“My 2018 resolution is to [make recognition a daily priority]! I added the calendar to my planner, so each day I will be inspired to let someone know I appreciate them.” – Angie H.

Calendar Best Practices

Everyday across Hilton, Team Members are being recognized and celebrated for their commitment to “fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” Below are some of our favorite stories. (Past winners are highlighted in bold.) We’ll be adding to this page throughout the year. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • "I am on the Culinary team, and we recognized the Front Desk by providing them with the ultimate snack station full of sweets, savory, and favorite items. We also provided a card signed by all the culinary team. They were able to enjoy it over several days and covering all the shifts of the front desk."

    —Ray Martin, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "We have introduced several incentives. We have Embassy Bucks that look like money. We hand these out when Team Members do an exceptional job and go above and beyond to WOW the guest. They can spend this money in many different ways depending on how many have been collected, such as lunch, gift card, free PTO day, etc. We also give $5 per positive SALT or TripAdvisor mention. And we give $1 for every Hilton Honors enrollment. We have Team Member luncheons once a month to review recognitions in front of the entire team."

    —Hunter Newsom, Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Market Center

  • "Recursos Humanos,con el apoyo de la gerencia, organizaron un vijae como celebracion al dia de las madres, del hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula. Cada madre , disfruto de un bello dia en las hermosas playas de Honduras y piscina con mucha relajacion y lleno de actividades. asi mismo gracias al excelente servicio del Hotel, se pudo gozar un almuerzo delicioso con una vista al mar. Felicitaciones a todas las madres del Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "May 10, 2018, was Mothers Day in Mexico. During our morning meeting in Decatur, Alabama, I gave all my Team Members from Mexico three roses and told them Feliz dia de la madre!"

    —Lindsay Waddell, DoubleTree by Hilton Decatur River Front

  • "Each department signed up to recognize another department. The HR team delivered green apples and bananas to the Finance department along with a recognition certificate that stated "We just wanted to take a moment and tell you THANK YOU for all you do each and every day. You take care of the GREEN so we don't have to! Here's a little GREEN to keep you healthy and happy." We also plan to deliver milk and graham crackers one week, and we have gift bags for the last week with candy, crackers, cookies, and a pen."

    —Jennifer Gance, Hilton Denver Inverness

  • "Thanks to the Recognition Website was saw this idea from another Hilton property. To show our appreciation of our Banquet team, we organized a three-course plated dinner for them. The meeting room was dimly lit with floating candles, great music, and good company. It was amazing to see them Banquet team enjoying a meal while their fellow Team Members served them food. Thank you to all the departments that made this a success!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We are recognizing are amazing Team with a handmade appreciation board. We are a Curio, so we had to be unique, of course. Our team has been so amazing delivering the best of Portland, going above and beyond for our guest. We had a young boy named Porter, and it was his birthday. We gave him the Porter chocolate cake and a card. He loved it! They posted pictures on social media to thank us! We also had Scout the golden retriever stay with us. We are a pet friendly hotel, we put a pet amenity in his room before arrival: a dog bed, dog bowl, and a bow tie that looks so adorable! They also posted a amazing review on social media. We post all of our amazing SALT scores with any name mentioned to recognize accomplishments. We are a brand new hotel, so we are looking forward to what is to come!"

    —Rachel Rand, The Porter Portland, A Curio by Hilton

  • "I recognize my team by giving thank you cards with gift cards attached. I also shout them out in the morning team huddle for the outstanding things they have done. I also let my team know daily that I appreciate everything that they do as well as thank them for coming to work each day. I've also stared a board contest with Laundry and Front Sesk. Each holiday we have a competition on which bulletin board looks the best. This has really built our team moral. Everyone gets excited about decorating the boards."

    —Tammie Featherstone, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Atlanta Airport West

  • "Hilton Durban's Blue Energy Team's April Thrive Body activity was a Soccer Tournament between 16 of our departments: Executive Office, G,C&E/Reservations, Vasco's Restaurant, Vasco's Kitchen, Big Easy Restaurant, Big Easy Kitchen, C&B, Concierge, Business Lounge, Front Office, Finance, Purchasing, Housekeeping, Engineering, HR/Training and Room Service/Minibar. We had Round One knock outs, Quarter-Finals, Semi's and then the Final. The Final was played by our Concierge Team vs Housekeeping Team. Well done to Housekeeping for winning the tournament! Our GM, who played for the Executive Office aka Management United side, managed to get hold of our Hilton Durban Soccer Team's kit and really dressed up for the part. We don't think our Ballroom has ever seen a soccer tournament in it, and the Team Members really enjoyed it, even the cheerleaders! Luckily the ball was a nice soft pillow!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "What better way to relax after a day of hard work, Human Resources organized Zumba classes for Team Members from all departments. A fun way to exercise and relax after work hours, full of laughter and lots of enthusiasm. Team Members enjoy their exercise time, and we encourage each of them."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are celebrating a huge succes:Our Benchmark for Arrival Experience is 68.5 and my team's current score is 75.0%! We are constantly making sure that our guests' voices are heard, and we continuously execute each guest request with a sense of urgency. Each Team Member is knowledgeable of our focus and commitment to service. Each of us constantly monitors tracking our commitment to service progress using our Widely Improvement Goals board located in our office. As each Team Member walks by, it reminds us of what our goals are and helps each of us stay focused."

    —Dexter Cameron, DoubleTree by Hilton Atlanta-Buckhead

  • "The Management Team put together a little surprise tea and treats to celebrate Secretaries Day! Everyone said thank you and gave Julie words of appreciation, a giant Lindt chocolate, and a bunch of flowers."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We love celebrating with food at Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading! When our Sales department found out it was National Pretzel Day (April 26th), they surprised our team with a soft pretzel bar during their lunch break. They served warm pretzels with cheese dip, yellow mustard, and spicy mustard. Everyone enjoyed this special treat and can't wait to see what day they celebrate next!"

    —Sarah Uetz, Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading

  • "We feel really proud of all Team Members, because our common effort has driven our hotel to better Service Scores and to be recognized by our guests for our exceptional service skills. So we've decided to hand out High Fives at the end of every quarter to recognize those Team Members that captivated our guests' hearts during their stay."

    —Andreina Sansegundo, Hilton Colon Guayaquil

  • "On April 24, the Hilton Durban team got together for our Quarter 1 Team Forum. Where we discussed our latest GTMS action points that we have done so far to ensure the team is aware of what we doing, some new arrivals starting in our Management Team, Financial and SALT target achievements and Blue Energy activities done and upcoming events. We were also able to recognize one of Team Members since the same day but 10 years ago he started working at Hilton Durban! On May 2, we celebrated our second long term service work anniversary. Mubeen Hassan celebrated five years in our Purchasing Department, and the Blue Energy Team spoiled him with a slice of cake, a certificate and a five-year Hilton badge in our GM office."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "In March 2018 we launched a new initiative, called "We wanna spend a day with you," where the GM and the HR Manager are diving into one department per month for a day or half a day. This is the time for the Team Members to share & discuss their ideas, questions, and concerns, and for us to get to know them more in person and understand what motivates and inspires them. We combine this with recognising the respective department for their great contribution throughout the whole year. First department we spent a day with in March was Engineering and Security, and then in April we spent a day with our Front Office Team. In addition to the valuable time spent with the Team, we treat them with small surprises, starting the day with a lavish breakfast and/or finishing it with a personalized cake and champagne."

    —Anna Apostolova, Hilton Sofia

  • "Semana de Banquete de Operaciones! Hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, celebro la semana de Banquete en el mes de Abril, el cual se les organizo todos los dias de Lunes a Viernes un obsequio acada uno de ellos, empezando el dia lunes con una celebracion de chocolate cupcakes, y asi mismo en el transcurso de la semana un dia lleno de Ice Cream , las de housekeeping, les organizo un desayuno muy especial para cada uno de ellos, con el objetivo, de demsotrar su valioso trabajo y el cariño que se les tiene a cada uno de ellos."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We wanted Finance Week to be very fun. Because they are supermen/women, our theme of the week was superheroes. Our team of Housekeepers visited them disguised as Batman and his villains; it was fun and exciting to see them in disguise. The Accounting team had a lot of fun with the visits, and they took pictures on a stage like Gotham City. On the third day of the week for Finance, they were visited by our Sales team who gave them cupcakes, sweets and delicious drinks with fun superhero cloaks. It was an afternoon full of sweetness and fun. They also had fun with a die game. During the week the Finance team ate a lot and broke a piñata with lots of goodies. They laughed and even ran a little with this activity. On fourth day, the Reception and Reservations team presented them with donuts and cupcakes with a nice motivation card to brighten their day. They closed the week with a fun outing to the amusement park, they could feel many emotions in the games. They even got soaked in one of the games. No doubt their mind, spirit and body relaxed and had fun."

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Secretary's Day! El 26 de abril de cada año se celebra el dia de la secretaria, y este año no es sera una excepcion, para poder demostrarle el cariño, a Johania Elizabeth Vasquez, el cual valoramos su trabajo dia a dia dentro del hotel hilton princess, san pedro sula, su dedicación y entusiasmo hacen más grato cada día de trabajo. Gracias por ser tan especial con cada uno de nosotos. Gracias por ser tan eficiente y tal leal. ¡Feliz Día de la Secretaria!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Since I work virtually, it is hard to get that human touch and have conversations by the water cooler. I normally host weekly and monthly contests to motivate my team and to drive performance. The past few months, I hosted movie day for my top performers. I encourage my team to turn on their cameras so we can congratulate each other and share best practices. Then we watch a movie together to create team spirit and to have fun. "

    —Keisha Cravens, Hilton Corporate

  • "We celebrated Administrative Professionals Week for our team with an amazing first day. The team received much foods: They ate popcorn, much candies, and ice creams, and the Restaurante prepared one super cocktail for them. We played some games too! They are super heroes and had a lot of fun."

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "We have launched HR Monthly Award from 2018 February to care and recognize our HR Team Members. Soonyoung Lee was honored for offering lots of delicious food for our TMs to THRIVE for February. Jacky Choi was honored for supporting TMs engagement for March! Furthermore, we watched a baseball game on because both had the same wish. We will continue to recognize our team possibly every month!"

    —Yoonseong Choi, Hilton Busan

  • "I recognized my team this month by giving each one of them a We are Hilton cup filled with a sweet treat and a nice message that went along with the treat about how we appreciate everything they do."

    —Neco Belin, Hilton Short Hills

  • "We had a day to recognize our AYB team, they are making good their job and the surveys are improved. Their effort really worked!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "During F&B appreciation month, the team thrived by attending a trampolining session at Planet Bounce, Nottingham. The team bonded over games of dodgeball and an airbag competition before going on to a restaurant for dinner. The team also wrote personal thank you cards to greet each other in the mornings when starting their shifts, had a pizza/ takeaway night with music and relaxation, and an afternoon tea, where other teams stepped in to serve."

    —Suzy Karim, Hilton East Midlands Airport

  • "We celebrated our Laundry-Linen team with a root beer float party! We appreciate the hard work and sweat our Laundry-Linen team have put into this hotel, and are full of gratitude for everything they do. It does not go unnoticed."

    —Ashleigh Weston, Hampton Inn by Hilton Ukiah

  • "I picked a different project for each day of Front Desk Appreciation Week: Day 1: We hit the LOTTO with you on our team! - Bags with lottery tickets & 100 Grand Bars. Day 2: Just POPping by to say you're fabulous - Pittsburgh Popcorn (specialty popcorn). Day 3: Candy Bar - Have we told you REESE-ntly how much we appreciate you? (Reese's cups); It's a JOY to have you on our team! (Almond Joy; You're worth 100 GRAND (100 Grand); TAKE 5 and treat yourself to something sweet (Take 5); You deserve a BREAK (KitKats); You're a LIFESAVER (Lifesavers). Day 4: EXTRA Gum Bags - Thanks for going the EXTRA mile - The only difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little bit EXTRA. Day 5: We would be MUFFIN without you! - Banana Nut & Blueberry Muffins. Day 6: You're a LIFESAVER - individual bags of Lifesaver gummies."

    —Shawna Robertson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton - Pittsburgh Downtown

  • "Celebrating a department that often gets overlooked and unappreciated was such an exciting month for us. We kicked off the month by having the housekeeping manager jump in and take care of laundry for an entire day! Getting into the chute and unloading those machines really makes you appreciate the physical demands of that position. Also we had associates from other departments pop in randomly and help the Laundry ladies out. Our most exciting day was when we brought in a cake and threw a small party for the Laundry team! Our housekeeping team is small, and we recognized all Team Members that step up the plate and assist in Laundry as well. Of course we prepared some goodie bags for the ladies too. They were filled with linen-scented candles and linen-scented wax along with a wax warmer. We also included some bath salts and lotion because these ladies deserve some relaxation! The Front Office all went together and wrote thank you notes to the ladies and gave some a chocolate bar! To top the month off, we are hosting a towel origami competition hotel-wide to see which towel animal will be our next mascot in the rooms to welcome our Hilton Honors members that echeck in!"

    —Bethany Young, Hilton Garden Inn Rochester University/Medical Center

  • "During Front Office appreciation month, the team really brought Thrive to life by creating their own Thrive board and living the Values. They had treats such as bottles of water and chocolate bars with departmental branding and personalised messages. They had a Team Activity at the Escape Rooms in Loughborough, where they had to work together to escape the room in time. This was followed by Anca and Carlos cooking up a really tasty treat for the Team Meeting."

    —Suzy Karim, Hilton East Midlands Airport

  • "We celebrated Front Desk week for our team with an amazing week, the team received a nice kit for their days in Hampton, and we made some games too, they were so happy! The most important is when you feel that you are a part of the team, that your opinions count, and that they care about you. That is our team: values people. Happy front desk week!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Celebrating our Hilton EMEA Leadership and Excellence Awards 2017 last week was really amazing. I like being on a team that recognizes accomplishments! Thanks to our Hotel Manager Alexander Musch arranging this and for taking all of us out. Spending time together outside of the office helps us to bond as a team. It was a nice opportunity to get to know more each other. The environment made it feel like more than just another team. Thank you for recognizing our efforts and the whole team. So blessed to work with such a fantastic team! "

    —Irene Sebastian, Hilton Dubai The Walk

  • "We started a new fun thing. We purchase fake (of course) gold coins, and whenever we receive a great comment from a guest or we see an associate doing something great, we give them gold coins. They collect the gold coins to save for prizes, goodies, and snacks. They love to be able to pick out what they want rather than us just giving them something."

    —Sue Ziarko, Hilton Suites Chicago/Oakbrook

  • "We want our Team Members to enjoy their journey with us from start to finish and start recognizing from day one:

    This is just a snapshot of what we do, and we are constantly trying to come up with new ideas. Our aim is to create a wondrous place in people's lives, every day."

    —Cecilia Odengran, The Trafalgar St James, A Curio by Hilton

  • "Our women have the power! We celebrated their day with a delicious lunch, they deserve the best, they are the heart of the service."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Each month we take our "fun cart" to the departments we are recognizing! The fun cart contains all kinds of snacks and beverages. We allow them to take any items they want to show them our appreciation and thank them for everything they do. If a department is celebrating a success such as best SALT score category, we will surprise visit that department with the fun cart during pre-shift as well. Just last week during a busy spring break, we stopped by the pool with our cart to say thank you for everyone working so hard outside in the heat taking care of thousands of guests each day."

    —Rachel Kapelner, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

  • "The F&B Management team along with the assistance of the Blue Energy Team has decided to start a re-energizing activity for the Dinner team before they start their daily dinner shift. Starting about an hour before dinner service opens on the terrace of Vasco's Restaurant, each Team Member gave a Commitment that they will keep to until Sunday this week: Constance - Service within 3 minutes. Stanley - Usage of guests names. Onka - Floor assistance to cover up for waiters delays. Lungi - Checking on guests and follow ups. Sindy - creating energy and vibe. Melissa - Creating of vibe on the floor. Xolie - Welcome drinks for all Hilton Honors guests. They had some power sessions with the team to increase level of attention and energy on the floor. The team promised to play their part and assist in the SALT scores for dinner. They started with a fun quiz and treasure hunt, and they are amped for many more challenges and growth. Of course we had a couple of prizes for them! This is a great initiative which really gets the team in good spirits before a busy dinner service "

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We created a new way to include and recognize. Andrés is one of our new Team Members at Front Desk, and he has shown us a new way to work. Smiling is a simple way of showing that we care about something. It is not as hard as it appears. Andrés showed us that smiling, and facing things in a positive way, can positively impact our Team Members and our customers. Stress is part of life, but sometimes we can do something in order to avoid the negative effects.

    For that reason, Hilton Garden Inn Mérida developed a campaign to promote a positive attitude at work. We named it #HGIAndreizate I Smile. We are rewarding those Team Members that show a special way to respond to the work, who are are taking a positive way to respond. We celebrated the first award, and of course, Andrés was the winner, with a certificate and a gift pin. We are hoping to celebrate more Team Members with positive attitude. We are constantly working in new, and special ways to recognize our team."

    —Rogelio Jimenez, Hilton Garden Inn Mérida

  • "Reconhecimento da Recepção: Tivemos a semana de reconhecimento da Recepção. Para comemorar, fizemos um tour pelo Leme, os outros departamentos do nosso hotel assinaram cartões parabenizando nossa equipe da recepção. No dia seguinte ao tour supreendemos a equipe com um bolo. Valorizar os nossos membros de equipe também faz parte do nosso trabalho! Parabéns a todos da recepção, não só pela semana, mas pelo trabalho incrível todos os outros dias do ano!

    "We had the reception recognition week. To celebrate, we toured Leme, the other departments of our hotel signed cards congratulating our reception team. We surprised the team after the tour with a cake. Valuing our Team Members is also part of our work! Congratulations to all of the Reception, not only for the week but for the incredible work every other day of the year!"

    —Thais Marchesini, Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

  • "For Laundry-Linen Month, we held a trivia competition and awarded the winners with fully stocked baskets!"

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "It's nice to recognize great guest service, but it's also important to recognize birthdays and service anniversaries. Each month they are posted on the CARE Scoreboard and then shared on the Team Member's Facebook page so that all members are aware. Birthday cards are mailed to each associate during the month. In addition, HR utilizes the Hilton Recognition site to send personal eCards for birthdays and service anniversaries."

    —Brenda Deacon, DoubleTree by Hilton London Ontario

  • "For Front Desk month we were promoting wellness and the consumption of sugar-free, caffeine-free beverages. We offered the team a sparkling alternative to their usual daily sodas and juices!"

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "Who is the top seller of our Grand Spa Department? The competition was tough, and at the end Mariya Levitska achieved the first position. We have announced her achievement together with La Prairie Marketing Manager. Mariya won a two-day cross exposure to La Prairie Boutique in Paris."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "At Hilton Madrid Airport, we love events and recognizing our Team Members. That's why we organized a giveaway for all Team Members. The prize was a double Ticket to watch Atletico de Madrid play in his brand new Football stadium, the Wanda Metropolitan, in the presidential box. The lucky winner was Alfonso Sánchez (Maintenance Agent). Alfonso took with him Juan Carlos Gómez (Technical Service Manager). Both are big fans of Atletico de Madrid."

    —Francisco Salva, Hilton Madrid Airport

  • "Appreciation of my team or an individual Team Member happens when I am conducting a briefing with the entire team. I put my hands on Team Member's shoulder and tell others how he/she did the work more specifically and with professional ethics. And I also send eCards and give Bright Blue cards (part of Blue Energy)."

    —Sree Sundar, Hilton Chennai

  • "Each time a Team Member's name is mentioned on any social networking or SALT, they received $25.00 and their name is posted on our Crescent STAR board and our Hilton CARE Board."

    —Tanika Brown, Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Airport

  • "Recognition for guest service is done by way of recognition points. Any time a Team Member is mentioned by name in a SALT Survey, guest comment card, or on TripAdvisor, they receive points which they can redeem for gift cards. HR takes it one step further (to make the recognition more meaningful) and lets the Team Member choose where their gift card comes from. A bellman, who is recognized often and gets one at the start of his shift, says that it is a great way to start the shift - knowing that you made someone's stay special because so often the recognition prompts the Team Member to remember the guest and tell a story of what happened."

    —Brenda Deacon, DoubleTree by Hilton London Ontario

  • "We have a star points plan: When a Team Member is mentioned on TripAdvisor/SALT he gets 10 star points, if a Team Member is elected hero of the month he gets 50 star points. If we notice that a Team Member goes the extra mile, we will give him some points. Every HOD is empowered to give starpoints. For example, last weekend the Housekeeping team was short of Team Members, so the Front Office and Food & Beverage teams helped them out and the Head Housekeeper gave them points. Every month the top three best enrollers get 30, 20 and 10 points. Team Members can then redeem their points for many different things, from a bottle of prosecco to a two-night stay in a european hotel, a £100 gift voucher, two days of extra paid holidays... this is a real success and I recommend this to all properties."

    —Romy Bracq, DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "Over the Easter weekend, Ian Dawkins, our Food & Beverage Manager, and myself donned Bunny ears and hopped to all our Team Members delivering Easter treats. In addition, for our Front Office Team, after their monthly departmental meeting we gave them We Love Front Office tops. Q1 has seen their best Hilton Honors enrollments since the challenge began, and they are now also beating last year's Overall Pre Arrival and Arrival scores!"

    —Petra Austin, Hilton Garden Inn Luton North

  • "For the previous month, Front Office recognised their Nights team and all the hard work they put in to our property and the business. We did this by organising a hamper for them to enjoy. This consisted of their favourite chocolates, biscuits, and Red Bull to get them through the shifts! It was a small gesture that made our Nights team feel appreciated! We also had different HoD's give a few positive words that first come to mind for each member of Front Desk - these were then put onto certificates and presented to each Team Member! A little recognition and appreciation goes a long way!"

    —Leanne Griffin, Hilton St Anne's Manor

  • "Our General Manager Eddie Wang recognize Team Members who are praised by guests in SALT Comments or OTA website comments in daily management briefing. He issues Hospitality certificates to Team Members in front of all management along with 100 DoubleTree Club credits, which can be exchanged a gift in Human Resourses Department."

    —April Wang, DoubleTree by Hilton Wuhu

  • "Around mid March we realized our goal for upsells was a bit lofty, so we launched a contest for the last 12 days of March to drive revenue: The top three GSA's for revenue produced would be entered into a raffle for a two-night stay at the Hilton Portland. Tatiana, our GSA, was one of the three top and won the free two-night stay!"

    —Bryan Carlisle, DoubleTree Seattle Airport

  • "Happy Easter! El Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, realizo la celebracion del dia de pascuas, cuya actividad se baso en la busqueda de los huevos de pascua, una actividad donde cada uno de los miembros de equipo disfruto un tiempo entre compañerismoy ganaron muchos premios. Entre tantas risas, dusfrutaron de una tarde de una pequeña relajacion con mucha comida y juegos."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Every week we recognise our team with High Five Front Office Certificates regarding their achievements with the enrollments, SALT Scores, and name mentions by a guest on SALT. But for the Front Office Week we thought to do something special and different. On Front Office Activity Day we started with afternoon tea for the team (they never had one before in our hotel). It was very good experience to understand how the guest feels when they have afternoon tea at our Property. As soon as we finished, we organised two taxis to go to Reading, to the Be at One Bar. There we had an hour session to make our favourite cocktails ourselves. It was a really good experience and so much fun, as every cocktail had a sense of each Team Members personality: strong, sweat, spicy, colourful. It was a fantastic day out with each other. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other outside of a stressful work place, with no interruptions."

    —Natalia Moreno, Hilton Reading

  • "At Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Palestine, we fly high! Not only is Hampton by Hilton, our team is by Hilton! We celebrate our team by recognizing them back of the house with our legendary hexagon cardstock custom printed with all Team Members names."

    —Alex Patel, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Palestine

  • "This month we will recognize our Laundry Department with a Departmental Lunch. We will also get them all together and have a Folding Contest. We put a bunch of towels/linens in a bag and time how long it takes them to fold everything- not only does time count but the perfect fold counts as well- fastest gets a wonderful prize. We also give them Certificates of Appreciation for all their hard work and dedication."

    —Corrie Sanchez, Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach

  • "Our hotel's Blue Energy Committee has committed to recognizing every department and team in the hotel by coordinating a surprise and delight moment for each department throughout the year. The committee creates a "With Love" poster that expresses everyone's gratitude and appreciation for the hard work everyone puts in everyday, and we provide a special treat for the entire team, such as a catered lunch or special dessert from a famous local bakery."

    —Cameron Marsicek, Millennium Hilton New York Downtown

  • "To celebrate Easter Holidays, we held a charity bake off in support of The Sebastian Action Trust. To recognise all Team Members for their hard work and involvement, Easter Eggs were bought for all!"

    —Sarah Oakley, Hilton Bracknell

  • "We know how hard each department works to ensure the best experience our guests can have. At the end of each month, we celebrate our "Star of the Month," our "WOW" Moments, and guest comments and feedback. We supply lunch and fun games. Each person who has celebrated a birthday gets a birthday card signed by the entire team, and they get a birthday cake as well. It has become an event that the entire team looks forward to and will be a tradition that is celebrated here."

    —Catlin Ptak, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton East Greenbush

  • "Every Month the Blue Energy Committee uses the Hilton Recognition Calendar to know which Department we are appreciating that month. Here is what we did for the Maintenance team in January: We invited our Maintenance team to a Burger & Soda lunch at our Vasco's Restaurant in the hotel. They were spoiled with burgers of their choice plus extra toppings, some soda and delicious desserts. Our GM and HR Manager joined them and presented each of them with a certificate of appreciation for all that they do to keep our hotel in working order and being our Superstars of the Month.

    "For our Food & Beverage team in February: For a department that is creative, energetic, and full of fun, we decided to host a few challenges. The purpose of the challenges was all related to day-to-day operations and the Hilton Culture, promoting our Vision, Mission and Values, and bringing together our team's abilities and strengths and creating fun and excitement moments. Week One we had the Best Burger Challenge. Week Two was a talent show. For Week Three there was an Obstacle Challenge.

    "We spoiled our Front Office team in March: We took them on our local Rickshaw Open Deck Bus City Tour, which enhanced their experience of the city for when guests query what to do in the while they are in the city. This was followed by a barbecue/braai at the Blue Lagoon on the beachfront."<.p>

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "When we hire new Team Members, I have them fill out a list of My Favorite Things: beverage, chip, chocolate bar, candy, book, movie, magazine, etc. I then purchase items from their list and make treat bags. We also have a Team Member of the Month that receives a $50.00 Visa gift card."

    —Sherry, Homewood Suite by Hilton Sudbury

  • "Recognizing our team is very important. Our GM Ashraf Nabi takes advantage of special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Eid, or Diwali. On a day before the Easter Bank Holidays here in the UK, he went around delivering Easter Eggs to the entire team. We also work with our local Children's Hospice, where we collected Easter eggs from our own team and delivered 170 Easter eggs to the children. We also got a chance to deliver them personally, and spent some time with them."

    —Shazieh Ahmed, Hilton Hotel Reading

  • "This month to celebrate diversity awareness month, two of our Team Members from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka came together to prepare tasty breakfast treats at the Team Member cafeteria. The menu consisted of traditional Sri Lankan breakfast items such as coconut bread (Pol Rotti) coconut pancakes, chicken kottu Roti (a spicy mix of Sri Lankan bread with shredded chicken and vegetables), and the all-time favorite Sri Lankan Fish buns. Team Members also had the opportunity to learn about the country and to find out more from where their teammates came from. This was a great day to appreciate the diversity at Hilton. It was the talk of the day as all the Team Members kept making it a point to speak to our two Sri Lankan colleagues to thank them for the food as well as to find out more about the country. Such Thrive activities are perfect ways to engage and interact with the Team Members. We hope to continue with the culinary journey every month by celebrating the diverse cultures we have at our hotel."

    —Ayeasha Paiva, Hilton Nay Pyi Taw

  • "At Hilton Durban we have a THRIVE Body Calendar for the year. In January, we did running, and February was swimming, specifically for Team Members that have never had the chance to learn how to swim. We partnered with our local Virgin Active Gym and their indoor heated swimming pool, plus two swimming coaches, to take some of our Team Members for a one-hour lesson. What an experience to see someone so fearful at the beginning and by the end being able to swim over five meters by themselves! Our March 2018 Thrive Body activity was tennis. Great initiative by our GM and Blue Energy Committee, and we will certainly love to continue this activity in the future!

    "Our Calendar is up on the Blue Energy Notice Board so all TM's know what activity will be coming up over the year! Everyone is looking forward to rest of the year's activities!"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Unlike many parts of the country, February to April is peak season in Scottsdale, Arizona. With every room needing to be in peak condition and spotless, the hardest working team on the property, Housekeeping, comes into their own. It would be easy to just get them a pizza lunch or something like that, but that type of thing can be ordered in five minutes, which doesn't show Hamptonality to its fullest. This year, we had a special lunch every two weeks, and a Housekeeper got to choose what we had. Fried chicken, Chinese, Mexican, freshly made lasagna, and Mongolian were among the choices. The meal selections chosen ended up healthier, more popular, better received, and ultimately made the lunch experience more personal. The most improved Housekeeper was selected each time, which incentivized the team a little bit more, while the person who made the selection was heralded by everyone and made to feel special to start off the meal off. Now that the slower season is hitting, we are going to continue the idea of having the team choose their lunch - it just lifts everyone."

    —Damian Humphreys, Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix/ Scottsdale on Shea Blvd

  • "Reducing Team Member turnover is KEY! Retaining excellent Team Members is easy when you provide proper training and offer good benefits and wages, along with engaging and challenging each Team Member daily Most important is to provide outstanding recognition and appreciation practices. For our Team Member service anniversaries, we provide green apple pins. All Team Members receive a new green apple pin on their one-year anniversary date, and it is celebrated with the team during our morning huddles!"

    —Wayne Hellberg, Home2 Suites by Hilton-Farmington-Bloomfield

  • "This week all supervisors of Food & Beverage department were very busy and under big pressure feeding 1100 guests staying at the hotel eating all their meals in (it is the Jewish holiday of Passover and our guests rarely go out of the hotel to eat). So when the week ends, they are all invited to my house for a barbeque dinner with good meat and wine to celebrate the end of a very successful week with a very nice income and very few failures. Each one of the will also get a small gift of a bottle of wine."

    —Lior Kahana, Hilton Tel Aviv

  • "Our team nominates individuals with exceptional service that go above and beyond for Team Member of the Month. We have a monthly team meeting that includes a luncheon where we announce the winner. That Team Member receives a $25.00 gift card with a certificate. In addition, we have the Team Member of the Month plaque that is located in the lobby that honors each winner who also receives a Team Member of the Month key chain with their name on it for the month they were nominated. Front Desk Team Members have additional incentives for the Hilton Honors Enrollments. Each month the GSA with the most enrollments receives a $25.00 gift card for their hard work. I offer additional incentives during enrollment promotions to give the GSAs an added incentive. With these added incentives in place, we have been exceeding our target rate by 2.6%!"

    —Julie Jensen, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Craig

  • "We wanted to let our Laundry department know that we appreciate them. Human Resources recognized them the first week in April with Hilton Recognition wrappers with a selection of candy and granola. Other departments will recognize them the next few weeks."

    —Helen Nance, Hilton Omaha

  • "We are taking our two Laundry attendants to lunch to thank them for all they do!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn Williamsport Downtown

  • "I recognize Team Members who are mentioned by guests on SALT or by clients because great service delivery using High Fives. Anibal is a Food & Beverage supervisor, and he recently receive a mention on SALT."

    —Manuel Ramirez, Hilton Garden Inn Tucuman

  • "After a recent change in upper management, morale has been down. As the AGM/DOS, they now look to me for leadership, and I am going to make an extended effort beginning 2nd quarter 2018 to work with ownership to build morale back up with fun enrollment incentives, Team Member of the month programs, huddles, and everything else that embodies who we are as a Hilton property. My team deserves it, our guests deserve it, and it just brings the fun spirit of Hampton to show this side of our day on a regular basis. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 looks like for us here in Alliance, Ohio!"

    —Amy Benson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton - Alliance

  • "We send a small group of associates every month to an I Am Macon seminar. It is a class to learn more about the town we live in (Macon), and we even get to take a tour! After they complete the class, they are considered a Macon Ambassador and even get a pin to display on their uniform."

    —Amber Hodor, Hilton Garden Inn Macon/Mercer University

  • "Ayanda Kunene, wine steward at Big Easy Winebar & Grill Durban, recently participated in the harvesting of Meerendal 2018 wines, working on their famous grape variety, Pinotage. In 2015, Ayanda started working as a waiter at Big Easy Durban. Six months into his job, he became obsessed with all things wine related. His attitude and work ethic were recognized by Markus Fritz, GM at Hilton Durban. Participating in an event that brings wine professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to the vineyard instilled pride in Ayanda. He also visited the world renowned One & Only Hotel in Cape Town, where he befriended some members of the German team, which gave him the opportunity to expand his knowledge of German wines and understand some of the challenges that they face in their wine industry.

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Night Auditors usually are never able to come to daily luncheons and activities. So to make my night auditor Kristen Aughtman feel special and appreciated, I surprised her on her birthday last month with a birthday cake during the 9 p.m. shift change. She was so shocked that I remembered, and she was touched that I came out at 9 p.m. to wish her a Happy Birthday."

    —Mary Lanning, Hampton Inn & Suites-Cashiers/Sapphire Valley

  • "Our Laundry Team Members are working so hard to meet the expectations of our guests, especially at this time of the year when the hotel is running most the days on full occupancy. Out of five Team Members and due to personal issues, only two are left. We managed to find time to invite them for a dinner especially for them and outside the hotel. We also arranged a surprise cake for them and the rest of the Housekeeping team, and every HOD is going for an hour a day to help them. They are our true shining heroes ever."

    —Siba Ayoub, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba

  • "We celebrate our team successes, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, and best practices each month. We also love to celebrate our team successes each morning during huddle! An example of a a Best Practice: Housekeeping Team 1 treating our stained linen in the guest room as each suite keeper is equipped with a bottle of stain mitigation formula on their carts. Thye have been diligent treating our stained linen and towels prior to it arriving to the laundry room. This gives the de-stainer time to work itself into the fabric before it is washed."

    —Wayne Hellberg, Home2 Suites by Hilton/Farmington-Bloomfield

  • "Whenever a Team Member is mentioned by name on a SALT, social media, or to a manager, they receive a $10 Gift Card. We make a big deal of this at morning huddles and share the guest comments with the team. Everyone likes to hear their name, and our Team Members are no different."

    —Teresa Thomas, Hilton Garden Inn Sarasota

  • "After a fantastic month of SALT scores, I gave all of my team presents with a thank you note on it, and a pack of Extra gum with a note on the gum saying: The difference between ordinary and Extraordinary is the little extra! Thank you for doing a little."

    —Andrew Smith, Hilton Garden Inn Hartford North/Bradley International Airport

  • "We have implemented many ways to recognize Team Members at all levels. We begin with acknowledging their birthdays by posting their name and the date on the Team Member Cafeteria Board. Every three months, we a hold Team Member Luncheon where we recognize Team Member of the month, Rookie of the month, and HR Special Recognition. We post their pictures on our Team Member Spotlight Board in the Team Member Cafeteria where everyone could see. Team Members who receive postive feedback in SALT Responses and cards and letters sent to the GM receive a Pineapple Pin. Every Friday, HR provides freezer full of ice cream to say thank you to all the Team for keeping a safe work environment.

    "We celebrate Housekeeping International Week, where we serve Housekeeping Department continental breakfast and snacks before they go home for the day. We also provide a meeting room where Team Members can enjoy a massage and a manicure. We celebrate Mother's Day by giving all mother flowers and a gift bag. We also provide breakfast for the duration of the celebration. We celebrate Father's Day by giving all fathers breakfast and grooming kit bags. We also do a Spin A Wheel for cash for recognition, part of our Blue Energy Activity.

    "We treat Team Members to a buffet in our restaurant. We randomly buy outside vendor food such as Popeye's chicken, McDonalds, Tamales, Jack in the Box, the Habbit Hamburgers, Boba drinks, Starbucks, Pies, Cupcakes, Beard Pappas, Portos etc. During the Women's International Day, we bought all female Team Members flowers. We also provide safety scratchers to all Team Members every pay day, to again, say thank you for keeping a safe work environment. We also bought Blenders for the Team Members so that they can make their own shakes and smoothies before they start the day. We provide the milk, ice, fruits, chocolate mix. We also provide a big refrigerator where Team Members' drinks such as Power Aide, Gatorade, orange juice, and bottles of water are stored for their use. We also provide a courtesy charging station for the Team Members to charge their personal electronics such as cellphones.

    "We redecorate the Team Member Cafeteria twice a year for a fresh look by changing the surrounding paints and changing the wall design with calming colors. During holidays, we give less rooms to clean to the Room Attendants to allow them to leave early so that they can be with their families, but they are still paid for the full day. And the HR Department implemented a Blue Energy Cart that contains snacks, scratchers, etc. that they give to the Room Attendants who successfully passed the HR Room Inspection."

    —Alma Harrison, Hilton San Gabriel

  • "Every month we send out a newsletter (The Garden Gossip) to all of our Team Members. We highlight achievements of Team Members/departments, as well as notable SALT comments, fun activities, contests/prizes, and general news for the hotel and our community."

    —Jade-Marie Moxey, Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

  • "This year we renovated our back office to celebrate Front Office Week. We had fun painting and decorating during together during three days, and the result is the most gorgeous office in the hotel. Together we can do great things!"

    —Ligia Peralta, Hilton Panama

  • "We have play money we use at the hotel, earned through special acknowledgements from guests and other high level job performance. If a Team Member is mentioned by name on a SALT survey, the Team Member receives $15 in play money to spend on fun snack items of their choice. We read the guest surveys together weekly, and always celebrate those mentioned by name and cheer for their accomplishments. Recently I had a little in-house quiz for all Team Members of 10 things that they should know about the hotel and working here. It was fun to see that many of the Team Members had perfect scores on their quizzes, and for those that got any wrong, it was basically one item wrong. Everyone with a perfect score will be awarded a prize, and those with scores of 90 a second-place prize. One of the questions we asked the Team Members was: What was your favorite huddle breakfast or snack served? Many answered our fun breakfast we had on Valentine's Day."

    —Tonya Lewis, Hampton Inn by Hilton Detroit/Madison Heights/South Troy Area

  • "We have the Name on Survey Incentive: Recieve a positive survey with your name mentioned and recieve a $10 gift card. We have Team Member of the Month, and they get a picture placed on board and a $50.00 gift card. We celebrate departments of the month. January was Maintenance, they got mini cakes, cards signed by entire team, and $10 gift cards. February was Food & Beverage. They had an ice cream party and cards signed by the entire team. March was Front Desk and they received candy buckets and cards signed by entire team. The Team Member with most enrollments for Hilton Honors for the month gets a $10 gift card. At monthly Team Member meetings. we celebrate birthdays with cards, cake, and scratch off tickets. For the SALT department contest, the department with the highest score wins a prize."

    —Jennifer White, Hampton Inn Charlotte University Place

  • "I love to utilize Hilton Recognition Matters with our hotels to boost morale as well as just simply recognizing someone for something they've done to make a change or difference. I thank our hotels as we support them while we're helping them look for ways to increase SALT/Loyalty scores and/or even increase revenue. Celebrating the Team Members is so important because if we have happy Team Members, we have happy guests, and it's a win-win for all. In addition, I personally do send my teammates High Fives for being a great teammate and recognizing what I learned from them and/or how they are just awesome."

    —Asha Coleman, Hilton Corporate

  • "To celebrate the fantastic results of the first quarter and to get everybody in the mood for Easter, we decided to arrange for a very small - but very special - gift. During the Monthly Celebrating Success event, we handed everybody a little THRIVE box (rather than the customary chocolate). In this box you find some earth and seeds, to create your own herb box. The gimmick is that with a magnetic side of the wooden box you can attach the growing herb box to a fridge or iron surface. The gift was much appreciated and was a great start to a THRIVING Easter period."

    —Erwin Verhoog, Hilton Munich Park

  • "I think that our Team Members are truly our greatest assets! They create relationships with our guests on a daily basis, and we could not be successful without every single Team Member! I look forward to providing recognition during the monthly and weekly celebrations. Seeing their smiles is what it's all about! I love working for Hilton because team recognition is priority and it shows!! Proud to work for Hilton brand for over 13 years!"

    —Lisa Vallejo, Hilton Garden Inn Yakima

  • "Edilberta celebrated 17 years with the Hilton in March and truly is a strong team leader in Housekeeping. Edi won our hotel's monthly recognition award, People Pleaser of the Month of February 2018, because of all she has done for the team. ¡Muchas Gracias!"

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "At HGI Dubai Al Muraqabat, we created "Front Office Superheroes," made with Hershey's chocolates, as small recognition gifts. We also displayed an appreciation wall during the month for other departments to show some love towards the FO team."

    —Manasi Patkar, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Muraqabat

  • "We had a huge celebration for Liana Cioli's retirement after 22 years of service in the Housekeeping Department (floors)."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "For each of the department recognition months, I decorate the department with colorful posters filled with praise. We have a luncheon for them, and I bake fun cakes for that. I also give each Team Member small appreciation gifts, random cards, and certificates all month. I hand make them T-shirts as well: I put the fun Hilton graphics from the recognition pages onto transfer paper, then iron them on the shirts. Then I use fabric markers on the back to put their name and some fun art that describes them and their jobs. Team recognition and team building is definately a passion of mine!"

    —Sarah Vonnahme, Hampton Inn by Hilton Oak Hill Austin

  • "Life as a Front Desk Agent can be challenging, we never know what to expect from our guests. However, we do a lot as a team to keep one another engaged and on our toes, ready for anything! We've recognized how hard our Front Office team has been working, especially throughout the month of February and into March. We were at 89% occupancy in February, which is an incredible record especially since it's the middle of winter here in Wisconsin! Timing couldn't have been better to celebrate Front Office Month. The team attended an Escape House and beat the clock! They successfully escaped all in one piece and could be heard telling Team Members in other departments how much fun they had for days following their Escape. Hard work pays off with fun times like these, and working as a team will allow you to accomplish even the most challenging tasks and prove to be rewarding."

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "As it is Easter this weekend and most of my FO team is working, we bought big chocolate eggs and wrote personalised messages for all of them. They worked incredibly hard over the last months (as both FO and FOM had left at the beginning of the new year), and really deserve the recognition."

    —Martina Sand, Hilton London Olympia

  • "It's Engineering week at Rome Cavalieri. We organised an outing to explore the eternal city by Segway. It was an unforgettable moment to live: the Colosseum by night seems even more charming. On the last day, the team dinner was held in a typical roman style restaurant downtown, and the seafood-themed menu was endless."

    —Giada La Mantia, Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri

  • "We are doing a Front Office Treat Week! Every day we send a different array of treats. For example, on Monday Banquets sent bags of spring-themed candies with a card that said "We Are Hoppy to Work with You!" For Tuesday, Sales and Catering sent a jar of Kit Kats (red wrappers) and red vines with a bowl of red apples and a heart shaped card saying "We Heart Front Office." On Wednesday, Housekeeping came by with a decorated Sweet Cart filled with cinnamon rolls and cookies. On Thursday, our GM had a large Edible Arrangements sent. Tomorrow, Engineering will send over their treat, too!"

    —Anny Pham, Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Downtown

  • "We recently celebrated our third consecutive year winning a Connie Award! I love our team!"

    —Lisa Sawicki, Hampton Inn Tunkhannock

  • "Hilton Shenyang held a cross recognition party on March 28th, which Finance celebrated with the March department of the month, Front Office. Finance Team Member drew three pieces of a picture, and FO Team Member guessed the answer, which is the sweet language: Thank You, Hard Work, and You Are Great. And then all participants did yoga together, and Finance Team Members massaged the shoulders for FO Team Members to encourage the team to Thrive in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Finally, a certificate with all the wishes from Finance was given to Front Office."

    —Shirley Li, Hilton Shenyang

  • "Our week of recognition to Front Desk, Reservations, and Bell team was full of clowns, hats, wigs, and big smiles. The celebration was a fun circus with run and games! There even was Karaoke to animate the circus atmosphere. We had an afternoon of Bowling for the teams. Everyone had a great time choosing the best ball to knock down the bowling pins! All the members of the hotel were helping for the coffee break for their teammates. The week ended with a deserved dessert. And the General Manager recognized all of the Team Members. It is so Brighthearted!"

    —Sandra del Cíd, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "All mothers were surprised during the monthly performance meeting at Ramses Hilton with a lovely gift on the occasion of celebrating Mother's Day. Our Human Resources team wouldn't let it pass without a special celebration and memorable touches. All Female Team Members from all department received a red rose with a thank you note in an atmosphere full of fun, happiness, and love. Thank you, Ramses Hilton Management, for the lovely gesture, we really appreciate your continuous support and motivation!"

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "We made a very special week for everyone at the Front Desk! We had with a ice cream party on Monday, on Tuesday we gave everyone a chocolate bar with a personalized message, on Wednesday we had massages, and on Friday we gave out the "We love Front Desk" kit at a special coffee break. It was amazing to celebrate this great team that we have at Hilton Barra! #WeareHilton"

    —Roberta Pellegrino, Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro

  • "Semana de Recepcion, en el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, todos los departamentos se unieron a celebrarles a los miembros de equipo de Recepcion, y haciendolos sentir especial cada dia de la semana. Cada dia se les entrego un obsequio a cada uno de ellos, como objetivo de apreciar y valorar su trabajo dia a dia con el mejor servicio para los huespedes. Felicidades al Departamento de Recepcion!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This year for Front Desk Week we organized a Front Desk Olympics 2018 for Team Members from other departments to better understand and appreciate our work. We prepared flags for each team, and had an alternative olympic flame and official opening with anthem and somekind of parade (note: olympic flame in polish is called znicz which is the same as snitch candle). Competitors were virtually checking-in Guests (FD Team Members) with extremely hard names, tons of questions, and problems. The second competition was baggage trolley slalom on time. Jury - Front Desk Team Members were rating competitors efforts and selecting the winning team. This year the front desk trophy went to our Housekeeping department."

    —Piotr Ignaszak, Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport

  • "We used templates and great colorful logos to create a really dynamic recognition board. This one is displayed in our Team Member dining room. We recognized our two Team Members of the month with specific logos for their department, a fun "about me" questionnaire, and photos of the team. We also posted letters of recognition from each Team Members manager so everyone could read about why these Team Members were chosen as our monthly winners!"

    —Amanda Briggs, Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa

  • "We celebrated our Front Desk agent Riche for enrolling over achieving over 30 Hilton Honors enrollments this month! We are very proud to have her and celebrated her by giving her a $50 gift card to Walmart and her favorite ice cream!"

    —Carmenita Teach, Home2 Suites by Hilton Hanford

  • "DoubleTree by Hilton Izmir Alsancak is located of the heart of the city center of Izmir which is 3rd biggest city of Turkey. That's why when you are working at the Front Desk you need pay full attention to guests and the environment. It is not easy, but our Front Desk members have special powers which combine to make excellent work and excellent service. So we call our Front Desk Team Members by their powers which are loyalty (Erhan), communication (Emre), concentration (Kerem), and kindness (Nihan). And for Front Desk Appreciation Week we prepared mugs with the Team Members' names."

    —Sekip Gunduzcu, DoubleTree by Hilton Izmir Alsancak

  • "We recognized our Front Office team & Bell team one day by treating them to some delicious finger foods and appetizers. We continued to celebrate everyday this week with a special treat to recognize and thank them for all of their hard work. Great job team, you Rock!!"

    —Jenny Sterger, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santa Monica

  • "For the month of March we are running a Housekeeping Incentive. It is called the Housekeeping Hustle! The housekeepers earn a sticker or star when they have perfect room inspections for the day. We have a weekly winner announced every Monday during the housekeeping huddle. This past week our housekeeper Lilia won a Home2 gift bag filled with lots of goodies and a $50 gift card for Walmart!"

    —Carmenita Teach, Home2 Suites by Hilton Hanford Lemoore

  • "This week with Front Desk Appreciation week, we made sure that we had a little something for each Team Member each day. It didn't cost much, but every single one of them loved it and felt appreciated. We even visited our night auditor."

    —Dalila Bonilla, Home2 Suites by Hilton Arundel Mills

  • "Every month a CARE calendar is produced so that our Team Members know of certain activities and events within our hotel. During our bi-monthly CARE meeting, our departments are given National Food days and are required to submit them back to management within two weeks. This gives the department time to get with their Team Members and select the days in which they believe will have the greatest impact on our guests as well as our Team Members. Once generated, our Team Members and guests enjoy these days which have a great impact on our SALT as well as Team Member morale within our property. We also host a CARE rally on the last Wednesday of every month in which we honor all the nominations and select our Team Member of the Month. Each nominee is given a $10.00 in an envelope, and the winner receives a $100.00 bill. Each Team Member is recognized by our GM reading each nomination, and after a long drum roll...the nominees open each envelope. We have such a BLAST with this while we dine over a freshly made buffet prepared by our F&B team. We also coordinate a game of some sort (bingo, trivia, etc.) for team building within our departments. This is led by our HR Director."

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "For Food & Beverage month our Culinary, Stewarding and Coral Café Team held different events for their teams. The Coral Café team held a salsa making competition, and the Team Members got scored by the General Manager and food & beverage managers. The culinary and stewarding team decorated tye-dye shirts and created Chicago-style pizzas. They had so much fun with these team-building events!"

    —Daphna Jimenez, Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

  • "Honduram Father's Day, se dio acabo el 19 de Marzo, el cual el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, les organizo a todos los padres de cada departamento a una tarde de cine, el cual incluia pop corns, hot dogs, fresco y su respectivo obsequio por ser su dia. Cada uno de ellos, gozaron de una grandiosa pelicula y de un servicio excepcional al momento de ordenar su comida, sin duda fue un dia donde disfrutaron mucho y fueron consentidos. Happy Father's Day!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are recognizing our Front Office team by doing something for them every week to show our gratitude and let them know that we appreciate the hard work they put in every single day! For instance, the Sales team is going to provide Front Desk with Sun Fest tickets this year so they can enjoy themselves, kick back, and relax. We are also ordering a healthy lunch today to keep them better focused to continue to do a great job every day. We will give a Certificate to the Hilton Honors champion winner as well! We are trying to recognize Front Office as much as we can! The Front Office Team is the heart of this hotel and what keeps us running every single day!"

    —Ashley Sanchez, Hilton Palm Beach Airport

  • "We celebrated the women's day with our team." s

    —Camilo Gomez, Hampton by Hilton Medellin

  • "We love Recognition! In our Pride Cafe, we have created the Congrats Wall of Fame! This wall showcases each of our new leaders and recently promoted leaders. Each bio requires the Team Member to submit four to five fun facts along with photos to describe the fun fact. Our Team Members love it! It's fun, helps us get to know one another better, gives them an opportunity to congratulate those leaders, and encourages growth and motivation to move up if they desire! GO HAH!"

    —Rain Scott, Hilton Americas Houston

  • "Each month the Sales team personally takes time to recognize the department of the month with an idea from the calendar. In February, we did Food and Beverage month with baskets with measuring cups for each Team Member along with a personal message telling them how they "measure up" to making our hotel successful."

    —Ranette Maurer, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "We invite our team to a great dinner in a very nice location in the city. We celebrate monthly birthdays."

    —Camilo Gomez, Hampton by Hilton Medellin

  • "In February we celebrated Food and Beverage Team Members. We prepared special events and competitions for them during this special week, and the most fun of these events was the fastest finish of the race track. Theatre ticket awards were presented to the Team Member who won the competition. We keep on having fun every day."

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

  • "We have been recognizing our HR Team Member for unofficial things for fun on a monthly basis. This month, our Director of HR, Soonyoung, got a Thank You certificate for offering lots of delicious foods to promote our Team Members' spirits. We are very looking forward to what we will recognize for the next month!"

    —Yoonseong Choi, Hilton Busan

  • "In one week it will be Front Desk week. Working in the bar, my team and I, according to the manager, decided to create a mocktail called "On Cu" (Cu because of the cucumber, which will be the predominant flavour of the mocktail) to recognise the amazing job they do every single day. We all know that working in Front Desk is not easy, so we also decided to create some drinks vouchers they can use in the bar to get any soft or hot drinks they prefer, from the classic Coke to the most particular coffee. We think that in this way we can create an amazing channel which will connect two different departments that together can give the best experience to our guests. Many thanks."

    —Marco Daina, The Waldorf Hilton

  • "When we are not recognizing CATCH ME AT MY BEST, we are recognizing our team with our BEST cards: Blue Energy Star Team Member. Every payday we pull four cards from all that have been turned in during that pay period. They win a 10 punch meal card for the Team Member cafe or a $25 gift card to Walmart."

    —Helen Nance, Hilton Omaha

  • "As a part of a thank you to our amazing team for doing such a great job, the owners and Management provided a lunch buffet for the entire team of the hotel. And they gave each Team Member a logo Tumbler."

    —Peter Paulin, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Pinedale

  • "We have made a Recognition board in our back office for all of the Front team to use. Each Team Member can fill out recognition slips our for their teammates and pin them to the board. We encourage them to so so at least one a week and a different associate every time."

    —Amieanne Grenci , DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Junction

  • "We celebrated our third shift team in the month of March with some different surprises. They had a few deliveries of fresh baked cookies, pizza, and breakfast. On their final day of appreciation, we surprised them with a buffet style breakfast in one of the hotel meeting rooms. Along with breakfast, they received an overnight survival kit: basket with aleep lotion, snacks, and a coffee mug. They were very surprised because a few of the first shift team came in about two hours prior to their day shifts to say a big "Thank you" to the overnight crew. They were very pleased!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "During the Food & Beverage appreciation week, we hired our fabulous massagist Ari to give short treatments to our hard workers. Ari wandered around all the F&B departments from breakfast to conference, and to restaurant Meritorppa. Each Blue Energy Committee member in their department had arranged a corner for the back and shoulder massage. It was an enjoyable pause for the hectic day!"

    —Maria Rannanlahti, Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa

  • "On February 19 we had our Security team celebrating with a night out. They had such a great time, chatting, laughing, having fun, and above all tasting one of the most delicious pizza ever had in Rome!"

    —Giada Lamantia, Rome Cavalieri

  • "Today at Hilton Dublin Airport not only did we celebrate International Women's Day, but we also celebrated Mother's day with some afternoon tea and treats. Thank you, Hilton Hotel Dublin Airport team."

    —Nessa O'Connor, Hilton Dublin Airport

  • "Using the Recognition Tips Calendar we have kept track of fun mini holidays to celebrate with our team! Lately there has been a lot of teams at our hotel, and it's been a little stressful. Having something fun to break that up goes a long way! March 8th is International Women's Day! Out of 37 Team Members only seven are men! So we have a lot to celebrate! The girls get to come in to the break room decorated just for them and have doughnuts to start their day off right!"

    —Cassidy Vachon, Hampton Inn by Hilton Bangor

  • "We surprised our Food & Beverage team with a Bicycle Crepe Station! Strawberry + Nutella and Serrano Ham with Swiss Cheese Crepes! Yum!"

    —Maleny Collazo, The Condado Plaza Hilton

  • "We gave our Team Member of the Month a $100 check and put a notice about it in our local paper."

    —Phil Patel, Hampton Inn & Suites Dublin

  • "Every week during the month of March I am taking the Front Desk team on a team building outing. Topgolf for the first week, Painting with a Twist for the second week, Luby's for Lunch for the third week, and Recognition and Awards for the fourth week meeting! We are giving back to the team, as them give their all to our Guests! We are Hilton We are Hospitality!"

    —Jessica Smith, Hilton Houston NASA Clearlake

  • "We celebrated National Oreo Day by sharing "Cream-Filled Facts" about Oreo's and then indulging the delicious snack at our morning huddle! Did you know Oreo's are Vegan?!?"

    —Sarah Uetz, Homewood Suites by Hilton Reading

  • "We celebrated the F&B week in a rather unique style from the barbeque at the Corniche side, where we had the opportunity to have games such as the waiter's race, and most importantly, we had our VP of Operations for Arabian Peninsula and Turkey - William Costley. It was indeed a great time appreciating all the efforts shown by our Food & Beverage service team."

    —Leo De Pedro, Hilton Sharjah

  • "February was a month of Food & Beverage, and we celebrated a great F&B day. The day was filled with fun and games, and we prepared a great presentation of our F&B success story for 2017 with their funny pictures. We had a best cocktail competition, Hilton Logo from vegetables competition, and the best ones were recognized with presents. We Love F&B!quot;

    —Esmira Akhundova, Hilton Baku

  • "Our hotel had it's grand opening on Jan 28, 2018, and February is the first month. The recognition activity for F&B service in February was launched by HR, and chaired by FO. During this activity, some F&B positive feedback from SALT was shared, and some recognition games were conducted as well. Meanwhile, FO TMs prepared one trophy specially for F&B Service."

    —Lucy Teng, Hilton Shenyang

  • "We celebrated Food and Beverage week by offering breakfast everyday during the week and having an Ice Cream Day served by department heads. Additionally, on the last day we had a meal prepared by managers, and presented each Team Member an award for their exceptional service, dedication, and hard work."

    —Luisairy Pena, Homewood Suites by Hilton Midtown Manhattan

  • "We recognized the delicious work of our Food and Beverage team, using the theme May The Force Be With You. They had different activities such as putting together a jenga with hidden questions, puzzles about the culture of Hilton Garden Inn, and an afternoon of cinema with Ratatouille. The most challenging part of the puzzles was that random pieces contained questions of the culture of the brand, only those who were successful continued in the challenge. In the end, everyone received a backpack as a special detail."

    —Laura Chitay, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala

  • "On February 2, 2018, we organised a great surprise Porchetta Party to celebrate the beginning of Maintenance Month 2018. We had on the buffet typical Roman street food and a magnificent millefeuille cake personalised with sparkling baby blue sugar paste and colored balloons."

    —Giada Lamantia, Rome Cavalieri

  • "La semana de cocina llego al hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, el cual differentes departamentos les celebro a cada uno de los miembros de euipo Cocina, dandoles un pequeño obsequio con el objetivo de demonstrar la importancia y el valor que se tiene a cada uno de ellos, por su esfuerzo de cada dia. Felicidades Chefs, sigan con ses espiritu de esforzarse cada dia."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This month we recognized our F&B team by ordering personal cutting boards. We took the time to come up with a quote/tagline for each one of our Team Members, something that represented them. We also wrote a heart-felt thank you card for each person. We wanted to come up with a customized gift because they truly make every single one of our guests feel at home and special. We love F&B! We would be lost without our team!"

    —Megan Wingate, Homewood Suites by Hilton Burlington

  • "For our Engineering team, we decided to do a root beer float cart. We purchased big glass beer mugs, glass etched the name of every Team Member in our Engineering department, then took the cart with straws, ice cream, and different soda options so everyone could create their own special root beer float! It was a fun way to show the team we cared, and they really loved the personalized mugs! The entire thing cost us under $30 for the entire team, but had a huge impact. Just shows that you don't have to spend a lot of money to recognize!"

    —Kelson Riding, Hilton Salt Lake City Center

  • "Office birthdays should involve more than the obligatory cake. Here's what you should really be doing! We celebrate all TMs birthday together at every end of the month (for those birthday on that particular month) at the team Cafeteria (we called it Me,N,U). It is a small gathering from all departments, and we have fun! and give them warm wishes & motivation to Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired!"

    —Gopal Arya, Conrad Dubai

  • "We have numerous ways to recognize Team Members, whether it is daily, monthly, or yearly. One way is our Team Member of the Month board. We often have Team Members that don't see each other and are not sure who the Team Member that won is, so we created a board with all of the teams' pictures. Every month we move it over with the month that the person is representing. We also have a calendar for each department, which is our bee board which comes from: "Be Brighthearted." Our daily board is for when an Team Member is mentioned in a survey or guest assistance compliment. They receive a clothes pin, and when they reach five, they get to choose things out of our Brighthearted box that has anything from gift cards, to novelty items, to coupons. We not only have seen more production in daily work to strive towards winning, but also more cheerfulness in Team Members knowing that we believe in them and that we recognize the good that they do."

    —Deidra Davis, Hilton Garden Inn Augusta

  • "We recognized our Food & Beverage team by treating them to a special surprise every day throughout Food & Beverage Week. We gave each Team Member a scratch-off lottery ticket and a 100 Grand candy bar on Monday, a box of cereal with some themed words of recognition on Tuesday, cupcakes and cookies on Wednesday, ordered take-out meals for our AM and PM team on Thursday, pilsner glasses with a hug (juice) and kisses (Hershey) on Friday, and a Redbox one-day movie rental voucher and bag of microwaveable popcorn on Saturday!"

    —Erin Cavanaugh-Wyatt, Embassy Suites by Hilton Cincinnati RiverCenter

  • "The Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport is going through a very exciting and challenging time with renovations! To keep our team feeling appreciated, we started a program very similar to Catch Me at My Best. Every week we do drawings for Team Members to win prizes like candy, gift cards, or even hotel furniture! Our team loved it so much they even dressed up for the weekly event!"

    —Lauren Scott, Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis Airport

  • "We assign one department to recognize the monthly celebrated department each day in some way. The specific department is recognized each day by the leadership team of that dept., i.e., Monday - Sales will provide donuts and a big thank you, Tuesday - Engineering will provide a snack, etc. During the monthly luncheon we reserve tables for the celebrated team and provide an extra gift or item."

    —Clarissa Yost, Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center

  • "In January we recognized our Engineering team by putting together a bucket of candy, snacks, and small items for our team of six Engineers. Although our department is small, each of them has a big heart, and they are continuously running around tirelessly helping our guests, no matter what the issue or request. The team also took advantage of a not-so-chilly January afternoon and walked to a local burger restaurant to have lunch as a team. They have also implemented "Engineer of the Month" to recognize the amount of projects and request each and every one of them pick up on a daily basis to help in their department and all other areas of the hotel. They are truly such a huge piece of our Madison family!"

    —Morgan Myers, Hilton Madison Monona Terrace

  • "We recognize our team byaking a goodie bags for the Team Members and playing fun game for their luncheon."

    —Hanane Ayab, Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando International Drive Jamaican Court

  • "Everycday we recognize the wonderful work they do, this month we wanted to let them know with special gifts."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Every month I make a gift basket for Housekeeping to recognize perfect attendance. All Team Members who have perfect attendance for the month have a chance to win. The baskets are all designed for the holiday of the month, lottery tickets, or just canned goods. This helps our hotel Housekeeping department have a better attendance."

    —Judy Forsythe, Hampton Inn by Hilton Monroeville

  • "I have been working with my team here for almost seven years. To recognize them, I would like say that they are the most considerate group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone covers each others back, and when we need each other at the drop of the hat, someone always steps up and covers. My team is the true definition of a Team Member family. "We Rock!" Our #1 goal is to make each and every guest happy, and that begins with us helping and looking out and recognizing each other. We all have a love for our property and our guests, and I would not change anything. I love Hilton and I love my teammates."

    —Kenyata Rozier, Homewood Suites by Hilton Macon North

  • "Hotel Hilton Princes San Pedro Sula, celebro Valentine's Day, donde se compartio con todos los miembros de equipo un Brownie y un abrazo con mucho cariño. El cual se demostro el amor y cariño que hay para cada uno de los miembros de equipo. Happy Valentine's Day!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We always seek opportunities to recognize and appreciate the Team Members for the amazing job they are doing year long. In addition to the Catch Me cards, WhatsApp, and Facebook appreciations. we went an extra mile to make Team Members feel special. Being a Brighthearted and TWP champion of the hotel, the training manager wanted to influence the Team Members in a positive way every single time they walk inside his office. So a wallpaper with an artwork with writings "You are amazing" was installed inside the office to constantly remind the Team Members that they are amazing. The phrase itself gives a Brighthearted vibe and was appreciated by lot of Team Members."

    —Vineeth Senan, Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum

  • "Using the Hamptonality concept, I took the time to split the entire team into groups, chose team captains, and spent time working on our plan of action to get our guests to give us 9's & 10's. We have a board in the back office with all the Team Members, and every time someone's name is mentioned or is good in a SALT survey or in person, TripAdvisor, or Third Party sites, they get a Certificate from the Recognition site. We also give them $5 that accumulates throughout the month."

    —Darlene Mayes, Hampton Inn by Hilton North Olmsted Cleveland Airport

  • "To encourage team spirit and inspire creativity between Team Members, each Department had to come up with an original, innovative, inspiring, and creative photo for their Department. The competition created a fantastic team spirit, where each Department started to brainstorm, thinking out of the box and new ideas were flourishing in their minds. Team Members were very excited and every department hoped to win the challenge.

    We received some amazing and funny photos making the selection of the winner extremely challenging. In order to engage all Team Members in the selection process, an email has been sent to all Team Members to vote for their favorite photos. The HR Department decided to choose two winner pictures: the Engineering and Public Relations Departments. Their creativity was recognized with a trophy during a Formula 1-themed team celebration. Based on the success of the photo competition, our Human Resource Department is planning to arrange more fun, engaging competitions to emphasize the pleasant, delightful, working atmosphere."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • CONTEST WINNER: "We enjoyed lots of fun activities during this Food and Beverage week:

    Team Got Talent Performance:Our F&B team has some dancing and singing talent, so they performed and the guests choose the best. We also had sports activities with the guests: Football game and Volleyball game. We created Live Thrive Day with a single task a day, and Digital Learning Day, to encourage the team to Thrive in Body, Mind, and Spirit. We prepared a Bedouin day for the team, and they enjoyed the DJ with music in tent and mix grill food for around 35 Team Members. We also shared a time with the guests to make creative Cocktails."

    —Ayman Fathy, Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort

  • "We recognized out Food and Beverage Team in February by gifting them each a "We Love Food and Beverage" water bottle with candy and a thank you note inside."

    —Elizabeth Cutler, Hilton Garden Inn Colorado Springs North

  • "2017 was a remarkably prosperous year for Ramses Hilton: The Hotel achieved all its SALT and Revenue Targets and won numerous internal awards such as The EMEA GM Leadership Award, The EMEA Food & Beverage Award of Excellence, and three Spirit of Blue Energy Award winners. A motivated team is a vital asset of a successful business, therefore as part of the [email protected] initiative, to show true appreciation and celebrate the success all together, we decided to organize an amazing #RamsesHiltonDriversofSuccess Celebration. The theme was Formula 1 Racing, and the ballroom was transformed into a real Formula 1 race track. The Management Team and Directors were wearing Formula 1 jumpsuits welcomed the attendants and distributed a specially designed Hilton Formula 1 souvenir caps as and Formula 1 flags. It was a real surprise for all the Team Members. Everyone queued and wanted to take pictures and selfies while sitting in the professionally designed Ramses Hilton Racecar. Each Department was recognized with a small personalized trophy and thankful words. There was a DJ and a delicious buffet. After the celebration, the team truly felt re-energized to perform their jobs in 2018 and deliver outstanding guest service just like in 2017."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "Our team is using new methods to recognize the Department of the Month this year! We now send personalized Thank You cards home signed by the members of our Blue Energy Committee, thanking the Team Member for their contributions to support our team and our guests! The team is delighted to have something show up at their house and are touched by this gesture! Additionally, our management team selects a day within the month to recognize the team. They coordinate the food and we distribute lottery scratch tickets to each member of the team! Our EC members and representatives from our Blue Energy Committee gather to praise the team and thank them for everything they do. So far we have celebrated Property Operations, Culinary, and Stewarding!"

    —Anastasia Weeks, Hilton McLean Tysons Corner

  • "We utilize the recognition calendar every month to share the birthdays and anniversaries of our Team Members. With the calendar's information, we send out personalized birthday & anniversary cards with a $1 scratch off ticket to each Team Member, letting them know how much we appreciate their length of service and hope they have a happy birthday. Occasionally we see a winning ticket!"

    —Trenise Hill, Doubletree by Hilton Cleveland East Beachwood

  • "Each department is celebrating the F&B team in their own special way. The Chef is making his kitchen their favorite dish for their lunch. The Director of Sales is providing each of them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. The GM is adding PTO to their balance. HR/Accounting is bringing in donuts for the morning shift. Housekeeping is bringing in dessert for the night shift."

    —Maria Osmano, Doubletree Suites by Hilton Downers Grove

  • "For Valentines Day, we have a mailbox in the back office and Valentine cards for the Team Member to write what they love about their teammates. But they do not put who the card is from. At the Valentine's lunch, each Team Member received their cards. I give out a rose and chocolate covered strawberries to each Team Member. This is one way I let my team know I love having them here."

    —Minnie Horton, Hampton Inn by Hilton Wilson Downtown

  • "I recognize my team by sending out High Five emails to Team Members that go above and beyond - the people that deserve recognition for their best efforts. I also implement a Team Member of the Month program to recognize outstanding Team Members. Our first Team Member of the month is our chief engineer, who keeps our property in great working order."

    —Ash West, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bakersfield/Hwy 58

  • "I created The Project to motivate the Front of House to improve Hilton Honors enrollments, upselling, and SALT. All Receptionists and shift leaders have a group, and the goal of these groups is to get points from SALT comments, Hilton Honors Enrollments, and upsells. Every week we define group position, and at the end of the month we announce the winner. I creates videos to explain The Project and to update the team about the competition. Also I creates prizes to distribute for first place, making vouchers for hot drinks, dinner, and holidays - the winner can choose which prize they would like to get. Every month there is a celebration party, with special food and drinks for the team. At this party, I distribute the prizes. The FoH Team Members are so motivated: In January, we made 2,868 Hilton Honors Enrollments. This is the first time that we have reached this score! Like I always say, the only way is up!"

    —Luciana Jantalia, Hilton Birmingham Metropole

  • "The Blue Energy team held a pizza party, and the kitchen team was very engaged to prepare the biggest pizza we have ever had. They had lots of fun in preparing it, as well to show of as the cream of the crop. All of the Team Members had a lot of fun and enjoyed the delicious XXL maxi Pizza. Thank you kitchen team and Happy 1,000 year birthday dear Pizza. Keep on going."

    —Dorothee, Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront

  • "Como es de tradicion en el Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, se organizo una fiesta de cumpleaños a todos los miembros de equipo que estuvieron celebrando un año mas de vida en el mes de enero y febrero. En el cual gozaron con sus compañeros de equipo, con unos deliciosos nachos mexicanos y con un pastel lleno de caramelo. Felicitamos a cada uno de los cumpleañeros deseando que el señor bendiga grandemente sus vidas."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "It's F&B Appreciation month, and although we recognize our team through out the year, this month we have done several special things to really show our team how much we appreciate them. I sent High Fives to all Team Members who have received great feedback from guests, whether it is TripAdvisor, SALT, or our DT comment cards, this lets our team know we do appreciate them and the great things they do for our guests. We have allocated a special F&B Recognition board in our office, to print out all good feedback comments so all Team Members can see them and feel special. This also lets them know how much we value their great service. We organised a day where we will get all of our F&B team together for a surprise thank you gathering. This will include a small raffle, prizes bought from Supervisors and also some food available, just to say thank you for all their hard work. We also made a photo board of all of our great times together as a department, in and out of work, to remind ourselves of what a great team and friends we are. We will continue to show our team how much we value them and make sure they are always recognized."

    —Nikkole McBride, Doubletree by Hilton London Greenwich

  • "We recognized our Maintenance & Engineering team during the month of January. We celebrated their hard work and dedication to our hotel by gifting them with treats and a pizza party! They are truly the super heroes of our hotel! We couldn't do it without them!"

    —Melanie Ramirez, Hilton College Station & Conference Center

  • "Using the certificates on the Recognition Website for Food & Beverage, we made personalized Accomplishment Certificates with a twist: We calculated how many guests each F&B Team Member had interacted with over their career, and then wrote a message of thanks to show them how many guests' lives they touched. For example, our server Bimal has connected with at least 94,000 guests, which is equivalent to filling the Rose Bowl Stadium! Holly has reached over 74,000 guests, which is the entire population of Kalamazoo, Michigan! AJ the bartender has server enough guests to fill 20 cruise ships! The numbers are impressive and just go to show the impact each server has on our business. It was quite fun to post this for everyone to see! We filled a table under the cork board in the service area with little snacks and treats recognizing their dedication. And we had to add some quality puns to the treats, including raisin boxes with Thank you for Raisin Our Salt Scores and gold fish with It's O-Fish-all, You're Awesome, Happy F&B Month."

    —Alexis Landers, DoubleTree by Hilton Hyannis

  • "Team Members were treated to a Superbowl Goodie Cart to celebrate Superbowl LII, New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles on February 4, 2018. Team Members enjoyed traditional finger foods along with Red and Blue punch!"

    —Anita McKoy, Hilton Wilmington Riverside

  • "Se dio inicio la semana de reconocimiento del departamento de mantenimiento,donde cada dia de la semana se les obsequio un premio a cada uno de los miembros de equipo, un reconocimiento de su valioso trabajo y esfuerzo que emprenden cada dia. Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula incio la semana con ice cream day, donde los miembros de equipo de mantenimiento obtuvieron un pequeño descanso, asi mismo el dia martes se les brindo pizza day, el cual fue un almuerzo muy provechoso, continuando el dia miercoles con un desayuno al estilo hondureño , de igual forma el dia jueves se les obsequio pop corn day, finalizando el dia viernes con un almuerzo y con una gorra de parte del hotel."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hilton Wilmington Riverside has begun recognizing Team Members that are personally named by guest in SALT surveys and other social recognition by awarding them RockStar Recognition. Gabby was the first to be award the RockStar Award for being recognized by a guest for going above and beyond in meeting their needs while they visited at our hotel. Great job!"

    —Anita Mckoy, Hilton Wilmington Riverside

  • "I recognize the team by congratulating them for their achievements. When we achieve the goal of the month, they are given a compensation. Every month we name the Team Member of the month, and they are given recognition and an incentive such as money, vouchers, and tickets to cinemas."

    —Patricia Camacho Lopez, Hampton Inn by Hilton Ciudad Victoria

  • "In our January Blue Energy Committee Meeting, we were brainstorming about ways to recognize and show appreciation to our fellow Team Members. Our Blue Energy Team was wanting to take recognition to the next level and make it easy, frequent, and on-the spot! So we created Blue Energy Coupons. We currently have three different coupons. They include a candy bar of choice from the Gift Shop, drink of choice from our Starbucks Store, and soup, salad, or sandwich of choice from our Restaurant. Each Blue Energy Committee Member will receive an envelope of coupons at each meeting. Throughout the month they can pass out coupons when they recognize a Team Member showing Blue Energy towards a Guest, fellow Team Member, or in our Community."

    —Carrie Grover, Hilton Fort Wayne at the Grand Wayne Convention Center

  • "We are constantly recognizing our Team Members, but I want to share with you what we did after a huddle meeting. We put everyone's name in a drawing for a local restaurant in the area. The winner was Lois from our housekeeping department. She has been with the Hampton for five years and we are so proud of having her part of the team. She is an example to the team of what great rooms look like. She is a valued Team Member and we so appreciate her."

    —Teresa Kaasa, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Watertown

  • "The year has started with Engineering month. We arranged a great Engineering day for them. The meeting room was decorated with balloons and cocktail tables with snack food. Our chef prepared a cake and some delicious treats for them, and a red carpet was opened at the meeting room entrance. The team was welcomed with a life corridor by our HODs, a welcome speech by our Chief Engineer and the DO, and a small presentation about our Engineering team. We had games, and a present was given to winners. We also had a special T-Shirt for the team (We love Engineering). They all were happy!"

    —Esmira Akhundova, Hilton Baku

  • "We had an afternoon of Cinema on our first day of Maintenance week. We took a group photo, and after a funny movie we had delicious ice cream. We exercised our minds with riddle games, and all Team Members recognized the effort of the Maintenance team. The Riddler even visited us! In our hotel, the Team Members show a great camaraderie, and they always help each other. It is important to have a rest time, so we had a picnic and enjoyed a delicious meal. Success is not achieved with luck, it is the result of a constant effort. The only way to do a great job is to love what you do, congratulations to the Maintenance Team!"

    —Laura Chitay, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala City

  • "Iniciamos el año festejando a nuestros departamentos, Mantenimiento fue el primer equipo a quien reconocimos este mes de enero, cada uno de los departamentos que conforman nuestra Propiedad participó en este festejo, por ejemplo la cocinia les envió una canasta de galletas para que las comieran en un rato libre, asi mismo la Gerencia les compró un kit de herramientas las cuales sin duda les ayudará mucho a realizar su gran trabajo que hacen en el Hotel. Otro día el Gerente de Recepcion junto con todo su team pegaron calcomanias sobre sus playeras para felicitarlos por su trabajo, tambien se hicieron reconocimientos para cada uno de las personas en mantenimiento. Fueron pequeños detalles que sin duda les arranco una sonrisa a cada uno de ellos. Felicidades equipo de mantenimiento."

    —Carlos Lopez, Hilton Mexico City Airport

  • "For the month of January, we celebrated our Engineering team each week with a new idea. For Week One, the GM and AGM took both of them out to eat! On Week Two, each department wrote a thank you note of appreciation and, the team gave them a Dallas Cowboys T-shirt. On Week Three, they received a white painted rock and wrote YOU ROCK on the front. Then each Team Member signed their name on the back of the rock in multi-colored sharpie pens. And for Week Four, we had a Team Member luncheon and gave each of them a decorated 'survival pail' with items such as gloves, hand cleaner, peanut M&Ms, slim jim, bottle opener, $10 giftcards, etc. Thank you!"

    —Jennifer Ross, Homewood Suites by Hilton Plano-Richardson

  • "Once a month we celebrate our Team Members' anniversaries and birthdays with a luncheon for the entire team. We recognize our Team Members with a card, a gift, and a round of applause from the team. This has been a hit, and the team really enjoyed the experience of being celebrated."

    —Teresa Kaasa, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Watertown

  • "Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate! We love to bring it when we have our monthly recognition luncheon. Our lunch includes some good food, music, and a lot of recognition. Our theme for 2018 is the Justice League. We award T-shirts or costumes to our MVP of the month based on characters from the Justice League. Recognition at our hotel is done everyday. When our Team Members answer a question during huddles or wow our guests or another Team Member, we give them Lewis the Duck Bucks! These are redeemable in our suite shop. When we recognize our team, they pay it forward to our guests."

    —Barry Stirrat, Homewood Suites by Hilton Greenville

  • "We have been winning Honor Every Guest every month since we opened. We celebrated each month with lunch, and the team started to get bored with it. We decided to hold on to the gift cards, and we allowed the team to order zip up jackets from Lands' End to add to their uniforms. The team is so excited to stay warm and show off their Home2 jackets!"

    —Samantha Minter, Home2 Suites by Hilton Stafford/Quantico

  • "In Maintenance & Engineering month, we organized a contest for Team Members. The Engineering team's new task was to complete wooden models. They are a bit difficult to complete, but they have a lot of fun. Cinema ticket prizes were prepared for Engineering Team Members who completed the wooden model sthe fastest, and special gifts found on Hilton recognition page are not forgotten. We also had gift cups among the gifts to make sure that we always feel close to their families. They loved it! We keep on having fun everyday. Thank you Hilton!"

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul, Avcilar

  • "The team at Hilton Sheffield has been recognising not only Maintenance this month but the whole team. All of our recognition stories appear on our own Facebook page that only Team Members can see, and on H360. These range from celebrating birthdays and having a free lunch, Internal Celebrations hosting the Team Member of the month, High Five Day, and Granola Bar day. Any great feedback from guests about the team is awarded with WOW points. Of course the Maintenance team has received lots of goodies too, ranging from Cinema tickets, free breakfasts, hampers, and free coffee."

    —Gemma Jolliffe, Hilton Sheffield

  • "We believe that what we learn with joy we will never forget, and that's why we love the Kahoot game. Kahoot is a great website that allows us to create multiple choice questions quiz in a fun and attractive way with pictures and music. It also records score for correct answers, so it's just perfect to have a little competition among the team. We informed our Team Members in advance so that everybody had Kahoot ready on their phones; then we gathered everybody in front of a wide screen and did the quiz together. Movie tickets and snacks are the prizes for our winners. Our team really enjoys the game as we always have good fun and able to review our knowledge."

    —Thang Hoang, Hilton Da Nang

  • "A birthday is a special day! Most of us celebrate it at work, and deep in our hearts we expect some surprise. For our team for each birthday celebration we try to do something new. This January was the birthday of our colleague Ahmed. We pretended that we forgot about his special occasion, and at the end of monthly communication meeting surprised him with "cake" in form of a pizza with candles and a huge candy. Even simple, sometimes funky gifts, and, the most important, our brighthearted team, will definitely make our Team Members b-days special ones...they deserve it! Expenses for our small celebrations come from the money we earned after winning enrollment competitions."

    —Iana Kuka, Hilton Garden Inn Ras Al Khaimah

  • "Our annual Team Member kick-off party was held on Friday 19th January in our Grand Ballroom with the theme: Neon/Glow Party. We went all out this year for our team, with a great menu of Eastern, African, and American foods, and all the top awards were presented for 2017: Team Member of the Month for December; Department of the Year which won a team build braai at the beach; New Comer of the Year which won a night stay at our hotel in the King Executive Room, including breakfast and dinner; Best Team Support of the Year who also won a night stay at our hotel in the King Executive Room, including breakfast & dinner; Living the Values for 2017 which won a one-night stay at the Oyster Box Hotel, including breakfast; Supervisor of the Year which won a one-night stay at the Fairmont Zimbali Hotel, including breakfast; and Manager of the Year which won a full day package at The Fairway Spa for two people. #WeareHilton #thrivehilton #WeAreHilton #WeAreHospitality #hiltonthrive"

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "Our Engineering team has been quite busy even while in the pre-opening process. It was great to celebrate them this month. We bought them breakfast one week and lunch another. We also made chocolate tools for them. The tools were fun to make, and they enjoyed having something unique to them."

    —Jessica Chaney, DoubleTree by Hilton Vail

  • "I recognize my Team Member by letting them know how I appreciate them when their anniversary come around. This month I am recognizing two young men on my F & B team, Nakabian and Al. Both of these young men have been here for one year. To thank them they received their favorite sweet treat and a gold star balloon. Thank you all for everything you do!"

    —Robin Perry, Hilton Garden Inn Albany

  • "El Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula celebro el Dia de la Mujer Hondureña, el dia 25 de Enero. De tal forma que se les entrego un ramorde rosas a cada una de ellas y un obsequio personalizado. Felicitamos a cada mujer Hondureña en su dia por el cual son valientes guerreras, y bendecidas porque se levantan cada dia con mucha Fe, y llevan una vida con valor y fuerzas. Felicidades!"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are constantly recognizing our Team Members, but this time I want to share with you what we did for our Engineering Team for their recognition week. We took them to lunch to a special restaurant the team liked, they had an afternoon with ice cream, they had letters signed from all the other Team Members, and finally we decorate a room and had a surprise to show them our appreciation for everything they do each day."

    —Maria Jose Carrillo Silva, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "For maintenance month we decided to create our maintenance team HWS Survival Kits! As AGM I wanted to do a little something extra by painting and decorating paint buckets, and our GM stuffed them with little helpful tools. We had gloves, M&Ms, beef jerky,A wine bottle opener, and a few more."

    —Gloria Decena, Homewood Suites by Hilton Plano-Richardson

  • "For Engineering week, each department owned a day of recognition. They had some amazing meals, a huge thank you card signed by all, and some fun treats. Our General Manager ended the week perfectly by coming in at 5:00 a.m. to prepare his famous smoked ribs for the team. The team had a great week and we had a lot of fun showing how much they mean to us!"

    —Leslie Garringer, Waldorf Astoria Park City

  • "We have started a recognition board, and everyone that has their name mentioned positively in SALT is given $5.00. We also started a recognition board for service anniversaries and birthdays."

    —Tonya Zapata, Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham Trussville

  • "Every December for the last eight years the hotel has had a Giving Tree. This Giving Tree gives back to our fellow Team Members and the community during the holiday season. We wanted to ensure that our community or our in-house community could provide the best holiday season for their children. This December we had 35 children to buy gifts for. The only way this program works is to have volunteers from our team to buy gifts or donate money towards gifts for these children. Well, one Team Member took it to a whole new level. They decided, because their heart is so big to pick 10 children to buy gifts for. Not looking for the recognition just who she is. Jen was recognized and honored this month at our All Team Member Holiday party with the first "Heart of the Holidays" award. We want to recognize fellow Team Members that go our of their way to make others feel good."

    —Katie Barker, DoubleTree by by Hilton Chicago-Alsip

  • "We celebrated our Engineering week the whole day in our hotel. We made them thrive and started their day with a Fruit Platter for breakfast. We gave them a personalized Maintenance & Engineering Magician shirt with their name printed on it. During the afternoon, we invited all the HODs and some of the TMs to help our Engineering Team to decorate the cat house which we are going to donate to the Animal Shelter as part of our Global Week of Service project. After the workshop, our GM handed out recognition certificates to the team. They are our heroes when it comes to maintenance of the hotel, so we made them feel their value to our property. We created a bulletin board specially for all the Engineering team and made them feel like real superheroes."

    —Janel Andrada and Carolina Berker, Alrayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Our Maintenance team plays a very important role in the success of our hotel. Without them, a lot of things would not be possible or functioning! We took great pleasure in recognizing our Maintenance department this month. We kicked off the month by having all Team Members and managers write thank yous and encouraging words on an engineering hard hat, which was displayed on their uniquely made Maintenance Appreciation board in our break room. Though most Maintenance teams consist of hard core engineers much like ours, they really enjoyed the unexpected photo shoots held throughout the week where photos were taken to display their daily activities, team work, and joy for what they do. We ended the month with hosting a surprise party for our team where a six ft. hero sub was given to them along with other snacks and beverages. They enjoyed the company and appreciation from managers and Team Members while playing two rounds of engineering trivia to receive the "Smartest Maintenance Man" award."

    —Inari King, DoubleTree by Hilton Columbia

  • "Delroy is not only a valuable member of our hotel, he is a true hero in his community. While walking home last winter, Delroy saw that a fire had broken out at a neighbors house. He jumped into action, saving two children and others. Recently Delroy's actions were recognized with a local Hero Award from the American Red Cross. He was also recognized on the We Are Hilton Spotlight on the Lobby. He is a Hero to all of us and we are so proud!"

    —Christine Bannon, Hilton Garden Inn New York\Staten Island

  • "We started the maintenance week with a decoration in their office, they got a special surprise! Not everything can be a prize, but the most important is recognition. It is better when you say what you think about your team. Their first day was amazing, they didn't know what the team thought about them. Second day was sweeter, they were surprised with a delicious milkshake from their favorite ice cream store! After a long morning they shared hamburgers. This department has special guys with big hearts. They are always on the time with their job and with guests!"

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "Our hotel recognized our Maintenance and Engineering team by having a fun-filled special luncheon to celebrate all their efforts. We played a game: our GM created a life-sizes game in one of our meeting rooms with painters tape and a giant dice to be rolled. Two team members participated and this is how it worked: Team members rolled the dice to see how many spaces they would moved up or stay and answered Engineering/Maintenance-related questions. Our winner was so nice that he gifted his winning prize, a Starbucks gift card, to the Team Member he was up against. We ended our luncheon by cutting a special cake. Thanks for all you do! You Rock!"

    —Xochitl Catalan, Embassy Suites by Hilton Anaheim North

  • "At the beginning of a large group meeting at our hotel, the main contact person is given a pineapple pin to wear on their lapel. This lets our Team Members know that this person is the point of contact and the decision maker for the group. At the end of the meeting, the contact person gives the pin to the person they believe to have shown the best hospitality to the group. This can be anyone from a lobby attendant to the banquet captain. The Team Member that receives the pineapple pin is then recognized by the team at a separate meeting and given a token of appreciation for their hard work and hospitality to the group."

    —Stacy Collins, Hilton University Place Hotel Charlotte

  • "On week one the Executive Office filled Blue & Yellow Paint & Tool Buckets with Chocolates, Popcorn, Candy and snacks. Week Two Front Office surprised them with a custom make cake decorated with tools, week three the Care Committee gave them Chocolate and candy dipper pretzels and week four the Sales team is giving them a pizza party."

    —Lynn Miranda, Doubletree by Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center

  • "For the maintenance and engineering week, all the rest of our team got together and we all built a recognition calendar for the week. We planned a different activity each day so that we could make feel out coworkers special, and so that they could have a week out of the ordinary. Monday we decorated their office, and we welcome them when they arrived at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday we prepared a snack, and we personally decorated the lunch box. The general manager also invited them to have lunch outside the hotel. Wednesday we surprised them with a delicious fruit punch and gave them two T-shirts so that all our guest could know that this was their week. Thursday we invited them to have dinner in the Hotel, a delicious lasagna our F&B team prepared just for them. And Friday we invited them to have a special breakfast that our F&B team prepared for them. We also had lunch with all the Team Members. Each one prepared some words and shared them with our Maintenance team, thanking them for all their constant support and friendship. We also gave them a recognition diploma that all the Team Members signed."

    —Marcela Blanco, Hampton by Hilton Bucaramanga

  • "As a Front Office Manager, I am so proud of my wonderful team. I am happy to say that we are celebrating and recognizing our team as much as possible, as nothing matters more than keeping the Values and appreciation alive."

    —Denitsa Georgieva, The Diplomat Beach Resort, A Curio by Hilton

  • "As a focused service hotel, the Heroes of the Kitchen are the greatest satisfaction of our clients and the best inspiration to start the day with a local menu, typical flavors, creativity, great passion, and their unique Hamptonality. To recognize their great work, we held pastry training and delivered certificates recommending their great work. They have Hamptonality."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "Caring for our Team Members is one of our top priorities, and we often throw parties and banquets for Team Members and their friends and families. We had a spa & pamper day for our Housekeepers, and invited a facial masseuse to come in and pamper our ladies. We also had gift bags with hot chocolate and cookie mix for our Team Members to take home. There's nothing better than a good spa day and hot chocolate!"

    —Clara Choi, Hampton Inn by Hilton Statesboro

  • "The best way to start the day is celebrating our job! Our Maintenance team had fun and enjoyed the game "Craneo" with culture questions about Conrad and Service to celebrate their month of recognition and keep them inspired and motivated."

    —Ivvone Castillo, Conrad Cartagena

  • "I recognize my team every day. An affective greeting, a kind word, a hug, a smile. These are ways to recognize the team. This week we invited our Maintenance team to eat desserts, and surprised them with sweets in their work place and other activities."

    —Pedro Tomas Barcelo Gnecco, Hampton by Hilton Valledupar

  • "To recognize our Engineering Heroes we had a great time at the beach! Motivated by [email protected], we had the initiative to take everybody out of the hotel and enjoy some fresh air on the beautiful Copacabana Beach. Coconut water and ice cream for everyone!"

    —Flavio Silva, Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

  • "Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, organizo una fiesta para celebrar el comienzo de un año nuevo 2018 , el cual todos los miembros de equipo disfrutaron entre muchas risas, y baile. asi mismo de un delicioso banquete de comida. Se realizo una concurso del sombrero mas loco, donde tres de nuestros compañeros ganaron su respectivo lugar. Le damos Bienvenida a este nuevo año 2018 el cual sabremos que Dios nos bendecira y cada uno de los miembros de equipo se esforzara en dar lo mejor de cadaa uno de ellos para dar un buen servicio dentro del Hotel."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Our Maintenance Team Members are our Super Heroes. They are always willing to solve the problems that affect our clients and our co-workers, and help the community as well. For them we organize activities, we listen to their life stories, and we support them because they are human beings who also deserve respect and gratitude for their great work. Without them, our hotels would not have the same meaning."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "There are lot of celebrations throughout our lives, but one celebration which will be special in everyone's life is their birthday! Celebrating a birthday is a tradition in our life, but celebrating it as a surprise gives a new kick to the occasion. Our Blue Energy team are always ahead to surprise our Team Members. Our Chef has prepared a nice, large birthday tart, and our Hotel Manager, Ahmed Sedky, presented a personalized Birthday Card to each TM. Also, award certificates were distributed for Team Member of the Month and Best Groomed Team Member."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "We had the distinct honor of being announced as the Best Ski Hotel in North America by the Worlds Ski Awards, as well as voted number three in the world! Since this was only obtained due to our amazing Team Members, we decided it was time to party! We had a DJ, dancing, fantastic food, a professional photographer, and a photo booth. The event was completely catered from outside vendors so everyone on our team could come and enjoy. Our General Manager gave an amazing speech to thank the team and let them know it was all for them. The night was a huge success and everyone had a great time."

    —Leslie Garringer, Waldorf Astoria Park City

  • "On MLK Jr. we tried to inform the team about Martin Luther King, Jr. We created a billboard dedicated to see what our Team Members' dreams were. In addition to the board, we had puzzles and interesting facts about MLK Jr. and his accomplishments when he was alive. "

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "Here at Home2 Suites by Hilton Biloxi North D'Iberville, we feel it is a necessity to recognize our Team Members when they go above and beyond. We choose to recognize our best preforming Suitekeepers with a gift card each month. When they achieve an outstanding performance rating from the GM, AGM, or Executive Suitekeeper, they are nominated for the gift card. Top rated nominees walk away with a gift card. Sometime we have more than one winner. I feel like this recognition inspires and motivates each and every Suitekeeper to provide the best service possible."

    —Kitty Ferguson, Home2 Suites by Hilton Biloxi North D'Iberville

  • "Since I am working with a virtual team, recognition is more of a challenge. I do random team shout outs for achievements, ideas, etc. when they don't expect it."

    —Eve Rutledge, HRCC

  • "On the occasion of celebrating 2017 Global Team Members Survey Results, Ahmed Sedky, our Hotel Manager, decided to give a great, unforgettable party to all Team Members, and our Cluster General Manager, Mrs. Soha El Torgoman, shared the ceremony where we had a fantastic barbecue lunch! F&B and HR team arranged a DJ just to ensure a bright joyful atmosphere and to make the TMs celebration really enjoyable. Our Team Members are the Heart of Hilton, and they make Hilton the most hospitable company in the world by delivering exceptional experiences every day, where everyone feels appreciated. It's our Management's way to show gratefulness through an astonishing [email protected] open air Celebration."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "Entre muchas risas y lagrimas, le decimos adios a una de nuestras compañeras del area de Reservaciones, le brindamos una despedida donde muchos de nuestros compañeros expresaron su gratitud y sus mejores deseos a Fanny Garcia, donde ella inicia una nueva aventura en su vida. Los miembros de equipo de deiferentes departamentos, lograron expresar su tristeza y a la vez alegria de su nuevo proyecto de vida, con todo cariño el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula, le desea lo mejor a ella y su familia."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "On 11/01/18, on the International Thank you day, we thanked all of our Team Members and managers for the hard work they put in every day. We have done this by hand-packaging Millions sweets with a funny thank you message with our brand colour for every Team Member. These were then handed out by the managers, making sure everyone participates! We all loved walking around with some sweets in our pockets for the day!"

    —Lilla Ferencz, Hampton by Hilton Bristol Airport

  • "We work hard together, we play hard together, and we exercise together. Believing in the great positive impact of sports activities on Team Members' health, Ahmed Sedky, our hotel manager, arranged an open-air running and exercise activity where all department heads have participated. Thriving @ Hilton Cairo WTC Residences means we are truly passionate about nourishing our team's well-being and happiness. Let's spread the warmth and light of hospitality together."

    —Mostafa Ayad, Hilton Cairo World Trade Center

  • "2018 is our year to recognize Gold. We have 12 Golden pineapple pins that will be given out one per month for our most prestigious award, The Associate of the Month. Only this Team Member gets to wear this pin.

    We also have created 4 awards that are to be won each month. The Golden Key Board recognizes a Desk, Night Auditor, Van Driver, or administration associate. The Golden Tool box recognizes a valued Maintenance department associate. The Golden Duster recognizes a valued Housekeeping/Laundry associate. And the Golden Serving Tray recognizes any F&B associate. Each winner will receive a gift card plus a Certificate of Recognition.

    We are going full force with Team Member Recognition this year!"

    —Tim Elie, DoubleTree by Hilton Rochester

  • "We recognize our Team Members every month with a special luncheon put together by CARE. During the luncheon, we take all of the comment cards with our Team Members' names on them, and enter the names into a drawing for prizes like two movie tickets, gift cards for our local area, candy, and even a day off with pay. We also add a CARE champion of the month nominated by the managers, and a Housekeeper of the month nominated by the Director of Housekeeping, with a special bonus for each. Everyone looks forward to the luncheon and to see if they might be the next lucky winner. It is a great way to keep our team interacting with our Guests to ensure they will return."

    —Terri Guest, DoubleTree by Hilton Las Vegas Airport

  • "First we start off by announcing the Team Member in the daily huddle. Then we give them a gift. We have a list of each Team Member's "fav" things, and we make sure they gift something off of their list. I also let the Team Member know why they are being recognized and how it helped the team and guests. I love to let them know how important they are to the company, team, guests, and me."

    —Stacy Smith-Sims, Hampton Inn by Hilton Lubbock

  • "We buy a glass mug from the dollar tree and fill it with items we know our team will enjoy. One time it was pamper yourself, and we bought nail polish, remover, emery boards, nail clippers, and lotion. We try to make it as individualized as possible. For our maintenance guys we fill them with nuts and snacks."

    —Melinda Lane, Hilton Garden Inn Panama City

  • "The Front Office Team Member who receives the highest percentage of 9 and 10's in SALT will be recognized at the SALT champ and receive an certificate and $50.00 on their payroll check"

    —Tanika Brown, Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Airport

  • "For January's Maintenance and Engineering Month, we gave our Maintenance Engineer a new headlamp because he Shines here at our Hampton! We also plan to take him to lunch with all the managers. Scott is amazing, and we love having him as our Maintenance Engineer!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn by Hilton Williamsport Downtown

  • "At the yearly Blue Energy Team Member Party in Q1, we ask HODs to nominate their MVPs based on their contributions to Revenue (excluding TMs who received sales incentive, HPCJ, up-selling, etc.), their contribution to large cost savings and ecology, and a Team Member who went above and beyond the call of duty and is living the Hilton Worldwide values of Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, and Now."

    —Keiko Kobayashi, Hilton Osaka

  • "We just recently started giving $5 gift cards to any Team Member who gets positively mentioned by name in a SALT survey or guest review. We hope this encourages our Team Members to interact more with guests. We've already given out all of our stash and have to replenish our gift cards!"

    —Angela Frear, Hampton Inn by Hilton Williamsport Downtown

  • "Each month we allow all Team Members to submit an anonymous ballot for a coworker who will be recognized as the Team Member of the month."

    —Ernest Daniels, Homewood Suites by Hilton Indianapolis NW

  • "Nuestro equipo de Ama de Llaves es un equipo ganador. Su esfuerzo continuo y dedicación ofrece a nuestros clientes una estadía inolvidables y sus resultados en SALT son los mas altos del hotel. Recibimos no solo clientes Corporativos sino vacacionales y para todos ellos tenemos como objetivos durante su estadía : Hacerlos Felices! Este gran equipo , ofrece siempre una sonrisa, solución a los problemas y hacen sentir a nuestros clientes como en casa."

    —Maria Elsa Anaya, Hampton by Hilton Cartagena

  • "We celebrate each Team Member whose name is mentioned on a SALT Survey or a TripAdvisor review, and they receive a $25 gift certificate from a place of their choice."

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "Yo reconozco a mi equipo cuando le doy valor a sus ideas o cuando reconozco que son parte importante de nuestras labores diarias, por ejemplo: Le doy un descanso remunerado cuando ellos dan una idea que contribuye al cuidado del medio ambiente, la desarrollan y realizan la presentación al equipo, para así mirar si es viable llevarla a cabo, esta decisión final la tomamos entre todos."

    —Iliana Bermudez, Hampton by Hilton Bogota Usaquen

  • "We encourage our team to read the SALT surveys that are generated from our guests. We've taken it a step up, and every Team Member that is recognized in a SALT survey with an Overall Service score of 10 is granted $10.00 gift card of their choice, and it is displayed for the team to see. It's wonderful because the Front Office will read the surveys daily and will acknowledge other Team Members in other departments. Also, for any positive letter or email sent directly to our General Manager in regards to a specific Team Member, we will provide $15.00 gift card of their choice. We've had 16 SALT recognition surveys and two positive letters since October 2017, which is phenomenal."

    —Jacqueline Greene, Hampton Inn by Hilton Easton

  • "We have many ways that we recognize our team. We have monthly incentives that give out $25 gift cards for no call backs to rooms. And we have a ticket system that is based on anytime a person gets a name mention on SALT, by a guest, or by other Team Members for going above and beyond for guests or Team Members. If you receive up to 10 tickets, you get to have lunch with the GM or GSM or both. I have put three class jars in the break room and fill them up monthly with snacks by request for my Team Members. I offer a drink of their choice from the suit shop or a snack. Without my team I cannot be the person and the boss that I am. I thrive everyday to learn from them and get into the nitty gritty with them. I lead by example and I have a open door policy, no matter what it is they can call upon me professionally and personally. There is never a day that I don't say thank you to my team. They are the backbone and they are my strength."

    —Kimberly Piddington, Hampton Inn by Hilton Brockport

  • "We have named our Hampton Family Team Awesome. We take pride in the relationships we have built and have become close like family. The leadership team at our property host team building craft parties, holiday parties, and for the New Year we have a Vision Board party coming up to help keep everyone motivated and on track with their goals. We do fun things like Ugly Sweater day and Crazy Hat day. Once a week we also put the spot light on each of our Team Members individually to recognize all of the hard work that they dedicate to our hotel."

    —Mikjeala Thomas, Hampton Inn by Hilton Atlanta Kennesaw

  • "We recognized our Maintenance and Engineering department today with a silly poem and gifts. We gave them each a water bottle and a Mr. Fix It pin so guests could recognize them. We ended it with a big round of applause."

    —Christine Shivnarayan, Homewood Suites by Hilton Cincinnati/WestChester

  • "In Housekeeping we inspect our room attendants' rooms they clean every day on a scoring system. Each month their scores determine who cleaned the best amongst their team. First place is awarded $50, Second place is awarded $35, and Third place is awarded $15. At the end of the year, we see who had the most wins and honor that individual with a party and free weekend stay at a sister property of their choice. We also recognize our Team Members' birthdays and work anniversaries each month."

    —Tayran Richardson, Homewood Suites by Hilton Seattle/Lynnwood

  • "Success to us means "TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!" We take pride in our amazing and wonderful team. Through them we are able to achieve the outstanding services we provide to our guests. Aside from the Team Member of the Month, we also like to recognize our awesome team by encouraging and appreciating each other with "High Two!" High Two! is on-the-spot recognition equivalent to a $2.00 token that they can redeem for a treat from our snack shop or exchange for gift cards. It is our way to say thank you and to motivate each other to provide a positive outlook and attitude to everyone!"

    —Catherine Flynn, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Salt Lake University/Foothill

  • "When a Team Member gets their name mentioned in an on-line review, SALT survey, or verbally to a manager, they receive a $10 gift card."

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "For the entire month of January, we are recognizing our Maintenance engineer, David. Without him, we would be broken! We can always rely on him to keep our property at its very best and in working order. Not to mention his positive and "can fix it" attitude. Every day we will do a little something to recognize him and all that he does for us. From lending him a helping hand, to giving him a shout out on social media, we want to let him know how much we appreciate him by dedicating the month of January to all he does for us."

    —Khristian Ervin, Home2 Suites by Hilton Bowling Green

  • "We are in our snowbird season in addition to the already busy holidays, and our Team Members operate on "overdrive." With over 1100 rooms to be serviced, banquet and restaurant linen orders to be filled, and the increased need for recreation and spa towels along with the thousands of robes and room towels to be prepared, our wardrobe and laundry department are hard pressed to accommodate this demand. Personally delivering unexpected customized energy bars (during the "extreme heat of the moment") with messages that resonated with deep appreciation for their tireless efforts was reciprocated with warm smiles of "aloha." In my humble attempt to express gratitude to these hard working Team Members, I was moved by their gratitude of such a simple gesture."

    —Pearla del Mar-Olaso, Hilton Waikoloa Village

  • "We always update our recognition calendar quarterly to ensure it is always up to date. This helps us to celebrate important birthdays, holidays, and anniversary dates for example. This is very important to share with multiple people in case someone is out of the office on a specific date."

    —Jason Hadley, Homewood Suites by Hilton Lexington Hamburg

  • "I have gathered information from my team on what their favorite candy bar, snack, and soft drink is. When their birthday arrives I get them something from this list. "

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "We recognize our Team Members each time they are mentioned in a SALT Survey. Not all Team Members have access to these surveys so we have made a thanks wall in our back office for all the Team Members to see what our guests have to say about our Team Members. Hearing how our guest feel about us really boosts our confidence and Team Member moral."

    —Thersa Price, Hampton Inn by Hilton Jamestown

  • "During January for our Sales Department, I am recognizing our Sales team for their strengths and contribution to the hotel and team. Just a weekly motivational email or note that pinpoints a positive effort and result on their part, whether it is with an Team Member, a guest, or potential client. In addition, each week at our sales meetings the Sales team will also have an opportunity to recognize a positive contribution any Team Member makes to the hotel. We're keeping focused on the positive and positive results in 2018! So many times we can get side tracked on the negative, and building up the team is what makes our guests have a great experience!"

    —Sheila Harrell, Embassy Suites by Hilton Vanderbilt

  • "For the outstanding scoring in SALT and TripAdvisor performance, spreading the Spirit of CARE, fantastic revenue figures, impressive guest feedback and comments, great Quality Assurance results, positive Community and Youth impact, and other amazing achievements in delivering brand promise and exceptional guest service, the Human Resources Team recognized each and every Team Member of DoubleTree by Hilton Business Bay with a small personalized thank you gift from the DXBBB family: a power bank with torch, an unexpected surprise for all the team during the festive season."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "Most important for us is recognizing the team. 2017 was our best recognition year. The biggest activity we did was a big festival including some group activities. We celebrated the enrollments, SALT, the best service, and we had super activities. We gave prizes and more."

    —Carmen Melendez, Hampton by Hilton Barranquilla

  • "For the month of December we encouraged our team to celebrate the holidays with our guests. The concept was that they take a photos of what they do in the room and send the photo to their managers. Each photo was posted on our private Facebook page as immediate recognition. Some of the photos were also used on our official Facebook page to share with our followers. Finally, each submission earned them a raffle ticket for a $25 gift card. We had great participation which showed results in team morale and in our Guest satisfaction scores."

    —Laetitia Perkins, Embassy Suites by Hilton International Drive

  • "Since Brighthearted launched last year, we have been having a monthly team briefing we call the Bright Hearts Connect Event for all the team. The General Manager takes the opportunity to thank, update, and recognize the team and any individual successes. We also announced the Team Member of the Month and Manager of the Quarter Nominees and Managers. The Brighthearted Committee also arranged lots of team activities for the month of December including a Christmas Elf hunt for 12 days of Christmas from 1st to 12th December - whichever Team Member found the Elf each day won a prize. We also had a festive Christmas Lunch for everyone where the Managers were put to work serving the team, and had gifts for everyone and a raffle where some Team Members won hotel stays and other great prizes. Other activities included Christmas Sweater Day, Christmas team party and much more.

    As we are currently undergoing extensive renovations, it is so important to engage and motivate the team at every possible opportunity. We Plan to continue our efforts into 2018 and make sure that the Brighthearted culture is alive and well in Ireland's only Hilton Garden Inn"

    —Mary Murtagh, Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House

  • "The Team Members of DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay introduced a [email protected] contest during Dubai Fitness Challenge. We invited our teams to special training sessions organized by our Spa & Recreation Department. The winning Team Members participated in the hotel fitness challenge, and they were recognized with free training sessions."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "We bring all of our Team Members together monthly to cover important work-related information, to do fun team activities and to boost team spirit. In October, we had a Pumpkin Decorating contest where each team decorate a pumpkin. The pumpkins were then put on display for hotel guests to vote. In November, we had a Chili Cook Off with a great turn out. In December, we had a Sock Drive with a few nearby hotels to gather donations of new socks for the People's City Mission. In addition, we decked the halls in the Team Member lounge and back offices with Christmas stockings - each labeled with a Team Member's name. Goodies and small gifts are put in the stockings every day for the 12 days before Christmas."

    —Anne Chan, Hilton Garden Inn Lincoln Downtown Haymarket

  • "I am the Director of Sales and the only person in the Sales Department. But, as we all know, everyone sells! In order to spread my appreciation for everyone that works in the hotel, no matter the department, I have the Recognition Calendar hung in my office. I check it every Monday and think of ideas to show my gratitude towards our team. They typically don't expect anything from me, because I don't work directly with them!"

    —Audree Burns, Hampton by Hilton Lewiston-Auburn

  • "We set up a Twelve Days of Christmas recognition program for 2017. Each day, for twelve days in December, the selected Team Member receives a gift that is based on the relevant Day of Christmas from the Christmas song. For example: On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me - a partridge in a pear tree. So we presented the Team Member with a infuser shaped as a pear! We continued this for all twelve days. We recognised those Team Members who do a great job consistently but are maybe not always recognised!"

    —Lyn Blight, Hilton Cairns

  • "As the Executive Chef and having worked in culinary and BOH operations for years, I know how difficult it can be to get recognition as a Team Member in BOH operations. The kitchen is often one of the most overlooked departments, and that is why we came up with our Kitchen Team Member of the Month award. This is a peer driven recognition program that is open to all non-management culinary Team Members (cooks, stewards, receivers). We place a ballot box in the kitchen and cooks are allowed to vote for the individual that they feel had the biggest impact during the month. The only catch is they can't vote for themselves. We announce the winner at our stand ups during the first week of the month, and that individual gets a gift card and their photo taken with the Executive Chef, which is posted in the kitchen and circulated to the other departments. At the end of the year we draw an overall Kitchen Team Member of the Year, and the winner is added to the ballot for our Hotel Team Member of the Year Award that is presented at our annual year end Team Member gala!"

    —Alex Hancock, Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel

  • "The Brighthearted Committee at the Hilton Garden Inn Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra planned their end of year event to recognize all our Team Members for a great year and to announce the Manager of the Year and Back of the House and Front of the House Team Members of the Year. Our theme was Back to the 80's, which inspired some very creative outfits. Everyone had a great time."

    —Anette Saalmann, Hilton Garden Inn Ponte Vedra

  • "The DT CARE Committee Team Members have been recognized by the Management Team of the hotel for assistance and participation in Family Winter fair for the adults and children with disabilities. Thank you very much to each and every one who made a great contribution to this event. We prepared a small surprise for their outstanding contribution to the community. We celebrated the success of the event in our Bay Club with special cocktails and snacks and recognition certificates."

    —Anna Pavlova, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Business Bay

  • "We have already downloaded the recognition calendar and discussed the events for the 1st quarter of 2018. We have selected at least two events per month and we will of course celebrate all recognition weeks in the months. We look forward to a year of fun recognition events, we will also focus on Thrive and have planned a Yoga day in March."

    —Desi Janson, Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

  • "Throughout December we implemented a Christmas Advent Calendar with which we recognised one Team Member each day with a small gift. The gifts didn't always cost a lot, sometimes it was a voucher for a free coffee for a week. Just something to recognise that Team Member! They were selected each day at the Operations Preshift brief and told to come to HR for their surprise! It was great feeling like Santa every day in HR, and we saw some very happy Team Members!"

    —Lyn Blight, DoubleTree by Hilton Cairns

  • "We have a High Five board where every associate can give a High Five to a co-worker for their awesome job. Every Wednesday in our team meeting each department manager gets the opportunity to brag about the Team Members that earned High Fives on the previous week. At the end of the month, the Team Member that has the most High Fives wins a $50.00 gift card to a store of their preference, their name engraved on the Team Member of the month plaque, and a plaque for them to keep with their name also engraved."

    —Graciela Martinez, Homewood Suites Denver Downtown Convention Center

  • "The Front Office recognized our Housekeeping team by decorating one of our luggage carts with colorful ribbon and balloons. A sign was created saying HAMPTON'S BEST HOUSEKEEPING TEAM! WE LOVE YOU, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We made an appreciation card and a cake was baked for everyone to enjoy. The cart was then placed near the breakfast area so our guests would be able to see it as well as our Housekeepers. When the housekeepers arrived, they were speechless! They were happy and all felt very much appreciated. Our housekeepers rock at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Greenfield!"

    —Holly Crowell, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Greenfield

  • "Every day work in a hotel is hard, but is better when you have the chance to share with Team Members some time to play Family Freud."

    —Veronica Garcia Maldonado, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Salamanca

  • "The SALT Shaker of the Month Award is our Team Member recognition program designed by our SALT Committee (group of key property service leaders) which gives us the opportunity to recognize Team Members who are service champions at our resort. Each department leader has the chance to nominate one hourly Team Member (Heart of the House or FOH) to be the SALT Shaker of the Month. This is the time we, as leaders, have the opportunity to show off our Team Members by sharing stories about how they helped build memories for our internal and/or external guests. The award is not designed to go to the Team Member with the most SALT mentions (however, the more mentions the merrier!). We want to recognize Team Members, regardless of the amount of guest interaction they have in their roles, who create a positive impact by exceeding expectations and contributing to the success of our property. After the SALT Shaker nominations are submitted each month, all nominees receive a handwritten note and gift advising them of their nomination. The SALT Committee deliberates over the nominations and selects a winner. Once a winner is voted upon, the SALT Committee presents an awesome award to the SALT Shaker to thank him/her for delivering exceptional service! The winner receives the following: Dinner for two at either Frank & Albert's or Wright's, two VIP movie tickets, ownership of the SALT Shaker trophy for the month, recognition certificate, and balloons and candy to share with his/her team! #ShakeItLikeASALTShaker"

    —Rachel Romero, Arizona Biltmore

  • "We prepare five Happy Packages every week to recognize Team Members who have done well. The package includes knickknacks, candies, and lotto which is about 10 bucks. Anyone can give a happy package to any Team Members in the hotel."

    —Kay Kobayashi, Hilton Osaka

  • "At Hilton Tokyo Bay, we celebrate recognition in various way. As Director of Operations I receive many good comments for my team, and also I see many of my colleagues in action helping guests and other Team Members. On a regular basis I take a note of Team Members who are helping guests and other Team Members, and send them a hand written thank you card with an additional note from the guest of my appreciation of there specific teamwork, plus I also add a bar of chocolate for them to enjoy and take a small break. In order to promote recognitions, I also gave my department heads some tools like Starbucks gift cards worth 10 USD each, to give away to there Team Members who showed great service or team work. On New Years and year end, we bring doughnuts for our team to appreciate there hard work."

    —Akshat Sinha, Hilton Tokyo Bay

  • "To inspire Team Members, our management leads by example. We get recognized verbally for things we do on daily basis not just by the managers, but by our peers. To boost even more positive Blue Energy spirit among the team, we use gift-cards, such as Target and Starbucks, to recognize Team Members who receive positive comments from our guests on social medias. Lastly, our General Manager emails the named Team Members and all managers, thanking them for doing such a good job. Importantly, we live the HILTON values at our hotel, and are often reminded of our Promise, Mission, Make It Right, and GREAT mnemonics."

    —Leo Nguyen, Hilton Seattle

  • "To encourage the team, we organized an outing for all Team Members from Front Office to the nearby city Yangzhou. Two parts were arranged because of the different shift arrangements, with one night stay over in Yangzhou. The outing showed Teamwork and made the Team Members felt the warmth from Hilton."

    —Jessie Xu, Hilton Changzhou

  • "We have a star board in the department - we will print and put in comments, emails, photos, etc. to share and celebrate Team Member successes. Individual TMs will also be recognised via an email or High Five and during the monthly communication meeting and Townhall sessions. For significant success, we provide recognition in form of vouchers - for example, 100% score in BDRC, top revenue contributor of the quarter, or highest upseller of the month over the minimum threshold. We also do Spirit of CARE nominations, and for GWOS we submit stories to recognise the performance and have an element of fun with photos."

    —Smital Shah-Boultwood, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

  • "Every week we have a Rally where we read all the scores and guest comments for the week. During this we recognize all the individuals that are mentioned and they get a poker chip for the week. In addition, if we make our monthly score goal all the Team Members with their name mentioned receive a $25 gift card for each name mention during that month."

    —Rene Servin, Embassy Suites by Hilton San Diego

  • "It was the night of the party and all through the hotel, the Team Members were excited and the guests could tell! The whole team was laughing, their spirits were high. No one could wait for this special night! After winning $725 dollars for their Hilton Honors sign ups over the year, our Front Desk team decided that instead of doing something for themselves, they would throw a party for the entire hotel team. With teamwork and integrity being two of our core values, it was only logical that everyone would have the opportunity to share in our successes. Hosted by Pitmasters BBQ, the Christmas party was a hit. Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Desk, and Management from the corporate office attended as well as other friends and family members. We enjoyed pulled pork and chicken, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and desserts. Team Members were able to have their Christmas pictures taken and relax by a bonfire after they exchanged gifts, and it was all paid for with Hilton Honors gift cards! But perhaps what made the evening most special were the team recognition certificates that our GM took the time to make for us. Every Team Member received one, and some received multiple, for their commitment to excellence during renovation and for their hard work in signing up new Hilton Honors members. Not only did this simple gesture bring smiles to our faces, but it made us feel valued and appreciated, which is important in cultivating an award-winning work environment. (We're coming for you LIGHTHOUSE!)"

    —David Flower, Hampton Inn

  • "I recognize my Team Members every morning in the huddle when we read the comments on TripAdvisor or Medallia or any other source by providing a $5.00 coffee card when a guest mentions their name in the comment. Having this practice helped my team to personalize their service to all of our guests: I can see that the Team Members introducing themselves to our guests by saying their names and trying to create an experience with our guests that they will remember their names and mention that in the comments."

    —Shuker Ismail, Homewood Suites by Hilton St. Jacobs

  • "We love to recognize our team for their outstanding hard work. Who doesn't like treats? Like the 12 Days of Christmas, we do 12 Days of Treats. Fun candies, snacks, and lip balm fill their stockings. They love coming in for their next shift to discover the new goodies."

    —Melanie Thompson, Hilton Garden Inn Lincoln Downtown/ Haymarket

  • "At our monthly GM Townhall we go over great guest reviews and call out Team Members that have been mentioned in reviews. They stand up and get a round of applause from their colleagues. We also announce via KIPSU, the text system, to our Team Members who the Champion of the Month is."

    —Rachel Blake, Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle North Lynnwood

  • "Each month, during Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville at Vanderbilt's Employee Luncheon, our Management Team will recognize Teeam Members for a job well done. The awards given out include Employee of the Month, Ali Awards, Social Butterfly (most mentions on social sites or SALT site), Rising Star (Team Member who has been employed less than three months and showing great potential so far), Make A Difference (Team Member that makes the biggest difference in our guests' stay or even with a coworker), Johnny on the Spot (clocks in and out on time), and the Spic N Span Awards (cleanest rooms). We truly believe that recognition helps to improve the Team Members' experience at the hotel and motivates them and others to be the best Team Member they can be. We are thankful for them and all of their hard work!"

    —JayLynn Clay, Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville at Vanderbilt

  • "One of my favorite ways to recognize our team is by printing the Hilton Honors Enrollment sheet about once a week. I highlight who are current enrollers are and set a goal for the end of the month. I post this in our daily communication log. It's fun to show the Team Members how many guests they have enrolled, and highlight those who are the top enroller."

    —Alyssa, Home2 Suites by Hilton Brookfield

  • "December is the Recognition Month for Health Club, and in celebration of this special month, a Recognition Party was organized and the Sales & Marketing Team was invited to join. During the Party, a series of challenging games with the theme of [email protected] - Stay Healthy were prepared in which players had to manage their body balance, vision, and actions well in order to win. Thank you all for your hard work in 2017 & let's stay healthy in 2018!"

    —Vanessa Pang, Conrad Hong Kong

  • "We are at our pre-opening stage, and the team is putting in lot of effort setting up the kitchen, cooking some exceptional and amazing food for our internal guests (colleagues) at our Team dining restaurant, carrying out food trials, and the paper work. We decided to give our kitchen team a surprise dinner party (where we also recognize team and individual efforts) and organized it at a restaurant nearby, along with the Chef managers. The surprise dinner party was soo much fun that we make sure that we would conduct dinner parties at least once in a month. The whole team looks forward to it. It's a great way to surprise, recognize, and appreciate all our Team Members in a relaxed environment, it doesn't matter that we are at pre-opening."

    —Hemant Nagaraj Biradar, Conrad Bengaluru

  • "Our management company recently held a break room decorating contest. It had all its hotels transform their break room and send before and after pictures. Although we did not win our break room looks amazing and feels more inviting its a true representation of us. Everyone feels welcomed and it just makes us smile!"

    —Gloria Solorio, Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix/Avondale

  • "I have become a Treat Giver. One of our favorite chicken sandwich restaurants is my top gift giving for recognition treats for our team. As the Hilton Honors Champion for our property, I personally display the top three enrollers for each month and give a treat."

    —Erica Murrill, Hilton Wilmington Riverside

  • "The managers have been handing out Hamptonality Bucks all month when we catch Team Members being friendly, authentic, caring, and thoughtful. The Bucks can be redeemed at the Holiday Party for exciting prizes!"

    —Pauli Donnelly, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Lake Mary at Colonial TownPark

  • "We have been recognizing the Spa team by letting them choose a treatment once a month, but this Festive Season they will have their Manicure & Pedicure done with one treatment of their choice from the menu. We also have recognition certificates for the team and their Christmas voucher for their choice of supermarket ($120FD worth). Breakfast at our main Restaurant (Vulani), Lunch, and Tea Break were included in their packet for the Spa Recognition Week. Awesome year with great team effort."

    —Litia Toqabale, Doubletree by Hilton Fiji

  • "Hilton New Orleans Airport celebrated this year's Christmas Holidays in the Sales/RMS/HR/EO by decorating their office doors. We had Snoopy, Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, a Ginger Bread House, a Beautiful Wrapped Present, and Santa decorating the doors. We closed out with a pot luck and Secret Santa Party. Everyone had fun decorating their doors, playing Secret Santa, and feasting on the delicious food and desserts."

    —Melinda Mueller, Hilton New Orleans Airport

  • "We have a Sales Star of the Week traveling trophy so we can recognize anyone in the Sales/Catering department who goes above and beyond to help the team and/or a customer. The Team Member who wins it is then responsible for passing it on the next week to another Team Member they feel has done something they should be recognized for."

    —Sherry Novick, DoubleTree by Hilton Kansas City - Overland Park

  • "We recognized our housekeeping department with full body massages this yearOur team appreciated it very much, and it was a nice surprise."

    —Roberto Ramon, Hampton Inn by Hilton Kalamazoo Airport

  • "I work in the HR department, and I find it extremely helpful to get everyone involved in all recognition initiatives at my hotel. And what truly makes a difference here is to also get our Project SEARCH interns in the mix. The interns love to be part of the hotel and part of our family. When a Team Member is recognize by one of the interns, they know they are doing a great job and someone looks up to them as great mentors. It is a win-win situation."

    —Mery Huarachi, Embassy Suites by Hilton Crystal City

  • "Hotel Hilton Princess, San Pedro Sula hizo de entrega un obsequio de Navidad a cada uno de los jefes de cada departamento. Con el objetivo de agradecimiento por el esfuerzo que ha entregado cada uno de ellos en este año 2017, donde lograron guiar a cada uno de sus miembros de equipo para realizar un excelente desempeño."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We recognize a Team Member of the month on a plaque located in our lobby. We always announce this at a general team lunch which we hold on the last Wednesday of each month. We recognize a Team Member of the year which is also on a plaque located in our lobby. I do "Drive By" recognition as well. I have coupons that I carry as I walk the property. If I see any Team Member doing a great job, I write it up on the coupon and give it to them right then (I also notify their supervisor). We also use our Break Room TV system to spotlight Team Members who do a great job."

    —Scott Crisp, Homewood Suites by Hilton Airport/Convention Center Charleston

  • "I give out gold coins that Team Members collect throughout the year. Then at the end of the year they collect some $$$ on those coins. Sometimes I marked them so they are worth more than just a dollar, so at the end they receive a substantial amount. Sometimes they even forget they have them, so its a nice surprise."

    —Silvia [email protected], Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Plymouth

  • "Every month we have an all-Team Member Care Rally with lunch and a meeting. This is for Team Members only, and is intended for recognition as well as information. This year for Christmas, instead of having a normal Care Rally lunch meeting, we invited all of our Team Members' families and had Breakfast with Santa! Santa Claus came and took photos with kids, we had a full breakfast buffet with waffle bar for everyone, and there was a Christmas cookie decorating station available too! This was our first time doing this team celebration for this property, and everyone loved IT! It looks like it is now going to be an annual tradition for our Team Members!"

    —Katie Bleeker, DoubleTree Tulsa Warren Place

  • "I recognize Team Members by giving them Starbucks dollars, gift cards, and a small thank you note that lets them know how much I appreciate all their hard work."

    —Dawana, DoubleTree by Hilton Gateway Village

  • "With all the hustle and bustle of everyone concerns, it's easy to forget that our Team Members need encouragement and inspiration. At DoubleTree Tigard we make sure that any accomplishments in a department are recognized at our monthly meetings. If the Front Desk makes their enrollment goals, they are recognized with gift certificates. If Housekeeping makes their productivity goals, they are recognized monthly. We celebrate all the little wins to keep the team motivated and happy."

    —DeEsta Denver, DoubleTree by Hilton Portland-Tigard

  • "Of course we recognize the anniversaries, Team Member of the Month, etc., but we also recognize fun items, such as the "Carpool Award." This went to the associate that would literally go out of her way to pick up an Team Member and bring them to work."

    —Monica Wilson, Hilton Jackson and Convention Center

  • "When my team has successful accomplishments, I thank them verbally, however, I will usually get them something like a drink from Sonic or Starbucks, sometimes even dinner. Just little things like this go a long way for the team. I noticed they appreciate this a lot more because when I personalize it more around them."

    —Crystal Juarez, Home2 Suites by Hilton Las Cruces

  • "Birthdays are very important in everyone's lives. I intend to collect everyone's birthdays to add and save to my calender. Our Team needs to be celebrated everyday and especially on their Special Day!"

    —Wendy Bilyeu, Home2 Suites by Hilton Corporate

  • "I would love to recognize my team by holding a "Welcome 2018!" party for everyone to attend. Let go of 2017 by creating a brand new start. Holding on to the great things that we've done the past year and recreating them to benefit our guests and our Team Members to make 2018 the best year yet! Everyone loves parties, so why not ring in the New Year with a bang! (Confetti poppers, of course!)"

    —Elena Kitterman, Hampton Inn by Hilton Meridian

  • "I use the calendar for Anniversary & Birthday reminders. It also helps me with nomination reminders for Hilton awards."

    —Tammie Bock, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Kokomo

  • "We celebrate cultural days such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Cinco de Mayo to make work fun. We also celebrate and Recognize Team Members efforts year round."

    —Jeffrey O'Brien, Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville Airport

  • "Christmas stockings are a big part of team recognition during the holidays. Each Team Member has a stocking with their name on it, and some Team Members bring their stocking back each year to hang. Team Members bring in Christmas cards for one another, or something homemade to fill the stockings. The items range from candy to homemade ornaments or a special card telling how the Team Member brightened their day or shared a special memory. We celebrate with a team lunch and go through our stockings together!"

    —Belinda Glodowski, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Parkersburg

  • "We use the calendar to recognize Team Member birthdays, work anniversaries, and Team Member of the quarter. On a designated day each month we have lunch and cake to celebrate our team! We also have a color copy on the Team Member bulletin board so all our Team Members can see when each others birthdays and anniversaries, are and build the team mentality and atmosphere through recognizing their coworkers."

    —Maddie Ihrig, Homewood Suites by Hilton Kalamazoo/Portage

  • "We realized that, like most hotels, we have an Team Member of the month with 12 winners a year. But we have over 50 nominees every year, and we were missing an opportunity to make a bigger deal out of those Team Members - who were going above and beyond, even if they weren't the big winner. We make a flyer posted throughout the hotel with all the nominees names and a few lines about why. Since then,Team Members' willingness to come in on days off for unexpected occupancy, illness, etc., has gone WAY up since Team Members so frequently read this as a regular mention to justify nomination. Each nominee gets $10 in hotel-made "Hospitality Cash" to spend at hotel outlets, and we always try to deliver that in front of Team Members so they get a cheer from their department team. We read all the nominations at the presentation, and give a big cheer for all the nominees, and then the winner gets to prize."

    —Margo Schaefer, Hilton Garden Inn Eugene/Springfield

  • "We recognize one outstanding Team Member per quarter. This person not only does an exemplary job in their department, but they also embody our Brighthearted values and bring that hospitable feeling that our brand is known for to our guests. This person earns a gift card and a premium reserved parking spot for the quarter!"

    —Jennifer Newtson, Hilton Garden Inn Kennewick / Tri-Cities

  • "As incentive for our front desk team to raise our service scores, I have started using Duck Bucks as a reward. For every positive review mentioning the Front Desk as a whole, the entire Front Desk team receives one Duck Buck. For every positive review directly mentioning specific Front Desk Team Members, they receive five Duck Bucks. The Duck Bucks can be used for a pop or snack from the Suite Shop, redeemed for lunch from the managers, or used to get Hilton/Homewood Gear. Everyone is really excited to earn Duck Bucks and redeem them! It has created a friendly competition and given more motivation to Outrageously Please Our Guests!"

    —Maddie Ihrig, Homewood Suites by Hilton Kalamazoo Portage

  • "We recognized our Loss Prevention team by gifting their personal favorite treats, including tools they can use for everyday workday to troubleshoot locks and safes in rooms. All special gift bags also contained individual messages as positive recognition. "

    —Leno Coronado, Hilton Palacio del Rio

  • "We make some special treats at the evening shift for the Team Members who will come in the morning to make them day better and fun. Surprise!"

    —Azamat Baimetov, Hilton Garden Inn Ufa Riverside

  • "We recognize our team everyday in many ways! Our hotel calendar helps to bring the whole team together on one page to make us all aware of current events and in-house action! Our team is able to utilize this calendar for a quick reference of groups in house or things going on nearby to suggest to guests. It will also be even more useful after we add the THRIVE365! These daily and monthly tips will help with more recognition to team departments and specific Team Members. For example, in February, our CARE committee can put together recognition for the F&B department in our break room during lunch and dinner. Rather than having the kitchen team make lunch for everyone that day, we can provide lunch for them instead as a special way to say thank you!"

    —Brooke Long, DoubleTree by Hilton Tallahassee

  • "I have implemented a Front Desk incentive. For every SALT shoutout they receive $5.00 extra per shoutout on their paycheck. It is a great motivator during the down slow season to still give their best customer service, and it is a true challenge with it being slow. There aren't as many guests so the first impression should truly be the best one to WOW the guest. I have had five GSA's master the incentive so far."

    —Danielle McCroan, Hilton Garden Inn Charleston Airport

  • "We check SALT and Trip Advisor daily to see if any of our Team Members get mentioned by name. If we see someone mentioned by name we post their picture along with the SALT comment onto our CARE board, and send out an email to everyone to share in the daily stand up how our Team Member was mentioned. We also stop by and hand the Team Member the printout of the SALT or Trip Advisor comment and give them a $10.00 Starbucks card."

    —Estela Rodriguez, Doubletree by Hilton Houston Downtown

  • "I bought these cute little thank you cards called "Pocket Praise," and I write a very short thank you note to Team Members when they do something nice for a guest or another Team Member. They're inexpensive and impactful."

    —Kimberly Pool, Hilton Shreveport

  • "I reward my team with special gifts with a minimal dollar value but they have a high impact. For making their quarterly goals I gave them a star shaped glass bowl with rocks in it and made a sign saying they are my "Rock Stars." It was a hit! Hand written Thank you personalized note and in a gift bag of their favorite color."

    —Jennifer Pfenninger, Embassy Suites by Hilton Fort Myers - Estero

  • "On several occasions we ordered up a food truck, or ice cream truck for various times throughout the year. F&B appreciation month enjoyed a nice local Italian food truck for the F&B team, and the Housekeeping team enjoyed an ice cream truck treat."

    —John Cario, Hilton Richmond Downtown

  • "We as a team/family are always finding reasons for office parties and get togethers! We recognize and celebrate with our Team Members in multiple ways. We acknowledge birthdays individually with cookies, cake, and a little birthday gift from management. When we reach our Hilton Honors goal and receive gift cards, they are split between each department and given out for Team Member of the month. For our Christmas dinner we had a seven basket giveaway/ornament exchange party with lunch for our entire family. It was a great time with lots of laughter! From a simple thank you to birthday parties to holiday extravaganzas, we truly enjoy our team, and we are always looking for new ways to let each other know "Hey, I see you !" I love our team, our family!"

    —Amanda Smith, Hampton Inn by Hilton Huntington/Barboursville

  • "Our calendar is proudly displayed so all Team Members know everyone's birthdays and tips on how to THRIVE. We have birthday recognitions with tiny cakes, Team Members of the month celebrations, and even a kitchen week. We let our team know that they come first, and without them, we could not excel."

    —Orlando Hitzig, Washington Hilton

  • "We wanted to recognize and reward the PBX team on exceptional service specific to guest engagement and helpfulness to the guest, and to increase Teamwork. We decided that the operator who has 70 participated responses or more in KIPSU will receive a $25 gift card. The winners will receive a $25 gift card once a month."

    —Lashanda Davis, Hilton Americas-Houston

  • "We have a wonderful team here at our hotel, so it's important we recognize them and let them know how we truly feel about them. Last month, I decided to create compliment jars for each of the Front Desk team members. Each jar was personalized and had their names on them. The jars were displayed in our back office where majority of the hotel team would have to walk by to see them. The objective of the jars was for them to be filled by their other peers. The compliments could be anything: small compliment about how well they took care of a guest, an encouraging message, a motivational push - anything positive. It was awesome seeing those jars get filled! Even other departments were getting involved, leaving messages and compliments for people at the Front Desk. At the end of the month the Front Desk team was allowed to open and read their messages. I think it really boosted the morale of our team. Everyone became tighter and our SALT scores increased tremendously and stayed up consistently."

    —Jared Ross, Homewood Suites by Hilton Rockville

  • "I use our social media platforms to recognize our team, by utilizing the recognition calendar and recognizing them each day during their appreciation week. It is a fun way to praise them and share with our guests and other Team Members how much we value our Team Members, and how valuable every department is towards making our hotel successful. The recognition calendar is a very great tool to use to appreciate a department, by giving tips and having fun ideas to celebrate each department. "

    —Megan Hopton, Hilton Cincinnati Airport

  • "We recognize the hard work of our team through the whole year by creating many little special moments. For example, during Christmas season everyone got a chocolate advent calendar with his/her name and advent wishes. We organized a Christmas baking afternoon at our kitchen where everyone was invited to bake a variety of Christmas cookies which were shared with each other. We had a Christmas Lunch at our restaurant for our Team Member with a GM speech as preamble and a Christmas present for everybody afterwards. We also used this ceremony to recognize the Team Member of the Quarter. Recognitions like these also contribute to [email protected] as body, mind, and spirit will be balanced by spending thoughtful time together."

    —Stefanie Noelle, Hilton Dusseldorf

  • "Team Members receive a VIP pin on their birthdays or anniversaries. They are recognized at the morning huddles and during lunch break by the entire Housekeeping department. They also pick a balloon, which contains small pieces of paper which has a number from one to three. Once the balloon is popped, the number they get is the number of rooms that will be subtracted from their board for the day. We also sing one verse of happy birthday or happy anniversary. We have a star of the week program. The star of the week is selected by the hourly Team Members of the housekeeping department. Mornings can be hectic at times, so we have a smile of the morning program. Best smile receives a piece of chocolate. "

    —James Davis, Hilton Garden Inn Reagan National Airport

  • "In November, the HR team wanted a wonderful and memorable celebration for all of our Managers and Supervisors, who lead and motivate their teams every day to produce incredible results. A motivated team is the key to the hotel success, and since all our SALT and budgeted target were achieved in November, the HR team went the extra mile to organize an astonishing "[email protected] Pool Celebration." Delicious barbeque was served on the spectacular terrace. There was a DJ to just to ensure the bright joyful atmosphere and to make the Managers and Supervisors celebration really memorable. As the happy spirit spread, light conversation, laughter, and dancing replaced the stressful mood of a hard working day. Some of the bravest even decided to jump and submerge in the heated pool. Little efforts and appreciation go a long way, and after the celebration the HODs truly felt re-energized to perform their jobs to motivate their team and provide outstanding guest service."

    —Walid Gaber, Ramses Hilton

  • "Our Kids Christmas party was a real success, 40 children with their parents. It was a fantastic event where smiles and sword fights were the main attraction - oh and Santa came too with a gift for every little boy and girl!"

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "I have only recently started on as the Executive Housekeeper, and I wanted to start a good teambuilding program. I came up with the idea of implementing a recognition program that allowed me to give more recognition monthly all the while involving the Team Members by putting out a suggestion box. They were asked to first group together and come up with a fun-catchy name for this recognition - based on set guide lines such as their attendance, attitude, helpfulness, SALT scores and customer comments, etc., not knowing all the while I am giving them a teambuilding challenge. They were then asked to give feedback and nominate three winners each month. All nominees are done secretly by placing votes in the suggestion box. I and my Supervisors then tally up votes and final winners are announced at the next all Team Member meeting. The plan worked like a charm for me as they all worked together in groups and came up with my new "Team Member recognition" for the entire department. We have now a monthly first place winner by crowning a Queen or King of Clean, followed by a Prince\Princess in second and the Diamond (aka My Monthly Gem) as third. The Queen or King is presented with a unique reward starting with a golden jeweled broom and name sash along with a crown and a monthly Royal certificate to be photographed at the ceremony. Their pictures are then hung on the wall of fame for the month. Second place is the Silver Jeweled Duster, sash, crown, certificate, and a photo to be on the wall of fame. Last is the Gem of the month where winner is awarded a huge Diamond (mot of any real value of course) paperweight along with certificate and photo, but this recognition differs slightly. This award is where our department will elect outside or inside the box but recognize all Team Members within hotel and vote off of the same criteria, allowing me to observe their interaction with co-worker, showing that I value their opinion. I watch all the smiles on recognition day as they walk the red carpet to accept the much-deserved award, all starting with one itty bitty box. To a wonderful team, whom to me are all royalty: Many Thanks for all you do."

    —Gail Pena, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Seattle/Federal Way

  • "In November the Front Office Communication Meeting was held in a meeting room and all the Front office Team Members were invited, including Director of Operation, Front Office Manager, and Asst. Front Office manager. A PowerPoint presentation was shared with the Team Members, including reaching monthly enrollment target, Global Team Members survey resultss and SALT results. Cup cakes including the Team Members' names and refreshments were served. All of the Team Members' efforts were applauded and appreciated and mentioned in the presentation. Special thank you certificates were given to all the Team Members whose helped in reaching the enrollment target and contributed in achieving the SALT target. All in all it was a fun event to boost the Team Members' moral and recognizing and appreciating the efforts by the Director of Operation, Front Office Manager and Asst. FOM. All the Team Members felt very happy by recognition in front of other Team Members. Last but not the least a group photo was taken for all the Stars of the month with their thank you certificates."

    —Younis Nazir, Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

  • "We believe motivating our team is the most significant way to give our guests excellent satisfaction. Therefore, we try to focus on providing them comfortable a work area and show them our gratitude. There are always different ways to appreciate their contributions, like Recognition Certificates, thank-you letters emails directly from heads of departments, being the Team Member of the month, etc. However, I chose to try to share every different or unique story which could be related with guests or between Team Members on H360 to give them a personal thank you! For instance, if one of our Team Members went beyond expectations and decorated the room for the new-born baby and the mom who is just recovering from childbirth by preparing handmade postcards and flower decorations, if the Front Desk Agent receives an amazing gift box from the guest who checked out from our hotel recently and sent traditional country package for him, if we exceed our yearly up-sell target and have celebration cake like we did this year before closing 2017 , I share all those magnificent stories to remind them how incredible they are!"

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center

  • "To help our team THRIVE at work, we like to hand out a snack at least once a month! In December we celebrated National Brownie Day on December 8th. The Human Resources team walked around to each Department handing out brownie bites to everyone who was working. It was fun enjoying brownies with our entire property, and it definitely helped everyone have a smile on their face!"

    —Barbara Rytz, Embassy Suites by Hilton Deerfield Beach Resort and Spa

  • "In December we appreciate Spa Team Members. Since new year is coming, we have prepared new year-themed gifts for them. These special gifts were given in their work areas. We have added a new one of fun experience."

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul, Avcilar

  • "Nov.21 is Hello Day, so we created a Hello Angel to encourage our Team Members to say Hello with a happy face and having fun. He was waiting for guests who went to breakfast, the start a beautiful day. Where the Hello Angel passes by, all Team Members loved him and liked to say hello to him, and also take a photo with him. In order to encourage those who say hello with this fun and happy Team Member, we gave him/her a Hello card. Once a Team Member got three cards, they could get a gift. The Hello Angel had a "Big Hammer" for those that did not say Hello. This was our funny Hello Day.

    —Aileen Ke, Hilton Garden Inn Fuzhou Cangshan

  • "it has been demanding but really successful year. In the business development department we had a lot of changes and challenges while being highly occupied, so the Team Members really teamed up and went through all turbulences smoothly without any impact on results or client's experience. All new Team Members soon picked up, and new energy warmed our team. I wanted to show them acknowledgment for all of the hard work, so I recognized every one with a small gift with a dedicated & motivational note that reflected personally for each of them personally. It wass small gift but brought out a big smile."

    —Ivona Svab, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

  • "Even though we always share the latest updates via email, it is hard to forget visual experience like we do on our daily hand-over. Every day, the team comes up 15 minutes before to gather together for explaining them daily event, important notes, and significant news. In addition to all this, we added another page to our handover which is shown on the projector. Those two pages include only Hilton Honors Enrollments, top enrollers week by week,challenges announced by Hilton monthly or quarterly, and the meaning of Make It Right and daily MIR Score. Our key purpose is to make sure that Team Members are aware while recognizing themat the same time. Their contributions are much appreciated, and we kindly remind them we should work together to achieve our targets. Sharing top performers' names in front of other Team Members motivates the one who has success and also gives them a chance to do their best for the rest."

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center

  • "During the quiet holiday season, we recognize how hard our team works all year by giving them the chance to have some fun! We created a Christmas-themed Escape Room, complete with puzzles to solve, that ends with them saving Christmas!"

    —Kathleen Whitty, Hilton Garden Inn

  • "I have created a "Happy Board" where we post positive comments from SALT about our Team Members. If a name is mentioned, it is highlighted so everybody can see and recognize the Team Member. Also, we post tracking of Hilton Honors enrollment on the board where we can see how many new members each of the Team Members assigned so far for the month, and who is the winner at the end of the month. The winner gets $50.00, and every three months we distribute the money received for hitting our monthly target among the Team Members which contributed to Hilton Honors enrollments the most. We also use the fraction of the money to have fun as a team. Next month it will be a bowling party. The last thing which is on the Happy Board is the daily tracking of the Front Desk Bonus. The goal is to surpass the set average daily rate and/or number of sold rooms. If we do, the bonus for the Front Desk team is generated. It helps us to focus and do the best we can."

    —Lenka Palmer, Hilton Garden Inn Fort Walton Beach

  • "We acknowledge our team in a few different ways. We award Hamptonality certificates if we see a Team Member going above and beyond to show them how much we appreciate their hard work, we have team lunches when we have successful months where our general manager buys lunch for the entire team, we doing morning huddles to encourage everyone to keep up the great work, and we give prizes to Team Members who roll the Hamptonality dice and give an answer on how they would help a guest. We do our best to show everyone on team how much they mean to us, and that we are truly a team."

    —Denay Detherage, Hampton Inn by Hilton Blue Ash Ohio

  • "We hold our monthly Communication Meeting the first week of every month. The aim is to congratulate our Team Members who show efforts for different categories such as: Hilton Honors Enrollments, Recognition and MIR awareness, Upsells, Hotsos Frequency, Travel Your Way, Cross-Sell (Breakfast), and analyse SALT FO Indicators to see what we have done and what we could do better. We also share news related to the Front Office Department. While holding these Communication Meetings, we also would like to make sure that we have maximum attendees to ask our Team Member's needs and wants and thank them in every month for their successful performance. Therefore, we prepare Recognition Certificates for each Team Member who has the best performance in the above categories. Motivation is the most important key factor to exceed expectations, and each month these certificates symbolize the way how to show our gratitude. Furthermore, we ordersome food from outside. Preparing a snack table with small appetizers and hot beverages is another way to thank our Team Members."

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center

  • "Recognition goes a long way as motivation! Conrad Hong Kong was appointed as the outside caterer for Formula E (an electric car racing event in Hong Kong) which was held on 2 & 3 December 2017 with over 27,000 covers to be served. With a Can-do Attitude, Team Members worked extremely hard day & night and the event was a GREAT success eventually! To recognize the Team, a Formula E Recognition Week was organized: Recognition party, lucky draw, snacks counter, game booths, distribution of foot care pack, and a special recognition buffet where our Senior Management Team dressed as Cooks and were stationed at the buffet counter serving our Team Members! In fact, a Formula E Kick-off Party was organized before the event in order to recognize of Team Members' determination to deliver exceptional service. Because recognition should be done not only when a certain outcome is achieved, but anytime when you want to show appreciation! Thank you for being GREAT!"

    —Lauren Lee, Conrad Hong Kong

  • "We group our team into three teams: Team Cleanliness, Team Service, and Team Experience. Any time the month-end scores are 80.0 or more, every member of the team gets a bonus in the amount of the score. We do individual incentives with our Wheel of Fortune. When a Team Member is positively mentioned by name on SALT, TripAdvisor, etc., they get a spin on the wheel."

    —Julie Williams, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Lake George

  • "SALT is the most important tool to recognize our achievements, especially for the ones who have their name mentioned in comments on the SALT. They need to congratulated for their tireless effort. Because of everybody has access to use Medallia to see our scores, we could also see comments shared with our name. Our Front Office Manager always shares those lovely comments if there is any name written on our guest feedback or positive response for our preferential indicators like Hilton Honors Recognition and Make It Right to express his gratitude. While working at the reception or back office, in a moment you may see an email sent to whole Front Office Team with your name and recognizing your efforts. This may look an easy job to do but it gives you a heartfelt experience and motivation to keep up the good work."

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center

  • "At the Front Desk it is always hard for everyone to get together and celebrate a wonderful year! There has to be someone at the desk at all times to cover. It has become a three-year tradition that we have a potluck luncheon for our Front Desk and Bellstand team. We have such a diversified and cultural team that its always exciting to see the dishes. All the other departments cover the Front Desk, and its nice to socialize and come together at the end of the year."

    —Lance Hall, Embassy Suites by Hilton Winston Salem

  • "Entregamos premios Oscars a los mejores miembros de nuestro equipo con un festejo tipo Hollywood."

    —Monica Mar, Hilton Garden Inn Veracruz Boca Del Rio

  • "Recursos Humanos, realizo un concurso de bellotas navideñas donde el objetivo principal de la actividad era trabajar en equipo y poner en uso la creatividad de cada miembro de equipo. La Actividad, se realizó en todos los departamentos dentro del Hotel, y se basó en usar las bellotas como tema principal y buscar la manera de como decorar su ventana principal y dar una breve explicación. Con el apoyo de AMAH (Asociacion Mujeres Artistas de Honduras), el cual agradecemos, nos brindaron de su apoyo como jurado para la calificación de las ventanas. Tomando en cuenta el primer, segundo y tercer lugar, se realizó un cheque con tal monto para el departamento de cada lugar: Primer Lugar: Departamento de Restaurante, Segundo Lugar: Departamento Mantenimiento, Tercer Lugar: Departamento De Cocina. "

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "On the 4th week of March, we celebrated Front Office Week with the team. Special days/weeks like FO Week give us a chance to recognize our Team Members, express gratitude to our team for all their amazing work, and make sure they have the unique and unforgettable experience to become one team all the time. Thanks to our Human Resources Department, one of our meeting rooms was arranged. First we asked Team Members' opinions on what they prefer to do during this event. By monitoring their reactions, we prepared a calendar week including a PlayStation Tournament, a Movie Night with unlimited popcorn, foosball, backgammon, TABU, etc. Our aim was to implement those activities and encourage our all Team Members to join events as much as possible. We indeed had a perfect week with the spirit of all Team Members as weenjoyed by celebrating our success. Even though we have unusually busy and have limited time even to see each other, we are trying not to forget stop for a while to think the reason of our huge success which can only built with an amazing team!"

    —Begum Altuntas, Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center

  • "I have made each member of the team a bead jar personalised with their favourite colour. And when they get a upsell, SALT comment, Blue Energy story, Hilton Honors enrollment or have done something above and beyond, they get a coloured bead. When they fill the jar to a certain marked level, they get a treat. I gave the teams a survey to find out how they would like to be rewarded and what they would like as a treat so I could personalise them all. I send out a tracker every month and keep a spread sheet of how many each jar contains. This gives us a good way of rewarding the small things that would otherwise get missed."

    —Alice Darnell, Hilton East Midlands

  • "As we continue to Thrive, we came together to host our first annual Ping Pong Tournament! Our Thrive chair put together a ping pong bracket which included Team Members from multiple departments and our General Manager! As a hotel we strive to bring more body, mind, and spirit awareness to our Team Members, and it was a great way to have fun and bring our team together!"

    —Guadalupe Escalera, Hilton Chicago

  • "Catch me at my best inspired and was incorporated in our Money recognition. The mangers were given "play" money ($1 and $5 monopoly money) to give to Team Members as they were caught in the act of going above and beyond our standards as well as an opportunity to say "here you at doing a great job." The Team Member then meets with the GM to be reimbursed with real cash. We are having a blast with this incentive. Each person is recognized by their department manager, and the General Manager gets to be the person paying out cash and thanking the Team Member for a job well done. The department managers were given $50 in play money and were tasked to spend it all in 30 days, catching our team doing the right things and rewarding them for it. Some Team Members redeem the rewards each time they were given "money," a dollar here a dollar there, while others would save up then cash then in. The most I paid at one time to one person was $15.00. I was able to afford to do this because I have recognition money built in my budget for each month. The play money is recycled (some has become very worn)."

    —Debbie Bozeman, Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton Downtown Montgomery

  • "We recognize each other with Fish Cards. Anytime a Team Member sees another Team Member doing something above and beyond we reward them with a fish card that is worth $1.00. At the end of the month, each Team Member can redeem their fish money for a gift card of their choice."

    —Melissa Polly, Hampton Inn by Hilton Milwaukee Brookfield

  • "We cater our recognition for the individual departments. For example, we made cup cakes and created individual toppers for each member of our Security Team with a Superhero that best fit their character. For our Management Team, we had individual cards and a special chocolate care package and used the Recognition Matters tools to create a Manager voucher for a 15 minutes neck and should Massage. For our Exec Lounge we hosted a chocolate Morning Tea."

    —Briony Low, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "We celebrated Halloween with a Team Member pumpkin decorating contest! Ten departments participated, and our Team Members and guests voted for their favorite pumpkin. The winner received a pizza party! It was a great way to get Team Members excited for the upcoming holidays!"

    —Guadalupe Escalera, Hilton Chicago

  • "On last week of November, I saw on the Lobby that it was Manager/Supervisor appreciation month and we hadn't done anything! During the next few days, I made a Managers Wall of Fame. Created a name-inspired description for each of our managers. On the last day of the month I sent them in a group on a riddle scavenger hunt. Using clues like: You will find me every morning hot and fresh; it's know that Hampton _______ are the Best! When they solved the riddle, and quickly walked to the Breakfast area, they found a Hampton Hand holding another riddle. While they were off searching, I was in the lobby setting up the cake surprise prize in front of the elevator where the last riddle would lead them to! The last clue was set on the door to the roof and said: 4-3-2-1 through the doors and you have Won! When they arrived off the elevator, they found the whole team (all that were scheduled), and a few guests waiting for them! They had a great time, and after all when you have awesome managers, you should tell them how awesome they are!"

    —Leah Davidson, The Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Woodinville

  • "We hold monthly birthday celebration, and at the event we recognize Spirit of Care Team Members. Everyone can nominate any Team Member who did an exceptional job for customer service, business contribution, Team Member-related etc. From the nominations, we choose one Spirit of Care Team Member and acknowledge their great performance. Also, at the end of the year, we recognize Team Member of the Year, the best Upseller, the best Hilton Honors Enroller, etc. Since our team is very small (about 40 TMs total) each Team Member closely can see their performance so they are very much engaged to recognize each other."

    —Hiromi Takizawa, DoubleTree by Hilton Naha

  • "The last two weeks of November have been tough for our Team Members with Schoolies (last year highs schools students) staying at the hotel and making a mess everywhere. We decided to organize a special lunch for all Team Members in recognition of their hard work and dedication. Tables where set up as if it was a fine dining restaurant, Team Members were asked to sit down, and their order was taken and served by the Directors. The food options were also special, with a Christmas menu and dessert. The team really appreciated and felt special."

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "To recognize our most valued Team Members for their outstanding performance every month, our H.R. department organizes a G.M get together. There are three Team Members from different departments who were nominated for best Team Member of the month at the meeting, but only one can win the prize. To be nominate they need to do something exceptional which all the team will notice. Our G.M recognizes the winning Team Member in front of all of their colleagues from all departments, and gives them a certificate (value of 200 AED). A photo is then placed on our wall of fame."

    —Nikolay Nikolov, Hilton Dubai The Walk

  • "At the Front Office of Hilton Bournemouth, we recognize our team for their hard work with team outings and little surprises. This month we went to celebrate on the Christmas market, going ice skating and enjoying pizza. At the same time we used this occasion to recognize a few Team Members for their excellent customer service as well as great achievements over the last months. Moreover, the shift leaders spent the time to create a lovely advent calendar for the team - it's all about spreading the love!"

    —Katharina Berentzen, Hilton Bournemouth

  • "Cada quince dias los sabado hacemos desayuno compartido donde traemos comida casera una de nuestras camareras Mayra hace tortillas palmeadas cocinada en leña con queso. Compartimos juntos antes de laborar nuestros logros de la semana."

    —Lucia Padilla , DoubleTree by Hilton Cariari

  • "Since December is All Teams month, our GM and Front Office manager decided to hold a special formal lunch for our team. They cooked everything in house: two different types of pasta, rolls, salad, meatballs and sausage, and of course dessert. We had everyone sit down and personally served them at their tables. We wanted them to feel how our guests feel everyday, relaxed and pampered. After lunch was over we handed out gift bags which were filled with local jams and cheese and crackers. Vermont has the best cheese so we thought it was the perfect gift. We truly appreciate everyone we work with and wanted to show them just that!"

    —Megan Wingate, Homewood Suites by Hilton Burlington

  • "For our December Team meeting we have a chili cook off and cookie exchange. We have done it the past two years, and I think we will make it our new tradition. It is fun to have a little healthy competition, and all of the compliments that are paid to the Team Members that participate in this make for a wonderful team spirit. Last year we had just three competitors, but this year we had 11 different chili makers and loads of cookies! Last year's winner was able to defend his title. We finished out our work day with full stomachs and happy hearts!"

    —Melanie Thompson, Hilton Garden Inn Lincoln Downtown/Haymarket

  • "We recognize our team on our custom brag board. We print out the SALT reviews daily and highlight the positive and uplifting comments to showcase our associates - especially when a Team Member is recognized by name! We also use this board to post thank you cards and notes left by guests. "

    —Rachel Lappe, Home2 Suites Grovetown Augusta Area

  • "Team Members who have their names mentioned on comment cards will receive 15.00. Team Members who have their name mentioned multiple times can save for a cash out when they hit the larger increments."

    —Angela Delapaz , Embassy Suites Las Vegas

  • "When our GM celebrated his birthday, we, as his loving team, gave him a "Suite" card highlighting how important he is to our team. The party also included is favorite cake and showcased his favorite sport; soccer. Sometimes its great to highlight specific likes and hobbies a Team Member has during their birthday. Each and every one of our Team Members gets a cake, card (signed by each memberof the team) and also balloons. Also it gives us a small chance to celebrate and get together with all of the team!"

    —Vittoria Trinchi, Homewood Suites Waterloo St Jacobs

  • "At the Hampton Inn by Hilton Cypress we celebrate our Team Member of the month with a Hamptonality Star of the month plaque and $100 gift card. We have a monthly Team Member luncheon and play team building games such as Bingo, Lotteria, and Price is Right (team favorite). We recognize monthly birthdays with a birthday card signed by all of the team and a $10 Target gift cards. To keep the entire team engaged in what's going on in the hotel, we have a weekly breakfast huddle to celebrate our success in SALT, read over guest surveys, and recognize the Housekeeper with the weeks best time on MPOR - weekly winner receives a $25 gift card. Quarterly we do department outings to enjoy some off property time with the departments, this year we went bowling. Annually we have a large Holiday party where every Team Member receives a gift and we raffle off grand prizes. We have a DJ, photo booth, and so much fun. We are currently having a healthy life style challenge where we are encouraging each other to make healthier meal choices, and we share work out tips. Some of the team have joined up for hiking on the weekends."

    —Silena Blan, Hampton Inn Los Angeles-Orange County-Cypress

  • "For Veterans Day, we went around the hotel celebrating and commemorating our heroes. We thanked them for serving our country and protecting our freedoms! We hope they enjoyed their goodies. It was great to see the smiles on their faces as they received the baskets!"

    —Daphna Jimenez, Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

  • "For our overnight team, we used to have a team breakfast at 6 a.m. at the end of their work day. A few months back we started doing a dinner for them at the start of the work day instead. Last night, December 6th, was the second one we did - a Moroccan feast. The turnout and feedback were great, and they gave a resounding thumbs up to dinner instead of breakfast. We are looking forward to the next one."

    —Mary O'Neill, Parc 55 by Hilton

  • "During the month of November, the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon celebrated Managers and Supervisors month with a hint of heroes day. We made a gift of appreciation to all our great leaders that inspire us to thrive and excel on our duties. The superhero capes were a representation of the leadership ability they demonstrate to all our Team Members. Our Managers and Supervisors do a great job in encouraging us to work hard and always go above & beyond. It was a very fun and enthusiastic way to show our gratitude towards all our great leaders!"

    —Daphna Jimenez, Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

  • "This month we celebrated our two departments of the month, Culinary and Purchasing, with an amazing set of games, speeches, and raffle prizes. They played everything from guessing games and musical chairs to bingo, and each winner received a culinary-themed prize! Chef Mario and the management team wanted to thank them for all their hard work and to create a fun and thriving environment for them!"

    —Guadalupe Escalera, Hilton Chicago

  • "During the month of December, the Sales Team held a Deck Your Desk Competition amongst the team to motivate and get everyone ready for the festive season. We had Winter Wonderlands, Traditional Christmas, and even a Gingerbread House/Desk. The criteria was to be the most original and best decorated. It truly got the team in the spirit of Christmas."

    —Rakel Dean, British Colonial Hilton

  • "Parte de las tradiciones del Hotel Hilton Princess,San Pedro Sula es organizarles a todos los niños de los empleados una fiesta de Navidad, donde celebramos la Navidad como familia. Donde a cada uno de los niños disfruto que Santa Claus les diera un regalo y su respectiva foto.asi mismo se realizo diferentes actividades donde todos los niños participaron para poder ganarse premios. De la misma manera gozaron de un exquisito almuerzo que incluia papas fritas y pollo y su respectivo postre. los padres de cada niño de igual forma disfrutaron un rico almuerzo donde incluia medallones de carne de res, ensalada y arroz. Se le agradece a cada uno de los miembros de equipo que fue de mucho apoyo para poder ser de este evento un espectaculo."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "My team is amazing and I love to recognize them any way I can! One of the ways I do this is with our "Shout Out" bin. Everyday during our shift changes we do a Cookie huddle. In the Cookie huddle we review our ranking and our SALT responses, as well as any other information that we need to pass along. If an agent was mentioned by a guest for a positive experience, they choose an item from the Shout Out bin! They not only get recognized by the guest but by management and team! It is a great morale booster!"

    —Linda Toth, DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol

  • "At DoubleTree Bristol North we have started a new recognition scheme called Star of the week. All teams in the Hotel can nominated who they think they deserves to be Star of the week. The Care Committee then vote who wins that week. The Team Member who wins receives a pin star to wear, a recognition certificate, and hot drinks voucher."

    —Carly Price, DoubleTree Bristol North

  • "2017 is a great year for Conrad Manila: We were privileged to be part of the 2017 ASEAN Summit. Series of events were held in the hotel as early as March up to November, which involved catering to Heads of State that participated in the Summit. A lot of hardwork was put into by a large number of Team Members to ensure that Conrad Manila delivered the best service to these very important guests. To recognize the effort of these Team Members, the hotel organized a thanksgiving event for them and handed each of them who was directly involved a certificate of appreciation, and they were all treated to a sumptuous meal."

    —Rhonaliza Aguinaldo, Conrad Manila

  • "Coming close to ending a year and entering a new one, we wanted to come together as a team to show what why we are thankful for one another. We decided to make a thankfulness board where any Team Member can take a moment to write out something they are thankful for in a co- worker, manager, department, etc. We thought this board would be a special way to embrace the holiday season and raise Team Member appreciation."

    —Kalah Williams, Hampton Inn and Suites Napa

  • "Each Wednesday we host an all Team Member standup meeting in our Palm Tree Grille with donuts and sometimes delicious breakfast sandwiches. This is an opportunity to review service scores, receive comments from past groups that stayed with us, learn about new groups arriving that week, and getting HR updates and recognition for Team Members. What better way to listen than with a delicious donut or breakfast sandwich? Our team has the opportunity to not only listen, but to share any concerns or thoughts they may have to make a better experience for our guests or departments.

    Every Friday afternoon, the GM and HR Director load a cart of goodies (candy, chips, whole fruits, bottle waters, and mixed nuts) called the "candy cart." They travel the hotel and convention center, hitting each department and all associates to say thanks and grab a snack. Just another small act of appreciation doe our Team Members for the service they provide our guests."

    —Neil Christian, Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center

  • "We recognize our team each month! We have a monthly Team Member luncheon along with announcing our Team Member of the Month. They are given a beautiful acrylic plaque to take home along with a $50 gift card. There is a plaque hanging in the lobby for all the guests to see with the winners' names! Here at the Hampton, being in such a small town, all the Team Members love this and look forward to it every month!"

    —Michelle Whaley, Hampton Inn by Hilton Kinston

  • "While we undergo hallway renovations on our guest room floors, our Room Attendants have been doing a wonderful job working around all the construction. We gave everyone in our Housekeeping department cards to show our appreciation with LIFESAVERS attached. The card reads: You are a LIFESAVER during our renovation, thanks for your attention to detail!"

    —Christine Bannon, Hilton Garden Inn New York\Staten Island

  • "Each week, I print out the date and room # of all the scores of 9 and 10 for the week. Then I will display the results on the wall for everyone to see. Each month I do a perfect attendance starburst, and every three months any Team Member with perfect attendance also gets an award certificate. I also do Hampton Bucks which is money that they can earn for jobs well done and doing something special for a guest or a teammate. Every four months we hold an auction for special things to spend your Hampton Bucks on. How much will one pay for a paid day off of their choice?

    We as a whole hotel do a Peoples Choice Award: Each Team Member can vote once a week for anyone but themselves, and must put a specific reason why the nominated Team Member deserves the award. The winners are awarded a small gift or gift card of their choice and a framed certificate. We have pot luck lunches for holidays and birthdays, and this year we are having our first annual ugly sweater contest.

    People do have much better attitudes and more satisfactory work when they are recognized for it. For Housekeeping appreciation week, we really had a great time. Everyone got some little gifts, but I made each Team Member a more personable, personalized gift from the heart, with my own hands. I am very blessed to have such an amazing team, and though we are not perfect, we are reaching to be the closest to perfect that's possible."

    —Rita Brown, Hampton Inn Biloxi

  • "We are doing so much to recognize our team! We have an individual recognition program for our associates. If they go above & beyond for a guest or each other they can earn fake gold tokens. They save these up to turn them in for different prizes such as gift cards, tickets to local sporting events, movie tickets, etc. We find that this really motivates the team to always go that extra mile! This not only benefits our guests but Team Members get a great feeling of earning something as well!

    Our team has also been doing a great job at hitting and exceeding our Honors Enrollment target. We make sure to spend the money to spoil our team. For example, in October we rented out a movie theater where our team could bring a friend and watch Hocus Pocus on the big screen! We were able to provide a gift card to the theater, pop, and popcorn for everyone as a thanks for all of their hard work. We even had a costume contest!"

    —Nicole Robinson, Amway Grand Plaza

  • "Our property recognizes Team Members in many ways. We are a huge family who cares very much for one another. We consistently let coworkers know when they are mentioned in reviews. There are rewards for positive reviews, and even more rewards if they keep up the good work and get multiple mentions. We as a team are always getting together for parties, volunteer opportunities, and training events. We recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and other reasons to celebrate. From a simple sweet treat to more formal recognitions, our team is always looking for positive ways to build each other up. I love our team, my extended family!"

    —Rachel Grasty-Sheehan, Hampton by Hilton Tunnel Rd

  • "We love to recognize the awesome team here at the number 1 TripAdvisor rated hotel in Statesboro! One example is we had a team unicorn themed birthday party in which Team Members all got presents, played games, and ate a unicorn shaped cake. We also held a spa day for the Housekeeping team where a local beauty advisor came in to do facials, and a couple members of the management team painted nails and served hors d'oeuvres. Our General Manager also will often cook breakfast for the team (in 6 inch heels). We also had an all white party for team, where the chief engineer was the DJ. We love our team here, and will do what it takes to keep them all happy, and it definitely shows in their work and their meticulous detail to keeping our hotel in pristine condition."

    —Robin Groomes, Hampton by Hilton Statesboro

  • "In the Sales department, we utilize a Make a Difference Medalian for booking goals. Each month, the Sales Manager with the highest percentage of goal (and of course they must be 100% first) wins the Sales Department Medalian. They also receive one paid day off for their reward. It has created major competition in the office and everyone has fun with it!"

    —Renee Uhlman, Embassy Suites by Hilton - Baltimore Inner Harbor

  • "We read our SALT surveys aloud at our daily huddle and celebrate increases in scores and find ways to fix our areas for growth. I reward each Team Member whose name is mentioned in SALT with a $25 gift card of their choice."

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "It is never enough to recognize our Team Members' endless efforts. Everyday, they all work very hard to make our hotel feel like home for our guests. That is why we try to make our Team Members feel special and recognize their hard work. For example, during the International HSK Week, our housekeeping team went bowling. After an exhausting workday, it felt great to get together bowl and relax. We would like to thank our hardworking housekeeping team for what they do for our guests and our hotel. Our Housekeeping team is one of the core teams of our hotel. We give a lot of importance to their happiness and we would like them to feel like they are working in a home-felt environment."

    —Gizem Altin, Hilton Izmir

  • "We have introduced a Team Member of the quarter for our fabulous stewarding and kitchen team. We created an award, and we held a special movie-themed recognition party in the onsite theatre with popcorn, soft drinks, quizzes, and prizes. There was a presentation with Gordon Ramsey tweets video to uplift and inspire the team to keep doing what they are doing, and that is being Awesome!"

    —Kathy Tindall, Surfers Paradise

  • "We always let our team know that they are the absolute best! We thank them regularly and personally for their accomplishments and guest recognition on a daily basis. Our team sets goals to exceed guest expectations which results in high SALT scores, Hilton Honors sign ups, and overall service. They are proud of what they do to earn the rewards of success, our frequent outings and "potluck" gatherings are very well received and appreciated by all our team. Surprise pizza for lunch on a busy day bring many smiles from team and in turn we all bestow happy service to guests."

    —Dawnelle Ventry, Hampton Inn by Hilton Bath (Brunswick Area)

  • "At Hilton Pasadena, the Executive Committee team thanks Team Members with a Thank You card which includes two Lotto Scratch tickets for each Team Member."

    —Lupe Villeda, Hilton Pasadena

  • "We're doing a team building burger battle challenge at Weber Grill. It will reward the for the great year we've had, give them some team building, and they'll learn how to grill. The Chef of Weber will judge the best burger, and prizes will be awarded."

    —Julie Bozich, Doubletree by Hilton St. Louis Westport

  • "All of our teams are doing a wonderful job at making sure every guest is welcomed with a smile and a greeting no matter where the may be (front desk, dining room, or hallway). Housekeepers are coming up with ideas to make guests smile (be it by a towel animal hanging out in the room, rubber ducky on a shelf, or candy kisses on their pillow). To thank our team for going above and beyond and continuing to grow regarding guest satisfaction, we have dinner catered in once a month!"

    —Theresa Morris, Hampton Inn by Hilton Richmond

  • "During October and November, we implemented a contest in order to obtain the best Housekeepers inspection scores from Housekeeping leaders room inspections. We find many of our room attendants rank first in brand standards due to attention to details. Those Team Members received free coupons meals for our restaurant. They enjoy these prizes and, at the same time, enjoy the restaurant experience as our hotel guest. Also, we recognize and give prizes to our Housekeepers when they get and act on guest preferences such as: favorite fruit, beverages, and hobbies, as well as special occasions (as we know sometimes guests do not let us know it is their anniversary, birthday etc., and our Housekeepers find out because they see special occasion cards in rooms). In this way we also surprise our guests and send special amenities to their rooms as a gesture to be part of their celebration. We are very proud of our Housekeeping team, their professionalism and passion for they doing in their daily tasks are very appreciated."

    —Jair Valero, DoubleTree Tysons Corner

  • "Every month in Housekeeping a Queen or King of Clean is crowned. This Team Member has received the most rooms with a 9 or 10 in cleanliness based on SALT. The Team Member receives a certificate of recognition and a gift card for all their hard work. This year a Queen or King of the year will be recognized at the end of the year party!"

    —Kimberly Maczuga, Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

  • "Recursos Humanos, organizo un almuerzo para celebrar el dia de Accion de Gracias, donde cada uno de los miembros de equipo agradecio por algun evento o circunstancia que estaba pasando en su vida. Nuestros compañeros disfrutaron de un almuerzo delicioso, el cual incluia pure de papa, pollo asado, acompañado con una ensalada verde."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "As we have several departments in the hotel, it's hard to acknowledge whole team but it's not impossible. We recognize our team by having special events such as gift exchange (Secret Santa) every Christmas, New Year's celebration, and since we consider the whole team as a family, we have a Thanksgiving dinner as well. Also we have small get togethers on all Team Members birthday (lunch together) and get to know each other. Also we recognize our team from a great level of hospitality and what they do for the hotel."

    —Jay Bhakta, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Dumas

  • "As Cluster DBD of a team of 60 TMs, I'm trying to recognize the Passion that TMs put in their work - whether for selling our two Prague properties or to help other TMs and departments in delivering the Hilton promise. So, every month, I organize an anonymous survey where all Business Development TMs vote for the "Passion Fruit of the Month." The winner is then recognized in front of everybody, using comments from the voters on why this specific TM showed great Passion in the past month. The winner also receives "Passion Tree" which is passed on by the previous month's winner and will remain on her/his desk for the next 30 days. They are also awarded a voucher to go out to a recognized local chain. It is a great moment for me to verbally recognize other TMs who might have made it to 2nd or 3rd in the voting, or specific sub-teams for a great accomplishment. It definitely bonds people together around a common theme that everybody relates to!

    —Florent Barral, Hilton Prague Cluster

  • "Four teams from hotels in the same area have set up a friendly soccer match: Team Blue Energy Hilton Rsort Ras Al Khaimah, Team Waldorf Astoria RAK, Team Alhamra Golf Court RAK, and Team Cookie by Doubletree Marjan Island RAK. They inspired each other mingled sharing their different brand styles. But it's from one family - HILTON. There are many birthday celebrations which will encourage the team and show we are care in personal as well. thank you, Hilton. "

    —Prince, DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island

  • "We have created a "Shout Out" board at our property, where we basically are "catching each other at our best." We fill out sticky notes or cards to thank someone that has provided us with team effort, owning up to a task, or have served our Team Members/guests passionately. We go by the T.O.P. motto: Team Up-Own It-Passionately Serve, and have embodied that 100% to give credit where it is due."

    —Michelle Chapman, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Smithfield

  • "In Engineering, we do a lot of special projects to improve our hotel. We offer our Team Members buzz bucks. These are earned for going above and beyond. They can use them to buy lunch, movie tickets, or various other prizes available. It's a great way to recognize their extra efforts."

    —Robert Richards, Hilton Garden Inn Old Town Scottsdale

  • "Our Hilton Hotel is in College Station, the home of the Texas A & M Aggie Football team. Around football season we are very busy. We have event after event, and our team very rarely gets downtime. Every year after football season we hold a special event for our Food & Beverage Team. The Food and Beverage Director and our Executive Chef prepare a special meal for our team. We go all out in this plated event for them. This year they enjoyed a Goat Cheese Tart Salad, BBQ Braised Short Ribs, and a Chocolate Mousse Torte for dessert. The team looks forward to this event each year. The F & B team is responsible for helping fulfill our other departments appreciation lunches and events, so we always find it nice to do this for them. All managers in the hotel pitch in to make this lunch happen. Our entire executive committee and management team serve and plate this lunch for the team. All of our team is already asking what we are going to do next year. We do many things throughout the year for our team, but this event is one of their favorites."

    —Chad Horvath, Hilton College Station

  • "Our Brighthearted committee puts out a monthly newsletter for all Team Members. The first article is always a spotlight on a Team Member who is celebrating their anniversary that month. It's a way to recognize them & thank them for all their hard work, plus a way for everyone to get to know each other!"

    —Larissa Jacobs, Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown

  • "We are recognizing our team and celebrating for the holidays by decorating our hotel and having a secret Santa and a holiday party! We have decorated our hotel in the lobby - which guests and Front Sesk members can see, and in the laundry area so that the Housekeeping team feels festive, too! Our whole team is participating in a secret Santa to exchange gifts with each other. We are also having a holiday party and having lunch together to celebrate!"

    —Samantha Pavlov, Hampton Inn by Hilton Pittsburgh/Bridgeville

  • "Recognizing Team Members is our habit in Front Office Department, it's simply by saying thank you for your great job, thank you for doing your best today, and thank you to make the operational went smoothly. This year we also recognize Team Members by inviting them to some fun activities. In March, after a busy month, we invited them to join LET'S GET WET: a fun white water rafting along the Ayung River (the longest river in Bali). It took three hours to get in to the finish point. From this activity we learn about how we collaborate within team work to achieve the target.

    In August to recognize our Team Members for everything they achieved at the Front Office, we took them for another special journey called SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - IN GOD WE TRUST: We went to the most incredible uluwatu temple for praying and purification to give thanks to the god for everything that we've achieved in Front Office or even in life. This journey was continued by having a great lunch together with some fun activities. These activities got a positive feedback among to TM in FO department which keeps them motivated. This alsoaffected to our higher SALT score every month. HAPPY Team Member - HAPPY GUEST!"

    —Dewa Santosa, Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport

  • "During last Blue Energy meeting we noticed we have too little things happening to celebrate Finland's 100 years independence and also Christmas. We took some example from our great Blue Energy team at Hilton Airport and took up some last minute projects to engage some Christmas spirit in the house.

    • We started a Christmas Card Workshop where Team Members writes a card to another Team Member. All together we have 101 names in a glassbox. Everyone randomly pulls a name and writes a card to that person. Already 30 cards have been written with more to come.
    • In the morning of Finland 100th year anniversary on December 12, 2017, we will have a chamber choir Kaari-ensemble singing couple of songs for our 400 hotel guests during their breakfast.
    • We took a picture with most of the Team Members wearing a Christmas hat. We are going to share the picture with our most loyal guests to wish them Merry Christmas.
    • We built a beautiful Gingerbread House and will hold a Gingerbread Decoration Workshop for children twice during our legendary Christmas lunch on the Conference site. Hanna Kivirinta is the leading Blue Energy comittee on this project.

    This Blue Energy year will have a beautiful end. Thanks to everyone!"

    —Ida-Lotta Kalliomaa, Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa

  • "On Sunday December 03rd our hotel was awarded an outstanding QA score of 98.82%, which is a very remarkable score achieved with the dedicated efforts of our team. We decided immediately to recognize our team at Front Office who achieved 100% for brand standards and take them for an outing to celebrate the great success together. We arranged a Yacht with BBQ food and headed to the sea enjoying the great weather during this great time of the year with an amazing view. Our team has enjoyed the trip a lot and felt very engaged, motivated, and recognized for the great efforts they do every day."

    —Diana, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall Of The Emirates

  • "Our Front Desk team has been truly inspiring to watch as they stretch themselves month after month to reach their team goal for Hilton Honors enrollments. To show them my appreciation I wanted to give them an experience that would be relaxing, fun, and engaging. We hired a local artist who hosted a paint night for the team. She came in and unleashed our team's creative side. Each Team Member received a canvas and created a unique work of art. "

    —Darrin Thurman, Hampton Inn & Suites Springfield Southwest

  • "We use Magic Coupons to recognize Team Members who make a big contribution to hotel or have good performance in delivering our brand promise as well as values. For example, when TMs achieve good comments in SALT, C-Trip or other online platform, they can achieve one Magic Coupon. Their managers write their story on the Magic Coupon and sign their name, then share the story with other TMs in the briefing. TMs can exchange the Magic Coupons for different gifts according to the quantity. More coupons can be exchanged for more expensive gifts. Except the praise from gusest, there are many ways to get Magic Coupons such as attending the charity event voluntarily, volunteering to help and support other deparments, and so on. This recognition aims at recognizing TMs comprehensively and directly."

    —Gemmy Zhang, DoubleTree by Hilton Guangzhou

  • "We have an Outstanding Service Award program in our hotel - DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang. A TM who provides outstanding service are at the same time recognized by a guest, she or he will get the Service Award Certificate issued by GM. A TM who wins several certificates will get an extra award. A certain amount of certificates issued to one TM can be exchanged for an extra gift such as cake, dining voucher in All Day dining restaurant, or free room voucher. We use this to encourage and recognize TMs who provide outstanding service."

    —Candy Li, DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang

  • "In the Executive Lounge, I have tasked one of my supervisors to be on the lookout for all of our names that are commended, whether through guest letters, SALT, TripAdvisor, etc. Everyone that gets recognized, gets a Starfish on our Starfish Story Wall. Each Starfish represents a guest commendation from the beginning of the year. If you look on the back of a Starfish you will see the name of the guest that commended, and where it was from (Letter, SALT, etc.). We use this remind ourselves during briefings to encourage each other to be able to do more for the guest - to be get more Starfish. We also share what we do on why we get commended to help those with few Starfish. At the end of the year, there is a prize for the Team Member with the most Starfish (Manager not included). Even our GM once in a while checks who's getting the most starfish!"

    —Angel Cabusao, Conrad Manila

  • "Every month we recognize departments throughout the hotel, usually in accordance with the official Recognition Calendar. You will see that this past month, we substituted our Engineering team for the Managers. (Since December gets so busy, we don't want to miss our Engineers for January!) Our Blue Energy Committee is divided in to subgroups, and our "Recognition Committee" members discuss each month how to best recognize each department. Each department gets a week of celebration, which includes gifts throughout the week. For our Engineer week, we hung the "traveling banner" outside their shop, and distributed gifts throughout the week. Monday they received their Grab & Go bags with healthy snacks; Wednesday we delivered their Hot Drink Mugs & Hand Warmers; Friday they received cupcakes with special maintenance-themed toppers. We also made a poster that highlights members of the team and includes getting to know you questions for the entire hotel team can enjoy. Furthermore, we leave a blank poster for Team Members to leave notes of encouragement and thanks for each other. We then post the departmental poster on the opposite wall and give back the "thank you" poster so that the department can have it in their area. We know that Recognition really matters!"

    —Tere Padilla, Hilton DFW Lakes

  • "For Christmas we are recognizing our team by creating an advent calendar and extracting a Team Member's name out of a Santa hat every day so that we can gift the lucky winner with a typical Christmas present. Our Team Members are loving it and enjoy the thrill of finding out who will be next."

    —Erika Nicoli, Hilton Surfers Paradise

  • "We awarded each individual housekeeping Team Member HIGH FIVE awards for their hard work by first printing HIGH FIVE certificates. We then chose five criteria to grade in random rooms that they cleaned (surfaces, carpet, tub/shower, toilet, & bed) and inspected the room with them to see if they passed the five criteria. They earned a dollar bill for every one they passed (up to $5.00), as well as a literal HIGH FIVE for a job well done!"

    —Jeana Stogner, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton McComb

  • "I usually leave some little messages for my Team Members, sometimes with a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate, a smiley face magnet, or anything they like. The idea is that they receive a positive message when they don't expect it. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to make the day nicer and to catch a smile."

    —Sharon Del Rosario, Hilton Garden Cusco

  • "For years the banquet team at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines has proudly participated in team building events for the department put on by their director & supervisors. Everything from bowling, horseback riding, kayaking, in house movie night, miniature golf, paintball, wine tasting, bumper boats, pot lucks, beach bonfire parties, and many more activities take place as a way of thanking and congratulating the team on a job well done. Our favorite event takes place annually at Christmas time when the team is has a marvelous sit down meal served by their managers. We are blessed with an amazing crew and do not forget to show our appreciation as often as possible. They are rock stars and deserve to shine. This is one way we opt to Thrive."

    —Kathleen Ward, Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

  • "We recognize our Team Members with an Team Member of the month luncheon. Each luncheon is attended by the hotel team and ownership. The best story is the one we had for Team Members that stayed during Hurricane Harvey. Although it was incredibly hard to recognize just one associate, we recognized everyone we could with gift cards and a lunch catered for them. They truly went above and beyond, not only for guests but for each other. "

    —Diana Valle, Hilton Garden Inn Northwest America PLaza

  • "This December we are encouraging our Team Members to donate $1 to the Christmas Box charity. Christmas Box is a charity that for every $30 received, they will feed a family in need in New Zealand at Christmas! In exchange our Team Members can write a note for a fellow Team Member wishing them a Merry Christmas. We will attach the note to a Candy Cane and surprise the recipient during one of their shifts before Christmas! We believe this is a great way to encourage our Team Members to Thrive through appreciation and giving!"

    —Clancy Lyons, Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa

  • "The Revenue Management team works extremely hard and manages to hit every deadline no matter how short. Often times we work through lunch so I buy lunch once or twice a month for the team. We have had one manager of the Quarter and another nominated. This year we have had unusual turnover with three new Team Members, so to celebrate the hard work and dedication we took a trip to Dave and Buster's for some team building activities, lunch, and a whole lot of fun. I would also like to add that my team volunteers for all the community events such as Charity Walk, United Way, Pancakes with Santa, and Thanksgiving for the homeless, and for the 3rd year we are supporting five families for Christmas."

    —Sabra England, Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort

  • "There are so many ways we recognize our Team Members here at Hilton Vancouver Washington. For starters we Have our Monthly Team Member of the Month Celebrations. Before the celebration begins we have a TMOM Bulletin board with the nominations and pictures of the nominees on it for the month. It is by the time-clock on the way to the TM café, for everyone to see and read about the current nominees. At the celebration we find out who the winners are for Heart of House and Front of House. Those who did not win get to spin a prize wheel and win a prize - it could be movie tickets, or cash, or a gift card to a restaurant. We are all winners here at Hilton Vancouver Washington.M/p>

    We participate in the Catch Me at my Best each year. When Catch Me is not in play we have our Spirit of Blue Energy story box. The Blue Energy team collects the stories and votes on a story of the month. Those nominations who did not win for story of the month get a scratch ticket for their story, for recognition.

    Also, those who get their name mentioned on SALT, MPS, TripAdviosr, and Social Media get a scratch ticket as well as a copy of the comment.

    Our hotel has a scratch ticket program where managers can hand out scratch tickets to Team Members who go above and beyond there job duties to our guests and fellow Team Members on a daily basis. The scratch area can have anything from a coffee at Gray's coffee shop, to an HR treat, to a paid day off, even a doubler (combined with an other scratch ticket and you can get two.)"

    —Beth Greenberg, Hilton Vancouver Washington

  • "The Homewood Suites by Hilton Concord holds a quarterly luncheon for the entire team and awards Golden Lewis Awards: Team Member of the Quarter, Spirit Award for Quarter, Temp of the Quarter, F&B Team Member of the Quarter, and I am Sales of the Quarter. They each receive a golden duck, gift bag, and gift card. Team Member of the Quarter also gets a duck with engraved name on the Team Member of the Quarter Plaque. We also celebrate each department by thanking them and mentioning at least one success for that quarter, such as SALT scores, reviews, teamwork, etc. We will celebrate our 1st birthday on December 21, then our 4th quarter reward luncheon will be in January."

    —sheryl kluge, Homewood Suites by Hilton Concord-Charlotte

  • "Each month our Blue Energy Committee hosts a BE (Blue Energy) Day. During this 30 minute celebration we decorate our Heartland for the theme of that month and recognize all the hard work our team does by giving them a chance to unwind with treats and music! We start the celebrations by acknowledging our monthly Team Member birthdays and anniversaries, then we recognize a Team Member who is involved in the community through charity work, and finally we recognize our department of the month! For example, October was our Culinary appreciation month. Blue Energy organized to have a little treat bag made for our Culinary team. We worked together to have a Tim Horton's gift card with their pictures on it, a chef coat-inspired cookie, and back massages for them on October's BE Day.

    Each month brings with it something new and exciting! November's recognition month is dedicated to our hotel committees. We plan to have a coffee break sent to each committee's meetings during December and can't wait for that to come together!"

    —Stephanie Cilia, Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale

  • "We utilize Hhive to recognize our Team Members and give out Blue Energy Alerts. Think of Facebook for Hilton. Primarily for the our Front Desk department, we receive positive recognition by various means, either directly from the guest, letter from the guest, SALT, GA, etc. We take a picture of the Team Member and the guest recognition. This information is shared with the entire hotel via Hhive for the Blue Energy Alert. Hhive is a great recognition tool and use of technology. It's also aligns with the hotel's green initiative."

    —Alice Wong, Hilton San Francisco Union Square

  • "We started a "Star of the Week" a few months ago and the team LOVES it. At our weekly managers meeting, all the managers put a name in for the drawing, and then there is a "blind" pull of a name. The chosen Star is given a Star medallion necklace and a pin, along with having their name highlighted on our "Star of the Week" board in the break room and on our Facebook page.

    —Danielle McCroan, Hilton Garden Inn Charleston Airport

  • "Our SALT scores are very important to our property! When a "atta boy" arrives, the Team Member recognized for their extra involvement and recognition from a guest are placed on our "Hall of Fame" board. At each team meeting that Team Member is recognized with bells and whistles and a special gift presented to them. This encourages each department to experience recognition, and the Team Member feels so appreciated for their extra efforts put forth."

    —Faye Smith, Lake Guntersville Hampton Inn by Hilton

  • "Any mention of an Team Member by name, in a good way by a guest, gets a thank you certificate good for a free lunch. We provide a full menu of team lunches every day at $4.00 or $5.00. The lunch certificate allows them one free lunch from the menu. This counts if its on TripAdvisor, SALT Scores, comment cards, or if they come to our Front Desk and mention personally about someone who gave great service. We also purchase gift cards from our local Price Chopper for Christmas gifts for the team. When you buy them in bulk they give you extra gift cards back for the purchase. We use these $30 gift cards throughout the year for team that go above and beyond from time to time."

    —Jody Pettit, Hilton Garden Inn Watertown 1000 Islands

  • "Our Hotel was purchased and taken over by new hotel management company in October 2016. This resulted in a lot of change and new people, new leadership, new policies, procedures, etc. Overall, through the ups and downs, the hotel team pulled together. The Sales, Catering and Revenue Management teams also had a lot of change but day by day, month by month, they all grew stronger, wiser, and committed together and with half of the people have managed to still see the budget achieved on the horizon. We had a Pirates of Caribbean theme for Halloween which really captures our GM, Steve Wieder, at the helm of the ship, and our team out grabbing up all the treasure and managing our wins with lots of lessons and great success. Thank you all! 2018 is set up on a great course."

    —Leila Beltramo, DoubleTree by Hilton Bethesda

  • "Every month we have 4 contests:

    • Most Hilton Honors sign ups: We track the most sign ups. This is an important way to encourage interaction with our guest agents and our guests, the winner receives a 25$ gift card and is featured on our social media
    • Most perfectly scored SALT cleanliness rooms: We track which Housekeeper cleaned rooms scored perfectly on SALT cleanliness and post them in the back office so each Housekeeper knows the running tally. The winner receives a 25$ gift card and is featured on our social media
    • Key Metrics draw: Everyone that works on a date that receives perfect scores in Key Metrics goes into a monthly drawing (multiple perfect scores per date are multiple entries), the winner receives a 50$ gift card and is featured on our social media
    • Monthly pineapple award: Our department heads nominate a Team Member that they feel went above and beyond in showing hospitality for the month. The winner receives a 25$ gift card and a pineapple decoration of some sort and is featured on our social media

    We do random contests throughout the year-who can meet the most guests, who has the best pumpkin, who can take more local Hamptonality photos, and other awesome random Hampton FACT-based contests"

    —Penny Miller, Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Rome

  • "To recognize those Team Members whose names appear in SALT or Trp Advisor, we post the Team Member's picture and showcase the comments they receive on our CARE Board. The Team Member also wins a $10.00 Starbucks gift card and their name gets put into a drawing at the end of the month to win a $50.00 Visa gift card."

    —Estela Rodriguez, Doubletree by Hilton Houston Downtown

  • "Outside of our break room, I named our hallway the Hall of Fame and upon hire, I take a head shot of every new Team Member, put them on a star with their name and they go on the wall, (it could also be called Wall of Fame)! It's a great way to recognize all of our Team Members, plus it helps put a face to the name! It helps newer Team Members remember their peers, our Team Members like seeing themselves, and it makes them feel important!"

    —Jason Bloom, Home2 Suites by Hilton Philadelphia Convention Center

  • "Every month we pick a Team Member of the month, and they receive a plack with their name on it, their name on our yearly member of the month wall, and a $50 gift card. We also like to do fun events to celebrate our teams, so during Housekeeping week we honored them with breakfast, lunch, a candy cart, and a fun picture booth. On Thanksgiving our GM brought in lunch for the team that was working, and we are doing an ugly Christmas sweater dinner where our team is allowed to bring their significant other. We have a wall of fun pictures that we have taken, and we post more each week so our team can look at them and laugh or see who the Team Member of the month is. Our team is amazing and we love honoring them and letting them know how much we appreciate them and all of the hard work they do."

    —Kortnee Brooks, Hilton Garden Inn Wisconsin Dells

  • "We recognize our Team Members when they receive comments on SALT, Kipsu, and from other Departments in the Hotel. All the wonderful Team Members are nominated for the Service and Loyalty Award. Once nominated we narrow down to one Team Member for Front of House and one for Heart of House. The winners receive a gift card, certificate, plaque, and a family-size cheese cake to take home to their families. Once nominated they are eligible for Team Member of the Year. We also have a nice sit down lunch with the Executive Committee Members, Blue Energy Committee, and Department Heads along with the nominees. It is a great honor for the Team Members to be recognized and receive this award!"

    —Babette Ray, Hilton Los Angeles Airport

  • "In the spirit of December Holidays, all of our Team Members have come together in to teams to built gingerbread houses. The best gingerbread house won each member of that team a gift card. The display of the gingerbread houses has been placed in the back of the house for all Team Members to enjoy! Talk about team work!"

    —Joanna Borek, Hilton Garden Inn Addison

  • "We recognize our Team Members with mentions that we use from the Catch Me tools. Monthly we invite TMs to share with their bosses so that they are recognized by colleagues and mention the positive points by which they were appointed to be the companion of the month. On our activity board we put the positive SALT comments and mentions that our guests write and when they are captured."

    —Juan Camilo Aranda, DoubleTree By Hilton Parque 93

  • "Reconocemos el esfuerzo y el amor con que hacen su trabajo, ademas del reconocimiento que hacen los huéspedes, en este caso reconocimos al área de Ama de llaves (Housekieeping) con un obsequio para cada una de sus integrantes, por que los huéspedes reconocieron e hicieron muy buenos comentarios en cuento a la limpieza de las habitaciones y otras áreas publicas del hotel."

    —Iliana Bermudez, Hampton By Hilton Bogota Usaqeun

  • "We always hold a Charity Ball in November and we buy a table to attend the event. Our GM Stacey Boast invites all of the Team Members of the month to attend, and this year we also had a space to recognise one of our Team Members who has completed nearly 45 years at our hotel. This is very special and they get to see our community work first hand. It is a great start to our Christmas celebrations"

    —Angela Hale, Watford

  • "It is hard to describe any story if there is no proper title to it, so here the story is You Mean a Lot. It sounds amazing when we just say that. And it really means a lot more when we actually make them feel special. Motivation can be at anytime and anywhere, the end result is to just bring a new zeal, a new life and energy in their work. Here are some quite interesting and really meaningful practices which we follow as a team.

    • Top SALT Achievers Together: During our monthly departmental meeting we ask all our 100% SALT scorers to come together at the forefront and share the stage
    • SALT Champion Consistency: Every month during our meeting again we recognize the most consistent performer, who has been achieving 100% SALT score month on month.
    • Floor winners: As we have different floors and different team handling them, we see the challenge and the hard work the they take the whole month. To respect their hard work, during the monthly Town Halls the best floor is awarded with a trophy and special dinner for them in the in house.
    • Housekeeping Stars: Day in and day out we keep getting lovely feedbacks and cards for our Team Members from our guests. We ensure we don't miss them in our briefings, and they go on the department board for all to see and understand its importance.
    • Best 14 Rooms: We respect everyone for their hard work and dedication to their work, so we have started Best 14 Rooms, a small step with a big motto. We daily audit every Team Member on their work and score them. During the end of the month we find one best Team Member who has kept his rooms intact the whole month.
    These are just few examples to keep the team motivated, we know the team is our back bone - without them we are incomplete. They are the real faces , the real we, so let's keep motivating our team."

    —Gauri Sahu, Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golf Link

  • "Whenever a Team Member is positively recognized by name in SALT, Meeting Planner Surveys, or on TripAdvisor, we share the review on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We take a picture of the associate who is named and tag them with their personal social media username. This not only lets our followers know we are providing great service but allows the associates' family and friends to know what a great job they are doing. Associates tell us they feel proud of their accomplishments and their families enjoy seeing them perform! These posts typically perform very well and lead to more page likes."

    —Mark Walsh, Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront

  • "We recognize our team by having luncheons and group activities. We created a fun easy game in our lobby using painters blue tape and a ball and called it Circle in the Square. The goal was simply to get the ball in the middle of the square. The winner was celebrated, the team cheered and applauded as the hotel's GM awarded the prize. This activity included the entire team and brought us all together."

    —Stu Schader, Hampton by Hilton Milford Connecticut

  • "We deliver recognition in a lot of different ways to the Sales, Catering and Events team here at the Hilton Americas Houston. A few things that we do is in our morning huddle we do shout outs, were we recognize a Team Members contribution or we are thankful for something that they did. We also have a shout out board, were anyone can write something about another SCE Team Member to show acknowledgement and thanks for their contribution to the team "

    —Janice O'Neill-Cox, Hilton Americas-Houston

  • "The Finance and Accounting department at the Palmer House consists of a very hardworking back of the house team that is dedicated to providing the best services always. It's rare when this team get any recognition, some may say it's because of our quiet office, determined faces, and mild dispositions. I would like everyone to know that the Palmer House F&A team is a critical part of the entire hotel operations who understands the ins/out of cash flow, budgets, computer softwares, vendor relations and retention, and respect to the internal/external customer. In this department less is more. Our small but remarkably diverse team consists of forerunners with 40+ years of committed service, strong minded counterparts that will challenge necessary things to produce effective changes in processes, and novice colleagues that are led by examples. All this diversity with one common goal: to make sure the Palmer House is always giving the best."

    —Renata Henderson, Palmer House Hilton

  • "I have set up a monthly recognition program in our PBX department called the Sunshine Award. The program goal is to recognize a Team Member on a monthly basis who was nominated by their team for the following Sunshine qualities: Being uplifting, positive, funny, happy, upbeat, optimistic, a team player, and just smiling! Nothing is more important when working in a small environment than a great attitude, and it is infectious! We have a box set up with nomination slips in the department. The person with the most nominations (it can be a tie), will receive a treat bag with all yellow items! A little mixture of happiness!"

    —Ashley Ramos, Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

  • "There are a certainly momentous occasions worthy of celebration - the completion of Passport To Success training program at Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch was one of these moments. We proudly have 22 Team Members have completed PTS training, their enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun with engaging games and group exercises. Participants have received International Youth Foundation certificates given by Mohamed Abdelrazik :Cluster Director Human Resource, and General Manager Mr.Karim Helmy. PTS training isa global life skills initiative developed by International Youth Foundation, sharing Hilton direction towards youth development by equiping trainees with technical and practical knowledge, confidence-building, and life skills required in work environment, and life."

    —Ethar Mahmoud, Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch

  • "Celebrating team successes. It is our Team Members who drive success and keep us in the outstanding green zone for hotel performance in both SALT and QA reviews. In Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, Team Members are appreciated and recognized in different ways:

    • Daily, regularly: star bond monetary rewards for exceptional Team Members, who are highlighted on guest reviews, or add value in terms of operational excellence and wow moments \
    • Monthly: Team Member of the month, voted by the management team, to select the best front of house and heart of house hero, and posted on Team Members recognition wall frame
    • Yearly: Team Member of the year, and the biggest celebration, the annual team party. The team party is a half day together with all the team, starting with dinner buffet serviced by the management team, distributing long service awards and monthly recognition awards, and rocking with folkloric shows. There is a present for everyone - no exceptions. The entire team receives gifts including fridges, digital TV screens, electric ovens, blenders, heaters, mixers, kitchen equipment and tools, blankets, satellite receivers, money envelopes, and stays in sister hotels. It is an incredibly amazing celebration, in which every Team Member leaves happy and satisfied, with a positive spirit and enthusiasm towards the new year, and with a feeling of loyalty and belonging."

    —Hassani Mahmoud, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

  • "I recognize my Team Members in three ways. First is clean the world. The Housekeepers bring down soap to put into cans with their name. At the end of each week, I weigh each can and total up the pounds collected. At the end of the month, the Housekeeper with the most pounds collected wins a prize such as a $10 gift card, a thermos, a cooler backpack, etc. If we fill all the bins Clean the world has provided to us (usually 6 blue and 6 green), Housekeeping wins a breakfast.

    Second, Housekeepers take great pride in their work when cleaning rooms. I record SALT surveys that give a room a 9 or a 10, and the Housekeeper that originally cleaned the room gets a star sticker by their name. At the end of the month, the top two housekeepers win a $25 gift card, and the top Housekeeper gets featured on our team door so that others may learn their secret. If a guest leaves a positive comment about the room itself or specifically about the Housekeeper, they get an extra star. I also print out the comment and write their name on it for all to see. My Housekeepers are very competitive and love the guests compliments.

    Third, I have started recognizing my supervisors every quarter. I go through and randomly QA inspect their rooms. They either pass or fail QA style. At the end of the quarter, the supervisor with the most passed rooms wins a special prize."

    —Karlynne Sampson, Embassy Suites Charlotte/Ayrsley

  • "We recognize our Team Member of the month at our bi-weekly breakfast or lunch in front of all the Team Members, and present the winner with a framed certificate and a $100 gift card. Starting Jan 2018, all winners will also receive a personal cake to bring home so they can celebrate with their families."

    —Hannah Gilman, Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix Airport

  • "Whenever a Team Member purchases a new home, we gather our Senior Leaders and present them with a welcome home mat. It's a special time, and for many it's their first time owning a home, so the fact that we can celebrate with them is truly special."

    —Lori Brock, Hilton Orlando

  • "Our favorite time of year is always Housekeeping Week. Our entire management team did their part to make sure they enjoyed their week of fame in 2017! From a surprise lunch out on the town with our GM to gift cards for a local grocery store with an attached owl ornament saying: Owl always appreciate you!, to Hampton Inn Trivia with the winning team earning the privilege to pie managers in the face! Sundaes on a Saturday and Dust Bunny Cash Awards were two evens they enjoyed along with our Left to Right lottery ticket game. Our three senior housekeepers have been here for 20, 15, and 10 years, with one even earning The CEO Light and Warmth Award along with numerous in house awards such as Team Member of the Month/ Quarter/ Year, and they still continue to come to work with a smile on their faces each day. Their dedication does not go unnoticed by teammates or guests, so we go out of our way to show them how much we enjoy them."

    —Amy Maines, Hampton Inn by Hilton Downtown Williamsport, Pennsylvania

  • "We have celebrations in the Chefs' office for all types of events ranging from birthdays, births, engagements, weddings, and even leaving days. We arrange a cake and some hospitality for most of the team (50+ chefs) and some people from other sectors in the hotel. We try to get as many people in to my office as possible to help celebrate the event."

    —Anthony Marshall, London Hilton on Park Lane

  • "The GC&E Team of the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona has gone through some heavy times over the past six months. Due to some changes within the team, they did not have a manager. As a team they took ownership and shared responsibilities and actually kept the business running. The city of Barcelona has had some difficult times, so demand has decreased and clients are becoming skeptical; however, due to the amazing spirit of the team and their great selling skills, they have kept the business going and even managed to confirm some super bookings for the upcoming year!

    To recognize and thank the GC&E team for their amazing work over the past months, we created a GC&E recognition week last week. The team introduced their daily tasks to other departments by playing fun games, and we ended the week with a big celebration in the office where the area GM passed by with pizza's for everyone, champagne, and chocolate! I want to thank the amazing GC&E team once more, because through teamwork we managed some great things already, and I am convinced that we will rock the next year together as well!"

    —Fleur van Velthoven, Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

  • "We have a legit championship belt in the sales office. Each week a new winner is crowned. Everyone in the office gets an email from the DOS to go to the winners office. He/She is not aware and we give that person the title. The expectation is that this person will wear the belt proudly all week to all internal meetings, lunch, etc. An email is sent to the whole hotel team recognizing the winner with him/her holding the belt. It is a fun way to recognize the team and celebrate their success."

    —Kevin Feldman, DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC - Crystal City & Embassy Suites by Hilton Crystal City

  • " At Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa, we recognized our Housekeeping team with a mug with their on photo and name on it. They are our Housekeeping Heroes for their massive contribution to our resort when it comes to SALT, QA, and other guest engagement activities."

    —Moses Muema Woie, Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa

  • "I recognize my team in many ways using all available Brand tools, social media, and other creative ways.

  • Monthly Team Members appreciation day: Just like we offer a warm welcome chocolate chip cookie to all our Guests upon arrival, every month our Managers join together and give out chocolate chip cookies to the Team Members as they head home after a hardworking day to appreciate them.
  • Inviting award team winners for lunch at hotel restaurant, having lunch with them, and recognition through social media.
  • Recognizing team using Brand tools.
  • We recognize even third party service team like security on social media and notice boards."
  • —Yehia El- Mansoury, DoubleTree by Hilton Stone Town

  • "The month of December is Spa & Recreation month here at WARAK. And nothing says fun like bowling. Louise (Spa Manager) and her entire team went for a fun filled evening of Bowling to celebrate their month and a successful year that has gone by, and also to plan for the upcoming year. With a multicultural team working at the Spa, bowling sure brought out the team spirit in them. Even the names of the three teams were inspired by the product range which they use at the Spa. Well done Team Heaven, Team QMS, Team Voya."

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "When we celebrate Team Member of the Month along with our monthly birthday party, we give every department a chance to be the organizer. Each month, a department volunteers to organize the party: amazing parties, amazing themes, exciting locations, and of course amazing fun games. When TMs thrive, so do we!"

    —Eugene Win, Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa

  • "During Managers and Supervisors Recognition week, the HR team hosted a VIP - Managers and Supervisors Only Mocktail by the pool! We planned a socializing game where we issed numbers to everyone and instructed them to find their other halfs! This encouraged everyone to really and speak with everyone invited. Then the couples had to take a selfie with each other. We also issed four draws with coffee to go, breakfast for two, bowling, and cinema tickets - with the condition that they must go with their new partners! They really had a blast and we received wonderful reviews from these activities and the celebration itself. We also branded Thrive everywhere because we wanted to say thank you to all our leaders for everything that they do - every day!"

    —Carolina Berker, AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio

  • "I make it a point to do an immediate verbal thank you. I find that most times managers and supervisors don't take the time to personally thank someone verbally, that makes a huge impact on Team Members. I also take the time to spend time with all my Team Members, share the SALT scores/comments at our morning huddle, and give a public 'kudos/shout out' to the Team Member that got the great comments. When someone goes above and beyond, I'll reward them with a gift card to a restaurant/grocery store. For me, it's really all about actually thanking the Team Member and letting them know they're appreciated, and doing it timely."

    —Heather Fogle, HIS Tampa North

  • "This month for our supervisors we made gift baskets with all the necessary essentials:

    1. Trail mix as a picker upper to keep them going through those busy times when they sometimes forget or don't have any down time to sit and eat.
    2. A water cup to make sure they stay hydrated through the day.
    3. A gift card for a movie on their day off.
    4. A supervisor polo they can wear on the weekends instead of their regulars uniform, letting guests know how much we appreciate them.
    5. A book with different ways to help them help their Team Members have fun on the job and stay motivated."

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "In our wonderful Housekeeping department we encourage our attendants to leave a note for guests letting them know of their hard work. Each month during our Team Member Rally, we recognize which attendant received the most feedback and give them a special gift. They love it, and so do I!"

    —Kelly Hann, Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport

  • "To recognize our F&B department in November, we planned a week full of activities and surprises. The week kicked off with a chair massage and fresh smoothies as a mid-day break on Monday & Tuesday. We invited a local massage therapist on property for the first two days of the appreciation week. This made sure everyone had the opportunity for a quick massage. Wednesday they had breakfast from the local Bojangles, Thursday another breakfast from Chick-Fil-A along with Chinese food for lunch and dinner. On Friday, they enjoyed an afternoon of F&B Olympics, nothing compared to any other appreciation events. Team Members were able to race rolling silverware, hot potato toss into a chef hat, and participated in a trivia game for a chance to win some great prizes like a crock pot! The team was very excited and felt the appreciation as their special week came to a close."

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We use the Recognition Calendar and celebrate each department during their designated month. I create sayings that go along with candy, a drink, or a treat of some sort. For example, I bought all of my Team Members a coffee of their choice, and told them 'Thanks a Latte!'"

    —Candice McCloud, Hampton by Hilton Owensboro-South

  • "Recursos Humanos realizo la semana de reconocimiento al departamento de Restaurante, donde se les obsequio un detalle cada dia de la semana como agradecimiento de su valios compromiso y servicio con los huespedes. Se dio inicio el dia Lunes con unos chocolates a cada miembro del equip de Restaurante. continuando el dia Martes con refrigerio de palomitas y un fresco. de igual forma el dia miercoles se les regalo una paleta en la cual disfrutaron mucho Asi mismo el dia Jueves se les entrego un recipiente donde lo podrian utilizar para tomar agua, junto a ellos una bolsita de marshmallows. El dia Viernes se les entro un snack de pringles con su respectivo certificado de agradecimiento firmado por la Gerencia General Finalizando un dia de relajamiento se organizo un viaje a la montaña, (PANACAM) donde disfrutaron del paisaje y de una caminata en los senderos donde se logro llegar a una pequeña catarata, en el cual disfrutaron del agua fria.y de la deliciosa comida que se les tenia preparado a cada uno de ells."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We have a rotating holiday presentation next to our Huddle Sheets on our bulletin board. In the busy Summer months, we see an increase of guests responding on feedback cards, which identify their server and exceptional service, so those are posted. Once September comes, associates are encouraged to write a favorite co-worker's name on a "leaf" and we create a tree of excellence. When Halloween is here, managers recognize associates by putting small thank you notes with trick-or-treat candy attached. For Thanksgiving, associates write "I'm thankful for..." notes that include anything from helping run food to singing in the back of house. For winter holidays, we have present boxes that associates can share with their teammates who do excellent work. Once we are deep into winter, there are snowflakes that ask how a co-worker made your day unique. All of these help keep things new (so nobody just walks by week after week), and encourages everyone to recognize a different aspect of the team's performance."

    —Katy Cain, Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville South-Cool Springs

  • "For Sales Appreciation Week, the Director of Sales brought in a few board games to help the team relax and have some fun. It was heartwarming to see the team laughing and enjoying themselves."

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "For Housekeeping Appreciation Week in 2017, we had a local food truck come out. What a perfect way to say "thank you" to our team. Needless to say, they were very excited, and, oh yeah, they liked the food too."

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "I hosted an awards ceremony--the Hampties 2017. My Front Desk team has won three Hilton awards and our service scores were through the roof, so I used some of our winnings to cater in food and to buy trophies for all of our Team Members. We had dinner, dessert, and a great time!"

    —Kaleigh Clark, Hampton Inn and Suites Tulsa Downtown

  • "The Ramses Hilton knows how to celebrate their teams. To help manage their energy, lift their spirits, and reduce stress, the Blue Energy committee revived the Summer Camp initiative. The Hotel booked fully furnished apartments in North Coast of Egypt that accommodated about 195 Team Member families. And for Mother's Day, the ladies at the hotel were crowned Queen for a Day. There were team building activities with prizes, and all mothers received a gift card voucher."

    —Mary Ehab, Hilton Ramses

  • "I always say we are ONE department, ONE hotel, ONE team. Here there is no 'you' or 'me.' We succeed together and we fail together. We support one another in all ways because ultimately we all have the same goal, to make sure every guest is treated the HILTON way. My team does not get the credit they deserve sometimes. I believe PBX is the heart of the hotel. One thing we try to do is make special cards for our guests when they are with us celebrating a special day. We have done birthdays, anniversaries, just married, and even simple 'thank yous' for our Hilton Honors members. We have gotten so much positive feedback from our guests, Team Members, and upper management. The smallest gestures can WOW our guests, and this is one way we have been doing it."

    —Mayra Castro, Hilton Los Angeles Universal City

  • "The Safety & Security manager organizes unique outings for his team, and the latest was to a nomadic location at Pyramids area. It was not just a trip, it was also a learning experience. There was a program for the outing, including quizzes about security tools, and the right answer was for 20 LE. The second part was some general riddles which were great fun with rewards to the quickest answer. Then, the team had a running competition and the winner received a star bond. The third part was a chess competition and the winner received two ice cream cones. Finally, the team had dinner and tea and then were bombarded with some rare information about the history of the Pyramids. The outing was a purposeful one and was a combination of fun, joy, team work, and mental activity. It was the incentive to the team to renew their powers and enhance their performance. The team requested more outings of the same type."

    —Emad Salah, Hilton Ramses Hilton

  • "My team and I have done a little here and there for our GM and supervisors. Throughout the week I placed little gifts on their desk such as candy or drinks with little cheesy happy notes. We made a little recognition wall in the back office with certificates for each of the manager and supervisors. At our all team meeting we handed out gift baskets with personal and random things each of them like. We also had some Lewis the Duck shirts made that they will each wear in our Parade that we will be participating in on the 18th."

    —Samantha Harvey, Homewood Suites by Hilton Lawton

  • "This November, we spotlight Managers & Supervisors. We served a special menu of "Manado Cuisine" (Indonesia local cuisine) in the Team Member restaurant. Team Members took the initiative to recognize their managers and supervisors by sending a handwritten thank you card and yhank you candy, and served them during lunch."

    —Raymond Johnny, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta - Diponegoro

  • "At Ramses Hilton we honoured our F&B Team Members and showed our appreciation to those who consistently represent us through the whole journey of our esteemed Guests. We have celebrated our success with lots of activities and practices, food & beverage competitions, spreading the taste of our products among the hotel Team Members, and Guests, sports days, Outing, etc. The winners won special prizes, and awards were presented to those who delivered extraordinary services through the year. This year our theme is to move forward with all the team towards our targets hand in hand, and keep on in the spirit of the Teamwork and self-motivation."

    —Ali Joumaa, Hilton Ramses

  • "At the Embassy Suites by Hilton Washington Square we recognize our Sales Team every day. Every day the team is required to do an hour of power. When the hour of power is completed they have the option to share the best of their fact finding mission in the Sales Office with a bang on our gong. The sales person then writes on a card what they did that was good and/or uncovered, and it is posted on our Tell Me Something Good board. The sales associate is then entered into a drawing for the monthly Tell Me Something Good prize. Prizes vary from lunch in the restaurant, to gift certificates, to small items that are purchased in our office treasure chest."

    —John DeRosa, Embassy Suites by Hilton Washington Square

  • "I am recognizing my team by many simple ways; for example, I always distribute certificates personally to any Team Member who follows our HILTON Values in front of all the hotel teams, to motivate him/her to keep up the wow performance, and to encourage others to do the same. I usually recognize the Team Member by encouraging words and a nice smile to support him/her in order to improve his /her skills. In addition, I post their stories in the DT CARE with photos, and I hang their pictures in the bulletin board at the Team Members facilities. Sometimes, if needed, I grant them a simple amount of money to be added to their salary as a gift for their achievement. Finally, I always celebrate my Team Members' birthdays and working anniversaries and Team Member of the Month during the Team Members gathering. I believe that when the Team Member is happy, the guest will be happy, the owner will be happy, and the community will be happy as well. So it is all is about my valuable Team Members."

    —Ghada Mansour, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba

  • "The Ramses Hilton has had quite a year:

    The Cluster General Manager and management team held an event called The Power of You for department heads. It emphasized the role they played and showed how valued they are, encouraging them and their teams to stay invigorated.

    The Human Resources Department acknowledged the amazing efforts of all HODs in their weekly meeting by surprising them with Thrive gifts to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits.

    To launch Thrive and celebrate Team Member Appreciation Week, Team Members were treated to a healthy Iftar Menu at the team restaurant. They played team building activities and were given surprise thank you cards and gifts. All Team Members were also invited to a themed Ramadan Iftar Party “The Mouled.” Team Members who work the night shift were recognized by the management team who invited them for a very late supper at the team restaurant with a special menu and gifts of appreciation.

    In recognition of their exceptional performance in 2017 and to celebrate the successes and achievements that they have accomplished, management decided to surprise Team Members with a Ramses Hilton Superheroes Appreciation Party.

    Human Resources Department felt it was time to introduce a new menu for the team restaurant. They submitted a survey of dishes and Team Members got to vote for the ones they would like included.

    During an HOD meeting, the Director of Human Resources, L&D Manager and Executive Chef surprised department heads with lovely personalized heart shape cookies and red roses.

    In November, management surprised hotel supervisors and leaders by distributing notebooks with a personalized message on one side and the 4DX refreshment card on the other side in recognition of their outstanding performance year to date."

    —Walid Gaber, Hilton Ramses

  • "The yearly Recognition Calendar dates for Front Office include two main recognition weeks: in March for Front Desk and October for the Concierge team. In addition, the Ramses Hilton Front Office team has won three Spirit of Blue Energy Awards for sharing their best stories and well-deserved initiatives and best practices. We have celebrated the Front Desk team top performers monthly for their great achievements and keeping their scoreboard green. We also send regular high five recognition for their ongoing efforts, especially in Guest feedback and for making great stories."

    —Mostafa Khalaf, Ramses Hilton

  • "The time in and around Halloween is always an exciting time around the property! With everyone thinking of fun, exciting, and new costume ideas, we thought we'd challenge them to see who could come up with the best costume with a Halloween party and costume contest! Bragging rights were all the motivation they needed, however a couple gift cards were an added bonus! The hotel provided food, drinks, and (of course) lots of candy to make sure everyone had a sugar rush to last them the rest of the day! When the day came, we were not let down. There were lots of creative ideas that took much time and thought to come up with! Even though it was a tough call, we had an 'Un-dead Housekeeper' come in first and a 'French Painter' come in second!

    It's always nice to step back from work for a moment and enjoy each others' company over some friendly competition and again... lots of candy!"

    —Craig Poland, Hampton Inn Bowling Green

  • "My F&B Team and I have our own currency for recognition. We recognize our TM's with special coins we call High Five Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase prizes at our Department vending machine. It is up to each TM to either buy themelf something small or to safe up for a big prize. Prizes vary from one coin for a candy bar to five coins for movie tickets to 200 coins for a dinner voucher to a steak house. My managers feel it is a fast and effective way to recognize great performance on the spot and during our department huddles."

    —Kai Urban, Hilton Anaheim

  • "November is of course our month for us to be thankful and show it. On November 21st we will have a Thanksgiving team meal along with presenting each Team Member with a gift card for a turkey! Many of our Team Members have the burden of working and having to cook on Thanksgiving, so this day is for pampering them. It's the time to have fellowship, fun, and to tell each one "thank you" for being the awesome individual on our team. We could use the gift card in a drawing for a lucky winner. "

    —Tina M. Christian, Hampton Inn Dyersburg

  • "Our Team Members just completed our annual associate opinion survey. To entice them to complete the survey, the Front Office department added their names to a list where winners would be chosen at random and awarded a restaurant gift card so the hotel could "feed them for their feedback."

    The Front Office department also had a celebration day for achieving the highest overall service scores for the year so far. All departments were invited to come and get lunch and celebrate with the team.

    For Thanksgiving, the hotel is thanking the supporters by gifting them gift cards instead of the traditional turkeys. Every year for Thanksgiving, the supporters gather for a pot luck Thanksgiving meal so different Team Members can earn bragging rights for their most delicious dishes."

    —Mary Hajer, Embassy Suites by Hilton DFW South

  • "I am running a contest with the Housekeeping team to have fun and get our SALT scores up, and they can win $50"

    —Elizabeth Keen, Hampton Inn-Lexington Historic District

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula realizo la celebracion de los miembros de equipo que estuvieron cumpliendo un año mas de vida en el mes de Octubre, gozaron de un buffet de tacos flautas con un delicioso guacamole, donde nuestros compañeros quedaron satisfechos. De igual forma los cumpleañeros disfrutaron de un tiempo de comunion entre muchas risas con sus compañeros de equipo. Asi mismo se les partio un pastel como celebracion de cada uno de ellos, concluyendo la celebracion con un Kareoke donde cada vez nuestros miembros de equipo nos sorpenden con su talento hacia el canto."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are currently printing out all SALT surveys which recognize an individual Team Member and wrapping it around their favorite candy bar! We give these out as soon as they come in to make sure the team always know we are tracking their great contributions to our company."

    —Ryan MacMurtery, Hilton Garden Inn Halifax Airport

  • "Hotel Hilton Princess, Honduras realizo una donación de tres (3) canastas con productos alimenticios, para tres de nuestros miembros de equipo con el fin de apoyarlos por sus pérdidas materiales en inundación de sus casas acaecido el día miércoles 25 de Octubre 2017"

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "I do many things to recognize my team. I have a contest going each month for Hilton Honors sign ups, and the winner receives a $25 gift card to the place of their choice. If their names are mentioned (in a good way) on a SALT, or if a guest emails me about a guest agent or any other Team Member, we add 1000 points to their Hilton Honors account. Each month I personally cook a homemade lunch and dessert to celebrate our team. They are all hard working and I love to show them the appreciation they deserve!"

    —Elizabeth Keen, Hampton Inn-Lexington Historic District

  • "Everyone month at our monthly team meeting, we recognize all the Team Members that excelled during the month. As you know, in September we felled victim to Hurricane Irma, and that cause a huge drop in hotel business in South Florida. Needless to say, during the month of September while all that was going on we still managed to enroll 49 guests into the Hilton Honors Program. One Team Member stood out the most and enrolled 30 of the 49 guests. She was named Queen OF Enrollments and will have any days off requested for this month approved."

    —Krystal Clyne, DoubleTree by Hilton Miami Airport & Convention Center

  • "Once a month we have our Bankside Sales Blitz Day with a focus on converting bookings for need months. In the morning we start off with a team breakfast, and we finish the day with a winner. This month's theme was chocolate, and the day was filled with lots of treats and activities. Thank you, team, for your continuous effort to convert, convert, and convert!"

    —Gemma van Norden, Hilton London Bankside

  • "We just finished giving away $425.00 in gift cards for driving enrollments. We gave these away during our monthly meeting where we also provided a free lunch and recognized two employees for driving enrollments for the month of September. First place received the $225.00 gift card, and the Team Member who came in second received a $100.00 gift card. This really helped us drive the enrollments up. The Front Desk agents really work hard for those gift cards!"

    —Larry Bell, Hampton Inn

  • "Our van drivers are amazing! They do so much more than shuttle our guests around. They give great recommendations for shopping, activities, and restaurants. They also act as a great bell team when guests need some help with their luggage or groceries. We wanted to show them we truly appreciate them! It is starting to get a little chilly here in Vermont, so we gifted them Homewood Suites jackets, lined with fleece and great for all kinds of weather, with matching beanies. We thought since they work hard all year to keep the van clean and the tank full, we would get the van detailed for them as a surprise and buy them gas gift cards for their personal vehicles. So thankful for our team!! Thank you all!"

    —Megan Wingate, Homewood Suites by Hilton Burlington

  • "I have been recognizing my team through High Five on the Lobby, recognition cards, CatchMe cards, monthly celebrations presentations, and through our social media page. I create Newsletter on a monthly basis to recognize everyone for their hard work, and update TM too on what's coming up next. I also took part in recognizing the best TM on CEO nominations and best TM of the month at our property. I love to meet and greet everyone with Bula Smile and recognize them by their names. These are some little things that we start ourselves with to become a better person and when we go along we can create Team Bonding, Team Workshop, and greater things to motivate others. I take pictures on TM's and upload them on social media (Doubletree Care Fiji) Facebook page to recognize them through Hilton Worldwide."

    —Litia Toqabale, Doubletree by Hilton Fiji

  • "We celebrated International Housekeeping Week with a picnic. Housekeeping Team Members cooked delicious pastries and foods. We decorated our picnic area with colorful materials and balloons. All Team Members participated in our event at the end of their working hours. Great surprises were waiting for them. Very nice meals and nice games and prize competitions. First, we divided our team into two groups named Kings and Queens of Cleaning. We started the games with sack races. Then they played tug of war, egg and spoon races, and rope jumping competitions. These are great competitions for team spirit and team work, there was a great social connection. All the Team Members had a day that was unforgettable, and they were very happy. At the end of the day, specially prepared marshmallows packages for International Housekeeping Week were distributed to the Housekeeping team."

    —Ozge, Hilton Garden Inn Izmir Bayrakli

  • "I have found that what has really helped me form a bond with the Housekeeping team and keep them motivated is to constantly remind them that I appreciate them. It really helps keep Housekeeping motivated and positive, especially when it is genuine. If I see them upstairs on the floor I start a conversation with them and make sure that they don't need anything, and if they do, I do what I can to assist them. If they need more towels, trash taken out, or help finishing up a room, I try to be there as much as possible. It's important to constantly motivate different departments to make sure they know that they are a key asset to the hotel and that they are important. I enjoy what I do and I love knowing that I can motivate others to enjoy what they do as well and feel valued. One of the main things I like to tell everyone is, "We appreciate you! Thank you." That goes a long way."

    —Jaqueline Cerna, Homewood Suites Carmel-Indianapolis

  • "My team knows the importance of SALT. The joke now is that my team sees the SALTS come through the Medallia before I do. They take pride in the scores and they recognize opportunities to improve through the guest feedback. I recognize the team and their hard work with "Food Fridays!" or "Comida Viernes!" If SALT improves from the previous week, I buy lunch for all the team on Friday as a Thank you from myself and the ownership. We haven't missed a Food Friday yet!"

    —Jon Bond, Hampton Inn and Suites Des Moines/Urbandale

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula sigue en las celebraciones de los cumpleañeros , esta vez se le celebro a los miembros de equipo que estuvieron cumpliendo un año mas de vida en el mes de Septiembre, gozaron de un platillo Hondureño (yuca con chicharron) y porsupuesto no podia faltar la Horchata como una de las bebidas tradicinales de Honduras. De igual forma los cumpleañeros reventaron una piñata donde sus compañeros disfrutaban de los caramelos que caian. Asi mismo se les partio un pastel como celebracion de cada uno de ellos, concluyendo la celebracion con un Kareoke donde cada vez nuestros miembros de equipo nos sorpenden con su talento hacia el canto."

    —Berlly Garza, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "En el Hilton Garden Inn Panamá celebramos el 6 de octubre, Día mundial de la sonrisa. Se le entregó a los colaboradores que más destacan con su gran sonrisa y amabilidad pelotitas de caritas felices "anti estrés" y también pines de caritas felices con luces, además compartimos también con nuestros huéspedes una estación de café y cupcakes en el lobby con bonitos mensajes alusivos al día de la sonrisa."

    —Luisa Cabanzo, Hilton Garden Inn Panama

  • "In appreciation for our entire housekeeping team, we put together a full week of fun-filled activities! We gathered as many individuals from each department to help out, and it was definitely a success with fun times, laughs, good food, and great company!

    Sunday: A wonderful delicious party was conducted by the Housekeeping Managers to open the week!

    Monday: Breakfast Burrito Day. The Sales & Accounting team passed out breakfast burritos on Monday morning and during the afternoon shift change!

    Tuesday: Spa Day. The Spa team set up chair massages for the Housekeeping team, we brought in healthy snacks, fresh fruit, and OJ so they could enjoy it before or after their service. They also got to bring home goodie bags filled with spa treats.

    Wednesday: Homemade Waffles and Ice Cream Day. The Engineering made homemade Belgium waffles for the team and served them. The Food and Beverage team provided ice cream cones and ice cream Sundaes during the afternoon.

    Thursday: Pizza Party Day. Our Executive Committee served pizza and salad to the team and cleared plates after lunch.

    Friday: Live Mariachi Band with a Taco Truck who prepared fresh food at our Poolside Grill.

    Saturday: Bagel Bar. The Front Office set up a delicious bagel bar for the Housekeeping team to enjoy and provided fresh baked cookies in the afternoon!"

    —Elizabeth Melendez, Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

  • "Our housekeepers are the sweetest, so we had to get all of them fudge brownie sundaes. We also took them to out to lunch for all of their hard work."

    —Robin Castleberry, DoubleTree by Hilton Oak Ridge Knoxville

  • "DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Town celebrated Housekeeping Week by celebrating the team and introducing them to each department again and handing out chocolates, energy drinks, and energy bars. They were given homemade crowns and badges to wear during the week, and they had fun making cots, doing a room setting, and going on a scavenger hunt. They had so much fun! We would just like to thank our team for the amazing work they do all year round."

    —Chantal, DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Town

  • "We at Homewood Suites by Hilton Waterloo St Jacobs recognized our Food and Beverage and Housekeeping departments by taking them out of the realm we live in and experience a bit of virtual reality! Being located in Canada's largest Tech Hub, we had the opportunity to experience one of the four VR arcades in Canada! Team Members laughed, danced virtually, and also participated in group bonding in this unique and tech-filled experience. Games included multiplayer action, puzzle games, skilled games, sport games, and much more!"

    —Vittoria Trinchi, Homewood Suites by Hilton Waterloo St Jacobs

  • "We have recognized each department this year. In January we recognized the Engineering and Maintenance Department; for February we celebrated the Food and Beverage Departments; in March we recognized the Front Desk; and in July we celebrated our Sales Department (for the first time). In September we rocked Housekeeping Week. Each department is celebrated for an entire week, and all of the other departments take a day to come up with creative ideas to make the Team Members feel special. Some of the things we have done are popcorn holders with popcorn and candy for our Food and Beverage department; lottery tickets and 100 Grand bars for our Front Desk; and an ice cream sundae bar for our Sales team complete with a personalized bowl. We also held a luau for our Housekeeping department where everyone received candy leis and we raffled gift cards. We have also started celebrating Core Champions of the month - Team Members that overly exude our Core Values. We are doing great things at our hotel, and for the first time each department has been recognized in a year."

    —Angela Muschek, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Charleston - Historic District

  • "Al fin llego la semana de Housekeeping, entre mucha diversión y risas se le celebro la semana al departamento de ama de llaves, ofreciéndoles sorpresas durante toda la semana, Recursos Humanos organizo un evento para cada día de la semana.

    Iniciando el día lunes con un viaje hacia Omoa, Cortes donde disfrutaron de un plato de pescado con su respectivo elementos. El grupo de ama de llaves gozó de un momento de relajación en la playa y al mismo tiempo en la piscina. Mientras unos disfrutaban de bañar otros de los miembros de equipo aprovecharon a jugar futbol en la playa.

    Continuando con la semana el día martes, se le hizo una entrega a cada uno de ellos de un recipiente de agua donde incluían diversos caramelos y su respectivo mensaje agradeciendo su esfuerzo dentro del trabajo. El día miércoles entregamos unos snack en la tarde para que disfrutaran de unos minutos de descanso con uno bocadillos durante su pequeño descanso.

    Para el día jueves se tenía preparado una capacitación de BedBugs donde se impartió una charla de cómo se debe prevenir los chinches dentro del hotel y al mismo tiempo realizando actividades y dinámicas para motivar a los miembros a participar, al final se entregaron premios donde felicitamos a cada uno por su participación dentro de la capacitación. Concluyendo el día viernes con la entrega de un certificado donde se le daba a entender que valoramos su esfuerzo y su integridad al trabajo, así mismo se les entrego su respectivo cupcake a cada uno de los miembros , finalizando con la actividad de karaoke donde los compañeros demostraron su habilidad por el canto. "

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This month we celebrated the International Housekeeping Week. All the Housekeeping team prepared different kinds of activity for the hotel. They had a bedmaking competition while they were blind folded, and other departments participated in the competition. Also, they had a towel art making contest: The Housekeeping team had to make towel art according to what theme they picked. All the winners received a certificate and brand new mini speakers. For their finale, all the Housekeeping team showcased their talent according to their nationality. They had a traditional dance from their own country and others sang in their own language. For the show stopper, everyone had a mini fashion show, walking on the runway showing their glamorous faces and fashionable clothes. All the Team Members had a wonderful, night even the other departments. To end the day, everyone had a sumptuous buffet meal with different kinds of dishes from their countries. The program really showed us diversity and talent."

    —Janel Andrada, AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton Sula

  • "Social Media plays a very important role in our lives today. Every one uses social media in some form or the other. Here in Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, we have a closed Facebook group with access limited to only our Team Members. We use this portal to share the news about the hotels and the city with our team. Recently, we launched a new initiative to recognize our Team Members who receive great reviews on TripAdvisor. We started off with creating a little buzz about the #TripAdvisor Tuesday, and then followed up with a teaser a couple of days before the post, which caused a small stir. Team Members were actively guessing who they thought would be featured. Then on Tuesday we posted the Team Member's profile with a short story about what the guest had written about him on TripAdvisor. This post received over 112 likes in a matter of two days. We have identified our top 10 performers and will run this series for a total of 10 weeks!"

    —Soham Natu, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

  • "Monday - Chips Drinks, Tuesday - Cupcakes, Wednesday - Pizza, Thursday- Cups with Candy included, and Friday - Team Member Dinner."

    —Gwendolyn Hudson, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Tupelo Barnes Crossing

  • "When I came to my duty at 8:00 a.m., suddenly our Housekeeping order taker surprised me! On the department's information wall board were all Housekeeping team names & pictures with the words International Housekeeping week 2017 inside. It looks nice and professional. Thank you, Rahma, you are always creative and taking initiative."

    —Abdelsalam Ragab, Hilton Luxor Resort& Spa

  • "We tie dyed shirts as a department to show our team spirit, the whole department will wear the shirts for the rest of Housekeeping Week. We set up a photo booth with fun props and a backdrop. At the end of the week, we will have the grand finale lunch with a caritas taco bar. Our Housekeeping team is amazing, and we couldn't do what we do with out them."

    —Magdalena Adams, Homewood Suites by Hilton Denver West Federal Center

  • "Celebramos la semana de Recursos Humanos y en esta ocasion el departamento de Ama de llaves nos preparo un desayuno de sorpresa. En el cual se disfruto con todos ls miembros de equipo (camarera, limpieza, lavanderia y jefes)."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We had a breakfast with the Kings and Queens of Housekeeping! During the breakfast we kicked off the activities we will have during the week and showed lots of appreciation. We had a great time together!"

    —Sofia Drosos, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "Recursos Humanos preparo una fiesta de sorpresa para los graduados, en la cual el hotel se sintio Orgullosos por ellos ya que culminaron sus estudios con mucho esfuerzo y dedicacion para cumplir sus metas como estudiante. Como recuerdo de este evento le obsequiamos acada uno de ellos un reloj personalizado, con mucha alegria lo recibieron."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • " Our Housekeeping Team Members really are our Queens and King. We acknowledge that their day is not easy, and we have a full week planned for them. We will launch on Monday 11th September by making a surprise cocktail in one of the room for them. On Tuesday, we have bedmaking competition with the Head of Departments. On Wednesday they will all stay overnight in the hotel to try the rooms that they clean everyday. On Thursday there will be a special KAHOOT quiz with ice-cream, and we will close on Friday with breakfast, certificates, and gifts."

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "Se organizo una capacitacion para el departamento de alimentos y bebidas (cocina, restaurante, banquete operaciones) con el objetivo de dar una retroalimentacion de higiene y manipulacion de alimentos en los diferentes areas del hotel. Alfinal del ultimo dia de la capacitacion se fomento el trabajo en equipo de tecnicas de limpieza."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We organized our week to have activities we know they will love enjoy, and that make them feel valued!"

    —Sofia Drosos, Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

  • "Recursos Humanos organizo una Fiesta de Sorpresa para celebracion a los chicos del mes de Julio, la fiesta se preparo al estilo mexicano donde hubo patel, un delicioso banquete de comida al gusto de los festejados. Durante el evento hubo Kareoke,y muchas risas entre todos los que asistieron."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are a soon-to-be-open Hotel in Hawaii. We recognize our team in a hotel-wide huddle every morning before we start our day.

    • Daily Exercise led by different Team Members
    • Duties for the day
    • Training
    • Thank team and recognize outstanding Team Member of the previous day
    • Conclude with Embassy Cheer."

    —Embassy Suites by Hilton Oahu Kapolei

  • "Una tarde de cine para los miembros de equipo de Restaurante como premio por ser los ganadores del Segundo lugar en nuestra Marathon Hilton 2017. Recursos Humanos les preparo el convivio con palomitas de maiz, refrescos y muchas golosinas."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We held a masked ball honoring our Human Resources team on August 15, 2017. The theme was Shake Your Body."

    —Summer Ma, Hilton Urumqi

  • "The hotel received a thank you letter from Mr. John Greenleaf, thanking our Team Members for providing Brighthearted Service to a guest. The hotel organized a thank you Dinner for the Team Members who provided the excellent service. Everybody was happy."

    —Jessie Li, Hilton Garden Inn Dandong

  • "We are recognizing our team monthly with a our CARE rally. We celebrate all nominees for Team Member of the month and announce our winner for the month. This is a great time for all departments to mingle with each other along with management and Team Members. We always have a very nice lunch that is provided by our top-notch culinary team. Our HR Director has also recently added some back ground music to put our Team Members in an upbeat mood. As we are in the last week of the Catch Me at My Best program, we have had weekly winners that we able to spin the wheel of prizes for having the most creative catches, the most catcheses, and catches that had CARE values mentioned within the catch. We had set a hotel goal at 1000 catches, and we are only 36 shy of our goal with 6 days left of the program. Our Team Members have truly embraced the program this year and our SALT scores have proven this."

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTreee by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "We find ways to recognize our team every month! We recently did a furniture upgrade when we transitioned from an HGI to a full-service Hilton. It meant long hours and a lot of work. We had a celebration to honor and recognize all the long hours and dedication it took from Team Members in different departments. We had Sno-Cones, bubbly toasts (sparkling cider), ice cream, and other fun treats! It was just a small gesture to show how much we do appreciate the time it took to complete this project, with very little disruption to our guests!"

    —Bethany Davis, Hilton Richmond Downtown

  • "Our hotel welcomed a continuous full house for 12 days in Auguest. High occupency makes our Team Members tired, so we privided sweet sago cream for them. HR decorated a push-car,taking the sweet sago cream around hotel, sharing with all. Some guests came to join us, bypassing the front gate of the hotel, and enjoyed the sweet drink with happy smiles. A sweet drink can make one feel happy and relaxed in the boom season. We hope our Team Members are happy and full of Brighthearted engergy."

    —Jessie Li, Hilton Garden Inn Dandong

  • "Marlon Salazar recently introduced a new program: We Recognize Contributions to Our Success. We provided each Team Member with an envelope containing two separate pieces of paper. One piece has another Team Member's name, and the other piece lists a note explaining the following: I am this person's "angel for the week." Each angel is encouraged to do one nice gesture for his/her colleague during the week. Examples of ways to acknowledge teammates: buy them a "good job" badge or button, make them cookies, buy them a coffee/tea, run an errand for them. This activity is easy to accomplish, inexpensive, fun, and positive. It also allows for the entire team to be involved at the same time, creating random acts of kindness generating good will and smiles which carries from Team Members to guests."

    —Carol J Nicholson, Homewood Suites Reno

  • "My role is to help our Team Members reach their full potential through getting required training as well as timely recognition that makes then feel proud and builds higher self-confidence. Managing nearly 1000 TM's in three hotels as a Cluster Training Manager and meeting them to congratulate each TM for their extraordinary efforts is a challenge. However, it is said: If there is a will-there is a way. I do few simple things that makes my TM's feel proud:

    1. Attend Departmental Briefing (at least five a week) and appreciate Team Members for their efforts. These are individually based on information gathered from SALT Feedback, up-selling data, Highest Hilton Honors enrollments, OeX Suggestions, and Honesty Awards.
    2. I assign small projects to senior (non-management) TM's to follow up on. Once they complete the project, they get recognized in public such as by a Catch.
    3. [email protected] - Quick actions: I assign a supervisor in each Department to conduct three to five minute sessions on Body/Mind/Spirit resolutions. He/She gets a small reward from me for doing it so well.
    4. Department specific on-the-job competitions: We organize, with the support of the Departmental Trainers, technical skills-related competitions to encourage TM's to learn quickly. They are thorough competitions and winners gets certificates.
    5. I keep a copy of the TM's birthday celebrants of the month and make sure he/she is wished personally within the same month when we meet. They appreciate it so much.
    6. I Congratulate Teams/TM's through H360º."

    —Suranga Jayasinghe, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

  • "We had an Team Member appreciation lunch with a picnic theme. We served BBQ, played a round of trivia, and even had a corn hole tournament."

    —Mike Riccardo, Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse

  • "The Team Member that has the most Catches for the month receives $25.00 cash, 2nd place $15.00 and 3rd $10.00. This is given out at our general team meeting once a month.

    Team Member of the month is based on the following criteria: 1.Cannot have any unexcused absences, 2.Cannot be late for shift, 3. No write ups or warnings. Each Team Member can nominate a fellow Team Member, they must give a brief explanation as to why the Team Member is being nominated. These are to be turned in by the 10th of each month and then the Dept heads review the candidates and make a decision on who should be nominated. The Team Member of the month is announced at our general team meeting and given $50.00 and a Certificate explaining why they were nominated. This is then hung on the wall in the Team Member Break Room.

    The Team Member of the Year is one of the Team Members of the month and is given $100.00.

    Selected Team Members that the Dept. Head feels need special recognition during the month are treated to lunch with their Dept. Head and General Manager."

    —Roger P Fangman, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Uptown University Cincinnati

  • "We held a recognition meeting for all Team Members where we watched funny videos about working in hotels, shared success stories, handed out printed forms of recognition with personal notes about their performance, and had an ice cream party. We gave everyone the chance to tell us about why they love working for Hilton and how they embody our brand."

    —Adam Pritchett, Homewood Suites by Hilton Greenville

  • "Lugar - Caminata por la Salud 2017. En el mes de junio el departamento de Recursos Humanos realizo una Caminata por la salud como parte de las actividades de la semana de Reconocimiento Miembro de Equipo TMAW. El equipo de Recepcion se llevo el tercer lugar de los ganadore... asi que les preparamos una canasta con muchas cosas ricas, dulces, galletas, refrescos, papipas saladas, churros. La sorpresa fue cuando llegamos a la recepcion con la colorida canasta fue algo que no esperaban, sin duda alguna."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are so appreciate of our Regional Sales Center, we wanted to celebrate them with a platter of cookies. Since July also carried National Emoji Day, we thought it would be nice to send them emoji cookies as well. Our Sales team was so surprised when they received a hand-delivered platter of DoubleTree Cookies, Emoji Cookies, & iPhone Cookies."

    —Amelia Kirnon, DoubleTree Club by Hilton Boston-Bayside

  • "Tarde de Cine. Como parte de nuestras actividades este mes de Julio preparamos una tarde de cine para el departamento de Ama de Llaves, como todo cine teniamos palomitas de maiz, nachos con queso y jalapeños, hotdogs y claro una muy buena pelicula de comedia. Preparamos nuestra sala de Capacitaciones y montamos un cine digno para nuestro equipo de ama de llaves ... Recibimos comentarios excelentes ya que no era algo que ellos esperaban, la idea de hacer esta actividad fue ya que esa semana fue una semana muy dificil ya que tuvimos una alta ocupacion en habitacion y eventos asi que era una buena excusa para divertirnos."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "July was Sales & Marketing Appreciation Month, and since this year as the team has done exceptionally well, we spoiled them with a day of pampering and ended with a luxury dinner. We arranged students from nearby Beauty schools to come through and give the team massages and do nails and makeup. We arranged the décor for the treatment room as well as some gowns and slippers from hotel so they felt like they were at a real Spa. We arranged a Mafia Murder dinner for the evening which they dressed up for, and had a great team dinner and celebrated their achievements."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "For Sales and Events recognition month we celebrated the team with milk chocolate iPhones wrapped in blue foil to show our Blue Energy. Each phone had a note attached that read "Happy Appreciation Month. We know you are always on the phone with clients." It was great to hand out the phones, and the best part was no data plan or minutes were used. We know how hard our Sales and Events team works to bring the hotel new and re-occurring group business."

    —Mark Erickson, Hilton Atlanta

  • "For Recognition to Sales and Marketing Month, we encouraged the actions that move us to provide a good service. We are committed to enjoy every day through the spirit that encourages the team through smiles, recognition, teamwork, empathy, service spirit, humor, gratitude and accessibility. Each department visited them and delivered a detail that represented each value. At the end of the week, we meet with activities that encouraged [email protected]"

    —Laura Chitay, Hilton Garden Inn Guatemala

  • "Our banquet team is amazing! To thank them for always "hitting the mark" with our guests, we created a "Hilton Top Shot" contest for them to play. Banquet Team Members took turns firing Nerf darts at a carnival style shooting gallery, with each target worth 1-5 points. Fabulous prizes were donated from each department in the hotel, and raffle tickets given to participants for the points they earned. Everyone in banquets won at least one prize. The "Hilton Top Shot" trophy was awarded after an exciting 10-shot winner-take-all competition."

    —Steven Carter, Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park

  • "This month we celebrate our Sales & Marketing Team, and we have prepared lovely presents for them. We have a lot of fun together. We also made special certificates with their names. This powerful sales team deserves real appreciation."

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

  • "Celebrando la Semana de Seguridad. El Departamento de Recursos Humanos reconocio la semana del departamento de Seguridad, preparamos sorpresas cada dia, decorando el pasillo con un gran rotulo donde dabamos a conocer la semana de Seguridad, quien no iba poder verlo ... Las sorpresas iban desde chocolates decorados, galletas, bolsitas con dulces, nachos con queso, un almuerzo especial para ellos, cerramos la cemana con palomitas de maiz. "Estamos felices y emocionados por la gran sorpresa" dijo nuestro jefe de seguridad al llegar a su oficina y verla decorada. Entre risas y diversion celebramos la semana de Seguridad."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "For the month of July, we celebrated Sales & Marketing Week. We had a poster placed in the cafeteria to introduce all the business development team. During the afternoon break, we had a special delivery of coffee and donuts for them. We want our Team Members to relax and chill due to high occupancy during the past few weeks, and their hard work is a big part of it. That's why we gave them a voucher of a mani pedi and a coffee voucher to Coffee Bean."

    —Janel Andrada, Alrayyan Hotel Doha Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Our Sales and Marketing team does a lot to bring business in the hotel, and recognizing them is good to motivate them. Since the Sales and Marketing team in the Seychelles are clustered, we joined forces together to come up with a hamper for the all 10 Team Members that work in the department. It included a card, signed by all Team Members to show our appreciation"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "Reconociendo Su Esfuerzo. En este mes de julio, Recursos Humanos hizo un concurso para todos los miembros de equipo, el concurso se basado de quien se sabe nuestra nueva VISION, MISION y VALORES, pero no solo era aprendersela si no tambien entender, poner ejemplos de como ponerla en practica y en que oportunidades usarlos para demostrarle a nuestros huespedes lo valioso que son para el hotel. Tuvimos 3 ganadores: Geraldina Pineda-lavanderia, Oscar Paredes-almacen general, Carlos Villanueva-steward"

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Housekeeping department is recognized monthly by the Diamond Award contest. For each check out room they receive three points if the room is inspected and is spotless. Nothing left from the checked out guest (i.e,., hair, open soap, trash). The person that accumulates the most points in the month is awarded $50. The attendants are in competition with each other, and this has increased our Salt score for room and bathroom cleanliness."

    —Shirley Julian, Hampton Inn Henderson

  • "El Departamento de Recursos Humanos organizo una actividad por la salud, a la cual llamamos MARATON HILTON 2017 "Una caminata por las Salud". Esta actividad se llevo acabo en una de las cordilleras mas importante de nuestra ciudad, EL Merendon es el pulmo de oxigeno y agua limpia, es tambien el hogar de muchas aves, monos, y plantas exoticas que no estan en ninguna otra parte del pais. Consistio en una competencia entre departamentos y la dinamica era que todos subieran y llegaran al mismo tiempo. Musica, diversion, convivio y sobre todo muchaaaaas risas."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "At Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Muraqabat, our front office team gets recognised with surprise treats for their hard work and commitment! They just love their treats! It keeps them motivated to deliver great results."

    —Manasi Patkar, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Muraqabat

  • "Our hotel has a great culture when it comes to recognition. As a Curio collection hotel, we rely on the Recognition Really Matters Website for tips and advice on how to create excitement, engagement and fun! You will see from the photos attached that we celebrate birthdays, congratulate promotions, recognize anniversaries, and encourage catches! We share results daily in our stand up meetings, we educate our team by sharing the guest feedback and put practices in place when we missed a touch point. We all know it is a journey to success and not a destination. The family culture we have on property has allowed us to move the needle to positive areas in revPAR, OCC%, and ADR$."

    —Daniel Tadros, Pier 5 Hotel Baltimore, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "We recognized our Sales Team this month in several fun ways that showed our appreciation for how hard they work to bring revenue to our property. We created a version of the "Find It" game using beads in a clear container, and hid objects in them for the sales team to find. These small objects were tongue and cheek in nature: a turtle for when business is slow, keys "to success", and so on. We next had the entire staff write encouraging notes on a jumbo 100 dollar bill which we hung on the sales wall. And finally we purchased a mini claw machine game which the sales team could play after each sale they made, similar to how some sales people might ring a bell when they close a sale. We loaded the machine with little vending machine capsules filled with emoji stickers and a few Starbucks drink vouchers. The Sales Team loved it!"

    —Steven Carter, Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, continues to celebrate the birthdays of our Team Members each month. We know how important these dates are and that is why RRHH prepares a surprise party at the end of the month. This June they did it circus style, because on this date the city has an anniversary, and that celebration is called Feria Juniana. Popcorn, sweet apples, cupcakes, fun games, and hotdogs, and you could not miss singing happy birthday and the session of funny photos."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This month it is up to our hotel and our Make a Difference Committee to recognize our Sales Team. We have four wonderful, hardworking ladies in our Sales Department, and we will proudly present each of them with a Starbucks Gift Card and a trip to the Nail Salon. We can't wait to see the happy looks on their faces!"

    —Diana Maynez, Embassy Suites by Hilton Chattanooga-Hamilton Place

  • "The Sales & Marketing team at Hilton Paris Opera is very gourmand, we all LOVE good food! So let's celebrate this during our recognition month! This week, we organized a team picnic in front of one of the most beautiful buildings of Paris, Les Invalides. It was a fun and relaxing activity outside of the working hours. All the Sales & Marketing Team Members really enjoyed the event. It's our way to thank everyone for their hard work and daily support!"

    —Jenci Declerck, Hilton Paris Opera

  • "We at DoubleTree by Hilton Fiji have been doing a lot in recognition early this year, even though we are a newly opened resort. We really appreciate how our TMs are cooperating well with the brand practice. We have organized a sports day for TM's every Wednesday from 5 pm - 6 pm, and provide drop off transport to town at 6:30 pm. We have more on hand for Team Member Appreciation Week, and Catch Me is getting even better with lots of fun activities for TMs."

    —Litia Toqabale, DoubleTree By Hilton Fiji - Sonaisali Island.

  • "DoubleTree by Hilton Santa Monica has a SALT incentive plan for all Team Members who are recognized for outstanding service or that WOW our guests on a SALT survey or on TripAdvisor. Our Management team signs a card for the Team Member that says "You knocked it out of the park," and the Team Member gets a $10.00 Target gift card. We hope this will encourage the team to fix any problems before they escalate, and that the guest will be taken CARE of while they are still here! Each Team Member that is mentioned in the Survey also receives a ticket, and there is a drawing for $100.00 at the end of the month."

    —Melanie Lawson, DoubleTree by Hilton Santa Monica

  • "During Team Member Appreciation Week, we provided our team with a BBQ lunch complete with banana pudding, a free snow cone day, as well as giving each Team Member a "Team Member Appreciation Week" lunch box filled with a snack and a drink from our Make a Difference Committee."

    —Diana Maynez, Embassy Suites by Hilton Chattanooga Hamilton Place

  • "We use the recognition calendar each month for our pay dates, birthdays, and anniversaries of our Team. I provide each department a copy of the calendar, it is posted on each department bulletin board and located in our Team Member cafeteria. It is a great recognition tool. Along with the calendar, we provide a special birthday & anniversary card to each of our Team Members personally signed by each of our Managers."

    —Trenise Hill, Doubletree Cleveland East Beachwood

  • "We were stumped for a new appreciation gift idea. Our sales team Team Member was up for appreciation. We had Reese's peanut butter cups. With a quick google search for printables we found: "So many Reeses to be thankful for." With a quick edit to thank the team we got a perfect prototype!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula celebramo sla semana de Mercadeo y Ventas en el mes de junio ya que teniamos preparado una fabulosa sorpresa ya que realizamos un viaje al nuevo hotel de la marca Curio Indura. En el mes de Junio fue clave para los ejecutivos de Mercadeo y Ventas ya que hubieron ganadores de nuevas cuentas entre otras competencias internas. Asi que el departamento de RRHH hizo un cambio para poder destacar y reconocer la gran labor de los ejecutivos de ventas. Preparamos una semana divertida y especial, preparamos tarjetitas con frases motivadoras. Comenzamos la semana con la frase "un emprendedor ve oportunidades donde otros solo ven problemas", cada dia quisimos darles especiales y de reconocimiento para ellos."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Hilton Durban kicked off their TMAW 2017 with the Blue Energy team handing out ice cream on sugar cones for all Team Members in the Team Member Restaurant after their lunch, as well as hiring a photo booth for some real fun! We ran a competition for the photo booth, which entailed any four Team Members to take the best photo. Any four Team Members, didn't have to be from the same department as long as there were four in the photo. Team absolutely loved it! The best photo was chosen by our Executive Team and they won a lunch for the four of them at our new Vasco's Restaurant, including soft drinks!

    "The following day was Decorate Your Own Cupcake competition also in the Team restaurant! What amazing talent we have! The winner of this won a dinner for two at the Big Easy Winebar & Grill, including soft drinks.

    "Then it was the Head of Departments turn to show their appreciation to the Team Members by serving the team their lunch plus clearing their plates and serving cold drinks with an extra special meal prepared by our Chef for the day in the team restaurant. Team really enjoyed taking full advantage of getting served by the Management team.

    "Lastly, we ended the week with a Meet & Greet at the team entrance, with lights, music, hot chocolate, and muffins handed out to all Team Members either ending their shifts from the evening before or serving Team Members as they come into work! A lovely surprise to walk into work with hot chocolate, muffin, and some good tunes playing! And a Wellness Day with Discovery Health Medical Insurance in our Grand Ballroom that all our Team Members are on. BMI index done (height, weight, waist), blood glucose and cholesterol testing, eye testing and even our local gym Virgin Active where there."

    —Julie Nolan, Hilton Durban

  • "We celebrated our Fathers' of The Beverly Hilton with goody bags filled with a flashlight, first aid kit, and chocolate bar!"

    —Samantha Rollins, The Beverly Hilton

  • "We create a CARE calendar every month recognizing National Food Days, so this gives us the opportunity to celebrate with Team Members as well as our guests. We wrap up the end of the month with a CARE rally recognizing our Team Member of the Month. We currently are focusing on the Catch Me at My Best program with weekly winners. Our weekly winner has the opportunity to spin the wheel of prizes that we have created. All Team Members are engaged in this program, and we love to recognize them. This drives the Sprit of CARE!"

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "Gumbo cook off! Our hotel held a gumbo cookoff last week to see who would bring home the W! There was a home made trophy, $150, and the pressure of being the best at stake. If anyone knows New Orleans, we take our gumbo very seriously. Jessica in sales ended up winning with her crawfish gumbo! We had all the other TM's act as the judging panel, everyone had a really great time!"

    —Samantha Douglas, The DoubleTree by Hilton New Orleans

  • "For Safety & Security Week this week, the Human Resources department showed their appreciation to the entire Safety & Security team for keeping our guests, Team Members, and hotel safe and secure at all times. We hosted a luncheon for the entire Safety & Security staff."

    —Keisha Lue, Diplomat Beach Resort Cuiro Collection by Hilton

  • "2017 We celebrated Team Member Appreciation Week in Houston, including Bingo, Pin the Door on the Hotel, Darts, and you can't forget Musical Chairs! The team enjoyed all fun events all week long!"

    —Chris Jackson, Hampton by Hilton Houston East

  • "En Hilton Garden Inn Surco premiamos a cada miembro de equipo o área que reciba un reconocimiento en el SALT o en TripAdvisor. El incentivo que les damos es trimestral y se mide de acuerdo a la cantidad de veces que han sido nombrados en estas dos plataformas, les otorgamos un monto de $50. Adicional a ello estamos sorteando desayunos buffet entre aquellos que tengan más reconocimientos en Catch Me at My Best y publicamos los comentarios en nuestro mural principal."

    —Denisse Torres, Hilton Garden Inn Surco

  • "We brought in an assortment of donuts for Donut Day and placed flags with each Team Member's name on them with the donut we thought best described their personality."

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte Unversity Research Park

  • "Team Member Appreciation Week was 12 June to 18 June at the HGI Volgograd hotel, and it was attended by the whole team of the hotel. The days were filled with greetings, pleasant surprises, and corporate activities. Team meals became truly festive, and department heads distributied lunches and thanked the team for their work. During the evenings, all departments offered corporate games in various formats. On the first day the team held a fun "quest" in hotel Sales and Marketing called The Mad Professor, Participants had to solve the riddles of the Professor and find the lost box. The Professor’s letter thanked our team for their work. The second day turned out to be really tasty: Team Members participated in a master class on setting the table and preparing a classic Cesar salad and Boody Mary cocktail. The third day was a feast for true movie fans: the Front Office team invited all to take part in a team game of Guess the Movie. The participants were divided into two teams and perform exciting tasks, and in the finals we even made a fun mini-movie with the participation of our Team Members. This is what we called Brighthearted! On the last day of the Team Member Appreciation Week, all Team Members were in for another pleasant surprise – a game loved by many called Mafia, which ended with the victory of the civilians. We thank the whole team at HGI Volgograd for their active participation!"

    —Irina Efremova, Hilton Garden Inn Volgograd

  • "We celebrate Safety & Security Week with security Team Members and organized a little celebration. Also our small guests joined us in these celebrations. We prepared special certificates and candies for Team Members and thank them for providing us with our safety. They are working hard and deserving thanks. Besides we would like to thank the Hilton's esteemed members for providing these special celebrations to us."

    —Nurcan Topal, DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul Avcilar

  • "We started Catch Me at My Best at Hampton by Hilton Panama."

    —Janina Canate, Hampton by Hiton Panama

  • "At Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa, we try to celebrate every success story. Every month we choose the Light & Warmth Champions, two for the Front of House and two for the Back of House. These Team Members have been nominated by their peers, and the Blue Energy group picks the top four. They are awarded with $100 grocery shopping money, a beautiful personalized certificate, and their picture of the wall of fame. All the nominees who did not make the top four are awarded with a Thank a Latte. This gives them a free barista coffee, hot cocoa, or tea in our deli shop.

    "Health & Safety is a big topic in New Zealand. In order to create a Health & Safety culture in the hotel, we have introduced an H&S champion. Team Members can nominate a champion if they believe this person did something to make our work place a safer place, prevent hazards, or has been living the H&S culture. The winner gets a $50 grocery shopping voucher and all the nominees get a Thanks a Latte.

    "Queenstown is a special place. A town which is the melting pot of all nationalities in the world. Every service year within our hotel is recognized with a stay in the hotel for two, including a complimentary dinner and breakfast! As Queenstown is a transit place, most Team Members have a “Queenstown family” whilst they are away from home. We try to create a warm culture where our team feels they also have a Hilton family. On their birthday they get a personalized card and a scratchy. Who knows, they might win $10000! Every year we also have a party to recognize ALL our Team Members and celebrate the birthday of the hotel. This year we turned six! These parties are famous for their themes, international dancing, DJ music, nice F&B, and huge raffles with amazing prizes. We also have a photo booth to collect the most hilarious pictures. This year the theme was Casino Royale.

    "Besides these monthly recognition moments we like to recognize our Team Members with special videos during the appreciation week, one of the moments when we receive a special letter or just the genuine thank you’s. We have an active internal Facebook page on which we share appreciation and recognition moment, jokes, local discounts, and other fun items. It is all about timely recognition to make our Team Members feel appreciated."

    —Jennifer Sykes, Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa

  • "We surprised our security team and made them a display at the front desk that they saw when they came into work. Superman was made to hold the security log book with a surprise gift card for an AMC movie on their night off with a thank you card."

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "This week is Team Member Appreciation Week, and we have been very excited to show our gratitude with team. On Wednesday June 14, we held an all Team Member BBQ and a water balloon fight! The team loved it. On Thursday June 15, we had a car wash and washed all of the Team Members' cars!"

    —Magdalena Adams, Homewood Suites Denver West Federal Center

  • "Semana de reconocimiento equipo de servicios administrativos y generales mas conocidos como contabilidad. Una semana llena de divertidas actividades, mucha comida y sobre todo nuestro viaje para conocer los lugares Turisticos mas importantes de nuestro pais. Comenzamos esta semana con algo divertido y fue que preparamos una bolsitas donde colocamos monedas de chocolates, el juego era que ellos con esas monedas pudieras comprar o intercambiar cosas (dulces u otras cosas), seguimos cono nuestra semana y sorpresa les preparamos galletas con mermelada, se les envio via correo electronico durante toda la semana cartas, diplomas y tarjetas (Hi Five) para hacer conmemorado cada dia. Cerramos la semana con un viaje a una de las zonas con mayor influencia de Turistas. Tela, es una de las primeras ciudades fundadas por los españoles luego de su conquista en el pais. este Puerto cuenta con una rica y amplia historia, tradiciones ya que su mayores probladores son Garifunas, descendiente de Africanos. Una semana divertida y sobre de trabajo en equipo."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This is something new. We have started the Catch Me at My Best program at our property and found an innovative way to catch our outstanding Team Members. We have Team Members who are talented in some unique arts like leaf art, paper art, or they are actually talented in creating bright hearted moments for guests. So we started to make videos of the Team Member doing something extra ordinary for guest and posting it on hotel social pages as Catch of the Day to recognise the Team Member. Check it out #VIDEO_CATCH">"

    —Apoorva Chandram, Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum

  • "Cumpleañeros del mes de Mayo! Como cada mes Recursos Humanos prepara una sorpresa para todos los cumpleañeros del mes y este mes de mayo quisimos darles una poquito mas de sorpresa ya que lo preparamos al estilo Carnaval. Desde las tarjetas de invitacion, la decoracion, musica y la comida fueron inspiradas al estilo carnaval, compartimos una tarde muy divertida, con musica, karaoke y sobre todo un delicioso pastel con el cual les deseamos lo mejor a los cumpleañeros."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Simple personalized gesture by the Blue Energy team: We collected nice smiley photos of Team Members and created customized recognition wrappers which included a photo of each Team Member and a thank-you note. We bought colored cups where we could insert the wrappers, and we filled them with pens, chocolate, and shoe matt. We presented these hand made gifts to the Team Members during their work to show our appreciation for their efforts. We also took lovely photos within our hand made appreciation frame filled with thank-you notes."

    —Aisha Saleh, Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences

  • "Summer 2017! En nuestro Pais Honduras se celebra la Semana Santa, la cual por tradicion se hacen varios actos por las iglesias (sin importar que denominacion sea). Tambien en esta semana cae justo cuando inicia el Verano, por lo que Recursos Humanos quiso tambien compartir con todos nuestros miembros de equipo esta fecha especial, decoramos nuestra area de Comedor al estilo verano Hawai, desde los colores llamativos y decoracion en la ventana tratamos de trasladar al TM a un momento de relajamiento. No solo decoramos tambien preparamos un Menu especial para este dia, cada dia era un delicioso almuerzo al estilo costeño."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We celebrated National Donut Day on June 2. We served donuts, purchased from a yummy donut shop, to all of our Team Members on Friday morning. We DONUT know what we would do without them! What a great way to start the day!"

    —Melanie Ramirez, Hilton College Station

  • "Dia de las madres Hilton - Hondureñ. Este dia el hotel Hilton Princess a traves de Recursos Humanos le dio las gracias a todas nuestras madres en el hotel, ya que ellas representan un gran papel en el hotel y en la fuerza laboral del pais. Tenemos madres solteras, madres viudas, madres que no solo ayudan a sus hijos si no tambien se han hecho cargo de sus parientes o siguen ayudando economicamente a sus padres, en fin tenemos tantas madres y por eso quisimos darles un dia de aventura. Organizamos un viaje fuera del hotel. Bueno fuera de la ciudad, durante la semana que anunciamos la salida solo les comentamos que iriamos a comer a Pizza Hut, de esta forma creamos la sopresa. El dia llego y cuando vieron que saliamos fuera de los limites de la ciudad comenzaron las preguntas y las inquietudes y fue asi que las mantuvimos hasta que llegamos al Centro de Turismo La Naturaleza. Este lugar es perfecto ya que tienen entre sus recorridos concer todas las especies de Mariposas en nuestro pais, conocimos su ciclo de vida, su forma de vida y el area donde vive cada una, tambien visitamos el Mariposario donde estan las mariposas vivas, pudimos entender la delicada vida de ellas, su econsistema y luego disfrutamos un delicioso almuerzo y como cierre un momento en la piscina. Este fue el dia de las Madres Hilton en Honduras."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We are planning an International Week on the last week of June here at the hotel. We will be serving foods and playing music in the Team Member Cafe from each region. Also fun facts will be printed on each table. We want Team Members to wear clothing from areas they are from like Morocco and Senegal. It will be a fun week of learning about our Team Members and where they come from!"

    —April Walters, Hilton Lexington Downtown

  • "The month of May was the Revenue and Finance recognition month. In the team celebration, we prepared a BIG hamper, double size to the others, to thank our Finance and Revenue team as they deserved to be recognized publicly"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "We create and specialize our own CARE calendar each month to try to boost Team Member morale. We enjoy promoting three to four national days each month, and our guests are involved as well. On the last Wednesday of the month we celebrate our Team Member of the Month with a hosted CARE rally. We enjoy a nicely prepared buffet and sometimes will play games to have fun."

    —Mark Hoshak, DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

  • "Every time the name of one of my Team Members is mentioned on SALT, I give them a $15 gift card to their fav food place to recognize them for their hard work. Also for enrollments on Hilton Honors: Whoever has the highest number or enrollments, I give them a $15 give card to where ever they would like."

    —Sahil Bumia, Homewood Suites by Hilton Alpharetta

  • "Introducing International Secretary Days to Phuket! While it is a well know event in many countries and hotels, International Secretary day is something that was never celebrated at the Hilton Phuket. Being a very large resort with over 700 Team Members, coordination and organization is key to success, and our secretaries play a major role in that process. To thank our team of hard-working secretaries, the GM and DO took them for a surprise Seafood Lunch at a local restaurant! No easy to arrange without the help of secretaries in order to keep it a surprise for them! It was very well appreciated by the team, and it also helped them to get the attention from the senior management to get things done within their areas."

    —Markus Kaliss, Hilton Phuket Resort & Spa

  • "We recognized our Finance Team Members during their recognition week with a special set up in the Team Member cafeteria. Since they are a small department, we were able to individualize and create posters with funny information about them that no one would have suspected. We left gold chocolate coins on their tables, and they loved the surprise!"

    —Carolina Berker, AlRayyan Hotel Doha

  • "We have changed our monthly department recognition a little, and now the department that is celebrated organizes an event for all Team Members to join. For example: During the Finance Recognition month, the Finance team arranged an event to showcase their work and to explain what the different sections are actually doing. This is very helpful to drive teamwork throughout the hotel as Team Member better understand each other. However, the Finance team did this activity with many games to keep it fresh and interesting, and of course, food and drinks were provided for all attending Team Members. While traditionally people think that recognition means thanking a specific department, our events foster better understanding among Team Members, and if people understand each other's work, they can also better value the work of others."

    —Markus Kaliss, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa

  • "This team rocks here at Hilton Garden Inn Monterey. They are terrific support to the hotel and to me as the GM. Kim is in Accounting and Tereza is the AGM. They both received a Starbucks Gift card and plant for their desk. They were very thankful since they were not aware that this month was Back Office and Finance recognition month. Our Revenue Manager is a cluster and is not located at the hotel. I sent her a dozen delicious chocolate-covered strawberries. She was amazed and thankful. Thank you Monterey team for making me shine. I could not do it without you!"

    —Marion Abaunza, Hilton Garden Inn Monterey

  • "We have recognized the Finance and Revenue team at our May team celebration. We gave them a big hamper fill with goodies for them to share. As we also celebrated the Labor Day thanksgiving, their hamper was the biggest among all other hampers!"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Doubletree by Hilton seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa

  • "March 10 was National Receptionist Day. We recognized our receptionists by giving them a pin badge with "Queen of Check In" and "King of Check In" written on them. They wore the badges the whole day as they served the guests."

    —Janel Andrada, AlRayyan Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "Its Mothers Day! All of us without kids pulled together to give all the Mothers the day off so they could enjoy a day of rest!"

    —Jennifer Crofoot, Homewood Suites by Hilton Draper

  • "Semana de Banquetes Operaciones - una semana llena de divertidas actividades... Recursos Humanos junto a los chicos de banquetes operaciones / meseros eventuales tuvimos una semana divertida ya que les preparamos cosas distintas y mas chistosas.

    Lunes el dia de la gelatina, este dia personalizamos gelatinas de diferentes sabores con logos de la semana de A&B y sus nombres.

    Martes de cafe, este dia preparamos galletas especiales de avena en una area de banquetes, a la hora del te, montamos la mesa especial con la cafetera y la estacion de galletas.

    Miercoles de jugo de naranja, este dia preparamos jugos de naranja para acompañar en el desayuno, sabiamos que este dia iba a ser un dia muy ocupado para ellos asi que preparamos desayuno catracho y jugo.

    Jueves de capacitaciones, como nuestro principal objetivo es siempre retroalimentar a nuestros miembros de equipo sobre los estandares y demas politicas del hotel, decidimos que este dia fuera especial para ellos y creamos un taller educativo

    Viernes de playa, este dia los consentimos y nos fuimos a la playa, a Puerto Cortes el puerto mas importante del pais y del continente Americano, ya que esta en medio y para el comercio."

    —Sue Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "I recognized my team's Moms by making them mason jars gifts to say thank you for there hard work on Mother's day, they are hard working women and mothers. But I also recognized the ones that were not mothers by giving the mason jars treats that say Tahnk You! This is all my team, from Housekeeping to Front Desk to Kitchen."

    —Reyna Velasco, Hampton Inn & Suites Sacramento-Cal Expo

  • "We have reached our goal of getting into the top 5% SALT ranking YTD. We celebrated by handing out 5th Avenue Bars to the entire team. For Laundry/Linen month, we used the candy bar wrappers and water bottle wrappers from the resources page and gave them to our laundry team."

    —Mike Carnemolla, Hampton Inn by Hilton Charleston Southridge

  • "Every month I send a personal High Five to each Team Member who is celebrating their Recognition Month - this is done on behalf of the HR Director and her team. We also have a dedicated person allocated from the HR Team to facilitate any activities and certificate printing, etc. "

    —Lee Ingram, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

  • "This month we celebrated our Finance Team (which is offsite) by mailing goodie bags with little dinosaurs inside with their names on it describing their roaring personalities."

    —Genia Vanterpool, Homewood Suites by Hilton Charlotte University Research Park

  • "Cumpleañeros del mes de Abril - cada mes celebramos su dia especial a los cumpleañeros y este mes de abril no podiamos quedarnos atras. Asi que preparamos una tarde divertida para los cumpleañros de este mes, con decoracion del conejo de pascua, un delicioso pastel de tres leches hecho por nuestro chef pastelero, Hotdogs preparados al gusto de cada uno. Preparamos tambien divertidos juegos y especiales de baile."

    —Sue Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "This time Front Office Week was during a high occupancy period and we could not go on an outing. All Front Office Team Members love to have seafood in a particular seafood restaurant downtown. Since the hotel was really full, our Front Office Manager arranged a time with the F&B department when we could go and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the Hotel seafood restaurant. We divided into two groups and all of us enjoy the lovely atmosphere and the delicious food made especially for us. In this way we celebrated as well as generated some revenue for our hotel."

    —Mahmoud Abdelsamie, Hilton Hurghada Resort

  • "This month we held Security recognition. A Security Officer set an example about how to put on a firefighter uniform quickly, after that, other department Team Members tried to do it to see who is the fastest. The atmosphere is very exciting. Through this small contest, we could see that Security's work is very hard. Especially in Xinjiang, Security is the most impotant department. Thank you for your hard work, we are proud of you."

    —Summer Ma, Hilton Urumqi

  • "As a Thank You to our Team Members for an outstanding performance during the Milken Conference 2017, we held a celebration which included a variety of ice cream options for Team Members to choose from as the final day came to an end. Thank you team Beverly Hilton!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "May 1st, Labor Day, is a special day for all the workers in the world. We want our Team Members to feel that they are recognized and appreciated. We went around the hotel to different departments while everyone is working to greet them with Happy Labor Day and gave everyone a mini cake. We put a smile on their faces by doing simple things despite of the busy operation and bunch of paper works."

    —Janel Andrada, Alrayyan Hotel Doha Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "The Beverly Hilton hotel recognized their Administrative Professionals throughout the week to show them how much we appreciate their hard work and make it known that our success strongly depends on them! On day 1, each Team Member received a "little garden" of succulent plants personally planted and decorated by our HR Assistant Director. On Day 2, they were given a freshly baked batch of an assortment of cookies baked by our Pastry Chef, Thomas Henzi. On day 3, we distributed "Thank You" cards signed by the executive committee and placed a Starbucks Gift Card in each envelope. On day 4, our Administrative Professional's received a large scented candle from Nordstrom's, hand picked by our HR Asst. Director. On the last day, the Beverly Hilton held a luncheon in our Administrators' honor at our renown restaurant, Circa 55, with food prepared by the outstanding Chef Gianba Vinzoni. During the luncheon, our HR Training Manager put together a raffle which included giveaways such as: hotel certificates for two-night stays, high-end perfumes, movie tickets, gift cards, and more!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "Here is the Scoop! At the Hilton Atlanta we celebrated with our Laundry Team by hosting a ice cream build your own sundae bar. We played music and had a great time scooping out our appreciation for our hard working team! Thank you Laundry for all you do!"

    —Mark Erickson, Hilton Atlanta

  • "For Earth Day 2017, the Beverly Hilton hotel held an event in the Team Member cafeteria in which we provided Team Members with wildflower seeds to take home and plant. They enjoyed this giveaway very much and appreciated the gesture!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "For Front Office Appreciation Week and Earth Hour, we made customised tote bags for the entire team!"

    —Rhona Malcolm, Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh- The Caledonian

  • "At our monthly gathering, we celebrated our Administrative Professionals for the admin week! We recognized their hard work and devotion with refreshments. We had a potluck party with two dishes from every kitchen and a cake. Each department head came up to the front and Team Members shared stories about how much we appreciate their leadership."

    —Jinjoo Hong, Hilton Gyeongju

  • "Laundry Team is the most discreet team of our hotel. We barely see them since they are always inside the Laundry Room working hard for our guests as well as with their co-Team Members in cleaning and pressing our uniforms. So this month, as part of the Laundry Recognition Week its time to give back and appreciate their hardwork. Since they are always inside the Laundry Room, the HR Team surprised them by posting sticky notes on their door in a form of heart shape, and all the Team Members left messages for the Laundry Team. All the HODs visited them to recognize each and everyone by giving them the high five certificates. The Laundry Manager gave his team a pack of grocery items."

    —Janel Andrada, Alrayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "We recognize Team Members that are "Honorably Mentioned" in a SALT survey or TripAdvisor. If the guest mentions them by name for having given great service, each time they are awarded $5 in Duck Bucks to be redeemed monthly. There is no limit to the number of times you can be "Honorably Mentioned!"

    —Clare Pusateri, Homewood Suites Stratford

  • "This month of April, we will recognize the Laundry team by getting the management team to help them at different times of the day. Each management team will have to come up with special treats for the Laundry Team Members before they hand over to the next management team. Also, the Executive Housekeeper will organize a special lunch for all the Laundry team in the restaurant."

    —Doreen D'Souza, Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

  • "Every month we recognize our Departments in accordance with the Recognition Calendar. At the beginning of each month I send a High Five to every Team Member on behalf of our Human Resources Director & our HR Team. This eHigh Five is sent to each Department Team Member individually, recognizing and appreciating them. Also as a best practice, every month a representative from the Human Resources Team assists and facilitates a recognition event. For example, they assist with printing the certificates, helping with some fun activities or games, taking photos at the event itself, etc. This increases the heartfelt recognition of the specific department and the overall engagement of our full Human Resources Team with Department Recognition."

    —Lee Ingram, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah

  • "During Laundry and Linen week, the Executive Housekeeper presented WE ARE HILTON, WE ARE HOSPITALITY tumblers to Laundry attendants! In addition, we hung banners in the laundry room to recognize our awesome department!"

    —Heath Hawkins, Homewood Suites Tulsa South

  • "In March we celebrated diversity at our monthly all team meeting. With everything going on recently in the way of politics, I wanted to show appreciation for all Team Members. Each Team Member brought a common desert from the country/state where they are from - we had a lot of delicious deserts (flan, Mexican pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, etc.). Additionally, each Team Member filled out a paper with questions about them that most other Team Members would not know - we read them out loud and guessed which Team Member it was. It was a fun meeting for everyone!"

    —Kiley Robison, Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas - Henderson

  • "At Hilton Seattle, we strive to recognize our Team Members on every occasion possible. This week being Laundry appreciation week, we were fortunate to have all of our departments participate and say thank you to our hardworking Team Members in Laundry! The week started of with our HR team throwing a Suds party for our Laundry members and continued with cupcakes from Engineering. While the week had just begun every department was committed to celebrating our team. We had the Sales team bring in pizza and prizes as well as a culinary surprise from our F&B Team. To bring the celebration home, the Housekeeping leadership team has created customized goody bags for all the Laundry Team Members with personalized thank you cards and snacks as a thank you for all of their individual contributions to the team and hard work."

    —Vladimir Akselrud, Hilton Seattle

  • "We are presenting certificates for anniversaries and birthdays for all Team Members!"

    —Heath Hawkins, Homewood Suites Tulsa South

  • "GO US! Hilton has been named the 26th FORTUNE 100 Companies: Best Company To Work For in 2017. The Beverly Hilton recognized their Team Members for aiding in the success of the hotel by holding a celebration in the Team Member cafeteria, offering a variety of cupcakes and treats!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "During our most recent team meeting, we celebrated our culture diversity as well as came up with our hotel goals for the new year. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food that was prepared by our team members thus making the team meeting even more memorable and fun."

    —Andrea Smith, Hilton Garden Inn

  • "We recognize every associate birthday! We get a cake and sing a song - everyone loves to celebrate their birthday!"

    —Paul Kessler, Hampton Inn by Hilton Potsdam NY

  • "The Beverly Hilton hotel thanks our Front Office team for being so amazing in their day-to-day schedules and always serving our Guests with a smile on their face! We appreciate all that you do and would not be successful without each and every one of you!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "Our hotel recognized our Food and Beverage team with a wonderful plated lunch. We have had several large banquet events and our Team Members have had to work long hours to create successful events for our guests. Our managers served a delicious plate along with a yummy desert. Our hotel truly thrives on the success and service of our team."

    —Melanie Ramirez, Hilton College Station

  • "We put all Team Member names are in a basket. Every Monday the person who won last draws a name. The name of the Team Member is then written on a poster. I have all Team Members write something positive about the Team Member. The poster is on a wall where everyone can read the positive notes. On Monday we give the Team Member a gift card. Everyone wins, and they walk away feeling they are appreciated.s"

    —Molly Bugaj, Hampton Inn Alamogordo

  • "We award our team Monopoly money when we catch them at their best. The management team surprises an associate when we observe them doing their best and beyond, with $1.00 or $5.00 play money. The associate brings the play money to me (GM) to exchange for real money. We have just started this program on April 1st. So far I have found that this engages everyone. The managers are on the floor more often to ensure that they are observing our team. Our associates are having fun and they are engaging with the GM by bringing in the play money to exchange for real money. I have a budget of $100 for Team Member relations each month. I divide the amount between the mangers to give out throughout them month."

    —Debbie Bozeman, Hampton Inn and Suites Downtown Montgomery

  • "Attempting to walk the floors speaking to Suite Attendants, spending time at the Front Desk to build rapport with the team, making a sweep through the breakfast area always provides an opportunity to find someone making it Hampton! Acknowledging that Team Members at that very moment, especially in front of our guests and other Team Members, are recognized for having Hamptonality! - talking, laughing, and encouraging at any opportunity. Our team is our internal customer. Happy and healthy team = Happy guests!"

    —Scott Murphy, Hampton Inn & Suites Oceanfront

  • "We were having some difficulty with Team Members not feeling appreciated by other departments. I started a Star of the Week Program. Anyone can nominate, and it's voted on each week. The winner gets their picture on a board and all around the board team members from all departments hand write a special note of Thanks or Kudos to that person for earning the Star of the Week. At the end of the month, the four winners have lunch with the GM and we talk about ideas moving forward to boost morale, incentive ideas, bringing in pot lucks etc. They really feel appreciated and special by not just the GM and managers but by their peers. Its been fantastic!"

    —Michelle Cartone, Homewood Suites Dayton South

  • "Our hotel recognizes our Team Members throughout the year:

    1. We give starbonds (14$ bonus on monthly salary) for all Team Members who are mentioned by guests in SALT, social media, and guest assistance, for doing services that exceeded their expectations, and who solved a problem or a complaint in an "exceeding met expectation" level.
    2. We do Team Members of the month and of the year. We give front of house and back of house best Team Members 56$ each. As for the Team Members of the year, we give 113$ each.
    3. We also recognize our Team Members who display Hilton values.
    4. We send e-high fives to each other, as well as Catch me at my best when activated. One of our Team Members won 50$ at the latter.
    5. Two of our Team Members (myself and the IT manager) were awarded with Spirit of CARE in less than three months."

    —Siba Ayoub, DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba

  • "February was F&B/Kitchen recognition month and March was Front Office month, we make sure that every month we recognize them somehow to make them feel valuable. For both the departments, we gave them a BIG hampers full with goodies for them to share, with individual thank you notes to put a smile on their faces"

    —Doreen D'Souza, Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

  • "We celebrated Front Dest week by encouraging all Team Members to give high fives to Front Desk team and to remember saying "Thank you" to them when we walk by. We prepared chocolate bars rapped with "Thank you Front Desk" signs and surprised the Front Desk team during the week. They were having a busy week with full occupancy, and we wanted them to receive good vibes and feel welcomed during the busy month."

    —Jinjoo Hong, Hilton Gyeongju

  • "Sabemos cuan importante es la familia para nuestros miembros de equipo y es por eso que Recursos Humanos nuevamente se lleno de Blue Energy y preparamos un dia de familia. Este dia preparamos un torneo de futbol, en el cual todos los departamentos armaron su cuadro de jugadores y participaron, tambien preparamos una area de niños con juegos, deslizadores, culumpios y otros juegos divertidos para los niños, tambien les llevamos piñatas con muchos confites.

    Este dia podia llegar el que gustara pero la unica condicion era que fuera con su familia... por que lo hicimos asi? pues consideramos que todos los que trabajamos en el hotel somos una gran familia y al conocer a las familias reales de nuestros miembros de equipo unimos aun mas los lazos de hermandad, tambien es un buen momento para compartir las buenas obras que vivimos a diario.

    Reservamos un espacio especial, donde teniamos todo a nuestro alcance, como ser: Canchas equipadas para poder realizar nuestro torneo de futbol, area de juegos para los niños, area de comida para el servicio del almuerzo, area de piñata para que con seguridad los niños pudieran darle. Fue un dia especial y definitivamente se logro compartir nuestros Espiritu Azul con todos."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We Celebrated International Women's Day on March 8, we invited all the female Team Members for a team building activity which is related to relaxation and trust. Also, we invited a doctor to educate us on how we can take care of our body and how important that we know how to value our selves as women. After all the activities, all the HOD joined and handed cupcakes to all the female Team Members."

    —Janel Andrada, AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "The Front Office department came up with a very interesting activity this month. In return with their hard work, it's time for them to relax and have some fun. The Front Office team showcased their talent with their own version of FO Got Talent. They had to imitate an artist while singing or dancing.

    All the Team Members from the Front Office department received a High Five certificates, handed by our General Manager Luca Crocco, with personalized mugs printed with their unique alias."

    —Janel Andrada, AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "We are super excited to share our Front Desk Month recognition. Our amazing Sales Team made a bowling game out of 2 Liter Bottles and decorated them with super heroes! Our Front Desk Team Members are our super heroes who make sure our Guests feel valued, cared for, and respected! We wanted our Front Desk Team to feel the super hero power through bowling! We had a blast watching their super human strength knock down all of the pins!"

    —Michelle Zamani, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

  • "To celebrate Front Office and Communications Recognition Month, we surprised the team with fresh Krispy Creme donuts. Inside the box there was a thank you note that read "We DONUT know what we would do without you." We also had our General Manager thank the team personally for all their hard work. It was a great time!"

    —Mark Erickson, Hilton Atlanta

  • "During the month of March, we have celebrated the recognition for our Front Office Team from Sales & Marketing Department. We offered a special meal delivered to their office, including a super big set of fried chicken, soft drinks and other snacks. Sales & Marketing Team also volunteered to help our Front Office Team by sending one Team Member to offer them assistance during the day for Morning and Afternoon Shift. We would like to give them supports and recognition for their hard work. Go Front Office Team! Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired!"

    —Tuangsup Wichaisorn, Conrad Bangkok

  • "On March 22, we held Front Office recognition and annonced many great achievements that we've made. Guest satisfaction in 2016: The SALT score is 71.6, more ouro target score of 57.8. 2016 Enrollment: The GPM of Honors enrollment got 7500,occoupt 28.2% of total nights, more than budgeting 25%. 2016 Upsell:The upsell income got RMB983277.19,make up 2.2%. We also commended the best Team Members in Front Office.The best upselling Team Member in 2016: Coco Wang. The best Team Member of SALT customer satisfaction: Rebecca Wu. Thank you to all Front Office Team Members, you're excellent, we are proud of you!"

    —Summer Ma, Hilton Urumqi

  • "We celebrated Front Desk Appreciation this past week. They are the epicenter of the property that funnels into each department. The Night Auditors were also included as they are a huge part of our team's success. We wanted them to feel special and appreciated for all of their hard work. Each day we personalized our appreciation with different gifts. On Monday we bought the team Starbucks coffee with a note saying "Thanks A Latte!" On Tuesday the GSA received goodie bags with candy and a personal note from the Front Desk Supervisor. Wednesday was Appetizer and Awards day. We gave out awards to the GSA's such as "Best Hair" and "Peppiest GSA." Afterward, we bought them appetizers from the Lounge during Happy Hour. This was their favorite day by far. The Sales team bought the GSAss thermoses with the Doubletree logo on Thursday. And on Friday, management bought the entire team lunch. We are truly grateful for the Front Desk/Night Audit in making our guests happy"

    —Taelor Barrett, Doubletree by Hilton Flagstaff

  • "Este mes de la Tierra, nos unimos a todos alrededor del mundo... por lo que Recursos Humanos preparo un dia entero de charlas, conscientizacion, regalos personalizados para el dia, una galeria de Artes de como cada departamento ayudara al ahorro del agua y por ultimo un delicioso convivio. Es nuestro deber compartir el mensaje del ahorro y conscientizar a todos sobre nuestros recursos. No solamente hicimos esto para nuestros miembros de equipo tambien compartimos e invitamos a nuestros huespedes a ser parte de este gran dia."

    —Sue Uen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "Team Housekeeping Recognised front Desk team in a diffrent way. Hk Executive Srija and Revathy took initiative and helped GREs in their duty for a day. It was great help for the GREs during busy day, also a great experience for both Housekeeping Executives."

    —Umapathy Ganapathy, Hilton Chennai

  • "Front desk appreciation month was really fun this year for the Richmond Indiana team! This year I made posters of appreciation for each Front Desk member and placed them in the lobby for our team as well as guest can view and write on. This was so much fun because it was nice to see what great things the guest and other co-workers had to say about each person. Each Front Desk person had their own week of appreciation. People brought in gifts and food each week, and wrote lots of wonderful comments. The guests really got a kick out of this, especially our regulars! The Break room was decorated in Front Desk pick and fun things for all to see. Each associate also receive a hand written letter of thanks from management and a gift bag. We are very proud of our Richmond Indiana team. What a great team!"

    —Brianne Faulkner, Hampton Inn & Suites

  • "It's March and time to recognise the face of our hotel, the Front Desk Team. We brain stormed and got a great idea. Srija, HK Executive, took the lead. She download all pictures of front desk team from social media, pasted in a Heart shape in colour cards, and made a nice heart card. All Hod's, Directors, and hotel teams wrote positive comments about each individual on their heart card. Also, we got aloe vera plants for each individual. The special thing about Aloe Vera is to emit oxygen at night, it can be used for facial, mouth wash, and for medicinal values. Team Housekeeping gathered in Pre-function area with Aloe Vera plants arranged as FO and Heart card shaped as HK. With great applause, the Front Office team entered and felt very happy about the gesture. Our Director of Operation Mr. Ruban Das and Executive Housekeeper Umapathy Ganapathy gave a speech followed by each Housekeeping Team Member giving a Front Desk Team Member an Aloe Vera plant and their Heart Card. Front Desk team never expected this surprise gift and was moved. Both Front Desk and Housekeeping team took a picture in the shape of Heart, to remain as one team. "We are Hilton We are Hospitality"

    —Umapathy Ganapathy, Hilton Chennai

  • "During Earth Hour, we had a Team Member and guest engagement activity. Lights were switched off for one hour and all the Team Members and guests were gathered in the lobby with welcome drinks, cake cutting, and formation of the 60+ candles. We placed a commitment board so everyone can write their commitment on how to save the earth and to recognize each and everyone's hard work for the event."

    —Janel Andrada, Alrayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "We recognize every department annually! This past year we used the goodies to wrap water bottles to show the team that we appreciate all they do for our Guests!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "Recognition matters and is a critical element of the culture at the Grand Wailea. We strive to get Team Members excited about recognizing each other. Our Team Member of the Month program, Grand You, encourages Team Members to do just that! Both the nominator and the nominee receive tickets to a VIP luncheon. When they arrive our "bouncer," our Director of Ho'olei Operations John, checks his clipboard. After confirming their VIP status, attendees walk the red carpet. Nominees are welcomed with a beautiful Hawaiian lei, a true gift of Aloha. The luncheon offers a buffet of the Grand's signature dishes from ahi poke and seared tenderloin to lup cheong fried rice and grilled fresh fish. The nominees each speak on why they nominated their fellow Team Member.

    This month, Stefanie from Membership nominated Virgie our Turndown attendant for the special turndown touches she provided to a honeymoon couple. Stefanie spoke about the WOW moment Virgie created and presented her with a small token of her gratitude: two origami animals.

    Each nominee receives a $50 resort credit. The two winners (one for Heart of House and one for Front of House) receive a $200 resort credit, reserved parking stall for the following month, and a special Hawaiian Koa Wood nametag."

    —Victoria Kennedy, The Grand Wailea

  • "Here at Hilton Charlotte Center City we try to celebrate holidays such as MLK Jr. Day. We try to educate the team with interesting facts in our daily Blue Energy Review, a newsletter. We also printed out quotes along with a picture for each lunch table with a fun word search. It's fun to see the Team Members who like word searches!"

    —Camille Richards, Hilton Charlotte Center City

  • "We won SALT monthly challenges contests (within our management company) four months in a row and were able save all our winnings. We were then able to afford a FitBit Flex 2 for all our Team Members to motivate them to stay healthy and fit. Now we can officially start our FitBit weekly challenges!"

    —Golda Mae Escalante, Embassy Suites by Hilton Lompoc

  • "For Front Desk Appreciation Week, we held a luncheon and meeting for our team. Instead of catering food from elsewhere, our Director of Food and Beverage and General Manager cooked pasta, garlic bread, and salad for our team! It was a personal touch from them, and the FD team loved it. From Human Resources, each Team Member received a personalized tumbler, and included in the tumblers were goodies from the Sales Team. After everyone finished their food, our Front Office Manager held a meeting since we had everyone from the Front Desk together. Our Front Desk team continues to put a smile on our guests' faces, and we appreciate all their hard work!"

    —Rina Wada, Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/OC Airport

  • "I recognize my team in many different ways. For every birthday, Team Members get a birthday card signed by Team Members with a gift card in it. We will start celebrating monthly with a birthday cake for Team Members whose birthdays are in that month. Also, we have namedrop incentives for Team Members who have their names mentioned in the SALT surveys. For each positive name drop Team Members receive, they get a $10 bonus! In addition, we have department goals set. For my specific departments, if they score 70% or higher in their key metrics in SALT, they will each get a reward whether it is a $25 gift card each or lunch/dinner paid for by us. I also do arrival tracking to see who is getting the most positive SALT surveys when checking in the guests. The Front Desk Agent with highest percentage for the month receives free lunch. We also select an Team Member of the month, and that Team Member gets a plaque of their own in addition to their name put on a black display in our back office for all Team Members to see. They also receive $100 reward in gift cards! We love rewarding our Team Members because it shows them how much we appreciate them and it also motivates them to work harder."

    —Chelsee Marshall, Hampton Inn White Plains/Tarrytown

  • "Happy St. Patrick's Day! This year we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by holding a festive event in the Team Member cafeteria. With the help from our Pastry department, we displayed green Oreo-dipped cookies and Mint-flavored Oreos for Team Members to munch on. All in all, the celebration was a success, and our Team Members were thankful for being appreciated!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "Semana de Recepcion y es para nosotros un honor nuevamente poder resaltar a cada uno de nuestros chicos en recepcion. Celebramos con una semana decorada a honor de su trabajo, con panfletos y destacando los 4 niveles de Hilton Honors. "Recepcion son nuestros huespedes VIP", quisimos destacarlos asi para que ellos sientan lo especial que nuestro huespedes sienten cada vez que son atendidos por cada uno de ellos. Nos enfocamos siempre en nuestra vision y promesa de la marca... de esta forma ponemos en practica nuestra empatia. Tuvimos la capacitacion sobre el Programa de Hilton Honors que nuestra Supervisora de Recepcion dio - Maria Hernandez destaco cada uno de los niveles y la importancia (Blue - Silver - Gold - Diamond) que ellos representan para nosotros como familia Hilton."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We recognize our Team Members with yellow sticky note pads giving them a High Five. Recognitions vary from going above and beyond, staying late when we're short teamed, wowing our guest and their name is mentioned, or just simply displaying Hamptonality. We also award them with Suite Shop Vouchers which entitles them to purchase items of their choice up to a certain amount. One evening we were sold out and laundry was very backed up, and the laundry assistant had to leave early for an emergency. Our housewoman whom is trained in various departments had already left for the day, but to our surprise she came back to finish laundry so the housekeepers could start out fresh the next day. She got a High Five and a Suite Shop Voucher."

    —Debra Finger, Hampton Inn & Suites

  • "El pasado 8 de marzo celebramos en nuestro departamento el Día internacional De la Mujer. Organizamos un día de "Botana Loca" (Crazy Snacks), decoramos el area con motivos de ese día y, a manera de pot luck cada persona trajo algo para compartir. El evento tuvo lugar dentro del departamento de Housekeeping y todo fue un éxito pues hasta compañeros que pertenecían a otros departamentos se acercaron a compartir con nosotros en esta actividad."

    —Yolanda Trujillo, Hilton San Diego bay front

  • "I work in the Housekeeping department as a maid. I have been implementing activities that promote positive attitude between the Team Members for a long time. One of the ways we recognize is celebrating the birthdays. We have a chalk board wall were I post a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the person in the Calendar. Also, I create a false Birthday Cake with real candles, and every time that we have a Birthday in the office we sing, dance, and blow the candles like a birthday party for the Team Member celebrated. The Team Members are very happy for this celebrations, and they start the day with a very positive attitude after we are done with the morning meeting."

    —Yolanda Trujillo, Hilton San Diego Bay Front

  • "Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula - se unio para ayudar a uno de nuestros miembros de equipo. Marlon Yuvini Fernandez, nuestro panadero vive en una zona que es catalogada de alto riesgo y el asiste a una iglesia que esta en construccion. Conversando con Marlon nos dimos cuenta que las personas de esa zona son de escasos recursos y muchos no tienen ingresos para poder ayudar a construir la iglesia. Asi que la autorizacion de nuestro gerente General se compraron 20 bolsas de cemento las cuales fueron destinadas para ayudar a la iglesia y asi poder hacer el suelo. Marlon sin saberlo quedo sorprendido y agradecido por el gesto."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "The past few days are really a festival for all female Team Members in Hilton Jinan South Hotel and Residences. The hotel prepared a series of activities to thank them for their great contribution and celebrate International Working Women's Day. To open this celebration event, HR specially invited the hotel Pastry Chef to present a baking class, and three teams of female Team Members participated, made and tasted a delicious desert. On the specific day, 8th March, manicure service and Chinese medicine health care lecture are also presented. During the lunch service, a special meal included Honey Papaya Stew, Coco-cola Chicken Wings, and steamed scallops. Everyone enjoyed a good time. Besides that, the hotel also prepared a lipstick for every female Team Member as mystery gift. Another surprise is the roses presented by hotel management to all on-duty female Team Members. In a word, it was really a wonderful day, and all Team Members had a great time."

    —Toney Yang, Hilton Jinan South Hotel & Residences

  • " Hotel Hilton Princess en Honduras celebramos el dia internacional de la Mujer, por lo que Recursos Humanos preparo un almuerzo con una sorpresa especial. Ssistieron 55 damas de las cuales nunca imaginaron que nuestros invitados especiales seria dos comicos Payasos. Su labor fue estrictamente divertir a todas las mujeres sin dejar a nadie por fuera. Tuvimos un delicioso almuerzo acompañado de juegos, retos, adivinanzas, premios, bailes. Tres horas pasaron muy rapido decian todas cuando nos dimos cuenta que era tiempo de partir, definitivamente el dia internacional de la mujer nos reimos sin control y sin pena. Quisiemos crear un ambiente agradable y relajante, por lo que decoramos el salon con centros de mesas que destacan lo especial que es ser mujer, colores calidos que a su vez llenan alegria y claro ese dia teniamos a nuestro servicios a los chicos meseros y a los jefes de cada departamento. Felicidades a todas las mujeres que somos la fuerza del mundo."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "I always try to do something small for the holidays. For Christmas I made all of my team a handmade Christmas card and homemade cinnamon rolls! For Valentines Day I put together little treat bags with custom handmade tags. Next up is Easter!"

    —Stephanie Gargac, Embassy Suites STL Downtown

  • "Although it is not a holiday recognized in other areas of the country or even the state, Go Texan day is recognized across Houston as the annual kick off to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We kicked things off with a bar-b-que and Corn-hole competition with our team. The brisket was mastered by our GM, and all of our Team Members participated in the bean bag toss games and dressed in their finest western gear. "

    —Denise Panos, Embassy Suites Houston Energy Corridor

  • "Febrero es el mes de Alimentos y Bebidas, en nuestro hotel Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula tenemos la dicha que Alimentos y Bebidas sea el departamento mas grande por lo que hemos dividido la actividad en tres meses. En Febrero tenemos la Semana de Cocina.

    Asi que Recursos Humanos se puso la camisa de Blue Energy y nos enloquecimos con las geniales actividades para el equipo de cocina. Tuvimos una semana muy divertida, quisimos destacar la importancia de su trabajo, asi que preparamos lo siguiente:

    • lunes - llenamos la cocina con galletas y queso derretido, sabemos que son unas de sus favoritas asi que las entregamos en forma de sorpresa
    • martes - chocolates especiales para la cocina
    • miercoles - la cocina se lleno de olor a palomitas de maiz, este dia hicimos pequeños juegos sobre cuanto saben del hotel y la marca Hilton
    • jueves- para apagar un poco el calor de nuestra bella ciudad preparamos refrescos personalizados a la semana y la capacitacion sobre Higiene y Manipulacion de alimentos la cual fue un exito ya que asistieron todos
    • viernes- este dia preparamos un almuerzo especial en una de las bahias mas importantes de nuestro pais, Omoa. este viaje tenia dos objetivos: 1- unir aun mas al grupo de cocina, quisimos que ellos vivieran aun mas nuestra promesa de marca por lo que valoramos su persona, cuidamos de ellos y respetamos su lealtad al hotel. Quisimos que ellos experimentaran que siente el huesped al llegar al hotel. 2- conocer, sabemos que ellos aman el mar por lo que sin duda alguna preparamos este viaje con la idea de cumplir sus deseos y por que llevarlos alli?, bueno Omoa es un lugar lleno de historia ya que alli se encuentra uno de los Fuertes que usaban los españoles para defender las tierras de los piratas, se encuentran museos y el pueblo de Omoa esta lleno de recuerdos y artesanias."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "We celebrate our team each much by having a Team Member rally. This Rally gives us an opportunity to recognize Team Members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and a Team Member of the month is selected. The rally is also themed. So last month it was Black History Month. It gave us the opportunity to have Team Members with talent such as singing or poetry writing to showcase their talent. We recognize on so many different levels. And we show how much we love and appreciate our team, not only once a month but everyday."

    —Alneasa Jordan, Doubletree Reading

  • "Every month our Front Desk team is able to participate in an Incentive Program based off of our 9's & 10's we receive in SALT! The number of high scores acquired throughout the month allows them to earn some extra money as long as we reach, if not exceed, our SALT target. For Front Desk appreciation month, our team is being treated with a meal of their choice from anywhere on Broadway so they can enjoy their favorite dish!"

    —Nicole Redinger, The Saratoga Hilton

  • "Momento Blue Energy: Este mes de febrero tuvimos la triste noticia que uno de nuestros miembros de equipo partia. Tony Lainez estuvo en el hotel desde su inicio (1999) y a lo largo de estos añs se vio su crecimiento como persona y como profesional a lo que se gano el respeto de todo nosotros. Por esto Recursos Humanos nos vestimos de Blue Energy y preparamos una despedida con todos los detalles. Investiagamos sus gusto por el karaoke, por los camarones y sobre todo su gusto por la musica de Marco Antonio Solis (El Buki). La despedida fue sorpresa y cada uno prepara unas palabras de agradecimiento, de aliento a seguir y de despedidas."

    —Sue Yen Madrid, Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula

  • "I had a blast at our Front Desk Christmas get-together where we did a White Elephant gift exchange, had snacks, and played games. Recently for our March Recognition, I personalized certificates for each agent at the Front Desk, explaining my appreciation for their consistent dedication to their job and for always making work fun! As a Supervisor, I thank each agent during every shift for their hard work to ensure they feel valued and know they're truly an asset to our team. The Saratoga Hilton holds regular Front Desk meetings as well and recognizes a Team Member of the month throughout the whole hotel where their picture is framed as well as receiving a plaque dedicated to them! This establishment is such a great place to work, especially by being surrounded with such a wonderful team!"

    —Nicole Redinger, The Saratoga Hilton

  • "March 8th is International Women's Day, a time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang held a special party Women at Hilton, Shining her Word for thanking a woman's contribution, and encouraged the women around us to share their stories of career successes and to mentor another woman Team Member. In the party, some Male Team Members did role-play as pregnant women, which they can experience the hardship of woman. All participants hand-made headdress by themselves, which reflected the ingenuity of women. The Hotel Union also prepared a gift which is body lotion and hand cream for each female Team Member. All female Team Members participated in International Women's Day!"

    —Shirley Li, Double Tree by Hilton Shenyang

  • "I <3 the 80's 2017 ALL Team Member meeting was an absolute blast! The Beverly Hilton's Annual Team Member Awards and Service Anniversary recognition event took place in the Beverly Hills Ballroom March 2017. General Manager, Sandy Murphy, opened the meeting with Welcoming all Team Members and announcing Team Members who have reached their milestone Service Anniversary in 2016. An 80's themed Power Point presentation depicted pictures of each Team Member and years worked at the Beverly Hilton hotel while 80's songs played in the background. The Team Members enjoyed this process of recognition more than reading off individual names. A safety refresher training was included in the power point in which Security Director, John Marco conducted. Finally, the Team Members of the Year (2016) were announced by their department head and presented a $500 check and a Trophy engraved with their name, dept., etc. on stage.

    Decorations included the cutest 80's themed center pieces made up of cassette tapes containing glow sticks, snap bands, Rubik cubes, Slinky's, Ring Pops, Now n' Laters, and candy necklaces. Team Members enjoyed these so much that they ended up taking them home! We posted 80's themed media posters (i.e., Back to the Future, Michael Jackson, The Breakfast Club, etc.) around the perimeter of the ballroom illuminated by multi-color strobe lights. Food and Beverage consisted of an assortment of flavored punches, BLT mini sandwiches, mini corn dogs, mini burgers, and an array of flavored ice cream shakes!

    The main attraction with the most popularity at this event consisted of a green screen photo booth area in which a variety of props were provided for Team Members to take pictures with small or large groups of co-workers. The pictures printed right away, creating another memento for Team Members to take home with them!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "During the Housekeeping briefing we conclude with a forum. The forum will discuss comment card and guests experience and many of the Team Members share the individual experience of how they demonstrate C.A.R.E. and C.R.M. Many of these stories go to length about how they have assisted disabled guests by bring food from the restaurant to the guest room due to limited mobility. These examples and many more have received group recognition and immediate reward of a $10.00 gift card. These are daily briefings which creates a positive and exciting atmosphere as everyone is eager to share."

    —Kyle Joaquin, Grand Naniloa Hotel A DoubleTree by Hilton

  • "At Doubletree by Hilton Claremont we recognize a different department every month. Each department head gets $10 per person to come up with a creative recognition idea to present to every person within a prospective department. A week is spent recognizing that particular department. In the end, every Team Member is awarded with $70 of recognition. Some examples include gift cards, scratchers, lunch provided, and much more! Appreciation is key at our property and we pride ourselves in honoring our team!"

    —Janine Paredes, Doubletree by Hilton Claremont

  • "We celebrate every month with an Team Member luncheon for all Team Members and go over all success for the month. We celebrate an Team Member of the month and that month's birthdays! The Team Member of the month gets a plaque and $25 gift card! We play games from bingo to trivia, and winners get $5 gift cards!"

    —Crystal Prell, Hampton Inn Indianapolis NE Castleton

  • "For the month of March, the Beverly Hilton Culinary departments were recognized for their hard work and excellent production of delectable food! We held an AM and PM celebration for our cooks/chefs who cook for all hotel events including the Golden Globes! They are a great team and we wouldn't be able to achieve success with out each and every one of them! Thank you Team!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "For successful completion of year end and strong performance during last quarter of the year, I rewarded my Cluster team with coffee mugs! In addition, we celebrate the current Cluster Finance Meeting with a joint Dinner in a local brewery. In April we will participate in Indoor minigolf competition "Glow in the dark" and finalise the evening with a nice dinner!"

    —Claus Nachtwey, Hilton Cologne/ Hilton Bonn

  • "The best way we use it is that we always ask the team how they want to be recognized when they perform, and we go ahead with that keeping in mind the policies and other conditions. What we do is we do team building activities on monthly basis where teams get together to celebrate our success stories and their achievement. We extend our full support to give a gift as per their preference which has low cost and gives a smile on their faces."

    —Satish Kumar, Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa

  • "We have a week planned for the Finance Department:

    • We have arranged with the kitchen to prepare welcome snacks for every day of the week and plan to have take away coffee cups with elastic bands and quotes attached stating the value of each Team Member to the team.
    • We plan to engage the other departments to show them that the finance department is fun and exciting and at the same time drives the hotel from the back office.
    • Everyday of the week we plan to invite other departments to the finance department to take part in a squats programme from 09:00-09:10 to promote wellness.
    • Monday - Address by the GM & #howwelldoyouknowme this game designed by a group of Team Members gives clues as to certain characteristics of a Team Member and the other Team Members have to guess which Team Member fits this description.
    • Tuesday - Activity to be confirmed
    • Wednesday - The weakest link HOD's we plan to have the game - the weakest link hosted by our beautiful Creditors clerk Zano who will play the weakest link - the questions based on Hilton's history and Finance related concepts with the HOD's
    • Thursday - We have designed a round robin pool tournament and paired Team Members who will compete each day of the week with the final to be played on Friday Morning.
    • Friday - the hotel purchased bicycles as part of an initiative for Ecomobility to encourage means of transport that reduces our carbon footprint. We plan to take a ride as the Finance team first thing in the morning. We are also planning a lunch trip off property that day as a team and will celebrate the value and uniqueness that each Team Member brings to our department and the overall value that the department brings to the hotel."

    —Saad Mukadam, Hilton Sandton

  • "During our F&B Recognition day Activity in month of February we invited all the Team in one place to recognize the effort of F&B team. Our cluster General Manager, Cluster Human Resources Director, and all the department Heads were present and give a hand for all the F&B Team. We organize different activities like coffee competition, cocktail competition, and blind tasting. All the participant received prizes. Our HR team and Engineering team Made a great present, using allrecycled materials. The team brought the present during the activity and handed it over to F&B Team. Great day and great fun for the F&B Team."

    —Hemayet Hossain, Hilton Dubai The Walk

  • "February was dedicated to the F&B department. To celebrate this team, which doesn't often have the time to participate in the events for Team Members, we created an event especially for them called The F&B Funny Experience! On February 21, a room was specially reserved for a tournament of WII and ping pong. There were drinks, sandwiches, cakes, music, and a sofa to feel relaxed. At the end of the day, the top three of the tournament won prizes. It was a very convivial moment, which included all the teams of the F & B department. The Team Members were very happy to have a special day for them!"

    —Cyrielle Meunier, Trianon Palace Versailles

  • "We had a really good time during the F&B Month:

    1. The morning's surprise: Our Breakfast Team got surprised in the morning with posters and sweats left on the back of kitchen during the night. Everybody loves surprises!
    2. Juices full of vital heart: each TM got very special juice from our General Manager.
    3. Run the quiz: We had a lot of fun during this activity. Each Team Member got a question asked by a CARE Committee Member, then the player went to next person whose surname received was from the previous. The fastest Team Member who answered correctly became the winner. It was a pleasure for all of us to see many smiling faces of running Team Members full of engagement.
    4. Wall of Fame."

    —Agnieszka Bilska, DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw

  • "February is the month to recognize the hard work of our Team Members from F&B Department: They will get served with recognition. All the Team Members from Hosts and Hostesses and Food Servers to Stewards, Chefs, and Banquet Team Members came up with exciting games and activities to celebrate the F&B week. They were given a time to relax and enjoy the day away from the guests and cutleries. Part of the activities were a sack race, lemon race, F&B sniper, and a Value Champion Games which helps the Team Members to remember the Curio Value by heart. Team Members from different departments also participated on all the activities they prepared. Even the HOD showed their support by playing the games. Our GM, Luca Crocco handed all the certificates to the winners of each games. The highlight and the most exciting game was the Black box challenge, with one participant from the F&B service and one participant from the chefs. The F&B service Team Member made to make the main course and the chef mixed the mocktails!"

    —Janel Andrada, AlRayyan Hotel Doha - Curio Collection by Hilton

  • "This year, we decided to use the Hilton Estore to help recognize our February Department of the Month: Food & Beverage. We got together the members of our Blue Energy Team Member Relations Committee as well as our EC (Executive Committee) to walk around the outlets, finding every Food & Beverage Team Member to say thank you for all their hard work. The hand out included the Hilton logo cups as well as an assortment of candy and a lottery scratch off! We hope we have a lucky lottery winner!"

    —Grace Kennedy, Hilton Chicago

  • "The very first Xixi Energy Station Food Festival was held on 23rd February. Before the opening, TMs of HR decorated the team canteen with a lot of posters and decorations to reflect the theme Spicy Sichuan. On the Sichuan Food Festival, several signature dishes were served, and each Team Member voted for their favorite dish. They really enjoyed themselves and praised the food a lot. More splendid moments will continue on the next Xixi Energy Station Food Festival: Korean & Japanese Cuisine Festival."

    —Toney Yang, Hilton Jinan South Hotel & Residences

  • "Mindy (our HR specialist) had her birthday, and she wasn't able to come in to see everyone that day. So, we brought the team to her! We all held up signs wishing her a happy birthday!"

    —Nicki Kelly, Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Madison

  • "For Food & Beverage month we had waffle & apron decorating competitions along with a hair fashion show where our team could use their creativity to depict Food & Beverage using their hair."

    —Genia Vanterpool, Charlotte University Research Park

  • "BE Moment-Instant Recognition at Hilton Beijing: Instant recognition for TMs whose names are mentioned in the guest letters or SALT feedback. Recognition od on the same day or the next day at the latest with BE, HOD, and 4D with small gift and certificate."

    —Stephanie Zhang, Hilton Beijing

  • "For the month of February, The Beverly Hilton Food and Beverage departments were recognized for their hard work and excellent customer service! We held a Pizza celebration in their honor, and it turned out to be a great success!"

    —Kelly Brien, The Beverly Hilton

  • "When ever we get a chance we recognize our team with gifts from unclaimed lost Property (brand New ones) along with Recognizing Certificate. Also, in one month we ran following campaigns within the department:

    • Best Pantry Champ for the Month.
    • Most names guest left a note in SALT review and TripAdviser.
    • Public area Champ for the Month."

    —Sujoy Mallik, Hilton Shillim Retreat and Spa

  • "For Food & Beverage Appreciation Week, we organized a luncheon for our Team Members. The team decided on what they wanted to eat, and we delivered! They sat down with our Director of Food & Beverage, General Manager, and Director of Human Resources. It was a busy day for our cooks, so our GM volunteered to look after the kitchen while our cooks enjoyed the luncheon with the rest of the team. Each Team Member received a personalized pen and stylus, which is useful for them during their jobs. Thank you F&B team!"

    —Rina Wada, Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/OC Airport

  • "The purpose of the Team Member and Best Trainee of Month Program is to recognize and reward Team Members for their outstanding performance, which amplifies Blue Energy in our guests, community, sustainability and team relationship. Two Team Members are selected each month. One is from Front of House and the other from Back of House. Team Member of the Month program covers all level 5 and below Team Members within Hilton Beijing.The Team Member of month winner will be voted in the HOD Meeting. TMs who receive the most votes will be the winner.Team Members of the month are presented 500 RMB and voucher for two persons for the Best Trainee."

    —Stephanie Zhang, Hilton Beijing

  • "For Engineering month we filled their office with balloons attached to custom cards with candy."

    —Matthew Nooner, Casa Marina

  • "Double Tree by Hilton Shenyang arranged a celebration party for the winner of the Spirit Award. All of the hotel management team congratulated the winner and Steve GM awarded a Hilton Worldwide certificate. The surprise call from a brand executive brought the party to a climax. All HODs are encouraged to recognize our outstanding TMs and share their outstanding deeds!"

    —Shirley Li, Double Tree by Hilton Shenyang

  • "We created a Daily Hero Recognition program which includes a Departmental Everyday Hero and a Management Everyday Hero. Everyday, we start our daily briefing with a three-minute recognition story on how a team or individual hero created heartfelt experiences for Guests, meaningful opportunities for Team Members, high value for Owners, or a positive impact in our communities. Then HOD brings a team or individual departmental hero to the management team morning briefing and shares the story every day according to the roster."

    —Vivian zheng, Hilton Foshan

  • "Every day at our managers daily F&B Briefing, we share experiences from the previous day and how we can say Thank You to our Team Members everyday."

    —Melville John, Conrad Cairo

  • "Every month we have Team Members vote for TM of the month in two categories: Front of the House and Heart of the House. These TMs are awarded in the Blue Hit, and their managers get to explain why that TM is the TM of the Month and express their gratitude to the winner! Besides, they get $100 and a Certificate of Recognition. We also reward de TM that has the most amount of positive mentions in SALT with a Certificate of Recognition and a prize."

    —Leyda Lopez, Hilton Panama

  • "At Hilton Dresden we select all Hilton Moments nominations (internal & external), positive comments about Team Members in social media, positive comments about Team Members in SALT, letters, faxes, email, etc. and track all comments where a Team Member is mentioned by name. At the end of every month we make a list of how many comments every Team Member received during that month, and every Team Member who has at least three gets a certificate from the GM including a shopping voucher! This is very much appreciated by the Team Members and motivates to high performance."

    —Andrea Hanschmann, Hilton Dresden

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