiter at Big Easy Durban. Six months into his job, he became obsessed with all things wine related. His attitude and work ethic were recognized by Markus Fritz, GM at Hilton Durban. Participating in an event that brings wine professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to the vineyard instilled pride in Ayanda. He also visited the world renowned One & Only Hotel in Cape Town, where he befriended some members of the German team, which gave him the opportunity to expand his knowledge of German wines and understand some of the challenges that they face in their wine industry.

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Night Auditors usually are never able to come to daily luncheons and activities. So to make my night auditor Kristen Aughtman feel special and appreciated, I surprised her on her birthday last month with a birthday cake during the 9 p.m. shift change. She was so shocked that I remembered, and she was touched that I came out at 9 p.m. to wish her a Happy Birthday."

    —Mary Lanning, Hampton Inn & Suites-Cashiers/Sapphire Valley

  • "Our Laundry Team Members are working so hard to meet the expectations of our guests, especially at this time of the year when the hotel is running most the days on full occupancy. Out of five Team Members and due to personal issues, only two are left. We managed to find time to invite them for a dinner especially for them and outside the hotel. We also arranged a surprise cake for them and the rest of the Housekeeping team, and every HOD is going for an hour a day to help them. They are our true shining heroes ever."

    —Siba Ayoub, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba

  • "We celebrate our team successes, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, and best practices each month. We also love to celebrate our team successes each morning during huddle! An example of a a Best Practice: Housekeeping Team 1 treating our stained linen in the guest room as each suite keeper is equipped with a bottle of stain mitigation formula on their carts. Thye have been diligent treating our stained linen and towels prior to it arriving to the laundry room. This gives the de-stainer time to work itself into the fabric before it is washed."

    —Wayne Hellberg, Home2 Suites by Hilton/Farmington-Bloomfield

  • "Whenever a Team Member is mentioned by name on a SALT, social media, or to a manager, they receive a $10 Gift Card. We make a big deal of this at morning huddles and share the guest comments with the team. Everyone likes to hear their name, and our Team Members are no different."

    —Teresa Thomas, Hilton Garden Inn Sarasota

  • "We have implemented many ways to recognize Team Members at all levels. We begin with acknowledging their birthdays by posting their name and the date on the Team Member Cafeteria Board. Every three months, we a hold Team Member Luncheon where we recognize Team Member of the month, Rookie of the month, and HR Special Recognition. We post their pictures on our Team Member Spotlight Board in the Team Member Cafeteria where everyone could see. Team Members who receive postive feedback in SALT Responses and cards and letters sent to the GM receive a Pineapple Pin. Every Friday, HR provides freezer full of ice cream to say thank you to all the Team for keeping a safe work environment.

    "We celebrate Housekeeping International Week, where we serve Housekeeping Department continental breakfast and snacks before they go home for the day. We also provide a meeting room where Team Members can enjoy a massage and a manicure. We celebrate Mother's Day by giving all mother flowers and a gift bag. We also provide breakfast for the duration of the celebration. We celebrate Father's Day by giving all fathers breakfast and grooming kit bags. We also do a Spin A Wheel for cash for recognition, part of our Blue Energy Activity.

    "We treat Team Members to a buffet in our restaurant. We randomly buy outside vendor food such as Popeye's chicken, McDonalds, Tamales, Jack in the Box, the Habbit Hamburgers, Boba drinks, Starbucks, Pies, Cupcakes, Beard Pappas, Portos etc. During the Women's International Day, we bought all female Team Members flowers. We also provide safety scratchers to all Team Members every pay day, to again, say thank you for keeping a safe work environment. We also bought Blenders for the Team Members so that they can make their own shakes and smoothies before they start the day. We provide the milk, ice, fruits, chocolate mix. We also provide a big refrigerator where Team Members' drinks such as Power Aide, Gatorade, orange juice, and bottles of water are stored for their use. We also provide a courtesy charging station for the Team Members to charge their personal electronics such as cellphones.

    "We redecorate the Team Member Cafeteria twice a year for a fresh look by changing the surrounding paints and changing the wall design with calming colors. During holidays, we give less rooms to clean to the Room Attendants to allow them to leave early so that they can be with their families, but they are still paid for the full day. And the HR Department implemented a Blue Energy Cart that contains snacks, scratchers, etc. that they give to the Room Attendants who successfully passed the HR Room Inspection."

    —Alma Harrison, Hilton San Gabriel

  • "Every month we send out a newsletter (The Garden Gossip) to all of our Team Members. We highlight achievements of Team Members/departments, as well as notable SALT comments, fun activities, contests/prizes, and general news for the hotel and our community."

    —Jade-Marie Moxey, Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

  • "This year we renovated our back office to celebrate Front Office Week. We had fun painting and decorating during together during three days, and the result is the most gorgeous office in the hotel. Together we can do great things!"

    —Ligia Peralta, Hilton Panama

  • "We have play money we use at the hotel, earned through special acknowledgements from guests and other high level job performance. If a Team Member is mentioned by name on a SALT survey, the Team Member receives $15 in play money to spend on fun snack items of their choice. We read the guest surveys together weekly, and always celebrate those mentioned by name and cheer for their accomplishments. Recently I had a little in-house quiz for all Team Members of 10 things that they should know about the hotel and working here. It was fun to see that many of the Team Members had perfect scores on their quizzes, and for those that got any wrong, it was basically one item wrong. Everyone with a perfect score will be awarded a prize, and those with scores of 90 a second-place prize. One of the questions we asked the Team Members was: What was your favorite huddle breakfast or snack served? Many answered our fun breakfast we had on Valentine's Day."

    —Tonya Lewis, Hampton Inn by Hilton Detroit/Madison Heights/South Troy Area

  • "We have the Name on Survey Incentive: Recieve a positive survey with your name mentioned and recieve a $10 gift card. We have Team Member of the Month, and they get a picture placed on board and a $50.00 gift card. We celebrate departments of the month. January was Maintenance, they got mini cakes, cards signed by entire team, and $10 gift cards. February was Food & Beverage. They had an ice cream party and cards signed by the entire team. March was Front Desk and they received candy buckets and cards signed by entire team. The Team Member with most enrollments for Hilton Honors for the month gets a $10 gift card. At monthly Team Member meetings. we celebrate birthdays with cards, cake, and scratch off tickets. For the SALT department contest, the department with the highest score wins a prize."

    —Jennifer White, Hampton Inn Charlotte University Place

  • "I love to utilize Hilton Recognition Matters with our hotels to boost morale as well as just simply recognizing someone for something they've done to make a change or difference. I thank our hotels as we support them while we're helping them look for ways to increase SALT/Loyalty scores and/or even increase revenue. Celebrating the Team Members is so important because if we have happy Team Members, we have happy guests, and it's a win-win for all. In addition, I personally do send my teammates High Fives for being a great teammate and recognizing what I learned from them and/or how they are just awesome."

    —Asha Coleman, Hilton Corporate

  • "To celebrate the fantastic results of the first quarter and to get everybody in the mood for Easter, we decided to arrange for a very small - but very special - gift. During the Monthly Celebrating Success event, we handed everybody a little THRIVE box (rather than the customary chocolate). In this box you find some earth and seeds, to create your own herb box. The gimmick is that with a magnetic side of the wooden box you can attach the growing herb box to a fridge or iron surface. The gift was much appreciated and was a great start to a THRIVING Easter period."

    —Erwin Verhoog, Hilton Munich Park

  • "I think that our Team Members are truly our greatest assets! They create relationships with our guests on a daily basis, and we could not be successful without every single Team Member! I look forward to providing recognition during the monthly and weekly celebrations. Seeing their smiles is what it's all about! I love working for Hilton because team recognition is priority and it shows!! Proud to work for Hilton brand for over 13 years!"

    —Lisa Vallejo, Hilton Garden Inn Yakima

  • "Edilberta celebrated 17 years with the Hilton in March and truly is a strong team leader in Housekeeping. Edi won our hotel's monthly recognition award, People Pleaser of the Month of February 2018, because of all she has done for the team. ¡Muchas Gracias!"

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "At HGI Dubai Al Muraqabat, we created "Front Office Superheroes," made with Hershey's chocolates, as small recognition gifts. We also displayed an appreciation wall during the month for other departments to show some love towards the FO team."

    —Manasi Patkar, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Muraqabat

  • "We had a huge celebration for Liana Cioli's retirement after 22 years of service in the Housekeeping Department (floors)."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "For each of the department recognition months, I decorate the department with colorful posters filled with praise. We have a luncheon for them, and I bake fun cakes for that. I also give each Team Member small appreciation gifts, random cards, and certificates all month. I hand make them T-shirts as well: I put the fun Hilton graphics from the recognition pages onto transfer paper, then iron them on the shirts. Then I use fabric markers on the back to put their name and some fun art that describes them and their jobs. Team recognition and team building is definately a passion of mine!"

    —Sarah Vonnahme, Hampton Inn by Hilton Oak Hill Austin

  • "Life as a Front Desk Agent can be challenging, we never know what to expect from our guests. However, we do a lot as a team to keep one another engaged and on our toes, ready for anything! We've recognized how hard our Front Office team has been working, especially throughout the month of February and into March. We were at 89% occupancy in February, which is an incredible record especially since it's the middle of winter here in Wisconsin! Timing couldn't have been better to celebrate Front Office Month. The team attended an Escape House and beat the clock! They successfully escaped all in one piece and could be heard telling Team Members in other departments how much fun they had for days following their Escape. Hard work pays off with fun times like these, and working as a team will allow you to accomplish even the most challenging tasks and prove to be rewarding."

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "As it is Easter this weekend and most of my FO team is working, we bought big chocolate eggs and wrote personalised messages for all of them. They worked incredibly hard over the last months (as both FO and FOM had left at the beginning of the new year), and really deserve the recognition."

    —Martina Sand, Hilton London Olympia

  • "It's Engineering week at Rome Cavalieri. We organised an outing to explore the eternal city by Segway. It was an unforgettable moment to live: the Colosseum by night seems even more charming. On the last day, the team dinner was held in a typical roman style restaurant downtown, and the seafood-themed menu was endless."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "We are doing a Front Office Treat Week! Every day we send a different array of treats. For example, on Monday Banquets sent bags of spring-themed candies with a card that said "We Are Hoppy to Work with You!" For Tuesday, Sales and Catering sent a jar of Kit Kats (red wrappers) and red vines with a bowl of red apples and a heart shaped card saying "We Heart Front Office." On Wednesday, Housekeeping came by with a decorated Sweet Cart filled with cinnamon rolls and cookies. On Thursday, our GM had a large Edible Arrangements sent. Tomorrow, Engineering will send over their treat, too!"

    —Anny Pham, Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Downtown

  • "We recently celebrated our third consecutive year winning a Connie Award! I love our team!"

    —Lisa Sawicki, Hampton Inn Tunkhannock

  • "Hilton Shenyang held a cross recognition party on March 28th, which Finance celebrated with the March department of the month, Front Office. Finance Team Member drew three pieces of a picture, and FO Team Member guessed the answer, which is the sweet language: Thank You, Hard Work, and You Are Great. And then all participants did yoga together, and Finance Team Members massaged the shoulders for FO Team Members to encourage the team to Thrive in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Finally, a certificate with all the wishes from Finance was given to Front Office."

    —Shirley Li, Hilton Shenyang

  • "Our week of recognition to Front Desk, Reservations, and Bell team was full of clowns, hats, wigs, and big smiles. The celebration was a fun circus with run and games! There even was Karaoke to animate the circus atmosphere. We had an afternoon of Bowling for the teams. Everyone had a great time choosing the best ball to knock down the bowling pins! All the members of the hotel were helping for the coffee break for their teammates. The week ended with a deserved dessert. And the General Manager recognized all of the Team Members. It is so Brighthearted!"

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "All mothers were surprised during the monthly performance meeting at Ramses Hilton with a lovely gift on the occasion of celebrating Mother's Day. Our Human Resources team wouldn't let it pass without a special celebration and memorable touches. All Female Team Members from all department received a red rose with a thank you note in an atmosphere full of fun, happiness, and love. Thank you, Ramses Hilton Management, for the lovely gesture, we really appreciate your continuous support and motivation!"

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "We made a very special week for everyone at the Front Desk! We had with a ice cream party on Monday, on Tuesday we gave everyone a chocolate bar with a personalized message, on Wednesday we had massages, and on Friday we gave out the "We love Front Desk" kit at a special coffee break. It was amazing to celebrate this great team that we have at Hilton Barra! #WeareHilton"

    —Roberta Pellegrino, Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro

  • "Semana de Recepcion, en el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, todos los departamentos se unieron a celebrarles a los miembros de equipo de Recepcion, y haciendolos sentir especial cada dia de la semana. Cada dia se les entrego un obsequio a cada uno de ellos, como objetivo de apreciar y valorar su trabajo dia a dia con el mejor servicio para los huespedes. Felicidades al Departamento de Recepcion!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This year for Front Desk Week we organized a Front Desk Olympics 2018 for Team Members from other departments to better understand and appreciate our work. We prepared flags for each team, and had an alternative olympic flame and official opening with anthem and somekind of parade (note: olympic flame in polish is called znicz which is the same as snitch candle). Competitors were virtually checking-in Guests (FD Team Members) with extremely hard names, tons of questions, and problems. The second competition was baggage trolley slalom on time. Jury - Front Desk Team Members were rating competitors efforts and selecting the winning team. This year the front desk trophy went to our Housekeeping department."

    —Piotr Ignaszak, Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport

  • "We used templates and great colorful logos to create a really dynamic recognition board. This one is displayed in our Team Member dining room. We recognized our two Team Members of the month with specific logos for their department, a fun "about me" questionnaire, and photos of the team. We also posted letters of recognition from each Team Members manager so everyone could read about why these Team Members were chosen as our monthly winners!"

    —Amanda Briggs, Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa

  • "We celebrated our Front Desk agent Riche for enrolling over achieving over 30 Hilton Honors enrollments this month! We are very proud to have her and celebrated her by giving her a $50 gift card to Walmart and her favorite ice cream!"

    —Carmenita Teach, Home2 Suites by Hilton Hanford

  • "DoubleTree by Hilton Izmir Alsancak is located of the heart of the city center of Izmir which is 3rd biggest city of Turkey. That's why when you are working at the Front Desk you need pay full attention to guests and the environment. It is not easy, but our Front Desk members have special powers which combine to make excellent work and excellent service. So we call our Front Desk Team Members by their powers which are loyalty (Erhan), communication (Emre), concentration (Kerem), and kindness (Nihan). And for Front Desk Appreciation Week we prepared mugs with the Team Members' names."

    —Sekip Gunduzcu, DoubleTree by Hilton Izmir Alsancak

  • "We recognized our Front Office team & Bell team one day by treating them to some delicious finger foods and appetizers. We continued to celebrate everyday this week with a special treat to recognize and thank them for all of their hard work. Great job team, you Rock!!"

    —Jenny Sterger, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santa Monica

  • "For the month of March we are running a Housekeeping Incentive. It is called the Housekeeping Hustle! The housekeepers earn a sticker or star when they have perfect room inspections for the day. We have a weekly winner announced every Monday during the housekeeping huddle. This past week our housekeeper Lilia won a Home2 gift bag filled with lots of goodies and a $50 gift card for Walmart!"

    —Carmenita Teach, Home2 Suites by Hilton Hanford Lemoore

  • "This week with Front Desk Appreciation week, we made sure that we had a little something for each Team Member each day. It didn't cost much, but every single one of them loved it and felt appreciated. We even visited our night auditor."

    —Dalila Bonilla, Home2 Suites by Hilton Arundel Mills

  • "Every month a CARE calendar is produced so that our Team Members know of certain activities and events within our hotel. During our bi-monthly CARE meeting, our departments are given National Food days and are required to submit them back to management within two weeks. This gives the department time to get with their Team Members and select the days in which they believe will have the greatest impact on our guests as well as our Team Members. Once generated, our Team Members and guests enjoy these days which have a great impact on our SALT as well as Team Member morale within our property. We also host a CARE rally on the last Wednesday of every month in which we honor all the nominations and select our Team Member of the Month. Each nominee is given a $10.00 in an envelope, and the winner receives a $100.00 bill. Each Team Member is recognized by our GM reading each nomination, and after a long drum roll...the nominees open each envelope. We have such a BLAST with this while we dine over a freshly made buffet prepared by our F&B team. We also coordinate a game of some sort (bingo, trivia, etc.) for team building within our departments. This is led by our HR Director."

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "For Food & Beverage month our Culinary, Stewarding and Coral Café Team held different events for their teams. The Coral Café team held a salsa making competition, and the Team Members got scored by the General Manager and food & beverage managers. The culinary and stewarding team decorated tye-dye shirts and created Chicago-style pizzas. They had so much fun with these team-building events!"

    —Daphna Jimenez, Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

  • "Honduram Father's Day, se dio acabo el 19 de Marzo, el cual el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, les organizo a todos los padres de cada departamento a una tarde de cine, el cual incluia pop corns, hot dogs, fresco y su respectivo obsequio por ser su dia. Cada uno de ellos, gozaron de una grandiosa pelicula y de un servicio excepcional al momento de ordenar su comida, sin duda fue un dia donde disfrutaron mucho y fueron consentidos. Happy Father's Day!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are recognizing our Front Office team by doing something for them every week to show our gratitude and let them know that we appreciate the hard work they put in every single day! For instance, the Sales team is going to provide Front Desk with Sun Fest tickets this year so they can enjoy themselves, kick back, and relax. We are also ordering a healthy lunch today to keep them better focused to continue to do a great job every day. We will give a Certificate to the Hilton Honors champion winner as well! We are trying to recognize Front Office as much as we can! The Front Office Team is the heart of this hotel and what keeps us running every single day!"

    —Ashley Sanchez, Hilton Palm Beach Airport

  • "We celebrated the women's day with our team." s

    —Camilo Gomez, Hampton by Hilton Medellin

  • "We love Recognition! In our Pride Cafe, we have created the Congrats Wall of Fame! This wall showcases each of our new leaders and recently promoted leaders. Each bio requires the Team Member to submit four to five fun facts along with photos to describe the fun fact. Our Team Members love it! It's fun, helps us get to know one another better, gives them an opportunity to congratulate those leaders, and encourages growth and motivation to move up if they desire! GO HAH!"

    —Rain Scott, Hilton Americas Houston

  • "Each month the Sales team personally takes time to recognize the department of the month with an idea from the calendar. In February, we did Food and Beverage month with baskets with measuring cups for each Team Member along with a personal message telling them how they "measure up" to making our hotel successful."

    —Ranette Maurer, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "We invite our team to a great dinner in a very nice location in the city. We celebrate monthly birthdays."

    —Camilo Gomez, Hampton by Hilton Medellin

  • "In February we celebrated Food and Beverage Team Members. We prepared special events and competitions for them during this special week, and the most fun of these events was the fastest finish of the race track. Theatre ticket awards were presented to the Team Member who won the competition. We keep on having fun every day."

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

  • "We have been recognizing our HR Team Member for unofficial things for fun on a monthly basis. This month, our Director of HR, Soonyoung, got a Thank You certificate for offering lots of delicious foods to promote our Team Members' spirits. We are very looking forward to what we will recognize for the next month!"

    —Yoonseong Choi, Hilton Busan

  • "In one week it will be Front Desk week. Working in the bar, my team and I, according to the manager, decided to create a mocktail called "On Cu" (Cu because of the cucumber, which will be the predominant flavour of the mocktail) to recognise the amazing job they do every single day. We all know that working in Front Desk is not easy, so we also decided to create some drinks vouchers they can use in the bar to get any soft or hot drinks they prefer, from the classic Coke to the most particular coffee. We think that in this way we can create an amazing channel which will connect two different departments that together can give the best experience to our guests. Many thanks."

    —Marco Daina, The Waldorf Hilton

  • "When we are not recognizing CATCH ME AT MY BEST, we are recognizing our team with our BEST cards: Blue Energy Star Team Member. Every payday we pull four cards from all that have been turned in during that pay period. They win a 10 punch meal card for the Team Member cafe or a $25 gift card to Walmart."

    —Helen Nance, Hilton Omaha

  • "As a part of a thank you to our amazing team for doing such a great job, the owners and Management provided a lunch buffet for the entire team of the hotel. And they gave each Team Member a logo Tumbler."

    —Peter Paulin, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Pinedale

  • c "We have made a Recognition board in our back office for all of the Front team to use. Each Team Member can fill out recognition slips our for their teammates and pin them to the board. We encourage them to so so at least one a week and a different associate every time."

    —Amieanne Grenci , DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Junction

  • "We celebrated our third shift team in the month of March with some different surprises. They had a few deliveries of fresh baked cookies, pizza, and breakfast. On their final day of appreciation, we surprised them with a buffet style breakfast in one of the hotel meeting rooms. Along with breakfast, they received an overnight survival kit: basket with aleep lotion, snacks, and a coffee mug. They were very surprised because a few of the first shift team came in about two hours prior to their day shifts to say a big "Thank you" to the overnight crew. They were very pleased!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "During the Food & Beverage appreciation week, we hired our fabulous massagist Ari to give short treatments to our hard workers. Ari wandered around all the F&B departments from breakfast to conference, and to restaurant Meritorppa. Each Blue Energy Committee member in their department had arranged a corner for the back and shoulder massage. It was an enjoyable pause for the hectic day!"

    —Maria Rannanlahti, Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa

  • "On February 19 we had our Security team celebrating with a night out. They had such a great time, chatting, laughing, having fun, and above all tasting one of the most delicious pizza ever had in Rome!"

    —Giada Lamantia, Rome Cavalieri

  • "Today at Hilton Dublin Airport not only did we celebrate International Women's Day, but we also celebrated Mother's day with some afternoon tea and treats. Thank you, Hilton Hotel Dublin Airport team."

    —Nessa O'Connor, Hilton Dublin Airport

  • "Using the Recognition Tips Calendar we have kept track of fun mini holidays to celebrate with our team! Lately there has been a lot of teams at our hotel, and it's been a little stressful. Having something fun to break that up goes a long way! March 8th is International Women's Day! Out of 37 Team Members only seven are men! So we have a lot to celebrate! The girls get to come in to the break room decorated just for them and have doughnuts to start their day off right!"

    —Cassidy Vachon, Hampton Inn by Hilton Bangor

  • 2018 "We surprised our Food & Beverage team with a Bicycle Crepe Station! Strawberry + Nutella and Serrano Ham with Swiss Cheese Crepes! Yum!"

    —Maleny Collazo, The Condado Plaza Hilton

  • 2018 "We gave our Team Member of the Month a $100 check and put a notice about it in our local paper."

    —Phil Patel, Hampton Inn & Suites Dublin

  • 2018 "Every week during the month of March I am taking the Front Desk team on a team building outing. Topgolf for the first week, Painting with a Twist for the second week, Luby's for Lunch for the third week, and Recognition and Awards for the fourth week meeting! We are giving back to the team, as them give their all to our Guests! We are Hilton We are Hospitality!"

    —Jessica Smith, Hilton Houston NASA Clearlake

  • 2018 "We celebrated National Oreo Day by sharing "Cream-Filled Facts" about Oreo's and then indulging the delicious snack at our morning huddle! Did you know Oreo's are Vegan?!?"

    —Sarah Uetz, Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading

  • 2018 "We celebrated the F&B week in a rather unique style from the barbeque at the Corniche side, where we had the opportunity to have games such as the waiter's race, and most importantly, we had our VP of Operations for Arabian Peninsula and Turkey - William Costley. It was indeed a great time appreciating all the efforts shown by our Food & Beverage service team."

    —Leo De Pedro, Hilton Sharjah

  • 2018 "February was a month of Food & Beverage, and we celebrated a great F&B day. The day was filled with fun and games, and we prepared a great presentation of our F&B success story for 2017 with their funny pictures. We had a best cocktail competition, Hilton Logo from vegetables competition, and the best ones were recognized with presents. We Love F&B!quot;

    —Esmira Akhundova, Hilton Baku

  • 2018 "Our hotel had it's grand opening on Jan 28, 2018, and February is the first month. The recognition activity for F&B service in February was launched by HR, and chaired by FO. During this activity, some F&B positive feedback from SALT was shared, and some recognition games were conducted as well. Meanwhile, FO TMs prepared one trophy specially for F&B Service."

    —Lucy Teng, Hilton Shenyang

  • 2018 "We celebrated Food and Beverage week by offering breakfast everyday during the week and having an Ice Cream Day served by department heads. Additionally, on the last day we had a meal prepared by managers, and presented each Team Member an award for their exceptional service, dedication, and hard work."

    —Luisairy Pena, Homewood Suites by Hilton Midtown Manhattan

  • 2018 "We recognized the delicious work of our Food and Beverage team, using the theme May The Force Be With You. They had different activities such as putting together a jenga with hidden questions, puzzles about the culture of Hilton Garden Inn, and an afternoon of cinema with Ratatouille. The most challenging part of the puzzles was that random pieces contained questions of the culture of the brand, only those who were successful continued in the challenge. In the end, everyone received a backpack as a special detail."

    —Laura Chitay, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala

  • 2018 "On February 2, 2018, we organised a great surprise Porchetta Party to celebrate the beginning of Maintenance Month 2018. We had on the buffet typical Roman street food and a magnificent millefeuille cake personalised with sparkling baby blue sugar paste and colored balloons."

    —Giada Lamantia, Rome Cavalieri

  • 2018 "La semana de cocina llego al hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, el cual differentes departamentos les celebro a cada uno de los miembros de euipo Cocina, dandoles un pequeño obsequio con el objetivo de demonstrar la importancia y el valor que se tiene a cada uno de ellos, por su esfuerzo de cada dia. Felicidades Chefs, sigan con ses espiritu de esforzarse cada dia."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This month we recognized our F&B team by ordering personal cutting boards. We took the time to come up with a quote/tagline for each one of our Team Members, something that represented them. We also wrote a heart-felt thank you card for each person. We wanted to come up with a customized gift because they truly make every single one of our guests feel at home and special. We love F&B! We would be lost without our team!"

    —Megan Wingate, Homewood Suites by Hilton Burlington

  • "For our Engineering team, we decided to do a root beer float cart. We purchased big glass beer mugs, glass etched the name of every Team Member in our Engineering department, then took the cart with straws, ice cream, and different soda options so everyone could create their own special root beer float! It was a fun way to show the team we cared, and they really loved the personalized mugs! The entire thing cost us under $30 for the entire team, but had a huge impact. Just shows that you don't have to spend a lot of money to recognize!"

    —Kelson Riding, Hilton Salt Lake City Center

  • "Office birthdays should involve more than the obligatory cake. Here's what you should really be doing! We celebrate all TMs birthday together at every end of the month (for those birthday on that particular month) at the team Cafeteria (we called it Me,N,U). It is a small gathering from all departments, and we have fun! and give them warm wishes & motivation to Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired!"

    —Gopal Arya, Conrad Dubai

  • "We have numerous ways to recognize Team Members, whether it is daily, monthly, or yearly. One way is our Team Member of the Month board. We often have Team Members that don't see each other and are not sure who the Team Member that won is, so we created a board with all of the teams' pictures. Every month we move it over with the month that the person is representing. We also have a calendar for each department, which is our bee board which comes from: "Be Brighthearted." Our daily board is for when an Team Member is mentioned in a survey or guest assistance compliment. They receive a clothes pin, and when they reach five, they get to choose things out of our Brighthearted box that has anything from gift cards, to novelty items, to coupons. We not only have seen more production in daily work to strive towards winning, but also more cheerfulness in Team Members knowing that we believe in them and that we recognize the good that they do."

    —Deidra Davis, Hilton Garden Inn Augusta

  • "We recognized our Food & Beverage team by treating them to a special surprise every day throughout Food & Beverage Week. We gave each Team Member a scratch-off lottery ticket and a 100 Grand candy bar on Monday, a box of cereal with some themed words of recognition on Tuesday, cupcakes and cookies on Wednesday, ordered take-out meals for our AM and PM team on Thursday, pilsner glasses with a hug (juice) and kisses (Hershey) on Friday, and a Redbox one-day movie rental voucher and bag of microwaveable popcorn on Saturday!"

    —Erin Cavanaugh-Wyatt, Embassy Suites by Hilton Cincinnati RiverCenter

  • "The Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport is going through a very exciting and challenging time with renovations! To keep our team feeling appreciated, we started a program very similar to Catch Me at My Best. Every week we do drawings for Team Members to win prizes like candy, gift cards, or even hotel furniture! Our team loved it so much they even dressed up for the weekly event!"

    —Lauren Scott, Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis Airport

  • "We assign one department to recognize the monthly celebrated department each day in some way. The specific department is recognized each day by the leadership team of that dept., i.e., Monday - Sales will provide donuts and a big thank you, Tuesday - Engineering will provide a snack, etc. During the monthly luncheon we reserve tables for the celebrated team and provide an extra gift or item."

    —Clarissa Yost, Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center

  • "In January we recognized our Engineering team by putting together a bucket of candy, snacks, and small items for our team of six Engineers. Although our department is small, each of them has a big heart, and they are continuously running around tirelessly helping our guests, no matter what the issue or request. The team also took advantage of a not-so-chilly January afternoon and walked to a local burger restaurant to have lunch as a team. They have also implemented "Engineer of the Month" to recognize the amount of projects and request each and every one of them pick up on a daily basis to help in their department and all other areas of the hotel. They are truly such a huge piece of our Madison family!"

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "We recognize our team byaking a goodie bags for the Team Members and playing fun game for their luncheon."

    —Hanane Ayab, Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando International Drive Jamaican Court

  • "Everycday we recognize the wonderful work they do, this month we wanted to let them know with special gifts."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Every month I make a gift basket for Housekeeping to recognize perfect attendance. All Team Members who have perfect attendance for the month have a chance to win. The baskets are all designed for the holiday of the month, lottery tickets, or just canned goods. This helps our hotel Housekeeping department have a better attendance."

    —Judy Forsythe, Hampton Inn by Hilton Monroeville

  • "I have been working with my team here for almost seven years. To recognize them, I would like say that they are the most considerate group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone covers each others back, and when we need each other at the drop of the hat, someone always steps up and covers. My team is the true definition of a Team Member family. "We Rock!" Our #1 goal is to make each and every guest happy, and that begins with us helping and looking out and recognizing each other. We all have a love for our property and our guests, and I would not change anything. I love Hilton and I love my teammates."

    —Kenyata Rozier, Homewood Suites by Hilton Macon North

  • "Hotel Hilton Princes San Pedro Sula, celebro Valentine's Day, donde se compartio con todos los miembros de equipo un Brownie y un abrazo con mucho cariño. El cual se demostro el amor y cariño que hay para cada uno de los miembros de equipo. Happy Valentine's Day!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We always seek opportunities to recognize and appreciate the Team Members for the amazing job they are doing year long. In addition to the Catch Me cards, WhatsApp, and Facebook appreciations. we went an extra mile to make Team Members feel special. Being a Brighthearted and TWP champion of the hotel, the training manager wanted to influence the Team Members in a positive way every single time they walk inside his office. So a wallpaper with an artwork with writings "You are amazing" was installed inside the office to constantly remind the Team Members that they are amazing. The phrase itself gives a Brighthearted vibe and was appreciated by lot of Team Members."

    —Vineeth Senan, Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum

  • "Using the Hamptonality concept, I took the time to split the entire team into groups, chose team captains, and spent time working on our plan of action to get our guests to give us 9's & 10's. We have a board in the back office with all the Team Members, and every time someone's name is mentioned or is good in a SALT survey or in person, TripAdvisor, or Third Party sites, they get a Certificate from the Recognition site. We also give them $5 that accumulates throughout the month."

    —Darlene Mayes, Hampton Inn by Hilton North Olmsted Cleveland Airport

  • "To encourage team spirit and inspire creativity between Team Members, each Department had to come up with an original, innovative, inspiring, and creative photo for their Department. The competition created a fantastic team spirit, where each Department started to brainstorm, thinking out of the box and new ideas were flourishing in their minds. Team Members were very excited and every department hoped to win the challenge.

    We received some amazing and funny photos making the selection of the winner extremely challenging. In order to engage all Team Members in the selection process, an email has been sent to all Team Members to vote for their favorite photos. The HR Department decided to choose two winner pictures: the Engineering and Public Relations Departments. Their creativity was recognized with a trophy during a Formula 1-themed team celebration. Based on the success of the photo competition, our Human Resource Department is planning to arrange more fun, engaging competitions to emphasize the pleasant, delightful, working atmosphere."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • CONTEST WINNER: "We enjoyed lots of fun activities during this Food and Beverage week:

    Team Got Talent Performance:Our F&B team has some dancing and singing talent, so they performed and the guests choose the best. We also had sports activities with the guests: Football game and Volleyball game. We created Live Thrive Day with a single task a day, and Digital Learning Day, to encourage the team to Thrive in Body, Mind, and Spirit. We prepared a Bedouin day for the team, and they enjoyed the DJ with music in tent and mix grill food for around 35 Team Members. We also shared a time with the guests to make creative Cocktails."

    —Ayman Fathy, Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort

  • "We recognized out Food and Beverage Team in February by gifting them each a "We Love Food and Beverage" water bottle with candy and a thank you note inside."

    —Elizabeth Cutler, Hilton Garden Inn Colorado Springs North

  • "2017 was a remarkably prosperous year for Ramses Hilton: The Hotel achieved all its SALT and Revenue Targets and won numerous internal awards such as The EMEA GM Leadership Award, The EMEA Food & Beverage Award of Excellence, and three Spirit of Blue Energy Award winners. A motivated team is a vital asset of a successful business, therefore as part of the [email protected] initiative, to show true appreciation and celebrate the success all together, we decided to organize an amazing #RamsesHiltonDriversofSuccess Celebration. The theme was Formula 1 Racing, and the ballroom was transformed into a real Formula 1 race track. The Management Team and Directors were wearing Formula 1 jumpsuits welcomed the attendants and distributed a specially designed Hilton Formula 1 souvenir caps as and Formula 1 flags. It was a real surprise for all the Team Members. Everyone queued and wanted to take pictures and selfies while sitting in the professionally designed Ramses Hilton Racecar. Each Department was recognized with a small personalized trophy and thankful words. There was a DJ and a delicious buffet. After the celebration, the team truly felt re-energized to perform their jobs in 2018 and deliver outstanding guest service just like in 2017."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "Our team is using new methods to recognize the Department of the Month this year! We now send personalized Thank You cards home signed by the members of our Blue Energy Committee, thanking the Team Member for their contributions to support our team and our guests! The team is delighted to have something show up at their house and are touched by this gesture! Additionally, our management team selects a day within the month to recognize the team. They coordinate the food and we distribute lottery scratch tickets to each member of the team! Our EC members and representatives from our Blue Energy Committee gather to praise the team and thank them for everything they do. So far we have celebrated Property Operations, Culinary, and Stewarding!"

    —Anastasia Weeks, Hilton McLean Tysons Corner

  • "We utilize the recognition calendar every month to share the birthdays and anniversaries of our Team Members. With the calendar's information, we send out personalized birthday & anniversary cards with a $1 scratch off ticket to each Team Member, letting them know how much we appreciate their length of service and hope they have a happy birthday. Occasionally we see a winning ticket!"

    —Trenise Hill, Doubletree by Hilton Cleveland East Beachwood

  • "Each department is celebrating the F&B team in their own special way. The Chef is making his kitchen their favorite dish for their lunch. The Director of Sales is providing each of them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. The GM is adding PTO to their balance. HR/Accounting is bringing in donuts for the morning shift. Housekeeping is bringing in dessert for the night shift."

    —Maria Osmano, Doubletree Suites by Hilton Downers Grove

  • "For Valentines Day, we have a mailbox in the back office and Valentine cards for the Team Member to write what they love about their teammates. But they do not put who the card is from. At the Valentine's lunch, each Team Member received their cards. I give out a rose and chocolate covered strawberries to each Team Member. This is one way I let my team know I love having them here."

    —Minnie Horton, Hampton Inn by Hilton Wilson Downtown

  • "I recognize my team by sending out High Five emails to Team Members that go above and beyond - the people that deserve recognition for their best efforts. I also implement a Team Member of the Month program to recognize outstanding Team Members. Our first Team Member of the month is our chief engineer, who keeps our property in great working order."

    —Ash West, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bakersfield/Hwy 58

  • "I created The Project to motivate the Front of House to improve Hilton Honors enrollments, upselling, and SALT. All Receptionists and shift leaders have a group, and the goal of these groups is to get points from SALT comments, Hilton Honors Enrollments, and upsells. Every week we define group position, and at the end of the month we announce the winner. I creates videos to explain The Project and to update the team about the competition. Also I creates prizes to distribute for first place, making vouchers for hot drinks, dinner, and holidays - the winner can choose which prize they would like to get. Every month there is a celebration party, with special food and drinks for the team. At this party, I distribute the prizes. The FoH Team Members are so motivated: In January, we made 2,868 Hilton Honors Enrollments. This is the first time that we have reached this score! Like I always say, the only way is up!"

    —Luciana Jantalia, Hilton Birmingham Metropole

  • "The Blue Energy team held a pizza party, and the kitchen team was very engaged to prepare the biggest pizza we have ever had. They had lots of fun in preparing it, as well to show of as the cream of the crop. All of the Team Members had a lot of fun and enjoyed the delicious XXL maxi Pizza. Thank you kitchen team and Happy 1,000 year birthday dear Pizza. Keep on going."

    —Dorothee, Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront

  • "Como es de tradicion en el Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, se organizo una fiesta de cumpleaños a todos los miembros de equipo que estuvieron celebrando un año mas de vida en el mes de enero y febrero. En el cual gozaron con sus compañeros de equipo, con unos deliciosos nachos mexicanos y con un pastel lleno de caramelo. Felicitamos a cada uno de los cumpleañeros deseando que el señor bendiga grandemente sus vidas."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "It's F&B Appreciation month, and although we recognize our team through out the year, this month we have done several special things to really show our team how much we appreciate them. I sent High Fives to all Team Members who have received great feedback from guests, whether it is TripAdvisor, SALT, or our DT comment cards, this lets our team know we do appreciate them and the great things they do for our guests. We have allocated a special F&B Recognition board in our office, to print out all good feedback comments so all Team Members can see them and feel special. This also lets them know how much we value their great service. We organised a day where we will get all of our F&B team together for a surprise thank you gathering. This will include a small raffle, prizes bought from Supervisors and also some food available, just to say thank you for all their hard work. We also made a photo board of all of our great times together as a department, in and out of work, to remind ourselves of what a great team and friends we are. We will continue to show our team how much we value them and make sure they are always recognized."

    —Nikkole McBride, Doubletree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "We recognized our Maintenance & Engineering team during the month of January. We celebrated their hard work and dedication to our hotel by gifting them with treats and a pizza party! They are truly the super heroes of our hotel! We couldn't do it without them!"

    —Melanie Ramirez, Hilton College Station & Conference Center

  • "Using the certificates on the Recognition Website for Food & Beverage, we made personalized Accomplishment Certificates with a twist: We calculated how many guests each F&B Team Member had interacted with over their career, and then wrote a message of thanks to show them how many guests' lives they touched. For example, our server Bimal has connected with at least 94,000 guests, which is equivalent to filling the Rose Bowl Stadium! Holly has reached over 74,000 guests, which is the entire population of Kalamazoo, Michigan! AJ the bartender has server enough guests to fill 20 cruise ships! The numbers are impressive and just go to show the impact each server has on our business. It was quite fun to post this for everyone to see! We filled a table under the cork board in the service area with little snacks and treats recognizing their dedication. And we had to add some quality puns to the treats, including raisin boxes with Thank you for Raisin Our Salt Scores and gold fish with It's O-Fish-all, You're Awesome, Happy F&B Month."

    —Alexis Landers, DoubleTree by Hilton Hyannis

  • "Team Members were treated to a Superbowl Goodie Cart to celebrate Superbowl LII, New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles on February 4, 2018. Team Members enjoyed traditional finger foods along with Red and Blue punch!"

    —Anita McKoy, Hilton Wilmington Riverside

  • "Se dio inicio la semana de reconocimiento del departamento de mantenimiento,donde cada dia de la semana se les obsequio un premio a cada uno de los miembros de equipo, un reconocimiento de su valioso trabajo y esfuerzo que emprenden cada dia. Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula incio la semana con ice cream day, donde los miembros de equipo de mantenimiento obtuvieron un pequeño descanso, asi mismo el dia martes se les brindo pizza day, el cual fue un almuerzo muy provechoso, continuando el dia miercoles con un desayuno al estilo hondureño , de igual forma el dia jueves se les obsequio pop corn day, finalizando el dia viernes con un almuerzo y con una gorra de parte del hotel."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hilton Wilmington Riverside has begun recognizing Team Members that are personally named by guest in SALT surveys and other social recognition by awarding them RockStar Recognition. Gabby was the first to be award the RockStar Award for being recognized by a guest for going above and beyond in meeting their needs while they visited at our hotel. Great job!"

    —Anita Mckoy, Hilton Wilmington Riverside

  • "I recognize the team by congratulating them for their achievements. When we achieve the goal of the month, they are given a compensation. Every month we name the Team Member of the month, and they are given recognition and an incentive such as money, vouchers, and tickets to cinemas."

    —Patricia Camacho Lopez, Hampton Inn by Hilton Ciudad Victoria

  • "In our January Blue Energy Committee Meeting, we were brainstorming about ways to recognize and show appreciation to our fellow Team Members. Our Blue Energy Team was wanting to take recognition to the next level and make it easy, frequent, and on-the spot! So we created Blue Energy Coupons. We currently have three different coupons. They include a candy bar of choice from the Gift Shop, drink of choice from our Starbucks Store, and soup, salad, or sandwich of choice from our Restaurant. Each Blue Energy Committee Member will receive an envelope of coupons at each meeting. Throughout the month they can pass out coupons when they recognize a Team Member showing Blue Energy towards a Guest, fellow Team Member, or in our Community."

    —Carrie Grover, Hilton Fort Wayne at the Grand Wayne Convention Center

  • "We are constantly recognizing our Team Members, but I want to share with you what we did after a huddle meeting. We put everyone's name in a drawing for a local restaurant in the area. The winner was Lois from our housekeeping department. She has been with the Hampton for five years and we are so proud of having her part of the team. She is an example to the team of what great rooms look like. She is a valued Team Member and we so appreciate her."

    —Teresa Kaasa, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Watertown

  • "The year has started with Engineering month. We arranged a great Engineering day for them. The meeting room was decorated with balloons and cocktail tables with snack food. Our chef prepared a cake and some delicious treats for them, and a red carpet was opened at the meeting room entrance. The team was welcomed with a life corridor by our HODs, a welcome speech by our Chief Engineer and the DO, and a small presentation about our Engineering team. We had games, and a present was given to winners. We also had a special T-Shirt for the team (We love Engineering). They all were happy!"

    —Esmira Akhundova, Hilton Baku

  • "We had an afternoon of Cinema on our first day of Maintenance week. We took a group photo, and after a funny movie we had delicious ice cream. We exercised our minds with riddle games, and all Team Members recognized the effort of the Maintenance team. The Riddler even visited us! In our hotel, the Team Members show a great camaraderie, and they always help each other. It is important to have a rest time, so we had a picnic and enjoyed a delicious meal. Success is not achieved with luck, it is the result of a constant effort. The only way to do a great job is to love what you do, congratulations to the Maintenance Team!"

    —Laura Chitay, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Iniciamos el año festejando a nuestros departamentos, Mantenimiento fue el primer equipo a quien reconocimos este mes de enero, cada uno de los departamentos que conforman nuestra Propiedad participó en este festejo, por ejemplo la cocinia les envió una canasta de galletas para que las comieran en un rato libre, asi mismo la Gerencia les compró un kit de herramientas las cuales sin duda les ayudará mucho a realizar su gran trabajo que hacen en el Hotel. Otro día el Gerente de Recepcion junto con todo su team pegaron calcomanias sobre sus playeras para felicitarlos por su trabajo, tambien se hicieron reconocimientos para cada uno de las personas en mantenimiento. Fueron pequeños detalles que sin duda les arranco una sonrisa a cada uno de ellos. Felicidades equipo de mantenimiento."

    —Carlos Lopez, Hilton Mexico City Airport

  • "For the month of January, we celebrated our Engineering team each week with a new idea. For Week One, the GM and AGM took both of them out to eat! On Week Two, each department wrote a thank you note of appreciation and, the team gave them a Dallas Cowboys T-shirt. On Week Three, they received a white painted rock and wrote YOU ROCK on the front. Then each Team Member signed their name on the back of the rock in multi-colored sharpie pens. And for Week Four, we had a Team Member luncheon and gave each of them a decorated 'survival pail' with items such as gloves, hand cleaner, peanut M&Ms, slim jim, bottle opener, $10 giftcards, etc. Thank you!"

    —Jennifer Ross, Homewood Suites by Hilton Plano-Richardson

  • "Once a month we celebrate our Team Members' anniversaries and birthdays with a luncheon for the entire team. We recognize our Team Members with a card, a gift, and a round of applause from the team. This has been a hit, and the team really enjoyed the experience of being celebrated."

    —Teresa Kaasa, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Watertown

  • "Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate! We love to bring it when we have our monthly recognition luncheon. Our lunch includes some good food, music, and a lot of recognition. Our theme for 2018 is the Justice League. We award T-shirts or costumes to our MVP of the month based on characters from the Justice League. Recognition at our hotel is done everyday. When our Team Members answer a question during huddles or wow our guests or another Team Member, we give them Lewis the Duck Bucks! These are redeemable in our suite shop. When we recognize our team, they pay it forward to our guests."

    —Barry Stirrat, Homewood Suites by Hilton Greenville

  • "We have been winning Honor Every Guest every month since we opened. We celebrated each month with lunch, and the team started to get bored with it. We decided to hold on to the gift cards, and we allowed the team to order zip up jackets from Lands' End to add to their uniforms. The team is so excited to stay warm and show off their Home2 jackets!"

    —Samantha Minter, Home2 Suites by Hilton Stafford/Quantico

  • "In Maintenance & Engineering month, we organized a contest for Team Members. The Engineering team's new task was to complete wooden models. They are a bit difficult to complete, but they have a lot of fun. Cinema ticket prizes were prepared for Engineering Team Members who completed the wooden model sthe fastest, and special gifts found on Hilton recognition page are not forgotten. We also had gift cups among the gifts to make sure that we always feel close to their families. They loved it! We keep on having fun everyday. Thank you Hilton!"

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul, Avcilar

  • "The team at Hilton Sheffield has been recognising not only Maintenance this month but the whole team. All of our recognition stories appear on our own Facebook page that only Team Members can see, and on H360. These range from celebrating birthdays and having a free lunch, Internal Celebrations hosting the Team Member of the month, High Five Day, and Granola Bar day. Any great feedback from guests about the team is awarded with WOW points. Of course the Maintenance team has received lots of goodies too, ranging from Cinema tickets, free breakfasts, hampers, and free coffee."

    —Gemma Jolliffe, Hilton Sheffield

  • "We believe that what we learn with joy we will never forget, and that's why we love the Kahoot game. Kahoot is a great website that allows us to create multiple choice questions quiz in a fun and attractive way with pictures and music. It also records score for correct answers, so it's just perfect to have a little competition among the team. We informed our Team Members in advance so that everybody had Kahoot ready on their phones; then we gathered everybody in front of a wide screen and did the quiz together. Movie tickets and snacks are the prizes for our winners. Our team really enjoys the game as we always have good fun and able to review our knowledge."

    —Thang Hoang, Hilton Da Nang

  • "A birthday is a special day! Most of us celebrate it at work, and deep in our hearts we expect some surprise. For our team for each birthday celebration we try to do something new. This January was the birthday of our colleague Ahmed. We pretended that we forgot about his special occasion, and at the end of monthly communication meeting surprised him with "cake" in form of a pizza with candles and a huge candy. Even simple, sometimes funky gifts, and, the most important, our brighthearted team, will definitely make our Team Members b-days special ones...they deserve it! Expenses for our small celebrations come from the money we earned after winning enrollment competitions."

    —Iana Kuka, Hilton Garden Inn Ras Al Khaimah

  • "Our annual Team Member kick-off party was held on Friday 19th January in our Grand Ballroom with the theme: Neon/Glow Party. We went all out this year for our team, with a great menu of Eastern, African, and American foods, and all the top awards were presented for 2017: Team Member of the Month for December; Department of the Year which won a team build braai at the beach; New Comer of the Year which won a night stay at our hotel in the King Executive Room, including breakfast and dinner; Best Team Support of the Year who also won a night stay at our hotel in the King Executive Room, including breakfast & dinner; Living the Values for 2017 which won a one-night stay at the Oyster Box Hotel, including breakfast; Supervisor of the Year which won a one-night stay at the Fairmont Zimbali Hotel, including breakfast; and Manager of the Year which won a full day package at The Fairway Spa for two people. #WeareHilton #thrivehilton #WeAreHilton #WeAreHospitality #hiltonthrive"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Our Engineering team has been quite busy even while in the pre-opening process. It was great to celebrate them this month. We bought them breakfast one week and lunch another. We also made chocolate tools for them. The tools were fun to make, and they enjoyed having something unique to them."

    —Jessica Chaney, DoubleTree by Hilton Vail

  • "I recognize my Team Member by letting them know how I appreciate them when their anniversary come around. This month I am recognizing two young men on my F & B team, Nakabian and Al. Both of these young men have been here for one year. To thank them they received their favorite sweet treat and a gold star balloon. Thank you all for everything you do!"

    —Robin Perry, Hilton Garden Inn Albany

  • "El Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula celebro el Dia de la Mujer Hondureña, el dia 25 de Enero. De tal forma que se les entrego un ramorde rosas a cada una de ellas y un obsequio personalizado. Felicitamos a cada mujer Hondureña en su dia por el cual son valientes guerreras, y bendecidas porque se levantan cada dia con mucha Fe, y llevan una vida con valor y fuerzas. Felicidades!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are constantly recognizing our Team Members, but this time I want to share with you what we did for our Engineering Team for their recognition week. We took them to lunch to a special restaurant the team liked, they had an afternoon with ice cream, they had letters signed from all the other Team Members, and finally we decorate a room and had a surprise to show them our appreciation for everything they do each day."

    —Maria Jose Carrillo Silva, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "For maintenance month we decided to create our maintenance team HWS Survival Kits! As AGM I wanted to do a little something extra by painting and decorating paint buckets, and our GM stuffed them with little helpful tools. We had gloves, M&Ms, beef jerky,A wine bottle opener, and a few more."

    —Gloria Decena, Homewood Suites by Hilton Plano-Richardson

  • "For Engineering week, each department owned a day of recognition. They had some amazing meals, a huge thank you card signed by all, and some fun treats. Our General Manager ended the week perfectly by coming in at 5:00 a.m. to prepare his famous smoked ribs for the team. The team had a great week and we had a lot of fun showing how much they mean to us!"

    —Leslie Garringer, Waldorf Astoria Park City

  • "We have started a recognition board, and everyone that has their name mentioned positively in SALT is given $5.00. We also started a recognition board for service anniversaries and birthdays."

    —Tonya Zapata, Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Trussville

  • "Every December for the last eight years the hotel has had a Giving Tree. This Giving Tree gives back to our fellow Team Members and the community during the holiday season. We wanted to ensure that our community or our in-house community could provide the best holiday season for their children. This December we had 35 children to buy gifts for. The only way this program works is to have volunteers from our team to buy gifts or donate money towards gifts for these children. Well, one Team Member took it to a whole new level. They decided, because their heart is so big to pick 10 children to buy gifts for. Not looking for the recognition just who she is. Jen was recognized and honored this month at our All Team Member Holiday party with the first "Heart of the Holidays" award. We want to recognize fellow Team Members that go our of their way to make others feel good."

    —Katie Barker, DoubleTree by by Hilton Chicago-Alsip

  • "We celebrated our Engineering week the whole day in our hotel. We made them thrive and started their day with a Fruit Platter for breakfast. We gave them a personalized Maintenance & Engineering Magician shirt with their name printed on it. During the afternoon, we invited all the HODs and some of the TMs to help our Engineering Team to decorate the cat house which we are going to donate to the Animal Shelter as part of our Global Week of Service project. After the workshop, our GM handed out recognition certificates to the team. They are our heroes when it comes to maintenance of the hotel, so we made them feel their value to our property. We created a bulletin board specially for all the Engineering team and made them feel like real superheroes."

    —Janel Andrada and Carolina Berker, Alrayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Our Maintenance team plays a very important role in the success of our hotel. Without them, a lot of things would not be possible or functioning! We took great pleasure in recognizing our Maintenance department this month. We kicked off the month by having all Team Members and managers write thank yous and encouraging words on an engineering hard hat, which was displayed on their uniquely made Maintenance Appreciation board in our break room. Though most Maintenance teams consist of hard core engineers much like ours, they really enjoyed the unexpected photo shoots held throughout the week where photos were taken to display their daily activities, team work, and joy for what they do. We ended the month with hosting a surprise party for our team where a six ft. hero sub was given to them along with other snacks and beverages. They enjoyed the company and appreciation from managers and Team Members while playing two rounds of engineering trivia to receive the "Smartest Maintenance Man" award."

    —Inari King, DoubleTree by Hilton Columbia

  • "Delroy is not only a valuable member of our hotel, he is a true hero in his community. While walking home last winter, Delroy saw that a fire had broken out at a neighbors house. He jumped into action, saving two children and others. Recently Delroy's actions were recognized with a local Hero Award from the American Red Cross. He was also recognized on the We Are Hilton Spotlight on the Lobby. He is a Hero to all of us and we are so proud!"

    —Christine Bannon, Hilton Garden Inn New York\Staten Island

  • "We started the maintenance week with a decoration in their office, they got a special surprise! Not everything can be a prize, but the most important is recognition. It is better when you say what you think about your team. Their first day was amazing, they didn't know what the team thought about them. Second day was sweeter, they were surprised with a delicious milkshake from their favorite ice cream store! After a long morning they shared hamburgers. This department has special guys with big hearts. They are always on the time with their job and with guests!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Our hotel recognized our Maintenance and Engineering team by having a fun-filled special luncheon to celebrate all their efforts. We played a game: our GM created a life-sizes game in one of our meeting rooms with painters tape and a giant dice to be rolled. Two team members participated and this is how it worked: Team members rolled the dice to see how many spaces they would moved up or stay and answered Engineering/Maintenance-related questions. Our winner was so nice that he gifted his winning prize, a Starbucks gift card, to the Team Member he was up against. We ended our luncheon by cutting a special cake. Thanks for all you do! You Rock!"

    —Xochitl Catalan, Embassy Suites by Hilton Anaheim North

  • "At the beginning of a large group meeting at our hotel, the main contact person is given a pineapple pin to wear on their lapel. This lets our Team Members know that this person is the point of contact and the decision maker for the group. At the end of the meeting, the contact person gives the pin to the person they believe to have shown the best hospitality to the group. This can be anyone from a lobby attendant to the banquet captain. The Team Member that receives the pineapple pin is then recognized by the team at a separate meeting and given a token of appreciation for their hard work and hospitality to the group."

    —Stacy Collins, Hilton University Place Hotel Charlotte

  • "On week one the Executive Office filled Blue & Yellow Paint & Tool Buckets with Chocolates, Popcorn, Candy and snacks. Week Two Front Office surprised them with a custom make cake decorated with tools, week three the Care Committee gave them Chocolate and candy dipper pretzels and week four the Sales team is giving them a pizza party."

    —Lynn Miranda, Doubletree by Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center

  • "For the maintenance and engineering week, all the rest of our team got together and we all built a recognition calendar for the week. We planned a different activity each day so that we could make feel out coworkers special, and so that they could have a week out of the ordinary. Monday we decorated their office, and we welcome them when they arrived at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday we prepared a snack, and we personally decorated the lunch box. The general manager also invited them to have lunch outside the hotel. Wednesday we surprised them with a delicious fruit punch and gave them two T-shirts so that all our guest could know that this was their week. Thursday we invited them to have dinner in the Hotel, a delicious lasagna our F&B team prepared just for them. And Friday we invited them to have a special breakfast that our F&B team prepared for them. We also had lunch with all the Team Members. Each one prepared some words and shared them with our Maintenance team, thanking them for all their constant support and friendship. We also gave them a recognition diploma that all the Team Members signed."

    —Marcela Blanco, Hampton by Hilton Bucaramanga

  • "As a Front Office Manager, I am so proud of my wonderful team. I am happy to say that we are celebrating and recognizing our team as much as possible, as nothing matters more than keeping the Values and appreciation alive."

    —Denitsa Georgieva, The Diplomat Beach Resort, A Curio by Hilton

  • "As a focused service hotel, the Heroes of the Kitchen are the greatest satisfaction of our clients and the best inspiration to start the day with a local menu, typical flavors, creativity, great passion, and their unique Hamptonality. To recognize their great work, we held pastry training and delivered certificates recommending their great work. They have Hamptonality."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "Caring for our Team Members is one of our top priorities, and we often throw parties and banquets for Team Members and their friends and families. We had a spa & pamper day for our Housekeepers, and invited a facial masseuse to come in and pamper our ladies. We also had gift bags with hot chocolate and cookie mix for our Team Members to take home. There's nothing better than a good spa day and hot chocolate!"

    —Clara Choi, Hampton Inn by Hilton Statesboro

  • "The best way to start the day is celebrating our job! Our Maintenance team had fun and enjoyed the game "Craneo" with culture questions about Conrad and Service to celebrate their month of recognition and keep them inspired and motivated."

    —Ivvone Castillo, Conrad Cartagena

  • "I recognize my team every day. An affective greeting, a kind word, a hug, a smile. These are ways to recognize the team. This week we invited our Maintenance team to eat desserts, and surprised them with sweets in their work place and other activities."

    —Pedro Tomas Barcelo Gnecco, Hampton by Hilton Valledupar

  • "To recognize our Engineering Heroes we had a great time at the beach! Motivated by [email protected], we had the initiative to take everybody out of the hotel and enjoy some fresh air on the beautiful Copacabana Beach. Coconut water and ice cream for everyone!"

    —Flavio Silva, Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

  • "Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, organizo una fiesta para celebrar el comienzo de un año nuevo 2018 , el cual todos los miembros de equipo disfrutaron entre muchas risas, y baile. asi mismo de un delicioso banquete de comida. Se realizo una concurso del sombrero mas loco, donde tres de nuestros compañeros ganaron su respectivo lugar. Le damos Bienvenida a este nuevo año 2018 el cual sabremos que Dios nos bendecira y cada uno de los miembros de equipo se esforzara en dar lo mejor de cadaa uno de ellos para dar un buen servicio dentro del Hotel."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Our Maintenance Team Members are our Super Heroes. They are always willing to solve the problems that affect our clients and our co-workers, and help the community as well. For them we organize activities, we listen to their life stories, and we support them because they are human beings who also deserve respect and gratitude for their great work. Without them, our hotels would not have the same meaning."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "There are lot of celebrations throughout our lives, but one celebration which will be special in everyone's life is their birthday! Celebrating a birthday is a tradition in our life, but celebrating it as a surprise gives a new kick to the occasion. Our Blue Energy team are always ahead to surprise our Team Members. Our Chef has prepared a nice, large birthday tart, and our Hotel Manager, Ahmed Sedky, presented a personalized Birthday Card to each TM. Also, award certificates were distributed for Team Member of the Month and Best Groomed Team Member."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "We had the distinct honor of being announced as the Best Ski Hotel in North America by the Worlds Ski Awards, as well as voted number three in the world! Since this was only obtained due to our amazing Team Members, we decided it was time to party! We had a DJ, dancing, fantastic food, a professional photographer, and a photo booth. The event was completely catered from outside vendors so everyone on our team could come and enjoy. Our General Manager gave an amazing speech to thank the team and let them know it was all for them. The night was a huge success and everyone had a great time."

    —Leslie Garringer, Waldorf Astoria Park City

  • "On MLK Jr. we tried to inform the team about Martin Luther King, Jr. We created a billboard dedicated to see what our Team Members' dreams were. In addition to the board, we had puzzles and interesting facts about MLK Jr. and his accomplishments when he was alive. "

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "Here at Home2 Suites by Hilton Biloxi North D'Iberville, we feel it is a necessity to recognize our Team Members when they go above and beyond. We choose to recognize our best preforming Suitekeepers with a gift card each month. When they achieve an outstanding performance rating from the GM, AGM, or Executive Suitekeeper, they are nominated for the gift card. Top rated nominees walk away with a gift card. Sometime we have more than one winner. I feel like this recognition inspires and motivates each and every Suitekeeper to provide the best service possible."

    —Kitty Ferguson, Home2 Suites by Hilton Biloxi North D'Iberville

  • "Since I am working with a virtual team, recognition is more of a challenge. I do random team shout outs for achievements, ideas, etc. when they don't expect it."

    —Eve Rutledge, HRCC

  • "On the occasion of celebrating 2017 Global Team Members Survey Results, Ahmed Sedky, our Hotel Manager, decided to give a great, unforgettable party to all Team Members, and our Cluster General Manager, Mrs. Soha El Torgoman, shared the ceremony where we had a fantastic barbecue lunch! F&B and HR team arranged a DJ just to ensure a bright joyful atmosphere and to make the TMs celebration really enjoyable. Our Team Members are the Heart of Hilton, and they make Hilton the most hospitable company in the world by delivering exceptional experiences every day, where everyone feels appreciated. It's our Management's way to show gratefulness through an astonishing [email protected] open air Celebration."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "Entre muchas risas y lagrimas, le decimos adios a una de nuestras compañeras del area de Reservaciones, le brindamos una despedida donde muchos de nuestros compañeros expresaron su gratitud y sus mejores deseos a Fanny Garcia, donde ella inicia una nueva aventura en su vida. Los miembros de equipo de deiferentes departamentos, lograron expresar su tristeza y a la vez alegria de su nuevo proyecto de vida, con todo cariño el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, le desea lo mejor a ella y su familia."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "On 11/01/18, on the International Thank you day, we thanked all of our Team Members and managers for the hard work they put in every day. We have done this by hand-packaging Millions sweets with a funny thank you message with our brand colour for every Team Member. These were then handed out by the managers, making sure everyone participates! We all loved walking around with some sweets in our pockets for the day!"

    —Lilla Ferencz, Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport

  • "We work hard together, we play hard together, and we exercise together. Believing in the great positive impact of sports activities on Team Members' health, Ahmed Sedky, our hotel manager, arranged an open-air running and exercise activity where all department heads have participated. Thriving @ Hilton Cairo WTC Residences means we are truly passionate about nourishing our team's well-being and happiness. Let's spread the warmth and light of hospitality together."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "2018 is our year to recognize Gold. We have 12 Golden pineapple pins that will be given out one per month for our most prestigious award, The Associate of the Month. Only this Team Member gets to wear this pin.

    We also have created 4 awards that are to be won each month. The Golden Key Board recognizes a Desk, Night Auditor, Van Driver, or administration associate. The Golden Tool box recognizes a valued Maintenance department associate. The Golden Duster recognizes a valued Housekeeping/Laundry associate. And the Golden Serving Tray recognizes any F&B associate. Each winner will receive a gift card plus a Certificate of Recognition.

    We are going full force with Team Member Recognition this year!"

    —Tim Elie, DoubleTree by Hilton Rochester

  • "We recognize our Team Members every month with a special luncheon put together by CARE. During the luncheon, we take all of the comment cards with our Team Members' names on them, and enter the names into a drawing for prizes like two movie tickets, gift cards for our local area, candy, and even a day off with pay. We also add a CARE champion of the month nominated by the managers, and a Housekeeper of the month nominated by the Director of Housekeeping, with a special bonus for each. Everyone looks forward to the luncheon and to see if they might be the next lucky winner. It is a great way to keep our team interacting with our Guests to ensure they will return."

    —Terri Guest, DoubleTree by Hilton Las Vegas Airport

  • "First we start off by announcing the Team Member in the daily huddle. Then we give them a gift. We have a list of each Team Member's "fav" things, and we make sure they gift something off of their list. I also let the Team Member know why they are being recognized and how it helped the team and guests. I love to let them know how important they are to the company, team, guests, and me."

    —Stacy Smith-Sims, Hampton Inn by Hilton Lubbock

  • "We buy a glass mug from the dollar tree and fill it with items we know our team will enjoy. One time it was pamper yourself, and we bought nail polish, remover, emery boards, nail clippers, and lotion. We try to make it as individualized as possible. For our maintenance guys we fill them with nuts and snacks."

    —Melinda Lane, Hilton Garden Inn Panama City

  • "The Front Office Team Member who receives the highest percentage of 9 and 10's in SALT will be recognized at the SALT champ and receive an certificate and $50.00 on their payroll check"

    —Tanika Brown, Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Airport

  • "For January's Maintenance and Engineering Month, we gave our Maintenance Engineer a new headlamp because he Shines here at our Hampton! We also plan to take him to lunch with all the managers. Scott is amazing, and we love having him as our Maintenance Engineer!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn by Hilton Williamsport Downtown

  • "At the yearly Blue Energy Team Member Party in Q1, we ask HODs to nominate their MVPs based on their contributions to Revenue (excluding TMs who received sales incentive, HPCJ, up-selling, etc.), their contribution to large cost savings and ecology, and a Team Member who went above and beyond the call of duty and is living the Hilton Worldwide values of Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, and Now."

    —Keiko Kobayashi, Hilton Osaka

  • "We just recently started giving $5 gift cards to any Team Member who gets positively mentioned by name in a SALT survey or guest review. We hope this encourages our Team Members to interact more with guests. We've already given out all of our stash and have to replenish our gift cards!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn by Hilton Williamsport Downtown

  • "Each month we allow all Team Members to submit an anonymous ballot for a coworker who will be recognized as the Team Member of the month."

    —Ernest Daniels, Homewood Suites by Hilton Indianapolis NW

  • "Nuestro equipo de Ama de Llaves es un equipo ganador. Su esfuerzo continuo y dedicación ofrece a nuestros clientes una estadía inolvidables y sus resultados en SALT son los mas altos del hotel. Recibimos no solo clientes Corporativos sino vacacionales y para todos ellos tenemos como objetivos durante su estadía : Hacerlos Felices! Este gran equipo , ofrece siempre una sonrisa, solución a los problemas y hacen sentir a nuestros clientes como en casa."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "We celebrate each Team Member whose name is mentioned on a SALT Survey or a TripAdvisor review, and they receive a $25 gift certificate from a place of their choice."

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "Yo reconozco a mi equipo cuando le doy valor a sus ideas o cuando reconozco que son parte importante de nuestras labores diarias, por ejemplo: Le doy un descanso remunerado cuando ellos dan una idea que contribuye al cuidado del medio ambiente, la desarrollan y realizan la presentación al equipo, para así mirar si es viable llevarla a cabo, esta decisión final la tomamos entre todos."

    —Iliana Bermudez, Hampton by Hilton Bogota Usaquen

  • "We encourage our team to read the SALT surveys that are generated from our guests. We've taken it a step up, and every Team Member that is recognized in a SALT survey with an Overall Service score of 10 is granted $10.00 gift card of their choice, and it is displayed for the team to see. It's wonderful because the Front Office will read the surveys daily and will acknowledge other Team Members in other departments. Also, for any positive letter or email sent directly to our General Manager in regards to a specific Team Member, we will provide $15.00 gift card of their choice. We've had 16 SALT recognition surveys and two positive letters since October 2017, which is phenomenal."

    —Jacqueline Greene, Hampton Inn by Hilton Easton

  • "We have many ways that we recognize our team. We have monthly incentives that give out $25 gift cards for no call backs to rooms. And we have a ticket system that is based on anytime a person gets a name mention on SALT, by a guest, or by other Team Members for going above and beyond for guests or Team Members. If you receive up to 10 tickets, you get to have lunch with the GM or GSM or both. I have put three class jars in the break room and fill them up monthly with snacks by request for my Team Members. I offer a drink of their choice from the suit shop or a snack. Without my team I cannot be the person and the boss that I am. I thrive everyday to learn from them and get into the nitty gritty with them. I lead by example and I have a open door policy, no matter what it is they can call upon me professionally and personally. There is never a day that I don't say thank you to my team. They are the backbone and they are my strength."

    —Kimberly Piddington, Hampton Inn by Hilton Brockport

  • "We have named our Hampton Family Team Awesome. We take pride in the relationships we have built and have become close like family. The leadership team at our property host team building craft parties, holiday parties, and for the New Year we have a Vision Board party coming up to help keep everyone motivated and on track with their goals. We do fun things like Ugly Sweater day and Crazy Hat day. Once a week we also put the spot light on each of our Team Members individually to recognize all of the hard work that they dedicate to our hotel."

    —Mikjeala Thomas, Hampton Inn by Hilton Atlanta Kennesaw

  • "We recognized our Maintenance and Engineering department today with a silly poem and gifts. We gave them each a water bottle and a Mr. Fix It pin so guests could recognize them. We ended it with a big round of applause."

    —Christine Shivnarayan, Homewood Suites by Hilton Cincinnati/WestChester

  • "In Housekeeping we inspect our room attendants' rooms they clean every day on a scoring system. Each month their scores determine who cleaned the best amongst their team. First place is awarded $50, Second place is awarded $35, and Third place is awarded $15. At the end of the year, we see who had the most wins and honor that individual with a party and free weekend stay at a sister property of their choice. We also recognize our Team Members' birthdays and work anniversaries each month."

    —Tayran Richardson, Homewood Suites by Hilton Seattle/Lynnwood

  • "Success to us means "TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!" We take pride in our amazing and wonderful team. Through them we are able to achieve the outstanding services we provide to our guests. Aside from the Team Member of the Month, we also like to recognize our awesome team by encouraging and appreciating each other with "High Two!" High Two! is on-the-spot recognition equivalent to a $2.00 token that they can redeem for a treat from our snack shop or exchange for gift cards. It is our way to say thank you and to motivate each other to provide a positive outlook and attitude to everyone!"

    —Catherine Flynn, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Salt Lake University/Foothill

  • "When a Team Member gets their name mentioned in an on-line review, SALT survey, or verbally to a manager, they receive a $10 gift card."

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "For the entire month of January, we are recognizing our Maintenance engineer, David. Without him, we would be broken! We can always rely on him to keep our property at its very best and in working order. Not to mention his positive and "can fix it" attitude. Every day we will do a little something to recognize him and all that he does for us. From lending him a helping hand, to giving him a shout out on social media, we want to let him know how much we appreciate him by dedicating the month of January to all he does for us."

    —Khristian Ervin, Home2 Suites by Hilton Bowling Green

  • "We are in our snowbird season in addition to the already busy holidays, and our Team Members operate on "overdrive." With over 1100 rooms to be serviced, banquet and restaurant linen orders to be filled, and the increased need for recreation and spa towels along with the thousands of robes and room towels to be prepared, our wardrobe and laundry department are hard pressed to accommodate this demand. Personally delivering unexpected customized energy bars (during the "extreme heat of the moment") with messages that resonated with deep appreciation for their tireless efforts was reciprocated with warm smiles of "aloha." In my humble attempt to express gratitude to these hard working Team Members, I was moved by their gratitude of such a simple gesture."

    —Pearla del Mar-Olaso, Hilton Waikoloa Village

  • "We always update our recognition calendar quarterly to ensure it is always up to date. This helps us to celebrate important birthdays, holidays, and anniversary dates for example. This is very important to share with multiple people in case someone is out of the office on a specific date."

    —Jason Hadley, Homewood Suites by Hilton Lexington Hamburg

  • "I have gathered information from my team on what their favorite candy bar, snack, and soft drink is. When their birthday arrives I get them something from this list. "

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "We recognize our Team Members each time they are mentioned in a SALT Survey. Not all Team Members have access to these surveys so we have made a thanks wall in our back office for all the Team Members to see what our guests have to say about our Team Members. Hearing how our guest feel about us really boosts our confidence and Team Member moral."

    —Thersa Price, Hampton Inn by Hilton Jamestown

  • "During January for our Sales Department, I am recognizing our Sales team for their strengths and contribution to the hotel and team. Just a weekly motivational email or note that pinpoints a positive effort and result on their part, whether it is with an Team Member, a guest, or potential client. In addition, each week at our sales meetings the Sales team will also have an opportunity to recognize a positive contribution any Team Member makes to the hotel. We're keeping focused on the positive and positive results in 2018! So many times we can get side tracked on the negative, and building up the team is what makes our guests have a great experience!"

    —Sheila Harrell, Embassy Suites by Hilton Vanderbilt

  • "For the outstanding scoring in SALT and TripAdvisor performance, spreading the Spirit of CARE, fantastic revenue figures, impressive guest feedback and comments, great Quality Assurance results, positive Community and Youth impact, and other amazing achievements in delivering brand promise and exceptional guest service, the Human Resources Team recognized each and every Team Member of DoubleTree by Hilton Business Bay with a small personalized thank you gift from the DXBBB family: a power bank with torch, an unexpected surprise for all the team during the festive season."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "Most important for us is recognizing the team. 2017 was our best recognition year. The biggest activity we did was a big festival including some group activities. We celebrated the enrollments, SALT, the best service, and we had super activities. We gave prizes and more."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • 2018 "For the month of December we encouraged our team to celebrate the holidays with our guests. The concept was that they take a photos of what they do in the room and send the photo to their managers. Each photo was posted on our private Facebook page as immediate recognition. Some of the photos were also used on our official Facebook page to share with our followers. Finally, each submission earned them a raffle ticket for a $25 gift card. We had great participation which showed results in team morale and in our Guest satisfaction scores."

    —Laetitia Perkins, Embassy Suites by Hilton International Drive

  • "Since Brighthearted launched last year, we have been having a monthly team briefing we call the Bright Hearts Connect Event for all the team. The General Manager takes the opportunity to thank, update, and recognize the team and any individual successes. We also announced the Team Member of the Month and Manager of the Quarter Nominees and Managers. The Brighthearted Committee also arranged lots of team activities for the month of December including a Christmas Elf hunt for 12 days of Christmas from 1st to 12th December - whichever Team Member found the Elf each day won a prize. We also had a festive Christmas Lunch for everyone where the Managers were put to work serving the team, and had gifts for everyone and a raffle where some Team Members won hotel stays and other great prizes. Other activities included Christmas Sweater Day, Christmas team party and much more.

    As we are currently undergoing extensive renovations, it is so important to engage and motivate the team at every possible opportunity. We Plan to continue our efforts into 2018 and make sure that the Brighthearted culture is alive and well in Ireland's only Hilton Garden Inn"

    —Mary Murtagh, Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House

  • "The Team Members of DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay introduced a [email protected] contest during Dubai Fitness Challenge. We invited our teams to special training sessions organized by our Spa & Recreation Department. The winning Team Members participated in the hotel fitness challenge, and they were recognized with free training sessions."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "We bring all of our Team Members together monthly to cover important work-related information, to do fun team activities and to boost team spirit. In October, we had a Pumpkin Decorating contest where each team decorate a pumpkin. The pumpkins were then put on display for hotel guests to vote. In November, we had a Chili Cook Off with a great turn out. In December, we had a Sock Drive with a few nearby hotels to gather donations of new socks for the People's City Mission. In addition, we decked the halls in the Team Member lounge and back offices with Christmas stockings - each labeled with a Team Member's name. Goodies and small gifts are put in the stockings every day for the 12 days before Christmas."

    —Anne Chan, Hilton Garden Inn Lincoln Downtown Haymarket

  • "I am the Director of Sales and the only person in the Sales Department. But, as we all know, everyone sells! In order to spread my appreciation for everyone that works in the hotel, no matter the department, I have the Recognition Calendar hung in my office. I check it every Monday and think of ideas to show my gratitude towards our team. They typically don't expect anything from me, because I don't work directly with them!"

    —Audree Burns, Hampton by Hilton Lewiston-Auburn

  • "We set up a Twelve Days of Christmas recognition program for 2017. Each day, for twelve days in December, the selected Team Member receives a gift that is based on the relevant Day of Christmas from the Christmas song. For example: On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me - a partridge in a pear tree. So we presented the Team Member with a infuser shaped as a pear! We continued this for all twelve days. We recognised those Team Members who do a great job consistently but are maybe not always recognised!"

    —Lyn Blight, Hilton Cairns

  • "As the Executive Chef and having worked in culinary and BOH operations for years, I know how difficult it can be to get recognition as a Team Member in BOH operations. The kitchen is often one of the most overlooked departments, and that is why we came up with our Kitchen Team Member of the Month award. This is a peer driven recognition program that is open to all non-management culinary Team Members (cooks, stewards, receivers). We place a ballot box in the kitchen and cooks are allowed to vote for the individual that they feel had the biggest impact during the month. The only catch is they can't vote for themselves. We announce the winner at our stand ups during the first week of the month, and that individual gets a gift card and their photo taken with the Executive Chef, which is posted in the kitchen and circulated to the other departments. At the end of the year we draw an overall Kitchen Team Member of the Year, and the winner is added to the ballot for our Hotel Team Member of the Year Award that is presented at our annual year end Team Member gala!"

    —Alex Hancock, Hilt